Blount County Residents in the Tennessee Southern Claims Commission Index

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This index lists Blount County Tennessee residents who filed claims with the Southern Claims Commission from 1871 to 1873 which were subsequently investigated, deliberated over, and either allowed or disallowed. These 76 Blount County residents claimed their property had been taken by United States military personnel for use in the Civil War. The date below is the date the claim was either allowed or disallowed. It took up to six years for some claimants to have a disposition for their claim. Barred claims were those where sufficient evidence was not submitted by the deadline on 3 March 1873 so were not considered.

The claim files include interesting detail about people and about the Civil War period in Tennessee. Each claimant was required to describe his losses in detail, and to prove his loyalty to the Union. Witnesses gave testimony in support of his allegations. The paperwork in the files is often extensive.

To understand these claims and how to use this information in your research, please see our Tennessee Southern Claims Commission Index, 1871-1879 page.

Blount County Tennessee Claimants

Claim #NameDateStatus
18235Ambrister, Joseph1879Disallowed
19894Anderson, Isaac G1876Allowed
13435Best, Andrew J1875Allowed
13408Blankenship, Blackburn H1874Disallowed
13490Boring, Hartsell1872Allowed
13422Bowerman, G W1876Disallowed
19902Broady, Joseph1876Allowed
19902Broady, Thomas1876Allowed
18230Byres, Nimrod1876Disallowed
13407Carr, James M1874Allowed
13409Carson, E M1872Allowed
18162Colter, John1876Disallowed
13411Cummins, Joseph B1874Allowed
13433Cuthbertson, Daniel, Widow1878Allowed
13433Cuthbertson, Martha1878Allowed
13430Davis, Tarrence1878Disallowed
19903Duncan, Andrew1876Allowed
19323Dunlan, James1877Allowed
18165Dunlap, Matilda1876Disallowed
18229Farr, Absalom T1876Allowed
18167Gamble, John1876Disallowed
19325Gamble, Josiah1878Allowed
18164Gamble, Moses1876Disallowed
17278Griffiths, William S1875Disallowed
13410Harvey, MichaelBarred
13413Hatcher, Elijah L1874Allowed
19322Headrick, John D1878Allowed
20272Henry, John R1874Disallowed
13379Humpreys, Samuel A1879Disallowed
13417Hutton, Josiah C1876Allowed
13480Jones, William R1872Allowed
16422Keagley, Joseph1874Allowed
19324Keeble, Richard1879Allowed
13414Kean, Gilbert P1872Allowed
3793Kennedy, Alexander Sr.1873Allowed
9020Key, James1876J.R. James, Admin.
18734Lane, James P & Merida A1874Allowed
13483Lee, Ephraim1872Disallowed
15163Marsh, Thomas E1875Allowed
19899McConnell, Alfred1876Disallowed
19901McConnell, Moses1876Allowed
19900McConnell, Newton1876Allowed
19898McGinley, John N1876Allowed
12840McMurray, Bartley R1875Allowed
21900McNabb, JohnBarred
9590Mead, Jared1874Allowed
18163Millsaps, Jesse1877Allowed
17279Mizer, Michael1874Allowed
18231Mook, John T1878Allowed
18228Moranville, Riley P.1877Allowed
12833Mount, Humphrey1879Allowed
16423Neiper, Lee1874Allowed
13412Parsons, J Campbell1874Allowed
17518Perkeypile, Ralph1874Allowed
12836Pickens, Thomas1876Allowed
18166Pritchard, Barbara M1877Allowed
19327Robinson, Raburn1876Allowed
13416Roddy, William1874Allowed
12055Rogers, William H1875Allowed
13432Runnion, George W1875Allowed
19896Scott, JamesBarred
19326Scott, William EBarred
18241Simmerly, Jeremiah1875Disallowed
18735Sterling, Michael E1876Disallowed
5560Talent, James1878Allowed
13421Tallent, John1876Allowed
19382Temple, Jordan1876Allowed
19321Thompson, Amos1876Allowed
13420Thompson, Amos1876Allowed
18712Thompson, Robert L1876Allowed
13415Tulloch, John M1879Allowed
18168Walker, Samuel1876Allowed
13429Wayland, Felix G.1878Allowed
18236Wilson, Oscar1876Allowed
19320Young, William1876Allowed
13418Young, William HBarred
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