Cumberland County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Cumberland County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Cumberland County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 340 individuals served from Cumberland County during World War I. There were 310 soldiers in the Army, 7 of which were officers. There were 20 sailors in the Navy, 3 of which were officers. There were 4 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 6 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdamsJames B.26Cumberland Co., TN 1
AdamsSamuel V.1896Spring City, TN 1
AgeeByrd  1
AgeeWalter R.25Bleckal Co., TN[sic] 1
AkinsJoseph1895Rockwood, TN 1
AllisonArthur T.22White Co., TNDead27
AllisonGrady M.1879TennesseeOfficer31
AndersonJames Arthur23 Sailor34
AndersonThomas A.27Greentree, TN 1
BarnesDewey F.19Crab Orchard, TN 1
BarnesRufus M.23Glen Mary, TN 1
BarnesUlysses G.1886Dover, TN 1
BarnettHerbert1895Peavine, MI 1
BarnwellGeorge23Wayne Co., KY 2
BarnwellMaynard M.1893Kidder, KY 2
BarnwellNolan18Creston, TN 2
BellRoy Edgar1896S. Pittsburg, TNMarine33
BellWalter E.1896Pomona, TN 1
BenedictCarlton E.1890Pomona, TN 2
BennettWilliam24Bon Air, TN 2
BennettWillie19White Co., TNWounded23
BeyerLester M.18Loutana, TNWounded23
BlaylockElmer E.22Erasmus, TN 2
BlaylockErnest22 Sailor34
BlaylockJohn Anderson26 Sailor34
BoldinHoward1897Cumberland Co., TN 2
BostonHarrison24Grapevine, TNWounded23
BradyRichard D.20Grassy Cove, TN 2
BrendleBevy1892Claysville, TN 2
BrendleWilliam22Pomona, TNWounded23
BrewerCharlie W.22Winesap, TN 2
BrewerElmer V.21Winesap, TNDeserter38
BrewerJeary A.1896Creston, TN 2
BrewerLee G.18Cumberland Co., TN 2
BristowMark Clinton1896Grassy Cove, TN 3
BristowSamuel Jones1887Grassy Cove, TNOfficer USN37
BristowThomas W.27Grassy Cove, TN 3
BrookhartGeorge F.1895Peavine, TN 3
BrownWalter A.1892Livingston 3
BrownWilliam C.19Rockwood, TNWounded23
BrownZebba E.1894Livingston 3
BuchananGeorge S.23Clarksville, TNDeserter38
BurgessBranch H.25Cumberland Co., TN 3
BurgessJames M.1894Crossville, TN 3
BurgessSam1896Erasmas, TN 3
BurgessUrious I. Dead27
BurkhartGeorge J.1894Crossville, TN 3
BurnettArthur W.20Crossville, TN 3
BurnettCasteau1899Crossville, TN 4
BurnettFred Thomas1897Burke, TN 4
BurrisIval D.18Rockwood, TN 4
CaddisWilliam P.25TennesseeDead30
CampbellWilliam W.22Pomona, TNDead27
CapertonRoy Judson1890Morrilton, AROfficer31
CarterHenry K.1894Waldensia, TN 4
CarterIra1897Waldensia, TN 4
CatronElbert18Monterey, TN 4
CaudillJames E.22Tazewell Co., VADead27
ChastainWillie S.1895White Co., TN 4
CliftonGeorge D.19Westel, TN 4
CliftonNeal G.21Cumberland Co., TNDead27
ClineCornell S.20Crab Orchard, TNWounded23
ColemanClarence A.20Marshall Co., MS 4
ConatserParter A.1888Jamestown, TN 4
CooperJohn R.1889Quebec, TN 4
CordellEd1895Burke, TN 5
CoxRoss1896Fortworth, TX [sic] 5
CunninghamClatie R.18Murray, KYWounded23
DavisBeverge20Cookeville, TN 5
DavisBill1890Vandever, TN 5
DavisJohn I.27Hebbertsburg, TN 5
DavisMajor19Vandever, TNWounded23
DavisWalter F.1894Morgan Co., TN 5
DavisWinter C.1896Creston, TN 5
DaytonJohn C.20Crossville, TN 5
DaytonLeo22Crossville, TN 5
DeakinsJames R.26Eagle Cliff, GA 5
DeatheragePeter T.1893Crossville, TNWounded24
DeatherageWilson19Dorton, TN 5
DeRossettGeorge28Cullman Co., TN[sic] 6
DeRossettPaul L.19Crossville, TN 6
DeRossettWalter R.1890Cumberland, TN 6
DerrickMason Edward24 Sailor34
DixonClarence20Creston, TNWounded24
DodsonEarlie18Whitville, TNDeserter38
DunlapFred23Crossville, TN 6
DunlapRobert H.1895Crossville, TN 6
EdmonsEbbie E.1896Wine Sap, TN 6
EdwardsDavid W.24Sparta, TN 6
EllisWilliam R.1894Crab Orchard, TN 6
ElmoreArthur A.30Cumberland Co., TN 6
ElmoreCharlie1897Isoline, TN 6
ElmoreCreed1891Cumberland Co., TN 6
ElmoreGeorge19Cumberland Co., TNWounded24
ErwinWilliam Arthur1888Dayton, TNOfficer31
FarmerHenry A.28Hebbertsburg, TN 7
FarmerRay1891Hebbertsburg, TN 7
FarrisBert21Pomona, TN 7
FieldLawrence23Compton, RI 7
FordCarl25Grassy Cove, TN 7
FordHayden V.1892Dayton, TN 7
FordVirgil1888Grassy Cove, TNDead27
FosterJohn S.1893Sequatchie, TN 7
GambleGrade1888Glade Creek, TN 7
GangJohnnie E.1895Alabama 7
GangWilliam C.18Cumberland Co., TN 7
GibsonArnold G.18Westell, TN 7
GistJohn Jr. Grassy Cove, TN 8
GodfreyMark I.24Crossville, TNWounded24
GodseyNorman27Cumberland Co., TN 8
GodseyWilliam1896Rockwood, TNDead27
GolliherBenjamin H.28Daysville, TNWounded24
GreenJames A.29Kingston Springs, TN 8
GreenJoseph1897Geneseo, TN 8
GreenNoah A.1895Genisis, TN 8
GreenNoma A.1895Genesis, TN 8
GulleyHenry C.22Bulls Gap, TNWounded24
HaleWilliam Claude18 Sailor34
HaleyTheodora R.23Crab Orchard, TN 8
HallCharles25Peavine, TN 8
HallWilliam E.1893Genesis, TN 8
HambyEdgar Lee1897Sparta, TN 8
HambyVirden23Crossville, TN 8
HambyVolner38Crossville, TN 8
HambyWilliam A.37Crossville, TN 9
HambyWinfred1897Hebbertsburg, TN 9
HardenJames21Campbell Co., TN 9
HardinLafayette E.23Winesap, TNWounded24
HarrisCharlie1895River Hill, TN 9
HarrisLuther18Whitwell, TN 9
HarrisonEli34Cumberland Co., TN 9
HayesEarl26Woody, TN 9
HedgecothClarence Lawrence23 Sailor34
HedgecothTheodore1891Pleasant Hill, TN 9
HedgecothVerden L.21Crab Orchard, TN 9
HeltonJohn C.1896Rockwood, TN 9
HembreeArthur James1895Crab Orchard, TN 9
HendleyNimrod22Algood, TNWounded24
HenryErnest B.1897Genesis, TNDead28
HenryJohn Taylor1896Isoline, TN 10
HenryMartin V.1888Genesis, TN 10
HenryOakes W.24Genesis, TN 10
HenryWilliam E.23Isoline, TN 10
HillHoward Niles1890Grassy Cove, TNOfficer USN37
HillisAlf1892Laurelburg, TNDead28
HinchSumner G.31Burks, TN 10
HinchVenus Vixon26 Sailor35
HitchcoxBillie26Bledsoe Co., TN 10
HodgeWalter18Ozone, TN 10
HollowayEvert E.27White Co., TN 10
HoustonEd1890Cumberland Co., TN 10
HoustonHerbert Monrow1898Grapevine, TNMarine33
HowardFred18Peavine, TN 10
HowardJesse23Deer Lodge, TN 10
HowardJohn T.1890Michane, TN 10
HowardPhillip19Peavine, TNDead28
HustonRobert G.1891Cumberland Co., TN 10
HutchinsonCharlie22Cumberland, TN 11
IshamErnest21Harrinton, TN 11
JacksonFay1898Bon Air, TN 11
JacksonRoy Edward1891Inman, TN 11
JerniganBerl C.1889Bloomington, TN 11
JohnsonHenry24Morgan Co., TN 11
JonesLee H.26Fentress Co., TN 11
JonesWillie A.21Brotherton, TN 11
JordanThomas R.1891Genesis, TNDead28
KelleySamuel H.1892Dayesville, TN 11
KelleyVergel Reuben1896Cumberland Co., TN 11
KemmerCharles Oscar1895Grassy Cove, TN 11
KerleyJames1890Burke, TN 11
KerleyThomas M.1896Cumberland Co., TN 12
KirklinLenard H.26Roane Co., TN 12
LaceyCharlie C.18Westel, TN 12
LeeErvin P.23Jernigan, TN 12
LemertMilo27Marshaltown, IADead28
LemertNathan25Marshall, IA 12
LewisClay22Lantana, TN 12
LewisWilliam H.21Erasmus, TN 12
LewisWilliam Harry1897Cumberland Co., TN 12
LewisWilliam V.1894Clifty, TN 12
LinkousJames F.19Knoxville, TNDead28
LodenTrue20Grassy Cove, TN 12
LoshboroughClarence B.28St.Joe, MI 13
LoweElmer25 Sailor35
LoweMcKinley1897Cumberland Co., TN 13
ManningGeorge Ennman1898Cumberland Co., TNMarine33
ManningHile Thiern19 Sailor35
ManningHoytt17 Sailor35
ManningMark B.1895Ozone, TN 13
ManningRobert C.27Ozone, TN 13
ManningThomas R.1888Crossville, TN 13
ManningTruman22Crab Orchard, TN 13
ManningWilliam L.1892Crab Orchard, TN 13
MartinEvrett O.24Crab Orchard, TN 14
MartinLindsley29Crossville, TN 14
MartinRobert Y.1898Pomona, TN 14
McCamyThomas McDowell16 Sailor35
McComackEddy W.1894Obey City, TN 13
McCormickJames F.27Dodson, TNDead28
McDanielCraven25Cumberland Co., TN 13
McDanielDerris1889Jewett, TN 13
McDanielWilliam Arthur27Jewett, TN 13
McLeanJohn1895Dallas, TX 13
MelvinEdward G.23London, KY 14
MondayJames R.18Cumberland Co., TNWounded24
MorganRobert W.21Elizabeth, WVWounded25
MorganWilliam E.23West Virginia 14
MortonRobert S.19Knox Co., TN 14
MoyersTom1897Winesap, TN 14
NealonHuse30Watson, TN 14
NelsonLeo H.21Livingston, TNWounded25
NewberryWilliam C.24Rockwood, TN 14
NewmanJohn24Ashland City, TN 14
NilesCarl Edgar21 Sailor35
NilesFerris Albert1874Scott Co., INOfficer31
NilesFrancis L.22Junction City, KY 14
NilesJohn H.18Daysville, TN 14
NorrisAndrew J.22Winesap, TN 15
NorrisBert1894Winesap, TN 15
NorrisErvin23Milo, TNDeserter38
NorrisHenry J.1897Cumberland Co., TN 15
NorrisJames B.29Cumberland Co., TNDead28
NorrisJimmie G.18Putnam Co., TNDead29
NorrisJohn1897Biglick, TN [sic]Dead29
NorrisWilliam D.1896Big Lake, TN 15
OwensLewis1895Crossville, TN 15
PageOscar Sherman1895Cumberland Co., TN 15
ParkerRay T.20Pikeville, TNDead29
PattonArthur C.22Liberty, KY 15
PattonEdward L.23Peavine, TN 15
PattonEmmitt Litton1898Pikeville, TNMarine33
PattonJoseph26Peavine, TNDead29
PattonMartin18Casey Co., KY 15
PeveyhouseDallas E.21Rockwood, TN 15
PharrisMartin18Crossville, TN 15
PhillipsRobert E.19Jonesboro, AR 15
PotterLincoln21Peavine, TNWounded25
PotterNoah W.21Peavine, TN 16
PotterRobert23Crossville, TN 16
PotterSoloman Alva1893Cumberland Co., TNOfficer USN37
PriceBurk1894Bledsoe Co., TN 16
PughGeorge W.1892Mayland, TN 16
PughLee23Big Lick, TN 16
RaborFrederick22Cumberland Co., TN 19
RectorEdward R.1896Crossville, TN 16
RectorFred20Crossville, TNWounded25
RectorJohnie C.19Isoline, TN 16
RectorOliver O.26Winesap, TN 16
RectorWilliam George20Isoline, TNOfficer31
ReedAbraham L.18Cumberland Co., TN 16
ReeseJohn Victor1896Erasmus, TNDead29
ReevesWillie O.23Calfkiller, TN 17
RheaFloyd1891Big Lick, TN 17
RheaFrank1894Crossville, TN 17
RiceGeorge R.18Frankfort, IN 17
RichardsBert J.1893Rockwood, TN 17
RoseChester A.24Crab Orchard, TN 17
RoseClay M.27Crab Orchard, TN 17
RutherfordGeorge21 Sailor36
ScarletCarles T.20Putnam Co., TN 17
ScarletLuther F. Wounded25
ScottMartin18Cumberland Co., TNFraudulent
SeegravesFred S.1895Cumberland Co., TN 17
SeegravesWalter1895Pleasant Hill, TN 17
ShaddenJoe1897Watson, TN 17
SherrillMajor1897Burke, TN 17
SherrillWill1896Burke, TNDead29
ShillingMarshall20Isoline, TNWounded25
SimpsonAaron L.1896Melvine, TN 18
SimpsonHarm22Melvine, TN 18
SmithAlbert H.1891Grapevine, TN 18
SmithCas S.1889Ozone, TN 18
SmithClayton Dexter1897Hebbertsburg, TN 18
SmithHarrell Neal22TennesseeDead30
SmithHarvey Dillon20 Sailor36
SmithHenry C.18Monroe, TN 18
SmithJames P.23Crossville, TN 18
SmithRoscoe M.1895Rockwood, TN 18
SmithWilliam24OldMonroe, TN 18
SnodgrassJonas L.26Crossville, TN 18
SnowLloyd B.1886Ogden, TN 18
SouthardDavidson LaFayette1893Sparta, TNOfficer31
SpencerRobert L.22TennesseeDead30
StephensJohn Edmondson44TennesseeOfficer30
StephensStiteal18Crab Orchard, TNWounded25
StevensEverette21Crossville, TN 19
StewartEdgar1896Sparta, TN 19
StoneWalter E.1894Grapevine, TN 19
StoverFoster M.26Near Livingston, TNWounded25
SuggsDassie H.1895Aetna, TN 19
SullivanSummerfield1894Lenaria, TN 19
SwallarsJohn1896Cumberland Co., TN 19
TaborEgbert1896Crossville, TN 19
TaborMonroe1894Creston, TN 19
TallettRufus24Big Lick, TN 19
TalleyFred24Crossville, TN 20
TarpenningMax31South Bend, NE 20
TaylorSam1888Brownsville, TN 20
TaylorTimmie D.27Blair, NEWounded25
TeepleVivian23Mayland, TN 20
ThompsonRichard21Athens, TN 21
ThurmanLitton T.33Evensville, TN 21
ToddJulius26 Sailor36
ToddWillis C.25Cumberland Co., TN 21
TollettCarlisle S.22Pearry, OK 21
TollettElijah G. Jr.1898Wagoner, OK 21
TuckerCharles H.1895Erasmus, TN 20
TuckerHarve Thompson21 Sailor36
TuckerJohn W.27Crossville, TNWounded26
TurnerGeorge M.22Pomona, TN 20
VanWinklePerry1893Erasmus, TN 21
VandaverVirgel E.25Lantana, TN 20
VanhoyAndrew J.19Crossville, TN 20
VanhoyJames Phillip1889Big Lick, TN 20
VanwinkleEdward A.25Eramus, TN 20
VickeryGrant V.1881Ainsworth,IAOfficer32
WelchAlbert20 Sailor36
WelchLaFayette22Green Tree, TN 21
WheelerCharles O.1896Crab Orchard, TN 21
WheelerFrank F.25Spring City, TN 21
WheelerWilliam L.1890Spring City, TN 21
WilliamsArthur L.21Cumberland Co., TN 21
WilliamsJohn Dead30
WilmothAndy O.21Monterey, TNWounded26
WilsonClaborne F.26Burke, TN 21
WilsonHerbert C.19White Co., TN 22
WoodyJohn L.19Putnam Co., TN 22
WoodyLloyd N.1893Isoline, TN 22
WrightArchie L.21Morgan Co., TN 22
WrightRaleigh H.24Spencer, IN 22
WyattHarrison19Isoline, TNWounded26
WyattJames A.1889Crossville, TN 22
WyattSamuel L.1896Pikeville, TN 22


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Cumberland County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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