Roane County

Shady Grove Cemetery, Knox County, Tennessee

This cemetery is located in West Knox County on the Knox/Loudon (formerly Roane) County line. There are several Roane County families buried in this cemetery. Listed by Robert L. Bailey BOWMAN, Aileen 11 Feb 1925 — md 11 Sep 1947; SS: Alvin Alvin 12 Feb 1919 8 Apr 1989 SS: Aileen Cathrine L. 10 Feb 1955 12 Feb 1955 BREWER, Bert 1892 1980 md 30 Apr 1917; SS: Ella Ella E. 1896 1970 SS: Bert James 6 Dec 1923 1 Oct 1990 PFC US Army WW II Leah 3 Jun 1811 5 Dec 1869 Odis 4 Apr 1921 18 Nov […]

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Hickory Creek Cemetery AKA Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery

The Hickory Creek Cemetery AKA Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery, is located in West Knox County on the Knox/Loudon (formerly Roane) County line on Buttermilk/Watt Road North of Interstate 75/40. Several Roane County families are buried here. Listed by Robert L. Bailey A Surnames ACOCK, John H. 28 Jul 1824 5 Feb 1892 Lucy A. 17 Aug 1856 27 Mar 1877 d/o J.H. & M.R. Mildred L. 23 May 1848 30 Dec 1879 d/o J.H. & M.R. (There is a broken stone in the bushes next to John H. Acock.) ALEXANDER, Fred R. 8 May 1907 5 Jul 1964 SS: Jeanette

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Dr Thomas H Phillips

Biography of Dr. Thomas H. Phillips

Dr. Thomas H. Phillips came to thee United States from Masteg, South Wales with his mother and father in 1882 when he was only three months old. It was in Rockwood that he grew to manhood and was graduated from the Vanderbilt School of Medicine, He began his practice In Briceville, Tennessee, but later moved to Rockwood to make his home. Few people know that in his younger days he dabbled in oil painting and played the piano. He was so skillful with his hands that it is no wonder he became an excellent surgeon. Dr. Phillips married the former

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F D Owings

Biography of Hon. F. D. Owings

A prominent attorney who stands at the head of his profession in Roane County. Of the young sons of East Tennessee, Gen. F. D. Owings, of Rockwood, stands in the forefront. He was born December 15th, 1852, receiving his first lessons in the common schools under the tutorship of Col. Jno. R. Neal. From the common schools he spent one year at Emory and Henry college, at the end of which his school days ceased for a time. In 1880 Mr. Owings was elected to represent Roane County in the state legislature where he made quite a name for himself,

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Sewell Howard

Biography of Sewell Howard

Sewell Howard was born November 23, 1856 in Morgan County, Tennessee, the son of Nathan and Christine Cook Howard. He attended the public schools of Morgan County before moving to Rockwood with his parents at the age of ten. His coming to Rockwood antedated by two years, the founding of the town and the establishment of the Roane Iron Company here in 1868. When a young man, he became an employee of that industry, remaining with the Company until 1885, when he formed a partnership with J.N. Baker and entered the general contracting business. Shortly after the new organization, the

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Gen Sam Houston

Biography of Sam Houston

Gen. Sam. Houston. What one who knew him from boyhood remembers. [Nashville American.] A short time ago Judge Jo. C. Guild who is actively engaged in the preparation of a work embracing his personal recollections of men and events in Tennessee during the past sixty years, requested Col. Willoughby Williams, of this city, to write a brief sketch of Gen. Sam. Houston, with whose history from early boyhood, Col. Williams is better acquainted than any living man. The request was complied with, and we are permitted to give the result below: Nashville Tenn., April 1, 1878.– Judge Jo. C. Guild

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Biography of J. F. Crowder

A Prominent Instructor in the Rockwood High School J. F. Crowder is at present first assistant in the Rockwood High School and is a young man, having been born in Roane County in 1871. Mr. Crowder studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1895, and at the end of the present school term will engage in the practice of law. He is a close student and will make his mark as an attorney.

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S. A. Brazeale

Biography of S. A. Brazeale

S.A. Brazeale was a prominent attorney of Kingston. The subject of this sketch was born of humble parentage on a farm in Roane county. Educated himself, graduating at Friendsville academy, working his way as janitor. He then taught school, and was afterwards a student of the University of Tennessee. Was next principal of a high school in Alabama, returning later and studying law under Judge Jno. J. Blair. He at once formed a co-partnership at Kingston with Col. Sam Epps Young and since that time Mr. Breazeale has been seen in most all important cases in the oane county courts,

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Rebecca Sanborn

Biography of Ms. Rebecca Sanborn

Teacher in the Public Schools at Rockwood. Miss Rebecca Sanborn, who is principal of the overflow school at Rockwood, was born in Michigan in 1873, moving to Rockwood in ’82; graduating in the high school here in ’94. She began teaching the same year and has so continued without ceasing. Miss Sanborn makes teaching a continuous study and because of which she was given charge of the overflow school. Besides this popularity, she is universally admired outside of the school room.

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James Fletcher Tarwater

Biography of James Fletcher Tarwater

James Fletcher Tarwater was born in Dandridge, Tennessee, November 4, 1847, the son of Rev. William Tarwater, a Baptist Minister. In 1863, he enlisted in the Union Army, serving in the Ninth Tennessee Cavalry until the close of the War. Following which he came to Roane County. General Wilder and associates had started at Rockwood a coke furnace for the making of pig iron. Mr. Tarwater mined ore for this new plant, operating through the Brown Mining Company at Cardiff. He was a Director of The Roane Iron Company, one of the organizers of the Rockwood Hosiery Mills and the

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