Cocke County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Cocke County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Cocke County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 849 Cocke County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans. There were 756 soldiers in the Army, 19 of which were officers. There were 77 sailors in the Navy, 2 of which were officers. There were 3 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 13 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AilorThurman1888Knox Co., TNOfficer USA71
AllenBartley1894Cosby, TN 1
AllenJames22Cocke Co., TN 1
AllenJohn T.1894Cocke Co., TN 1
AllenOby1895Birch Cross Roads, TNDead67
AllenRoscoe Riley1893Newport, TN 1
AllenVernie D.1892Cocke Co., TN 1
AmosJesse26Parrottsville, TN 1
AndersonWilliam C.1893Falls Church, VA 1
AndrewsFrank18 Sailor74
ArcherJack35Madison Co., NC 1
ArcherSam1892Newport, TNDead67
ArcherWillie22Newport, TN 1
ArmsHenry O.1887Bybee, TN 1
ArrowoodJohn F.1891TennesseeOfficer USA71
ArwoodJohn C.1891Cocke Co., TN 2
ArwoodWilliam H.1893Del Rio, TN 2
AskewRay1895Del Rio, TN 2
AustinWilliam23Newport, TNDead67
BaileyCharlie R.24Cocke Co., TN 2
BaileyHenry1894Cocke Co., TN 2
BaileyOttis P.20Cocke Co., TN 2
BalchErnest C.28Parrottsville, TN 2
BalchFred S.1889Parrottsville, TNOfficer USA71
BallBenjamin H.27Cox Co., TN [sic] 2
BallIra1894Bridgeport, TN 2
BallJames V.1893Cosby, TN 2
BallJesse1892Hartford, TN 2
BallLewis27Hartford, TN 2
BallWarley1897Newport, TN 3
BanksLoyd1894Hartford, TN 3
BargerCrofford W.21Parrottsville, TN 3
BarnesBenjamin Harrison1897Hartford, TN 3
BarnesChester A.24Newport, TNWounded60
BarnesWalter C.18Coeki Co., TN [sic]Wounded60
BarnettFred20Cocke Co., TNDead67
BaxterJames Scott1896Cosby, TN 3
BaxterJasper Allen20Cocke Co., TN 3
BaxterJohn1890Newport, TNDead67
BaxterLawrence1894Newport, TN 3
BaxterMcNulty24Cosby, TN 3
BellWilliam R.1895Newport, TN 3
BensonNathan1897Greers, SC 3
BibleBernard B.1894Del RioOfficer USA71
BishopRobert Franklin1897Newport, TN 3
BlackHoward21Greenville, TNWounded60
BlackJohn Arthur28Hartford, TN 4
BlackWilliam J.1891Hartford, TN 4
BlazerArthur21Ivy, NC 4
BowmanWilliam1888Newport, TNOfficer USA71
BoyerCharles O.24Newport, TN 4
BoyerCharles Otto24Newport, TNDead67
BoyerJohn E.22 Sailor74
BradleyWilliam A.26Robbinsville, NC 4
BradyBarney22Cocke Co., TN 4
BradyRichard F.1895Bybee, TN 4
BreedenJohn28Naillon, TN 4
BreedenLeonard B.26 Sailor74
BreedenReuben J.18Cocke Co., TN 4
BreedenWilliam L.1892Sevier, TN 4
BrigmanJohn1893Marshall, NC 4
BrittWilliam18Cocke Co., TNDead67
BrooksDavid1889Bridgeport, TN 5
BrooksFloyd1894Del Rio, TN 5
BrooksJohn R.1895Newport, TN 5
BrooksLawrence David22 Sailor74
BrooksMarvel S.21Delrio, TN 5
BrooksRoy Burnard1894Bridgeport, TN 5
BrownCharlie1895Haywood, NC 5
BrownClay23Browns, TN 5
BrownHenderson23Browns, TN 5
BrownJames R.1896Hartford, TN 5
BrownJoel Canary23Cocke Co., TNWounded60
BrownWinfield Mack Hartford, TN 5
BryantAllen E.27Knoxville, TN 5
BryantCharlie O.1893Newport, TN 5
BryantConley H.22Newport, TN 6
BryantDexter H.29Newport, TN 6
BryantFred23Patrick, NC 6
BryantHenry Andrew20 Sailor74
BryantIsaac Lester30Cocke Co., TN 6
BryantJethro23Cosby, TN 6
BryantJohn C.1890Cosby, TN 6
BryantWilliam M.19Newport, TN 6
BryantWilliam R.25Newport, TNWounded60
BucknerArthur1892Bybee, TN 6
BucknerClay S.1897Cocke Co., TN 6
BucknerWalter1894Bybee, TN 6
BucknerWilliam Harnie1897Bybee, TN 6
BurginWilliam C.22Newport, TN 7
BurkeArthur H.1887Newport, TN 7
BurkeClifford1887Edwina, TN 7
BurnettJames H.1897Delrio, TN 7
BurnettLittle Berry29 Sailor74
BurnettUlius S.21Cocke Co., TN 7
ButlerBruce Chapman1896Cosby, TNOfficer USA71
ButlerOscar S.22Cozby, TN 7
BynumBen1891Newport, TN 7
CagleJoseph23Cox Co., TN [sic] 7
CalfeeBen1896Bybee, TN 7
CalfeeJay1893Cocke Co., TN 7
CampbellCurtis F.29Cosby, TN 7
CampbellHarrison1889Cosby, TNOfficer USA71
CampbellJoe21Cocke Co., TN 7
CampbellOscar19Cosby, TNWounded60
CampbellRoy1892Bybee, TN 8
CampbellWilse25Cocke Co., TNWounded60
CarrHenry23Greeeneville, SC 8
CarthyWilliam Bruce24 Sailor75
CarverBruce21Cosby, TN 8
CarverPeter23Cosby, TN 8
CashenHarvey1889Delrio, TN 8
CatheyLonnie Arthur21 Sailor75
CatonHerman L.1886Cosby, TN 8
CatonLeonard S.23Cocke Co., TNWounded60
CaughronHarrison25Cosby, TN 8
ChurchHenry1890Paint Rock, NC 8
ClarkFred E.1895Rankin, TN 8
ClarkGeorge R.26Hartford, TNDead67
ClarkJames18Cocke Co., TN 8
ClarkMarve1896Delrio, TN 8
ClarkOliver L.21Newport, TN 8
ClementsRoy1894Newport, TN 9
ClevengerAllen1893Newport, TN 9
ClevengerForest23Newport, TN 9
ClevengerKenneth K.1889Bybee, TN 9
ClevengerLeonard1895Cocke Co., TN 9
ClevengerLuther1889Newport, TN 9
ClevengerMack1890Newport, TN 9
ClevengerProbe1894Newport, TN 9
ClickBenjamin A.23Newport, TN 9
ClickNoah H.1896Delrio, TN 9
ClickRobert McKinley21 Sailor75
ClineErnest A.21Coepelo, TN 9
ClineHunly1893Parrottsville, TN 10
CogdillCalvin1894Hartford, TN 10
CogdillFrank R.22Cocke Co., TN 10
CogginsMiles1895Hartford, TN 10
CokerHomer24Haywood Co., NC 10
CollinsJacob Y. C.24Beach Mt., NC 10
CollinsMike1896North Carolina 10
CombsHorace L.23Greeneville, TN 10
CorrellJohn E.1891Bridgeport, TN 18
CostnerRufus C.18Cosby, TN 10
CothranBradford1895Newport, TN 10
CrawleyJoseph1893Sevierville, TN 11
CrinoMichael29New York, NY 11
CritselousLamon H.25Cocke Co., TN 11
CrossJasper Marion1898Blountville, TN 11
CurentonBayless1890Newport, TN 11
CurentonDarious1896Newport, TN 11
CuretonDaniel W.24Cocke Co., TNWounded61
CutshallJames M.1893Delrio, TN 11
CutshallJoe D.18Cocke Co., TNWounded61
DavisFloyd18Naillon, TN 11
DavisJohn22Cocke Co., NC 11
DavisLuther L.25Seveirville, TN 11
DavisWylie21Cosby, TN 11
DawsonCharles J.1893Parisville, TN 12
DawsonJohn1893Newport, TN 12
DawsonJoseph Daniel1899Cocke Co., TN 12
DawsonLuther26Newport, TN 12
DawsonMax K.20Cocke Co., TN 12
DawsonOscar1895Newport, TN 12
DenistonJoe Cline1897White Pine, TN 12
DennisBruce21Newport, TN 12
DennisCarr S.24Cosby, TN 12
DisonJames Ed1896Sevier Co., TN 12
DixonCoker1896Sevier Co., TN 59
DixonDavid A.23Greeneville, TN 12
DorseyJames O.24Cocke Co., TN 13
DorseyWilliam B.21Cocke Co., TN 13
DotsonHomer Benjamin18 Sailor76
DouglasWalter1897Bybee, TN 13
DriskillThomas M.1900Parrottsville, TN 13
DuckettBenjamin W.28Grassy Fork, TN 13
DunnCharles P.1894Seveirville, TN 13
DunnLafayette1895Cosby, TN 13
DunnOtto1895Cocke Co., TN 13
DyerJohn A.21Rogersville, TN 13
DykeLoid1896Cocke Co., TN 13
EdmondsEsley F. (or L.)24Byncombe Co., NC 14
EisenhourOval Wayne23 Sailor76
ElliottWilliam26Newport, TN 14
EllisonEarnest N.22Del Rio, TNDead68
EllisonNoah1895Newport, TN 14
EpleyBen21Newport, TN 14
EpleyBruce22Newport, TNWounded61
EpleyCharlie22Cocke Co., TN 14
ErbyCecil1894Cosby, TN 14
ErbyJames H.21Cosby, TN 14
EvansCasper18Ford Co., KYWounded61
EvansEdgar22Cocke Co., TN 14
EvansJohn T.22Cosby, TN 14
EvansLuther G.22Cork Co., TN [sic]Wounded61
EvansMark1894Cosby, TN 14
FancherBurn G.21Cosby, TN 15
FancherHobert O.1897Cocke Co., TN 15
FinchumAnderson28Scott, CA 15
FineBruce21Cocke Co., TNWounded61
FineRobert L.1897Newport, TN 15
FishWilliam McKinley1897Sweetwater, TNDead68
FisherArthur Jeston30 Sailor76
FlemingGrover30Madison Co., NC 15
FordCharles B.1892Hartford, TN 15
FordHobart21Browns, TN 15
FordRufus1897Hartford, TN 15
FordRufus L.1896Hartford, TN 15
FosterCharlie W.18Cocke Co., TN 15
FosterWalter23Newport, TN 16
FowlerBeed21 Sailor76
FowlerCartha2i6Cocke Co., TN 16
FowlerCharlie L.1893Cocke Co., TN 16
FowlerEstle C.1894Bybee, TN 16
FowlerJasper W.1887Delrio, TN 16
FowlerJohn A.1890Cosby, TN 16
FowlerJoseph1892Newport, TN 16
FowlerWalter Q.22Newport, TN 16
FoxBerry G.23Del Rio, TNWounded61
FoxCharlie T.21Cocke Co., TN 16
FoxElmer24Cocke Co., TN 16
FoxElmer20Newport, TN 16
FoxLafayette24Cocke Co., TN 17
FoxLuther22Bybee, TN 17
FoxWilliam C.1896Delrio, TN 17
FrancisRobert Lee18 Sailor76
FranklinAndrew Jackson1891Runion, NC 17
FranklinGeorge Harrison1895Runion, NC 17
FrazierLeonard22Newport, TN 17
FrazierRufus1894Rankin, TN 17
FrazierSimpson T.21Newport, TN 17
FreeAllen Ray18 Sailor76
FreeCharlie C.18Newport, TNDead68
FreshourEdd Roy21 Sailor76
FreshourGuy E.1896Parrottsville, TN 17
FreshourJames M.27Hot Springs, NC 17
GammonCarl Edgar26 Sailor77
GammonUlys E.1896Parrottsville, TN 17
GardnerLennard Marsden1900Newport, TN 17
GatesLewis1897Hartford, TN 18
GentryAndrew J.1893Madison, NC 18
GibbsIsam21Delrio, TN 18
GibbsJohn J.21Delno, TN 18
GilbertEdward1896Newport, TN 18
GilchristNelson24Newport, TN 18
GilesGeorge D.18Cocke Co., TNWounded61
GilesJohn1896Cocke Co., TN 18
GilesThomas1895Cosby, TN 18
GoodnoughCharles W.1891Delrio, TN 18
GormanFred M.1896Newport, TN 18
GorrellJoseph Coin21 Sailor77
GraggJames Melvin1887Newport, TN 18
GreenBartley S.1894Hartford, TN 19
GreenHobart1897Hartford, TN 19
GreenIsaac R.21Delrio, TN 19
GreenJames R.1894Cocke Co., TN 19
GreenSwan G.22Cocke Co., TN 19
GreenWalter1897Hartford, TN 19
GreenWilliam L.29Delrio, TN 19
GreenWillie19 Sailor77
GreenleeRoy G.24Mosheim, TN 19
GreerEverett M.1890Laurel Bloomery, TNOfficer USA72
GreggArville20 Sailor77
GreggClaude22Newport, TN 19
GreggDock25Newport, TN 19
GreggEstell19 Sailor77
GreggIsaac M.1896Newport, TN 19
GreggJames H.29Cocke Co., TN 20
GreggKenneth V.1893Newport, TN 20
GregoryGeorge E.24Newport, TN 20
GregoryWilliam S.1895Cosby, TN 20
GrindstaffIsaac A.23Cocke Co., TN 20
GrindstaffRobert Lee21 Sailor77
GroomsAnce21Hartford, TN 20
GudgerWilliam22Newport, TN 20
GuinnWilliam McDonald24 Sailor77
GunterArthur18 Sailor77
HaleJames Luther21 Sailor78
HallAllen Isaac1897Cocke Co., TN 20
HallFrank1896Newport, TN 20
HallJerome Massey1892Newport, TN 20
HallJesse22Newport, lTN 20
HallMilburn30Newport, TN 20
HallStephen H.1892Talbottom, GA 21
HallWillie19Wilsonville, TNDead68
HamptonJohn Erwin1878Asheville, NCOfficer USA72
HanceHunley1894Newport, TN 21
HanceWilliam E.18Newport, TN 21
HaneyJames T.1888Marshall, NC 21
HaneyOscar1895Newport, TN 21
HaneySamuel19Cocke Co., TN 21
HaneyShuford1896Haywood, NC 21
HannahArvill18Cocke Co., TN 21
HarkinsWilliam Buford1899Johnson City, TN 21
HarperBurton1890Bisbee, TN 22
HarperCharles R.18Bybee, TN 22
HarperFred Lee23Cocke Co., TN 22
HarperHugh L.25Dnewport, TN 22
HarperJames M.1892Bridgeport, TN 22
HarperOscar N.22Newport, TN 22
HarrellJoe I.20Sevier Co., TN 21
HarrellWroten C.21Crestmont, TNWounded62
HarrisBrad1890Newport, TN 23
HarrisThomas B.1895Del Rio, TN 23
HarrisonEarl1897Newport, TN 23
HartsellClaude H.21Colling Co., TX 21
HartsellEdward19Cocke Co., TN 22
HartsellFrancis H.24Newport, TN 22
HartsellOthel M.1897Cosby, TN 22
HartsellWilliam O.1888Cosby, TN 22
HarveyZenas1897Cocke Co., TN 23
HawkEmerson Dewitt19 Sailor78
HaynesCharlie E.1891Leadvale, TN 23
HaysGeorge W.1890Bybee, TN 23
HedrickCharles Worth1896Newport, TN 23
HendersonIsaac B.21Naillon 23
HendersonMarvin H.1896Cocke Co., TN 23
HendersonMurray18Johnson City, TNWounded62
HenryGeorge T.22Blount Co., TN 23
HenryThomas J.21Cocke Co., TN 24
HensleyJess22Hartford, TN 23
HickeyGeorge Andrew18 Sailor78
HicksArthur A.27Newport, TN 24
HicksCowper W.18Cocke Co., TN 24
HicksCraton D.27Cosby, TN 24
HicksErnest1896Newport, TN 24
HicksMark C.20Newport, TNWounded62
HicksOscar21Cocke Co., TN 24
HightowerErnest1897Newport, TN 24
HillGeorge H.29Fiargarden, TNWounded62
HillHeiskell S.24Newport, TN 24
HillJames31Sevier Co., TNWounded62
HillJohn22Cocke Co., TN 24
HillJohn22Cocke Co., TN 24
HillJoseph R.24Cocke Co., TN 25
HillRobert I.23Newport, TN 24
HillWilliam T.24Del Rio, TN 25
HixsonCluade D.2i6Greene Co., TN 25
HolbertSam1896Newport, TN 25
HolderCarl18 Sailor78
HolderHugh R.18Cocke Co., TN 25
HolderJohn C.1894Newport, TN 25
HoldwayBen1887Bybee, TNDead68
HoldwayDavid1895Newport, TN 25
HollandLeon A.19Clyde, NC 25
HollingsworthCharles M.23Harrisonburg, VA 25
HoltAndrew26Cocke Co., TN 25
HoltBonnie Lee26Newport, TN 25
HoltBurgett W.22Columbia, TN 26
HoltCharles J.1894Del Rio, TN 26
HoltErnest1896Williamson Co., TN 26
HoltHerman N.21Cocke Co., TN 26
HoltHobart M.22Newport, TNDead68
HoltJames H.23Bybee, TN 26
HoltJoseph1896Del Rio, TN 26
HoltJoseph W.18Parrottsville, TN 26
HoltMcKinley1897Bybee, TN 26
HoltPreston G.27Bybee, TN 26
HoltWalter22Cocke Co., TNWounded62
HooperJohnson18Cosby, TN 26
HooverClarence William16 Sailor78
HowardCarson22Newport, TN 26
HowardHenry20Haywood Co., NC 26
HowellFrank, Jr.1897Newport, TN 27
HudsonDate21 Sailor78
HuffLawrence Victor18 Sailor78
HurstB. Marion22Newport, TN 27
HurstMitchell23Cocke Co., TN 27
InmanJames1895Newport, TN 27
JacksonLloyd1889Del Rio, TN 27
JamesArthur1894Newport, TN 27
JamesDolph23Cocke Co., TN 27
JamesLarry22Newport, TN 27
JaynesBen Leonard23 Sailor78
JenkinsStanley21Cocke Co., TN 27
JohnsonClark1896Cocke Co., TN 27
JohnsonHarrison T.1890Cocke Co., TN 27
JohnsonJesse18 Sailor79
JohnsonRobert29Cocke Co., TNDead68
JohnsonSolomon G.30Cocke Co., TN 28
JonesCharlie A.1893Newport, TN 28
JonesKid25Roanoke, TN 28
JonesLoyd23Cocke Co., TNWounded62
JonesSwan1891Cocke Co., TN 28
JonesWilliam G.28Delrio 28
JonesWilliam W.1888Newport, TNOfficer USA72
JusticeMartin21Cocke Co., TN 28
JustusAllen Dewitt29 Sailor79
KeistlerGuy W.20Cocke Co., TN 28
KeithFred27Democrat, NC 28
KellerCharlie L.1895Cocke Co., TN 28
KelleyGeorge D.21Cocke Co., TN 28
KelleyThomas21Del Rio, TN 28
KilgoreLloyd S.22Newport, TN 28
KillianSteven T.24Cocke Co., TN 29
KindrickCreed1885Newport, TN 29
KnightClaude1895Mosheim, TN 29
KnightConnie E.1893Greeneville, TN 29
KnisleyClyde V.21Jefferson Co., TNWounded62
KremerWilliam Frank1897Delrio, TN 29
KropffJohn C.19Newport, TN 29
KykerRobert B.20Cocke Co., TN 29
LaFollettLeonard19Newport, TN 29
LaneBruce McKinley1896Newport, TN 29
LaneClaude H.1894Newport, TN 29
LaneJames O.1889Newport, TN 29
LargeAllen G.22Cocke Co., TNWounded62
LargeVictor Henderson1896Cosby, TN 30
LargeWalker21Cocke Co., TNWounded62
LargeWilliam H.25Knoxville, TN 30
LawterPaul1893Ladoga, IN 30
LaymanBruce1894Cosby, TN 30
LaymanRobert Walter22Newport, TN 30
LedfordIsaac1894Clyde, NC 30
LeeHugh L.21Newport, TN 30
LeggHunley W.27Newport, TN 30
LewisElijah J.1894Rankin Depot, TN 30
LillardHubert A.1890Cosby, TN 30
LindseyFrancis A.1894Cosby, TN 31
LindseyJethero1896Newport, kTN 31
LindseyRobert T.1890Sevier Co., TN 31
LockeDavid R.29Decatur Co., TNWounded62
LoydJohn F.21Edwina, TN 31
LytleFrancis22Oldfolk, NC 31
MaddronHobart H.18Cosby, TN 33
MaGahaLevi Branson1895Sevier Co., TN 32
MalloyStewart20Newport, TN 33
MaloyEli S.1895Parrotsville, TN 33
MaloyRobert24Parrotsville, TNDead69
MantoothBruce23Newport, TN 33
MantoothLawrence E.20Bridgeport, TN 34
MantoothLeonard22Cocke Co., TN 34
MantoothRoy L.1890Newport, TN 34
MasonWilliam S.23Greenville, TN 34
MasseyDug1897Cocke Co., TN 34
MathisEli21Cocke Co., TNWounded62
MatthewsArlie Hobert1897Sevier Co., TN 34
MatthewsWilliam W.31Cosby, TN 34
MaysHenry B.18Knoxville, TN 34
McCarterWilliam1893Cocke Co., TN 31
McCrackenClyde David1896Cocke Co., TN 31
McCravyThomas26Newport, TN 31
McCurryArch27Cocke Co., TN 31
McFallsNewman1895Haywood Co., NC 31
McFeetersCharlie P.26Wolf Creek, TNWounded62
McFeetureCarter F.22Lynch, NCDead68
McGahaAlbert O.22Cocke Co., TN 31
McGahaGarfield R.1892Cosby, TN 31
McGahaJohn21Cosby, TN 32
McGahaJohn D.22Cosby, TN 32
McGahaSam25Cosby, TN 32
McGahaSamuel Richard1896Sevierville, TN 32
McGahaWalter L.1881CosbyOfficer USA72
McGahaWilliam1896Hartford, TN 32
McGahaWilliam Edgar1888Cosby, TNOfficer USA72
McHargeDenzil T.19Knoxville, TN 32
McIntoshJohn21Cocke Co., TNWounded62
McKinneyBurnett21Cosby, TN 32
McKnabbCharlie A.1894Cosby, TN 32
McMahanIsac A.24Cosby, TN 32
McMahanJames H.23Newport, TNWounded62
McMahanJames Hugh1891Cocke Co., TN 32
McMahanJames M.28Sevier Co., TNDead69
McMahanJohn Wesley1895Sevierville, TN 33
McMahanNoah1889Newport, TN 33
McMahanRalph1898Newport, TN 33
McMahanSherman E.27Cocke Co., TN 33
McMahonCharles M.21Newport, TN 33
McMillenEdward1891Spartanburg, SC 33
McNabbJames R.29Newport, TN 33
McNabbLemuel A.28Cocke Co., TNWounded62
McNealySwan1897Parrotsville, TN 33
MesserGaywood1895Tampa, TN 34
MesserWilliam H.30Naillon, TNDead69
MillerDallas18Cocke Co., TN 34
MillerJesse H.1890Sevierville, TN 34
MillerMarcus J.21Newport, TNWounded62
MillerReuben B.18Hartford, TNWounded62
MillsDon1895Rankin, TN 35
MillsJohn1897Newport, TN 35
MimsWilliam E.1896Newport, TN 35
MoloyStewart20Newport, TN 35
MoonehamGeorge A.25Delrio, TN 35
MooneyhamSpurgeon21Delrio, TN 35
MooreBrenes A19Asheville, NCWounded64
MooreClaude N.20Bybee, TN 35
MooreHobart McKinley1896Statesville, NC 35
MooreJack1895Rankin, TN 35
MooreJohn T.1895Del Rio, TN 35
MorefieldRobert H.24Jonesboro, TN 35
MorrisonJames A.1895Canada, TN 35
MossBurrell1894Newport, TN 35
MossBurrell1894Newport, TN 36
MotleyLeonard24Whiteville, TN 36
MoyerRobeson1891Jefferson Co., TN 36
MurphreeWill35Blount Springs, AL 36
MurphreeWilliam1880Blount Springs, ALOfficer USA72
MurrOscar23Delrio, TN 36
MurrellHugh18Sullivan Co., TNWounded64
MyersJames L.1889Parrotsville, TN 36
NeasArville A.27Greene Co., TN 36
NeasJoseph M.1888Cocke Co., TN 36
NeasLoyd E.1895Cocke Co., TN 36
NeasThomas G.21Newport, TN 36
NeaseLloyd Stanley1888Del Rio, TNOfficer USA72
NicholesBruce1891Newport, TN 36
NicholsClaude M.18Cocke Co., TN 37
NolenEdward1893Bybee, TNDead69
NolenShade22Newport, TN 37
NorrisBeecher1897Sevier Co., TN 37
NorrisCharlie A.19Sevier Co., TN 37
NorrisHenry20Newport, TN 37
NorrisTurner J.26Sevier Co., TN 37
NorwoodJames H.28Del Rio, TN 37
NorwoodRufus25Del Rio, TN 37
O’DellFred E.22Cocke Co., TN 37
O’NeillDoll23Newport, TN 37
OttingerCarter C.31Parrottsville, TNWounded64
OttingerClayton C.31Parrottsville, TN 37
OttingerClyde M.   38
OttingerDonie L.1895Cocke Co., TN 38
OttingerHarmon1897Parrottsville, TNDead69
OttingerLonnie E.22Parrottsville, TN 38
OttingerMilburn E.23Parrottsville, TN 38
OttingerReuben H.1894Newport, TN 38
OttingerRobert E.21Cocke Co., TN 38
OttingerWilliam B.1887Cocke Co., TN 38
OwnbyWalter Partee1892Henderson Co., NC 38
OwnesbyCaries20Cocke Co., TN 38
PackGeorge24Cocke Co., TN 38
PackJesse A.1895Delrio, TNWounded64
PackNoah Clayton1897Cocke Co., TN 38
PackWilliam Nathan1897Del Rio, TN 38
PadgettHobert M.20Bybee, TN 39
PadgettRichard20Bybee, TN 39
ParkerClaude S.19Knoxville, TN 39
ParkerDavid20Cocke Co., TN 39
ParkerRobert E.22Canton, NCWounded64
ParksMatthew21Cocke Co., TNWounded64
ParrottCharles18Cocke Co., TN 39
ParrottRobert R.21Cocke Co., TN 39
PartonJesse20Hartford, TNWounded64
PerrymanOliver Jackson1892Cosby, TN 39
PhillipsBen1893Browns, TN 39
PhillipsJohn1897Browns, TN 39
PhillipsWilliam McKinley1897Cocke Co., TN 39
PittsFain F.1895Midway, TN 40
PittsPorter Monroe25Strawberry, TN 40
PresnellEli B.1893Elks Park, NC 40
PresnellPleas A.1894Reminger, NC 40
PressleyElbert J.22Del Rio, TN 40
PriceCharley R.34Cocke Co., TN 40
PriceChessie1896Bybee, TN 40
PriceEdward19Hartford, TN 40
PriceHes21Cocke Co., TN 40
PriceWilliam22Cocke Co., TN 40
ProffittCreed Habert1896Cosby, TN 40
ProffittDavid H.31Cosby, TN 40
ProffittDavid L.26Cocke Co., TN 41
ProffittPles H.19Kouck Co. [sic] 41
ProffittWalter E.23Sevier Co., TNWounded64
ProffittWalter Isaac1894Cosby, TNOfficer USA72
QuinnHubert W.24Morristown, TN 41
RaderDon23Cocke Co., TN 41
RaderDunk D.24Parrottsville, TN 41
RaganDennis F.18Bybee, TN 41
RaganJoseph H.22Cashy, TN 41
RainesHorace18Cocke Co., TN 41
RainsLewis E.1891Newport, TN 41
RamseyGalleon1892Rankin, TN 41
RamseyGarfield27Cocke Co., TN 41
RamseyHawkum1893Bybee, TN 42
RamseyLawrence1895Cocke Coj., TN 42
RamseyLee21Cocke Co., TN 42
RamseySteward1893Haywood Co., NC 42
RathboneFate1896Haywood Co., TN 42
RayRufus21Gate City, VAWounded64
ReaSilas H.1894Averys Creek, NC 42
ReaWilliam Bryan21Nashville, TN 42
RectorBerman F.28Parrottsville, TN 42
RectorGeorge W.24Madison, TN 42
ReedRoyd1897Cocke Co., TN 42
ReeseCharlie1888Cocke Co., TN 42
ReeseHobert21Bybee, TN 42
ReeseLester22Newport, TN 43
ReeseLucius1891Newport, TN 43
ReeseLuther1893Bybee, TNDead69
ReinhardtEdward26Newport, TN 43
ReinhardtFred A.23Newport, TN 43
ReneauDan D.19Jefferson, TN 43
ReynoldsNorman W.27Harve de Grace, MD 43
RiceWilliam J.1895Bybee, TN 43
RileyHarry Gordon24Pennington Gap, VAWounded65
RinehartMitchell24Jefferson Co., TN 43
RobertsRobert Allen1895Delrioo, TN 43
RobinsonGene D.21Cocke Co., TN 43
RobinsonHerbert F.26Newport, TN 43
RobinsonLindsey P.19Cocke Co., TN 44
RolandJames25Delrio, TN 44
RolenHollis D.18Sevier Co., TN 44
RolenVander C.21Sevier Co., TNWounded65
RollinsIsaac Shafter18Cocke Co., TNWounded65
RollinsRoscoe1893Hartford, TN 44
RubleFox Greer1897Del Rio, TN 44
RubleJohn B.26Del Rio, TN 44
RussellColonel R.24Sevier Co., TN 44
RussellWillie Landon1896Joe, NC 44
SamplesGeorge W.18Cocke Co., TNWounded65
SamplesJames26Newport, TN 44
SamplesJim25Cocke Co., TN 44
SamplesPaul22Cocke Co., TN 45
SamplesWilliam B.20Cocke Co. TNWounded65
SaneBenjamin Franklin27Cocke Co., TN 45
SaneJames A.1890Parrottsville, TN 45
SaneRobert24Cocke Co., TN 45
SeayThomas21Newport, TNWounded65
SelfCharles W.1894Delrio, TN 45
SelfLoyd H.22Newport, TN 45
SextonCharlie Columbus Madison Co., NC 45
SextonHarrison1896Del Rio, TN 45
SextonJohn1887Bybee, TN 45
SextonMelvin1895Bybee, TN 45
ShaverJake1897Bybee, TN 45
ShellJesse R.18Del Rio, TN 46
ShellLandon C. H.1887Ark Co. [?] 46
SheltonBulow1895Marshall Co., NC 46
SheltonEli Marion22Burnsville, NC 46
SheltonWalter B.19Marshall, NCWounded65
ShoemakerLemuel D.21Cocke Co., TN 46
ShultsCameron W.33Cosby, TN 46
ShultsDallas M.1895Cosby, TN 46
ShultsHorace1895Newport, TN 46
ShultsIsaac26Sevier Co., TN 46
ShultsJoseph M.31Cocke Co., TN 46
ShultsLee1891Sevierville, TN 46
ShultsOttis22Sevierville, TN 47
ShutsDallas C.21Cocke Co., TN 47
SiskCampbell1887Newport, TN 47
SiskIra C.1892Delrio, TN 47
SkilesEmmet R.21San Antonio, TX 47
SmallwoodJames O.1895Cosby, TN 47
SmartJahugh H.26Del Rio, TN 47
SmithBoss45Newport, TN 47
SmithBurnett27Winchester, TNDead69
SmithBurr W.21Cocke Co., TN 47
SmithChancie R.22Cocke Co., TN 47
SmithDallas H.18Cosby, TN 47
SmithEvan Otey1898Newport, TN 47
SmithFrank1891Newport, TN 48
SmithGeorge Alexander28Cocke Co., TN 48
SmithHarris M.1897Parrottsville, TN 48
SmithHobart William1897Parrottsville, TN 48
SmithLeonard24Del Rio, TN 48
SmithLuther B.1895Hartford, TN 48
SmithWilliam E.  Wounded65
SneedLon A.1894Bybee, TN 48
SparksCicero D.1891Swiss, NC 48
SparksCletus L.22Swiss, CN 48
SparksGeorge M.21Cocke Co., TN 48
SprinkleThomas Weaver1895Weaverville, NCOfficer USA72
SprouseFrank1895Cocke Co., TN 48
SprouseJesse25Cocke Co., TNDead69
StanberyEugene W.1899Newport, TN 49
StansberyRalph H.26Cocke Co., TN 49
SteeleCecil E.1894Cocke Co., TN 49
StephensBert30Newport, TN 49
StephensJames1896Parisville, TN 49
StephensJess1896Parisville, TN 49
StephensonMatt27Wenson, AL 49
SteppJames Bernar21Cocke Co., TN 49
SteppMack Clung1894Parrottsville, TN 50
StewartAurelius A.19Rankins, TN 49
StewartCharlie23Greene Co., TN 49
StinnetGarfield20Del Rio, TN 50
StokelyEdward H.1892Delrio, TN 50
StokelyLyde25Cocke Co., TN 50
StokelyMelvin W.22Cocke Co., TN 50
StokelyWilliam B., Jr.1900Newport, TN 50
StrangeLuther1896Cocke Co., TN 50
StuartCharlie24Newport, TN 50
StuartEd1894Greeneville, TN 50
StuartSam1897Newport, TN 50
SuggsEstell20Bridgeport, TN 50
SuttlesCharles M.20Leavwall, TN 51
SuttlesFermon C.1895Joe, NC 51
SwagertyHobart1895Newport, TN 51
SwagertyLuther27Newport, CT 51
SwagertyMelvin26Newport, TN 51
SwangerJames21Delrio, TNWounded66
SwansonFames F.1891Newport, TN 51
TalleyLawrence M.1894Cocke Co., TNDead70
TaylorAnderson1892Bybee, TN 51
TaylorAnderson1897Newport, TN 51
TaylorBen1888Bybee, TN 51
TaylorFrank20Newport, TN 51
TaylorGarlen W.1893Newport, TN 51
TaylorJames H.1895Cosby, TN 51
TaylorLoss21Cocke Co., TN 52
TaylorMonroe22Bybee, TN 52
TaylorWilliam R.25Dandridge, TN 52
TemplinWinfield L.33Cocke Co., TN 52
ThomasBen Harrison1887Bybee, TN 52
ThomasBruce18Cocke Co., TN 52
ThorntonParmer22Chestnut Hill, TN 52
TobyBernard A.30Bybee, TN 52
TobyClarence Robert1896Cocke Co., TN 52
TrantonJames C.20Cocke Co., TNDead70
TullockBunah B. Greeneville, TN 53
TurnerFranklin E.1895Hamilton Co., IL 53
TurnerGreat Britton1895Del Rio, TN 53
TurnerHubert L.1892Bybee, TN 53
TurnerPorter1894Bybee, TN 53
TurnerRuben H.1891Newport, TNDead70
TurnerWalter1897Del Rio, TN 53
TurnerWalter F.1896Cocke Co., TN 53
ValentineDee1892Cosby, TN 53
ValentineIsaac E.34Cocke Co., TN 53
ValentineJames A.25Cocke Co., TN 53
ValentineMilburn1896Newport, TN 54
ValentineOscar26Cocke Co., TNWounded66
ValentineScott21Cocke Co., TN 54
VarnerMarion A.1897Debria, TN 54
VessGeorge W.21Hartford, TN 54
VessWilliam N.20Cocke Co., TN 54
VinsonAnderson C.1894Newport, TN 54
VinsonBurnett Rowe1897Cosby, TN 54
WalkerRoy23Bybee, TN 54
WalstonMiles21Dalton, GA 54
WatersThomas E.28Seveir Co., TNWounded66
WebbDugan24Cocke Co., TNWounded66
WebbRufus M.27Cocke Co., TN 54
WebbSamuel2f1Sevier Co., TN 54
WebbWilson19Cocke Co., TNWounded66
WelchVernon22Newport, TN 54
WestHoward A.25Cocke Co., TN 55
WestmorelandMack R.1894Parrottsville, TN 55
WhiteBurn Newport, TN 55
WhiteHobert W.20Bybee, TN 55
WhiteJames W.1894Cosby, TN 55
WhiteMack28Parrottsville, TN 55
WhiteOlis1893Cocke Co., TN 55
WhiteThad22Haywood Co., NC 55
WhitelockWalter C.1890McDowell Co., NC 55
WhitlockCharley29McDowell Co., NC 55
WhitlockLemuel G.22Cosby, TN 55
WildWilliam G.1897Hartford, TN 55
WileyArthur C.1893Bridgeport, TN 55
WileyGeorge L.23Bridgeport, TN 56
WileyJohn C.25Cocke Co., TN 56
WiliamsLuther22Sevier Co., TN 56
WillettThornton34Cocke Co., TNWounded66
WilliamsAlf J.29Madison Co., NCWounded66
WilliamsArble18Newport, TN 56
WilliamsCharles N.1896Hartford, TN 56
WilliamsFred30Sevier Co., TN 56
WilliamsFuller18Cocke Co., TNWounded66
WilliamsGarfield20Sevierville, TN 56
WilliamsGather1896Sevier Co., TN 56
WilliamsGeorge W.18Shearnville, TN 56
WilliamsHubert E.1897Cocke Co., TN 56
WilliamsJackson B.24Sevier Co., TN 56
WilliamsJoel P.1895Cosby, TNOfficer USA72
WilliamsMark1892Sevierville, TN 57
WilliamsWalter Lee1887Cosby, TN 57
WilliamsWarder24Newport, TN 57
WilliamsonAdd19Cocke Co., TN 57
WilliamsonCreed21Sevier Co., TN 57
WilliamsonRobert18Sevier Co., TN 57
WilliamsonRobert M.18Sevier Co., TN 57
WilliamsonWilliam25Sevier Co., TNWounded66
WilsonCharles Asbury1890Cocke Co., TNOfficer USA73
WilsonGeorge L.1894Cosby, TN 57
WilsonJack25Laurens, SC 57
WilsonJohn, Jr.1895Haywood, TN 57
WilsonRoy G.21Del Rio, TN 57
WilsonSamuel S.1897Cosby, TN 57
WilsonSherman25Newport, TN 58
WilsonWillie Lee26Ackermon, MS 58
WinterRobert L.23  58
WoodBernie20Newport, TN 58
WoodClay V.18Edwina, TN 58
WoodFred28Cocke Co., TN 58
WoodGeorge1892Newport, TN 58
WoodsJohn H.20Newport, TN 58
WoodsJohn Oscar1881Morristown, TNOfficer USA73
WoodyJohn A.21Madison Co., NC 58
WoodyNathan L.1894Bunkam Co., NC 58
YarbroughFloyd21Cocke Co., TN 59
YettHarrison24Parrottsville, TN 59


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Cocke County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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