Coffee County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Coffee County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Coffee County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 622 Coffee County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans. There were 564 soldiers in the Army, 18 of which were officers. There were 42 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 7 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 9 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdamsClark A.1896Manchester, TN 1
AdamsEllis D.18Coffee Co., TNDead62
AdamsGrover C.32Viola, TN 1
AdamsJohn W.26Manchester, TN 1
AdamsLonzy L.18Moore Co., TN 1
AdamsMarce26Hillsboro, TNWounded58
AdcockCharlie M.27Rutherford Co., TN 1
AlexanderWalter L.22Greencastle, IN 1
AllenBrice E.18Coffee Co., TN 1
AllisonCyrus David1897Coffee Co., TN 1
AndersonAlfred Wallace1887Tullahoma, TN 2
AndersonEmmel W.1899Summitville, TN 2
AndersonFrelan1895Coffee Co., TN 2
AndersonHerman Yancey26Coffee Co., TN 2
AndersonJames R.1888Coffee Co., TN 2
AndersonLeonard21Coffee Co., TN 2
AndersonOlney H.18Smarts, TN 2
AndertonEmmett P.1895Tullahoma, TN 2
AndertonHenry Anthony23Moore Co., TNDead62
AnthonyAmzi27Grundy Co., TNWounded58
ArmstrongWillie1890Rutherford Co., TN 2
ArnoldEstell1896Coffee Co., TN 2
ArnoldRichard22Stephenson, TN 3
ArnoldWilliam M.18Stevenson, AL 3
AshleyMack Winton1900Manchester, TN 3
AshleyRobert Grady1895Beechgrove, TN 3
BaileyJoe W.23Tullahoma, TN 3
BakerDavid1894Hillsboro, TN 3
BakerWilliam L.19Tullahoma, TN 3
BaltimoreMarion H.1894Manchester, TNDeserter82
BaltimoreWilliam T.31Manchester, TNWounded58
BaltimoreWillis1895Hoodoo, TN 3
BanksBen L.1893Manchester, TN 4
BarksdaleDan1896Lebanon, TN 4
BartlettGlenn Norman20 Sailor74
BatesHarvey T.27Normandy, TN 4
BeanClaude E.21Erin, TN 4
BeanRobert H.1897Tullahoma, TNOfficer, USA68
BeardCharles1889Mount Hope, ALOfficer, USA68
BeckJames W.25Tullahoma, TN 4
BeckmanCleon1890Manchester, TNDead62
BeckmanLeeland D.25Manchester, TN 4
BellLewis M.21Manchester, TN 4
BellWilliam J.30Noal, TN 4
BennettElmer F.1897Bedford Co., TN 5
BennettZadie R.28Coffee Co., TN 5
BinghamFrank29Hillsboro, TN 5
BittickAllen W.19Osullus, TN 5
BittickClarence H.22Giles Co., TN 5
BlairJessie H.1896Beechgrove, TN 5
BlakeArthur L.25Franklin Co., TN 5
BlakeCarl1896Franklin Co., TN 5
BonnerWilliam28Mulberry, TN 5
BosworthSylvenious A.20Alger Co., MI 5
BowdenBaxter27Manchester, TNWounded58
BowdenWilliam L.1894Manchester, TN 6
BowenWill E.27Tullahoma, TN 6
BrandonHomer24Cannon, TN 6
BrantleyJohn French25Manchester, TN 6
BrazeltonOtis C.30Winchester, TN 6
BrenemanWallas Slater24 Sailor74
BrinkleyWalter22Tullahoma, TN 6
BrixeyGrady H.27Normandy, TN 6
BroadrickArchie T.1894Robertson Co., TN 6
BrothersClyde23Coffee Co., TN 7
BrownAndres1894McMinnville, TN 7
BrownArthur Lee1896Hillsboro, TN 7
BrownDallas1892Beechgrove, TN 7
BrownElbert1895Freedonia, KY 7
BrownEmmett C.27Coffee Co., TN 7
BrownErnest T.1897Dalton, GA 7
BrownErvin E.1889Manchester, TN 7
BrownJames B.23Tullahoma, TN 7
BrownJames E.1892Hillsboro, TN 8
BrownJohn21Coffee Co., TNDead62
BrownLouis1896Beechgrove, TN 8
BrownRevice Winton1899Hillsboro, TN 8
BrownThomas C.1897Moore Co., TN 8
BrownVernon1893Big Springs, TN 8
BryanFloyd27Coffee Co., TN 8
BryanGeorge W.1897Manchester, TN 8
BryanRobert E.1892Manchester, TN 8
BuchanDonald G.18Manchester, TNDishon. Discharge81
BuchananWilliam A.18Tullahoma, TN 8
BurtSam E.1893Moore County, TN 9
BurtWilliam Calvin1888Tullahoma, TNSailor9
BynumJohn Grover25 74
CampbellDonald B.1890Tullahoma, TNOfficer, USA68
CampbellElzie B.1889Tullahoma, TN 9
CampbellGeorge R.33Belmont, TN 9
CampbellLewis D.1897Birmingham, AL 9
CampbellMatt M.34Belmont, TN 9
CampbellWilliam Arkley1897Coffee Co., TN 9
CanonTom1896Fairfield, TN 9
CantrellKirk C.21Itasca, TX 10
CardwellHomer Joseph21 Sailor74
CareyJoe Abner19 Sailor74
CarrickGeorge1891Woodbury, TNDead62
CarsonBurl Woodard1892Manchester, TN 10
CarterEd24Tullahoma, TN 10
CaruthersHerbert Wilson1897Bedford Co., TN 10
CatesCay S.26Prairie Plains, TN 10
CharlesGlenn32Viola, TN 10
CharlesJennings R.1897Coffee Co., TN 10
CheshireHenry21Hillsboro, TN 10
CheshireJames Clayton1897Bedford Co., TN 10
ChitwoodLeonard N.21Tullahoma, TN 10
ChitwoodWilliam L.22Coffee Co., TN 11
ChristianLemuel22 Sailor74
ChristmanWilliam23Tullahoma, TN 11
ChumbleyJohn A.30Nashville, TN 11
ClackWilliam A.39Dunlap, TN 11
ClarkHenry1888Coffee Co., TN 11
ClarkIverson  Deserter82
ClarkIverson19Tullahoma, TN 11
ClarkJohn F.1887Tullahoma, TNDeserter82
ClarkeRobert1892Summitville, TN 11
CleekFloyd D.21Moore Co., TN 11
CobbRiggs1894Tullahoma, TN 11
CobbShirley1896Moore Co., TN 12
CoffmanThurman29Hoovers Gap, TN 12
ColdwellDock1894Manchester, TN 12
ColstonNorman1890Tullahoma, TN 12
CookWalter S.1894Franklin Co., KY 12
CoopPaul1894Tullahoma, TN 12
CornelisonAlex1890Manchester, TN 12
CornelisonJohn T.30Viola, TN 12
CorzeliusJames C., Jr.27Tullahoma, TN 12
CouchRobert Laughlin1894Tullahoma, TNMarine72
CravensRichard Riece23 Sailor75
CrickL. D.29Estill Springs, TN 13
CriscoRalph Joseph1898Noblesville, IN 13
CrockerRoy C.29Manchester, TN 13
CrosslinCharlie Lee1894Bell Buckle, TN 13
CrosslinR. D.1896Wartrace, TN 13
CrouchAlbert1894Manchester, TN 13
CrouchAllison Woodville21 Sailor75
CrouchHarvy D.18McMinnville, TN 13
CrownoverRobert T.1897Manchester, TN 13
CrystalJames28Chattanooga, TN 13
CulleyAmbrose1888Normandy, TN 14
CunninghamEarnest18Manchester, TN 14
CurlCharles E.18Franklin Co., TN 14
DamrelElmore27 Sailor75
DanielHorace K.21Coffee Co., TN 14
DanielLeon23Hillsboro, TN 14
DanielRalph25Hillsboro, TN 14
DannHarry F.1891Columbus, OHOfficer, USA68
DarnellFrank23Manchester, TNWounded58
DarrellBenjamin H.28Winchester, TN 14
DaughtryEdgar T.1888Hillsboro, TN 14
DavenportErnest J.1894Cannon Co., TN 15
DavidsonPate23Fairfield, TN 15
DavisBen Trott1897Cannon Co., TN 15
DavisEd1889Cannon Co., TN 15
DavisGladys T.22Hillsboro, TNWounded58
DavisJohn W.18Tullahoma, TN 15
DavisLamont24Tullahoma, TN 15
DavisNeubern M.1896Manchester, TN 15
DavisSam23Manchester, TN 15
DavisThurman J.1890Tullahoma, TN 16
DavisWilliam H.25White Co., TN 16
DayClarence1894Parksburg, WV 16
DayJames1890Tullahoma, TNOfficer, USA68
DayRobert S.19Tullahoma, TN 16
DayRuby H.18Coffee Co., TN 16
De BerryEverett Bryan21 Sailor75
DeanJable31Coffee Co., TN 16
DickensLilliard T.1898Readyville, TN 16
DickersonEarnest1894Noah, TN 16
DickersonFarriss22Tullahoma, TNWounded59
DickersonJessie1897Coffee Co., TN 17
DossettRobert L.1880TennesseeOfficer, USA68
DosterCharles B.28Lynchburg, TN 17
DuncanAndrew1889Coffee Co., TN 17
DuncanArthur L.1896Coffee Co., TN 17
DunnGiles B.23Franklin Co., TNWounded59
DunnVirgil L.1892So. Lebanon, OH 17
EalmGlenn L.1894Manchester, TN 17
EalmWalter E.1895Manchester, TN 17
EarlsThurman C.22Cannon Co., TN 17
EatonLonnie1897Manchester, TN 17
EdmonsonCorluse18Lynchburg, TN 17
EdwardsHenry O.21Oconee Co., SC 18
EgglestonElmore E.23Moore Co., TN 18
ElkinsJames27Coffee Co., TNWounded59
ElliottJames23Manchester, TN 18
ElliottTaylor1897Coffee Co., TN 18
ErveinJohn22Indianapolis, IN 18
EssmanLouie29Tullahoma, TNWounded59
EvansThomas Alva21 Sailor75
EwellLeighton21Manchester, TN 18
FarrarCharlie W.1896Manchester, TN 18
FarrarClarence1894Manchester, TNDead62
FarrarWillis G.1887Manchester, TN 18
FergusonReadus O.1897Coffee Co., TN 19
FerrellJames E.26Manchester, TN 19
FerrellLacy1896Noah, TN 19
FieldsJames L.30Blountsville, AL 19
FigleyClaude M.25Ramonds, OH 19
FinleyJoseph T.21Woodbury, TNDead63
FinneyWilliam E.33Estill Springs, TN 19
FitzgeraldRoss Thomas1900Nashville, TN 19
FletcherThurston1895Summitville, TN 19
FrameNoah1888Wheatfield, IN 19
FranklinLeon B. Ft. Worth, TXFraud. Enlistment81
FreeezeLawrence21Coffee Co., TNDead63
FreezeClaude25Summitville, TN 19
FreezeGeorge S.1896Coffee Co., TN 20
FrenchWard1895Summitville, TN 20
FrizzellJohn A.1892Beechgrove, TN 20
FulmerWilliam T.29Atto, TN 20
FultsWade H.1891Tracy City, TN 20
FultzBea23Hillsboro, TN 20
GaitherEllis1894Readville, TN 20
GammillFred23Nashville, TNWounded59
GanoeAsa Blythe1897Tullahoma, TN 20
GarrettEmerson23Shelbyville, TN 20
GeorgeSam19Summerville, TN 21
GillenJames Hascai1897Sparta, TN 21
GilleyJohn25Manchester, TN 21
GilliamRobert1897Alto, TN 21
GilmoreOrman22Noah, TN 21
GlasgowAlbert1880Bedford Co., TNOfficer, USA69
GrantWilliam P.1897Robertson Co., TN 21
GrayHorace G.24Tullahoma, TN 21
GreenJohn35Cown, TN 21
GriffithCharles Marion1882Jasper, TNOfficer, USA69
GriswoldNellon H.1895Hillsboro, TN 21
GroschGeorge F.23Cincinnati, OH 22
GrowdenLaurence Scott18 Sailor75
GunnLue Holmes1893Tullahoma, TN 22
GunnMoody31Tullahoma, TN 22
GunnOrel1895Hillsboro, TN 22
GunnThomas Jefferson1882Tullahoma, TNMarine72
GuthrieFloyd1896Middle, TN 22
HagarWalter A.35Hermitage, TN 22
HaggardJess23Manchester, TN 22
HaleyDewey18Coffee Co., TN 22
HaleyWalter22Manchester, TN 22
HamiltonWilliam P.1886Buck Grove, TN 22
HaradonEdwin W.24Manchester, TN 23
HaradonRalph A.26Gates Center, KS 23
HarbinFleetwood1890Kelso, TNOfficer, USA69
HarperJoseph22Moore Co., TNWounded59
HarperJoseph M.22Moore Co., TN 23
HarrisonThomas1887Summitville, TNDead63
HashCharles Monroe18 Sailor76
HastingsEd B.1889Coffee Co., KYDead63
HathcockRobert1892Belle Buckle, TNDead63
HavronHoward T.1896Tullahoma, TNOfficer, USA69
HawksJames Cleveland28Coffee Co., TN 23
HayesOscar F.25DeKalb Co., TN 23
HaynesEarnest H.1896Winchester, TN 23
HenleyJames Bramblet1897Coffee Co., TN 23
HenryRufus Harris1897Coffee Co., TN 23
HenryThomas H.22Manchester, TN 23
HenryWilliam1893Wartrace, TNDead63
HershmanAlonzo1889Jasper Co., IN 24
HickersonAllan Ramsey1897Manchester, TN 24
HickersonCarl L.18Tullahoma, TN 24
HickersonClarence21Coffee Co., TN 24
HickersonJohn1891Manchester, TN 24
HickersonJoseph21Manchester, TNWounded60
HickersonWilliam E.25Tullahoma, TN 24
HickersonWilliam M.1894Manchester, TN 24
HicksCarl19Moore Co., TNFraud. Enlistment81
HicksDavid18Bedford Co., TNDead64
HicksHerchell F.22Wartrace, TN 24
HicksLowe23Lynchburg, TN 24
HildrethBasil M.24Bowling Green, KY 25
HillForrest1897Hillsboro, TN 25
HillHenry1892Hillsboro, TN 25
HillJohn D.23Fayetteville, TN 25
HittsonHence1896Summitville, TNDead64
HolderAlbert E.27Tullahoma, TN 25
HolderClarence B.1896Moore Co., TN 25
HolderMonroe L.1895Moore Co., TN 25
HolmanVenson I.1895Tullahoma, TN 25
HolmesBradford B.1897Trousdale, TN 26
HolmesWilliam Paul18 Sailor76
HoltEarnest B.1891Montgomery Co., TN 26
HoltEsther1896Clarksville, TNDead64
HoltFount D.22Woodford, TN 26
HoltHardy R.1891Clarksville, TN 26
HooverJames Early19 Sailor76
HuffmanCalvin1897Tullahoma, TN 26
HuffmanJohn P.1896Normandy, TN 26
HuntLeslie D.1889Tracy City, TN 26
HunterJohn1890Hillsboro, TN 27
HydeWillie Lee23Tullahoma, TN 27
JacksonRobert L.1897Portaland, TN 27
JacobsWilliam23Manchester, TN 27
JerniganCharles N.24Manchester, TN 27
JerniganPrice30Manchester, TNWounded60
JerniganVance A.18Grapevine, TX 27
JohnsonElmer22Bonecave, TNDead64
JohnstonWalter25Carroll Co., IN 27
JonesHoyt1891Franklin Co., TN 27
JonesLeroy1895Murfreesboro, TN 28
JonesMonroe L.23Manchester, TN 28
JonesSamuel21Dilton, TN 28
JonesWilliam B.22Tullahoma, TN 28
JusticeJohn F.1889Robertson Co., TN 28
KavidskyHarry22Pinsk, Russia 28
KeelJeff L.19Manchester, TN 28
KeeleCalvin Lane21 Sailor76
KeeleFred D.1892Beech Grove, TN 28
KeelePorter1896Manchester, TN 29
KeeleRobert L.1894Manchester, TN 29
KeeleThomas18Manchester, TNWounded60
KeeleWilliam23Beech Grove, TN 29
KeetonWilliam Carlos18 Sailor76
KellyJohn Dixie1893Orlinda, TNMarine72
KendrickArchie Thomas21Coffee Co., TN 29
KendrickOllie22Coffee Co., TNDeserter82
KennedyFrancis A.24Smith, MA 29
KilgoreClarence H.23Tullahoma, TN 29
KingHubert28Coffee Co., TN 29
KirkHorace D.1895Manchester, TN 29
LandersJesse1891Shelbyville, TN 30
LandersWilliam30Normandy, TNDead64
LaneMarion Potter19 Sailor76
LaneThurston1895Manchester, TN 30
LasaterWilliam McKinley1896Pelham, TN 30
LawsonAron1895Tullahoma, TNMarine72
LawsonBurvle O.25Lynchburg, TN 30
LawsonRichard E.22Tullahoma, TN 30
LawsonThomas Brown23Tullahoma, TN 30
LawsonWiley H.1900Tullahoma, TN 30
LawsonWilliam McK.1897Coffee Co., TNDead64
LedfordHarris Addison24 Sailor77
LeggHoward G.1898Lebanon, OHMarine72
LemingHugh S.1892Bairds Mills, TN 30
LemingJim O.1891Coffee Co., TN 31
LemmonsWilliam J.30Cannon Co., TN 31
LewisCharlie1897Tullahoma, TN 31
LongDonald S.1894Hancock Co., IA 31
LongJohn H.1892Wright Co., IA 31
LovePresley L.1888Bell Valley, OHDead65
LoweCharles T.26Woodbury, TN 31
LoweJohn A.1895Cannon Co., TN 31
LoweryHommar23Manchester, TNDead65
LynchEnoch25Manchester, TNDead65
LynnIsaac H.1894McMinnville, TN 31
LyonGeorge E.1897Shelbyville, TN 32
MahatheyJames28 Sailor77
MancromHarold D.22Debrell, TN 33
MangumMonroe K.23Tullahoma, TN 33
ManleyBryan Seuall1896Beechgrove, TN 33
MarcumGeneral Lee25 Sailor77
MartinJoseph W.19Tullahoma, TN 33
MartinLeander18Tullahoma, TN 33
MasonJohn L.1897Beech Grove, TN 33
McBridePleasant P.   32
McBrideWilliam Mallard1896Noah, TN 32
McCalebWalter Lee1889Duck River, TNOfficer, USA70
McCormickJames A.1895Smithville, TN 32
McCutcheonHerbert F.1896Manchester, TN 32
McDowellFrank P.27Tullahoma, TN 32
McDowellHenry C.20Tullahoma, TN 32
McFarlandRalph T.26Columbus, NC 32
McGheeMarshall D.1897Petros, TN 33
McGowenWill26Coffee Co., TN 33
McGuireClaude Dee1892Manchester, TNOfficer, USA70
McManusAlmus Grady24 Sailor77
McManusCarl Columbus22 Sailor77
McMaseyWillie26Warren Co., TN 33
McNuttJames21Coffee Co., TNDeserter82
MeadowsClyde1897Hillsboro, TN 33
MeadowsJesse Shannon22 Sailor78
MerrittWilliam Everett1896Cannon Co., TN 34
MilesGeorge R.26Robertson Co., TN 34
MillraneyHarvey23Viola, TN 34
MillraneyJim Sainville, TN 34
MitchellRoy L.21Tullahoma, TN 34
MoffattCharles L., Jr.19Troy, TN 34
MooreAlbert25Tullahoma, TN 34
MooreAndrew Thurmon28Coffee Co., TN 34
MooreErnest1893Mulberry, TN 35
MooreJim R.1885Manchester, TNOfficer, USA70
MooreJohn N.1895Shelby, TN 35
MooreLawson1896Tullahoma, TN 35
MooreLonnie J. Coffee Co., TN 35
MooreRobert M.1895Mulberry, TN 35
MooreWillie1894Tullahoma, TN 35
MorganFrank1891Christiana, TN 35
MorrisCharlie B.25Nartrace, TN 35
MorrisClarence P.20New Providence, TN 36
MorrisHenry C.18Lynville, TX 36
NeeleyJames1895Fayetteville, TN 36
NelsonIra1897Tullahoma, TN 36
NelsonOsker23Moore Co., TN 36
NippersClaud Lord1896Stevenson, ALDead65
NoblittLawson D.1895Shelbyville, TN 36
NorthcuttHerschel B.25Jasper, TN 36
NorthcuttJoseph1897Manchester, TN 36
NortonJohn Marbry27 Sailor78
NortonRobert23Coffee Co., TN 37
NorvellRass T.28Beechgrove, TN 37
OggBenjamin M.1893Springfield, TN 37
OldfieldSamuel H.18Coffee Co., TN 37
OvermanIra J.1894Tullahoma, TNMarine72
OwenMoses P.29Manchester, TN 37
OwreyElijah1897Wilson, WADead65
PanterJames N.31Lynchburg, TN 37
ParhamJohn L.18Franklin Co., TNDead65
ParkerHenry D.22Bedford Co., TN 37
ParkerJohn Ural24Coffee Co., TN 38
ParkerJohn Walker18 Sailor78
ParkerLeo24Manchester, TN 38
ParkerOrman25Manchester, TN 38
ParksGeorge W.1888Summitville, TN 38
PartinJames L.1896Coffee Co., TN 38
PartinRobert L.1899Hillsboro, TN 38
PatyByrd Fred1893Bell Buckle, TNOfficer, USA70
PearsonGeorge W.24Pelham, TN 38
PeppersRollie25Tullahoma, TN 38
PerryBarnett H.1892Manchester, TN 39
PhillipsCecil Movin1896Hillsboro, TN 39
PhillipsD.29Murphreysboro, TN 39
PinkstonHugh G.22Rutherford Co., TN 39
PittsFinis23Montgomery Co., TNWounded60
PittsGeorge E.24Coffee Co., TN 39
PoffJames1893Coffee Co., TNDead66
PowersLeland May1896Manchester, TN 39
PowersLonie1897Manchester, TN 39
PrattGeneral J.21Manchester, TN 40
PrestonThomas20White House, TNDead66
PriceJames Utah1896Tullahoma, TN 40
PriceThomas32Manchester, TN 40
PrinceLoyd B.21Moore Co., TN 40
PrinceOllie F.1894Raus, TN 40
PrinceWill1892Raus, TN 40
RacklerJack26Tullahoma, TN 40
RackleyFrank25Coffee Co., TN 40
RaganLee1895Tullahoma, TN 41
RamseyCharlie1897Tullahoma, TN 41
RamseyJesse1897Manchester, TN 41
RamseyMack24Manchester, TN 41
RankinAlton1896Manchester, TN 41
RankinMalcolm P.23Hillsboro, TN 41
RatcliffeRobert G.1888Arlington, AL 41
RayAlbert B.22Franklin Co., TN 41
RayHarry W.1894Belmont, TN 41
RayJames S.36Normandy, TN 42
RayJohn T.27Manchester, TN 42
RayWorda25Coffee Co., TN 42
RayburnGeorge24Manchester, TNWounded60
RayburnJohn H.31Coffee Co., TN 42
RayburnRay23Coffee Co., TN 42
ReavisRoy L.1895Moore Co., TN 42
RedferinIsaac L.22Cross Plains, TN 42
RedferinSam A.25Robertson Co., TN 42
RedferrinRobert25Robinson Co., TN 43
ReedJames Andrew26Cannon Co., TNDead66
ReynoldsClinton F.28Tullahoma, TN 43
ReynoldsJohn27Hillsboro, TN 43
RiceAndrew23Hillsboro, TN 43
RiceHenry1897Tullahoma, TN 43
RichardsonWilliam C.1892Noah, TN 43
RiddleBonnie C.21Hickman, KY 43
RidnerFrank1895Beechgrove, TN 43
RidnerRobert L.1888Mushul, TN 43
RingWillie N.1896Murfreesboro, TN 44
RobertsGuy C.21Bedford Co., TN 44
RobertsRennie F.22Hillsboro, TNDead66
RobertsWiley24Grundy Co., TNWounded60
RobertsonCaleb R., Jr.23Winchester, TN 44
RobertsonErnest Bryan1897Estill Springs, TN 44
RobinsonHenry28Beechgrove, TN 44
RobinsonHenry Beechgrove, TN 44
RodesCharles Emmet18 Sailor78
RodesWilliam F.1896Manchester, TN 44
RogalieJohn1896Manchester, TN 44
RogersHorace26Cannon Co., TN 45
RogersJesse B.25Morrison, TN 45
RogersWilliam21Manchester, TN 45
RossHackett M.27Summitville, TN 45
RossJohn B.1889Summitville, TN 45
RustMarvin H.26Todd Co., TN [sic] 45
SalvatoVito30Italy 45
SandersWilliam Josiah, Jr.1893Murfreesboro, TNMarine73
SargentWilliam K.18Tullahoma, TN 45
SchmittonAlbert1895Dixon Co., TN [sic] 45
ScottClyde H.23Coffee Co., TN 46
ScottJerry S.27Wartrace, TN 46
SearsCharles E.1889Cozaddale, OH 46
SegrovesGrady T.1896Coffee Co., TN 46
SheltonJay23Hillsboro, TN 46
SheltonJohn25  46
SherrillAndrew J.1896Coffee Co., KY 46
SherrillArthur24Coffee Co., TN 46
SherrillThomas24Coffee Co., TNWounded61
ShieldsDavid W., Jr.1899Rensselaer, IN 46
ShraderJames O.19Manchester, TN 47
ShraderMarcus Bryan21 Sailor78
SimmonsLee1893Coffee Co., TN 47
SimmonsParmer O.1889Cannon Co., TN 47
SimonsSylvester1890White Co., TN 47
SmarttDick E.29Viola, TN 47
SmarttJohn1896Manchester, TN 47
SmithCharlie L.1888Moore Co., TN 47
SmithDavid B.1897Bradyville, TN 47
SmithDavid R.25Tullahoma, TNDead66
SmithJoe H.1895Dunlap, TN 47
SmithJohn1895Franklin Co., TN 47
SmithLevi24 Sailor78
SmithRobert M.23Tullahoma, TN 47
SmithSam1894Franklin Co., TN 48
SmithShirley19Moore Co., TN 48
SmithThurman Bell24Murfreesboro, TN 48
SmithsonAubry20Woodbury, TN 48
SmithsonNewton E.1896Bethesday, TN 48
SmootCarl J.25Lynchburg, TN 48
SnoodyClarence L.25Haley, TN 48
SnyderRoscoe Merle1890Portland, NYOfficer, USA70
SparksMarion L.19Manchester, TN 48
St. JohnWilliam Thomas21 Sailor79
StaffordFred21Awalt, TNWounded61
StaleyBooth24Tullahoma, TN 48
StaleyRobert Taylor21 Sailor79
StarksByron M.20Murray, KY 48
SteagallGeorge1890Tullahoma, TNOfficer, USA70
StephensHarry Moore20 Sailor79
StephensWilliam B.1895Manchester, TN 49
SteppEwin28Coffee Co., TN 49
StevensArthur21DeKalb, TN 49
StewartJoseph40Mass, TN 49
StornesEwing1897Franklin, TN 49
StroudHence Albert24 Sailor79
StroudJohn Maxwell20 Sailor79
StroudRaymon19White Co., TN 49
SummersWilliam18Manchester, TNDead66
SweenyWalter G.28Hillsboro, TN 49
SwingWill S.24Tullahoma, TN 49
TarterWilliam B.1894Adair Co., KY 50
TaylorCam Neil18 Sailor79
TaylorHarve A.1892Summitville, TN 50
TaylorJohn28Tullahoma, TN 50
TaylorJohn N.1893Manchester, TNDead67
TaylorThomas W.1887Coffee Co., TN 50
TaylorVirgil M.1897Tullahoma, TN 50
ThomasBertha24 Sailor79
ThomasEdward N.18Winchester Springs, TN 50
ThomasJames Grady19 Sailor80
ThomasWilliam Aubry21 Sailor80
ThroneberryJasper D.22Manchester, TN 50
TippsEdward26Tullahoma, TN 50
ToddMonroe1886Murfreesboro, TN 51
ToliverJohn29Beech Grove, TNWounded61
ToliverLawrence Monroe1896Coffee Co., TN 51
TomesJames18Coffee Co., TN 51
TownsendCharles Franklin21Coffee Co., TN 51
TownsendNewton I.1892Manchester, TN 51
TrailRobert L.1887Coffee Co., TN 51
TribbleWillie B.22Rufford, TN [sic] 51
TriggGeorge1889Winchester, TN 51
TrueloveJesse G.22Robinson Co., TN [sic]Wounded61
TubbsElder1895McMinnville, TN 52
TuckerCharlie Elmer21Coffee Co., TN 52
TuckerEarl W.1896Summitville, TN 52
TuckerHorace O.1896Manchester, TN 52
VannoyBuford1896Manchester, TN 52
VaughnFred B.24Winchester, TN 52
VickersCalvin1890Manchester, TN 52
VickersHugh V.22Coffee Co., TN 52
VickersJohn William29Coffee Co., TN 53
ViolettGrover C.1891Wilson Co., TN 53
WaiteRalph Everett1896Tullahoma, TN 53
WakefieldGeorge1896Tullahoma, TN 53
WaldenChoney21Manchester, TNDischarge81
WalkerRobert P.1892Coffee Co., TNDead67
WalshWilliam1892Manchester, TN 53
WardenJohn H.1897Beechgrove, TN 53
WarrenMaurice28Coffee Co., TN 53
WarrenWilliam L.23Mt. Vernon, IN 53
WeaverCharles S.26Tullahoma, TN 54
WeaverEstle27Raus, TN 54
WebbLouis1896Manchester, TN 54
WeitzEdgar D.1893Manchester, TNDead67
WellsPat P.21Tullahoma, TN 54
WellsRaymond21Tullahoma, TN 54
WestEd J.23Coffee Co., TN 54
WestJot1897Manchester, TN 54
WestRobert W.1888Manchester, TN 54
WestWilliam T.23Coffee Co., TN 55
WhitakerEarl1890Tullahoma, TN 55
WhitePhillip1896Smart Sta., TN 55
WhittemoreBute1896Cannon Co., TN 55
WilemanMinto B.1898Hillsboro, TN 55
WilemanWade H.24Hillsboro, TN 55
WilkinsBenjamin H., Jr.20Nashville, TN 56
WilliamsClyde29Rensslaer, IN 55
WillisHenry McDonald1900Cleburne, TX 55
WillisJohn Paul1893Calihonia, TN 55
WilosnRobert L.25Hillsboro, TN 56
WilosnTennison James1897Tullahoma, TN 56
WilsonA.R.17 Sailor80
WilsonAlbert L.1894Coffee Co., TN 55
WilsonEarl Raymond21 Sailor80
WilsonGuy Snyden23Summitville, TN 56
WilsonJames Clifton28 Sailor80
WilsonRiley Vance1894Woodlawn, ALOfficer, USA71
WinsteadClent E.20Hawkins Co., TN 56
WinsteadJacob S.22Hawkins Co., TN 56
WisemanWilliam J.29Franklin Co., TN 56
WiserBoss25Coffee Co., TN 56
WolfeFrank W.31Dickson, TN 57
WoodsFrank22Carters Chapel, TN 57
WoolwineEmmons Hicks1899Nashville, TN 57
WootenRandolph26Grundy Co., TN 57
WootenWilliam H.21Hillsboro, TN 57
WoottonRoyal Green28 Sailor80
WrightJessie21Rutherford Co., TN 57
WysongHomer Clytus1889Cornersville, TNOfficer, USA71
YatesHenry C.1895Springfield, TN 57
YatesWarner1889Winchester, TN 57
YoungEdward M.1891Tullahoma, TN 57


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Coffee County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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