Biography of Hon. F. D. Owings

F D Owings
F D Owings

A prominent attorney who stands at the head of his profession in Roane County. Of the young sons of East Tennessee, Gen. F. D. Owings, of Rockwood, stands in the forefront. He was born December 15th, 1852, receiving his first lessons in the common schools under the tutorship of Col. Jno. R. Neal. From the common schools he spent one year at Emory and Henry college, at the end of which his school days ceased for a time.

In 1880 Mr. Owings was elected to represent Roane County in the state legislature where he made quite a name for himself, and to the prominence here attained he has never ceased to add to through energy, courage, close application and a determination to climb higher. In 1882 at the termination of his legislative term, he received an appointment from Washington in one of the departments there, and while in Washington, in 1885, graduated in the law department of the National University. Returning to Roane County, he was elected state’s attorney-general in 1886. That he filled this position acceptibly (sic) none will deny, since he was re-elected in ’94 without opposition from any political party. Gen. Owings has a splendid personal appearance, being very portly, and is second to no prosecuting attorney in the state. In addition he is a devout republican, always ready to engage in battle for his party and party principles. In this respect, if it is possible to be, he is a greater power than as an attorney, and it would be truth to say that there is not a stump speaker in Tennessee with greater ability or magnetism, coupled with power, admiring friends all over the Second congressional district are calling upon him as a favorite son for congressional honors, believing that he can more truly and wisely represent the common interests of all than the present incumbent.

Whether the general makes the race, whether he continues in his present position, he will be found active and zealous in court and in field, with aspirations pointing him onward and upward. He is dauntless in all things in all things, and through such courage the most intricate problems of life of times become pleasant duties.


Knoxville Tribune, Sunday, 24 Apr 1898.

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