Crockett County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Crockett County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Crockett County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 495 individuals served from Crockett County during World War I. There were 456 soldiers in the Army, 7 of which were officers. There were 28 sailors in the Navy, 1 of which was an officer. There was 1 Marine in the Marine Corps. There were 10 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdamsHenry E.23Johnson Grove, TN 1
AgeeRupert D.28McBride, TN 1
AgeeRupert L.23Friendship, TN 1
AgeeVictor22Friendship, TN 1
AgeeWilliam Wyatt21 Sailor61
AikinHenry B.23Dyer, TNOfficer, USA59
AlisonJames D., Jr.1891Brownsville, TN 1
AllenNeal1894Maury City, TN 1
AndersonSilas24Tella Co., MS 1
AngeLoyd W.23Gates, TN 1
ArnetteEwell V.22Bells, TN 2
ArnoldRobert L.1894Alamo, TN 2
AustinHerman E.22Alamo, TN 2
AustinRobert J.1888Alamo, TN 2
AveryHomer1895Crockett Mills, TN 2
AveryIra33Crockett Co., TN 2
AveryLeonadas1897Dyersburg, TN 2
AveryNee23Alamo, TN 2
AveryPaul C.23Maury City, TN 3
AveryWill1892Karo, TN 3
BaileyAustin P.18Crockett Co., TNDeserter68
BaileyConrad Oswald1887TNOfficer, USA59
BaileyJohn22Alamo, TN 3
BaldridgeBenjamin C.1898Friendship, TN 3
BarcroftJohn D.27Friendship, TN 3
BarnettClarence22Macon, IL 3
BeaverFred S.23TN 3
BedwellWillard W.1889McLemoresville, TN 3
BellerLowell R.1893Burchtree, MO 4
BillsRobert Franklin28Dyer Co., TN 4
BivensCal H.1891Hardin Co., TN 4
BlackmanNorton22Friendship, TN 4
BlaydesErnest1894Crockett, TN 4
BlurtonRobert Lee1896Gadsden, TN 4
BolingLefton1893Friendship, TN 4
BolingPerry McFarland1900Friendship, TN 4
BoltonWalter1896Brownsville, TN 5
BooneClyde Calvin23Palestine, AR 5
BowenIves1896Friendship, TN 5
BoydOscar29Crockett Co., TN 5
BoykinAaron1895Gadsden, TN 5
BranchE. H., Jr.1899Alamo, TN 5
BranchEmmett24Alamo, TN 5
BrasfieldJohnie Alfred1896Crockett Co., TN 5
BrasfieldRaymond G.29Crockett Co., TN 6
BrasfieldRobert T.25Crockett Mills, TN 6
BrasvieldHarry Conis23 Sailor61
BridgesGuy C.21Camden, TN 6
BrowderCarl B.1890Maury City, TN 6
BryantWilliam H.1897Trenton, TN 6
BufordIwin B.22Crockett Co., TN 6
BufordLeonard W.1889Johnson Grove, TN 6
BumphosGeorge W.1890Friendship, TN 7
BuresBedford1892Friendship, TN 7
BurnettAlbert P.22Friendship, TN 7
BurnsLuther A.26Chester Co., TN 7
BurrowOscar W.28Gadsden, TN 7
BurtonElder26Murray City, TN 7
BurtonJake23Morris City, TN 7
ButlerJohn T.22Scotts Hill, TNWounded53
ButnerJames P.22Murray City, TN 7
CanadaClarence Leslie1899Murray City, TN 8
CandlerLee H.22Haywood Co., TN 9
CarnesWillie B.1894Whiteville, TN 8
CarterHarvey26Huntington, TN 8
CarterJohn Bedwell1897Crockett Co., TN 8
CarterRay J.23Alamo, TN 8
CarterRobert H.25Maury City, TN 8
CarterTonnie1894Maury City, TN 8
CaseyHinton L.23Alamo, TN 8
CastellawRoland King1899Maury City, TN 9
CatesJones L.26Alamo, TN 9
ChandlerJames C.1894Bells, TN 9
CheathamCharley E.1895Dyersburg, TN 9
ChildressWilliam E.26Gates, TN 9
ClarkAlvis A.1895Friendship, TN 9
ClarkWilliam Thomas21 Sailor61
CogburnHorace23Brazil, TN 9
CogburnJohn Hollie1896Gibson Co., TN 10
ColeAllie B.30Chestnut Bluff, TN 10
ColeBolton1894Bells, TN 10
ColeJack C.1894Tells, TN 10
ColeJames A.1890Bells, TN 10
ColeJames W.21Jackson, TNDead56
ColeRobert Edward1897Crockett Co., TN 10
ColeTom C.1897Bells, TN 10
ColemanOscar1892Humboldt, TN 10
ColtrainLarence C.22Dorr(sic) Co., TN 10
ColvettDewitt C.1896Carroll Co., TN 11
ColvettFonnie26McLenoresville, TN 11
ComptonArthur B.20Wellwood, TN 11
ComptonHenry A.25Maury City, TN 11
ConleyFrank1894Alamo, TN 11
ConleyHenry J.1893Alamo, TN 11
ConleyPaul B.1900Bells, TN 11
ConnellEldon D.1899Alamo, TN 11
ConyersHerman Lee27 Sailor61
CookJames A.28Cairo, TN 11
CookOdis1891Alamo, TN 11
CookeStephen22Cairo, TN 12
CorbettAlmer G.1900Alamo, TN 12
CoxBud24Dyer Co., TN 12
CoxMose H.22Crockett Co., TN 12
CozartEdgar L.27Bells, TN 12
CraigThomas A.20Friendship, TN 12
CraigWilliam A.20 Sailor61
CraiglawJames F.26Bells, TN 12
CraiglewOscar Daniel30Bells, TN 12
CulpGuy L.1895Flatwoods, TN 13
CulpWalter H.1896Bells, TN 13
CummingsJess19Friendship, TNDead56
CurtisCharles C.21Friendship, TN 13
DanielCharles Albert20 Sailor62
DanielHallie J.1894Crockett Mills, TN 13
DanielSam Hunter1896Providence, TN 13
DanielW.26Bells, TN 13
DavidRobert J.24Newborn, TN 13
DavisCharlie J.22McNairy Co., TN 13
DavisChestley E.1888Friendship, TN 13
DavisJohn E.29Bells, TN 14
DavisJohn E.31Bells, TN 14
DavisRobert L.26Maury City, TN 14
DavisWilliam L.24Chestnut Bluff, TN 14
DavisWillie1897Bells, TN 14
DeanSam26Crockett Mills, TNWounded53
DeatonWilliam A.1893Dyersburg, TN 14
DeBarryJohn T.1895Bells, TN 14
DeBarryWill23Jackson, TN 14
DedsonAlexander L.1894Jackson, TN 15
DillahayCharles W. Dyersburg, TN 14
DrakeAmans1896Nashville, TN 15
DunkinErnest O.24Friendship, TN 15
DunlapEarl T.23Fruitvale, TN 15
EarnheartClarence C.1896Crockett Co., TN 15
EasonWilliam Benjamin1875Dyer Co., TNOfficer, USA59
EavesEldee24Harrison, ARDead56
EdwardsIra24TN 15
EdwardsJimmie1896Friendship, TN 15
EdwardsJohn H.1889Friendship, TN 15
EdwardsJohn L.29Bells, TN 16
EdwardsLevie1894Dyersburg, TNDead56
EdwardsWillie Robert1899Friendship, TN 16
ElmoreWillie E.28Chestnut Bluff, TN 16
EmersonJames L.26Maury City, TN 16
EspeyEghurt F.1896Chestnut Bluff, TN 16
EsterSamuel R.23Madison Co., TNWounded53
EvansClarence W.22Boliver, TN 16
EvansHenry C.23Boliver, TN 16
EvansJames Henry1893Parson, TNDeserter68
EvansThomas R.27Madison Co., TN 16
EvesJohn R.20Harrison, AR 17
FairclothGeorge26Bells, TN 17
FairclothLemuel R.18Bragadoria, MO 17
FarrowElisha1891Bells, TNOfficer, USA59
FewellGrover C.32Alamo, TN 17
FewellHardy F.23Alamo, TN 17
FisherJohn Mason1892Bells, TNOfficer, USA59
FisherMarvin1897Maury City, TN 17
FisherMorris1894Johnson Grove, TN 17
FitzhughWilliam H.1895Chestnut Bluff, TN 17
FlyJohn H.23Medina, TN 18
FowlerClyde1897Dyersburg, TN 18
FowlkesFred1896Rives, TN 18
FrazierClarence31Waverly, TN 18
FreemanBruce G.18Godfrey, KY 18
FreemanPowell C.21Alamo, TN 18
FreemanRichard E.23Haywood Co., TN 18
FullerGeorge R.1897Johnson Grove, TN 18
GabaMartin F.18Bells, TN 19
GainesJames Wallace22Bells, TN 19
GibbonsWilliam E.26Crockett Co., TN 19
GipsonCasey Y.1895Whitesville, TN 19
GlassAaron J.21Bells, TN 19
GlenIver H.22Bells, TN 19
GreenCharley W.21Maury City, TN 19
GreenHairney1890Humboldt, TN 19
GreenHomer T.25Crockett Co., TN 20
GreenJames G.25Cocke Co., TN 20
GreenJimie1895Maury City, TN 20
GreenJohn T.1897Alamo, TN 20
GreenRoscoe1895Alamo, TN 20
GriffinJames A.24Friendship, TN 20
GriffinJohn I.21Crockett Co., TN 20
GroundsAveling C.21Friendship, TN 20
GuestHerbert C.1893Gadsden, TN 21
HallJames C.1896Alamo, TN 21
HamilEura22Friendship, TN 21
HamlettFrank Robertson26 Sailor62
HannahBennie F.18Chestnut Bluff, TN 21
HardisonDavid E.27Bonnicord, TN 21
HardisonLeland20Dyer Co., TN 21
HardisonNoah T.18Maury City, TN 21
HardisonWilliam L.21Dyer Co., TN 21
HardyCarey Estes26 Sailor62
HardyEdwin N. Officer, USA59
HardyEmmett E.1893Bells, TN 22
HardyJames Bunting21 Sailor62
HarrellJames A.22Humboldt, Tn 22
HarrellJonnie Thomas1897Crockett Co., TN 22
HarrisClifton R.23Bebee, AR 22
HarrisHallum G.22Crockett Co., TN 22
HarrisJames N.23Friendship, TN 22
HarrisRoy Miller1899Jackson, TN 22
HaysCharlie22Humboldt, TN 22
HeathCharlie21Rockdale, TXWounded53
HendersonHerschel Cheatham20 Sailor62
HendersonRaymond L.1899Gadsden, TN 23
HendrickJames M.25Crockett Mills, TN 23
HigheesJohnnie22Lexington, TN 23
HoltFelix J.28Flat Woods, TN 23
HopperChester19Friendship, TN 23
HortonHallie22Bells, TN 23
HowardJohn26TN 23
HudginsSam E.28Madison Co., TN 23
HughesAlvin H.23Rutherford, TN 24
HughesJim B.1892Rhenthford, TN 24
HughesJohnnie D.1891Bells, TN 24
HumphreysJames R.23Alamo, TN 24
HumphreysRoy F.23Gadsden, TN 24
HuntAubrey22 Sailor62
HunterBarney C.22Brandon, MS 24
IngElbert Duke21 Sailor63
IngramIsaiah27Bells, TN 24
JacksonCarroll C.21Eadsen, TN 24
JacksonErbon Otho1900Haywood Co., TN 25
JacksonOllie1895Gadsden, TN 25
JamesGeorge S.18Melvern, AR 25
JeffriesJoseph D.1887Bells, TN 25
JenningsLeslie W.1896Alamo, TN 25
JohnsonBennie H.1891Chestnut Bluff, TN 25
JohnsonJames Hamlett21 Sailor63
JonesGeorge F.25Dyer Co., TN 25
JonesJesse S.30Alamo, TN 25
JonesJoseph Daniel1899Friendship, TN 26
JonesRichard Claiborne20 Sailor63
JonesWiley27Hickory Valley, TN 26
JonesWill1895Bells, TNDeserter68
JonesWillie29Maury City, TN 26
JordanJohnnie T.24Trenton, TN 26
KailClaud26Crockett Co., TN 26
KailRenner H.24Crockett Co., TN 26
KeeJoseph21Dyersburg, TNDischarged67
KimesCharles H.22Hickman, KYDeserter67 & 68
KincaidMarshall Dewitt22 Sailor63
KincaidTom Freamon1889Gadsden, TN 26
KingJoe D.22Hartsville, ALDead56
LamanDaniel O.21Crockett Co., TNWounded53
LamonJesse A.25Alamo, TN 26
LanierWilliam C.19Alamo, TN 26
LentzJames W.30Iuka, MS 27
LevisNathan1887Russia 27
LewisMerlin H.21Bells, TN 27
LillardWilliam E.30Bells, TN 27
LilleyHenry C.23Crockett Co., TN 27
LongmiresWilliam A.26Deiner, TN 27
LoveCharles Thaddeus29 Sailor63
LovettWalter23Bells, TN 27
ManleyEddie L.23Crockett Mills, TN 28
MansfieldAubrey24Crockett Co., TN 28
MansfieldEuell Hobson19 Sailor63
MargraveJessie L.27Bells, TN 28
MasonRichard1891Fruitvale, TNDeserter68
MathewsLonnie1896Bells, TNWounded54
MathisAlonza1895Alamo, TN 28
MathisAninias23Gadsden, TN 28
MathisHenry1896Maury Jct., TNDead56
MathisMance20Gladsden, TN 28
MathisPelmer22Gadsden, TN 29
MayfieldWill1896Maury City, TN 29
MayoJim D.30Maury City, TN 29
MaysEdward J.1894Friendship, TN 29
McDonaldSamuel Egbert1877 Officer, USA59
McDougalGeorge26Crockett Co., TN 27
McGeeHerman20Alamo, TNWounded53
McLemoreJum21Alamo, TN 28
McLemoreSunnie23Gadsden, TN 28
MiddletonLuther21Dyersburg, TN 29
MillerCharles31Madison, TN 29
MillerWilliam R.23Petty, TX 29
MitchellEmery1896Alamo, TN 29
MitchellWilliam B.1897Humboldt, TN 30
MobleyLennie L.23 30
MooreIrl Asberry24 Sailor64
MorphisJames A.24Vale, TN 30
MortonElijah21Alamo, TN 30
MurayPressley1896Alamo, TN 30
NanceWillie1896Alamo, TN 30
NashEd26Crockett Co., TN 30
NashVan22Dyer Co., TN 30
NaylorArthur B.1896Bells, TN 31
NaylorHall L.24Bells, TN 31
NearnAlford Lawrence1888Chestnut Bluff, TNDead57
NeillRoy Bruce1890Bells, TNDead57
NolenLexie Neal1896Bells, TN 31
NorvilleEnos J.20Fruitvale, TN 31
NorvilleOllie29Fruitvale, TN 31
NorvilleOllie E.26Dyersburg, TN 31
NunnClayton M.1894Bells, TN 31
NunnJohn C., Jr.1897Bells, TN 31
OldhamGreely21Friendship, TN 32
OldhamHenry1890Chestnut Bluff, TN 32
OldhamRobert W.28Friendship, TN 32
OldsModest H.1894Halls, TN 32
OliverLeonard H.21Gibson Co., TN 32
OvertonJames C.1893Bells, TN 32
PalmerSanford1891Gaston, TN 32
PamplinJoe W.22Stigler, OK 32
ParhamSteve23Murray, TN 33
ParsleyCharley E.20Friendship, TN 33
PatrickWarren F.1900Dunlap, IA 33
PattersonOtho26Crockett Co., TN 33
PattonA. C.21 Sailor64
PattonA. C.1897 Officer, USN66
PattonMarion Lafton1898Bells, TN 33
PayneDewitt1897Johnson Grove, TNDead57
PearsonRobert A.24Bells, TN 33
PerkinsLeoni1893Bells, TN 33
PerryBenonie27Crockett Mills, TN 33
PerryGeorge1896Jackson, TNDeserter68
PerryHallie23Maury City, TN 34
PerryJack21 Sailor64
PerryNoah28Crockett Mills, TN 34
PettyEstis23Crockett Co., TN 34
PittmanJames H.1888Alamo, TN 34
PittmanJohn S.23Alamo, TN 34
PoolAlma Calvin1895Alamo, TN 34
PorterFrancis M.23Alamo, TN 34
PorterGarner22Alamo, TN 34
PorterJames W.25Alamo, TN 35
PostonClyde L.1892Johnson Grove, TN 35
PostonHenry W.1897Crockett Co., TN 35
PostonRichard H.24Maury City, TN 35
PostonWalter Fletcher29 Sailor64
PostonWayne T.23Maury City, TN 35
PostonWilliam C. B.1895Maury City, TN 35
PottsWilliam Abram Edward30 Sailor64
PowellEdgar1896Alamo, TN 35
PowellWillis N.1891Karo, TN 35
PulleyToy C.23Friendship, TN 36
RainesByron F.18Gadsden, TN 36
RalphWilliam E.27Dyer Co., TNWounded54
RandolphAndrew J.26Alamo, TN 36
RandolphElmer E.1893Crockett Co., TN 36
ReddickMoses1892Friendship, TN 36
ReeceSollie Bryan1896Crockettville, TN 36
ReevesWill D.1896Mercer, TN 36
RhodesDavid F.27Dyer Co., TN 36
RiceAlgie H.26Crockett Co., TN 37
RiceReamos E.1896Crockett Co., TN 37
RichardsonGeorge E.23Greenfield, TN 37
RiddickAustin D.31Maury City, TN 37
RiddickCarl O.24Booths Point, TN 37
RiddickCharles T.20Booth Point, TN 37
RiddickDewitt26Friendship, TN 37
RiddickHerley Ivan1896Maury City, TN 37
RiddickIsaac H.25Alamo, TN 37
RiddickJames Laurence22Crockett Co., TN 38
RiddickOtis G.23Maury City, TN 38
RiddickPetter T.25Maury City, TN 38
RingnyOrange29Jackson, TN 38
RiversThad22Alamo, TN 38
RobertsEliga1894Murray City, TN 38
RobertsSylvester21Red Bay, AL 38
RobertsZelmer Eugene1895Attwood, TN 38
RobertsonEarnest Logan1896Crockett Co., TN 39
RobertsonRussell A.26Chestnut Bluff, TNDeserter68
RobertsonWillie1897Friendship, TN 39
RossJames28Baldwyn, MS 39
SainElige1897Bells, TN 39
SandersBob B.23Dyer Co., TN 39
SandlinClarence B.18Crockett Co., TNWounded54
ScalesFattie29Crockett Co., TN 39
ScalesMans1896Alamo, TN 39
ScottGilbert23Murray, TN 39
SearcySamuel24Bells, TN 40
SharpRichard H.28Alamo, TN 40
ShawCyril M.1892Crockett Co., TN 40
SheltonRichard O.1888Bells, TN 40
SherronNed O.25Bells, TNDeserter68
SimmonsCharlie E.24Gadsden, TN 40
SimmonsEra27Newborn, TN 40
SinclairJack1895Alamo, TN 40
SmithCharley27Walnut Ridge, AR 40
SmithElbert W.25Tigrett, TN 41
SmithJames21Conway Co., AR 41
SmithJim1895TN 41
SmithLonnie24Erin, TN 41
SmithPrestley F.21Friendship, TN 41
SmithRobert L. Henderson, TN 41
SmithRobert M.22Bells, TN 41
SpeerWilliam F.1895Hohenwald, TN 41
SpencerRobert James19 Sailor65
SpitzerAllen25Madison Co., TNDead57
SpringfieldLevy23Bells, TX 42
StallcupJohn Charlie22 Sailor65
StandleyPreston29Cisco, IL 42
StanleyJohn W.1889Humboldt, TN 42
StarkRobert O.18Medina, TNWounded54
StephensonMcKinley1897Crockett Co., TN 42
StouttAuthor21Forkvale, TN 42
SummersSamuel Zerrah22 Sailor65
SwannerMarvin B.1895Friendship, TN 42
SwiftHerman1897Crockett Mills, TNDead57
SwiftLuther32Crockett Mills, TN 42
TateJohn1894Friendship, TN 43
TatumAllie D.1896Crockett Mills, TN 43
TawwaterClaude E.23Juno, TN 42
TaylorHenry22Brownsville, TN 43
TaylorJohn T.1896Bells, TN 43
TaylorJohn T.1895Jackson, TN 43
TaylorLofton I.1896Friendship, TN 43
TerryHenry A.21Crockett Mills, TNWounded54
ThomasHarry A.18Brownsville, TN 43
ThomasJohn H.1894Bells, TN 43
ThomasonJimmie jack21Bells, TNDead57
ThompsonLucian Henry1897Camden, TN 44
ThurmondEvans G.18Halls, TN 44
TinsleyElonzo18Blytheville, AR 44
ToddErnest R.21Gibson Co., TNDead58
TolbertFrank20Tula, KY 44
TolliverRush23Brownsville, TN 44
TownsendGeorge O.21Newbern, TN 44
TownsendWalter21Kennett, MO 44
TownsendWalter Grover1897Kennett, MO 44
TuckerLonzo19Johnson Grove, TNWounded54
TuckerRay Motlow1898Bells, TN 45
TurnerEd F.1891Grand Junction, TN 45
TwiddyJessie25Alamo, TN 45
VandykeJoe C.23Crockett Co., TNWounded55
VannRube M.21Caruthersville, MO 45
VaughnGeorge R.1890Crockett Co., TN 45
VaughnIde29Maury City, TN 45
VernonHorace1896Crockett, TN 45
VernonMarvin1896Friendship, TN 45
ViaMillard Walter1890Dyersburg, TN 46
ViaRaymon19Friendship, TN 46
VincentHarry R.26Dyer, TN 46
WadeMay D.1897Alamo, TN 46
WaggonerElvin22Dyersburg, TN 46
WallaceWalter23Milan, TN 46
WallaceWillie James1896Alamo, TN 46
WaltonOscar24Crockett Co., TN 46
WardDave1893Friendship, TN 47
WardHenry M.22Bells, TN 47
WardJimmie W.21Friendship, TN 47
WardJohn H.1895Friendship, TNDead58
WardRobert E. L.21Trenton, TN 47
WardSamuel1895Crockett Mills, TN 47
WardThomas H.23Friendship, TN 47
WardWillie O.19Friendship, TN 47
WardWillie R.1897Friendship, TN 47
WardlawHerd Lackey1893Ripley, TN 48
WareNatt A.21Stanton, TN 48
WarrenFred Pay1900Friendship, TN 48
WarrenJoe1889Maury City, TN 48
WarrenWilliam B.22Friendship, TN 48
WheelerClarence27Alamo, TN 48
WhitbyTollie B.1898Eaton, TN 48
WhiteThomas Wesley27 Sailor65
WhiteWalter M.29Maury City, TN 48
WhiteWilliam T.28Halls, TN 49
WhittemoreAllen Wilburn21Fayette Co., TN 49
WilliamsBeely1897Alamo, TN 49
WilliamsClarence Hubert1898Bonaqua, TN 49
WilliamsClaude22Fruitvale, TN 49
WilliamsJames A.25Gadsden, TN 49
WilliamsJoe A.23Dyersburg, TN 49
WilliamsJoe Ceacel1895Brownsville, TNOfficer, USA60
WilliamsJohn Earl30St. Louis, MO 49
WilliamsJohn Henry23 Sailor65
WilliamsLedger H.22Crockett Co., TN 50
WilliamsLeon23Fruitvale, TN 50
WilliamsManley V.1892Hickman Co., TN 50
WilliamsOtis C.1899Fruitvale, TN 50
WilliamsReggie1892Alamo, TN 50
WilliamsThurman Hawkins23Bells, TN 50
WilliamsWilliam H.1897Alamo, TN 50
WilsonHarry E.23Gadsden, TN 50
WilsonJessie1897Bells, TN 51
WilsonJohn1896Brownsville, TN 51
WilsonJohn O.26Bells, TNDead58
WinstonJerry A.1893Maury City, TN 51
WisdomWillis22Gaston, TN 51
WoodsLona M.24Friendship, TN 51
WoodsWilliam Elbert1897Brownsville, TN 51
WorrellRayburn A.22Alamo, TN 51
WorrellWillie F.1895Haywood Co., TN 51
WorthingtonJames Henry21Alamo, TN 52
WylieClifford B.22Florence, AL 52
WyseJames C.1892Maury City, TN 52
YanceyFred20Friendship, TN 52
YorkWillard19Friendship, TN 52
YoungJohn W.23Halls, TN 52
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