Blount county, Tennessee Marriage Records, 1820-1924

The marriage records below were user submitted by previous visitors to this website. These records are unsourced and as such should only be utilized as a lead for your family tree. Their appearance here should not be considered a fact that the individuals mentioned were married in Blount County, Tennessee on these dates. Marriages Sorted by Groom Groom Marriage Date Bride Absalom Abraham Abbott 12 Dec 1871 Elizabeth Brickey Benjamin Franklin Abbott 15 Apr 1861 Mary Jane Brickey John Abbott 07 Nov 1884 Rhoda Elizabeth Lawson John Andrew Abbott 03 Feb 1848 Winifred Brewer Giles Parmon Adams 16 Mar 1888 […]

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Blount County TN 1801 Tax List - Page 01

Tax Rate of Captain Bogle’s Company for the Year 1801

There are two additional columns in the original entitled “Billiard Tables” and “Stud Horses.” No individuals were listed as owning any of the former, and only two individuals of Bogle’s Company were designated as owning any of the latter: William Boyd and Michel Nyman. Name Land Free Polls Black Polls Town Lots Bogle, Samuel 150 1 Bell, John 150 1 Bogle, Joseph 150 1 1 Boyd, Robert 150 1 Boyd, William 200 1 Bowerman, John 30 1 Bogle, Hugh 200 1 Bogle, Andrew 200 2 Carson, David 200 1 Cusack [Cusick], John B. 1 Cunningham, John 100 1 Cup [Cupp],

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Cemetery Pic

Laws Chapel Cemetery, Maryville

Name Maiden Birth Date Death Date Elizabeth D. Abbott 13 Mar 1905 19 Oct 1982 Ira W. Abbott 12 Jun 1903 16 Apr 1970 W. R. Abbott 06 May 1872 04 Mar 1918 James Walker T. Burns 05 Dec 1874 20 Jan 1939 Nancy Ann Hatcher Burns Hatcher 01 Apr 1871 16 Feb 1935 Julia Anna Walker Caylor Walker 20 Aug 1890 16 Mar 1954 Lucy Ann Frye 05 Sep 1892 16 Apr 1961 Ruth Lee Frye 16 Jun 1926 16 Apr 1961 Webster Frye 15 May 1896 25 Aug 1972 Salena Law Hatcher Law Dec 1846 19 Feb 1918

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History of Blount County Tennessee

Blount County Tennessee lies between the Tennessee River and the great Smoky Mountain, and south of Knox County. It has an area of about 470 square miles, one-sixth of which is mountain land. It is abundantly supplied with water and water power. The principal stream is Little River, which receives the waters of Crooked Creek, Pistol Creek, Nails Creek and Ellejoy. In the southern and western portions of the county are Abram, Nine Mile, Six Mile, Four Mile, Baker and Boyd Creeks. The mineral resources are abundant. In addition to iron and marble. silver and gold are found in paying

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