"B" Marriages By Bride

Jane Bird01 Feb 1844James Mort Stephenson
Catherine Brewer14 Nov 1826James Davis
Dollie Brewer20 Mar 1895William M. Pesterfield
Elizabeth Brewer28 Nov 1820William P. Peterson
Nancy Jane Brewer18 Dec 1853James Smith
Rebecca Nancy Brewer24 Feb 1828Joseph Greene
Rosa Brewer12 Jul 1903Will F. Cunningham
Winifred Brewer03 Feb 1848John Andrew Abbott
Eleanor Brickey04 Jan 1855Daniel Caylor
Elizabeth Brickey12 Dec 1871Absalom Abraham Abbott
Elizabeth Brickey22 Apr 1864George Caylor
Leah Brickey28 Feb 1828Asa Brewer
Margot Brickey10 Feb 1823William Beatty
Martha Brickey28 Oct 1872Lazarus Oliver
Martha Susan Brickey09 Oct 1887John H. Rathbone
Mary Brickey24 Aug 1825Joshua Taylor
Mary Elizabeth Brickey15 Aug 1901John Robert Adams
Mary Jane Brickey15 Apr 1861Benjamin Franklin Abbott
Nancy Brickey29 Mar 1835Jacob Bird
Nancy Lennah Brickey26 Sep 1871Daniel Caylor
Nancy Margaret Jane Brickey18 Apr 1903John Gamble Burns
Nancy Texanna Brickey16 Jan 1890B. F. McClanahan
Rachel Brickey19 Jul 1838Levi Bird
Sara Eleanor Brickey24 Jun 1906Granville Dexter LeQuire
Sarah Brickey22 Jun 1838Andrew Hix
Sarah Melvina Brickey24 Jul 1871James Robert Rosson
Winifred Brickey22 Dec 1831Newberry Duncan
Sophronia Britt {1}24 Apr 1853Joseph Russell
Agnes Caledonia Burchfield {2}09 Nov 1875Thomas Martin
Elizabeth Jane Burchfield {2}08 May 1873William Hall
Ethel Evelyn Burchfield {2}05 Mar 1926Lamar Gamble Teffeteller
Janet Burchfield {2}209 Apr 1910Frank M. George
Mary Elizabeth Burchfield {2}Abt 1918David C. Eggers
Lydia Ann Burns24 Jul 1897Daniel Howell Headrick

"B" Marriages By Groom

William Beatty10 Feb 1823Margot Brickey
Jacob Bird29 Mar 1835Nancy Brickey
Levi Bird19 Jul 1838Rachel Brickey
Asa Brewer28 Feb 1828Leah Brickey
Asa Brewer22 Aug 1871Louisa Smith
Daniel C. Brewer21 Apr 1867Mary E. Walker
Dockery Gillespie Brewer10 Nov 1899Winnie Texanna Hannah
George Washington Brewer21 Dec 1907Barbara Alice Trotter
Joseph Morton Brewer21 Oct 1883Serena A. Simerley
Levi Dunn Brewer30 Jan 1850Elizabeth Hix
Nathaniel Brewer28 Jul 1831Isabella Davis
Nicholas Brewer26 Dec 1828Elizabeth Ann Dunn
Steven McReynolds Brewer29 Mar 1874Nancy M. Jackson
William Brewer02 Jun 1886Margaret M. Taylor
William Brewer15 Jul 1861Phebe C. Walker
William Isaac Brewer24 Aug 1857Mary Anne Parker
George Washington Brickey28 May 1887Rebecca Ellen Rathbone
John Brewer Jackson Brickey15 Sep 1867Martha A. Caylor
John Houston Brickey11 Jun 1892Nancy Josephine McCampbell
William Brickey26 May 1859Susanah Caylor
Charles Lee Burchfield {2}24 Mar 1924Grace Wilburn
James Franklin Burchfield {2}23 Nov 1907Johnnie Everett
John Parmer Burchfield {2}20 Feb 1853Mary Elizabeth Gardiner
John Glasgow Burchfield {2}02 Nov 1876Louisa Jane Russell
John Thomas Burchfield {2}21 Nov 1915Eva McDonald
William Perley Burchfield {2}22 Jul 1919Maude Giles
William Thomas Burchfield {2}04 Nov 1885Lucinda Jane Grindstaff
James Walker T. Burns {1}27 Jul 1894Nancy Ann Hatcher
John Gamble Burns18 Apr 1903Nancy Margaret Jane Brickey
Lawson Burns {1}21 Nov 1879Martha J. Jackson
William Thomas Burns {1}28 Jan 1874Mary Stillwell

{1} Submitted by Brenda Hall.
{2} Submitted by Janet Housewright.

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