Tax Rate of Captain Bogle’s Company for the Year 1801

While this tax list is for 1801, it should be pointed out that a great majority of the men listed as owning land did not obtain a clear title to their land until after 1806, when the compact of that year was entered into between the state of Tennessee, the United States, and North Carolina. By the provisions of Tennessee law the settlers south of French Broad River were given the opportunity of purchasing the lands which they claimed by right of pre-emption and occupancy which had been recognized in the Cession Act of 1789 and Article XI, section 31 of the Constitution of 1796. They were to be charged only $1.00 an acre instead of the minimum price of $2.00 an acre established for other unappropriated lands by the compact of 1806. These Tennessee grants are on file in the Land Office at Nashville, and very few of them are of record in the Blount County Courthouse at Maryville.

There are two additional columns in the original entitled “Billiard Tables” and “Stud Horses.” No individuals were listed as owning any of the former, and only two individuals of Bogle’s Company were designated as owning any of the latter: William Boyd and Michel Nyman.

NameLandFree PollsBlack PollsTown Lots
Bogle, Samuel 11501
Bell, John1501
Bogle, Joseph 215011
Boyd, Robert 31501
Boyd, William2001
Bowerman, John301
Bogle, Hugh 42001
Bogle, Andrew 52002
Carson, David2001
Cusack [Cusick], John B. 61
Cunningham, John1001
Cup [Cupp], David 71
Coats, John1
Cup, Jacob 8801
Caldwell, Carson1
Durham, William 920013
Davis, Samuel 10)1501
Dunlap, James1001
Dunlap, John1001
Davidson, James1
Davis, James1001
Dunlap, Adam1001
Davis, Elijah5001
Finley, Robert3001
Graves, Stephen501
Garnor [Garner], John F. 114002
Garnor, James 121
Houston, William1001
Halfley, Conrod300
Kunse [Cuns, Coontz, Kuns, Kuntz], Adam4001
Kirkpatrick, Charles3001
Kirkpatrick, Thomas1
Kennedy, John1001
Kunse, John100
Kunse, Henery1001
King, Johnston501
Kirpatruck, James1
Legg, Jonathan1
[Leg]g, Matthew1
[Ki}ng, Robert1001
[Ma]rtin, Warner 1350012
McMurry, Samuel 14150
Malcom, Alexander100
McTeer, Robert Senr 156001
McTeer, Robert Junr501
McKain, Nancy100
Murrin, Robert1001
McCammon, Samuel1501
McCammon, Thomas1
McMurry, James100
McCauly [McCallie], John 1620011
Martin, Luke1001
Nyman [Neiman, Niman], Margaret100
Nyman, Michal801
Pickens, John 172001
Palmer, Samuel1
Richardson, John2001
Rhea [Ray], John 181001
Reed, Lambert Senr50
Reed, Lambert Junr501
Simms [Sms], James 191001
Skean [Skeen], James1001
Trimble, John1
Thomas, Adams1002
Thompson, John501
Tipton, Benjamin2501
Tipton, Joseph1221
Upton, James1001
Upton, Isaac 201
Vickers, James3001
Vance, David 2110011
Williams, John Junr501
Wallace, George1
Williams, Richard5011
Williams, John Senr 221001


Creekmore, Pollyanna, Early East Tennessee Taxpayers, II. Blount County, 1801; published in the East Tennessee Historical Society Publication, vol. 24, pp. 125-154, Knoxville, Tennessee : East Tennessee Historical Society, 1929-1989. Images are from the Early Tax Lists of Tennessee. Microfilm, 12 rolls. The Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee.


  1. Son of Joseph and Jean McAntyre Bogle; born in Cumberland County, Pa., May 24, 1765; married September 14, 1797, in Blount County, Eleanor Williams; buried Eusebia Cemetery. For a full account of this family see Leila Mason Eldridge, Bogle Family Records (Atlanta, 1937).[]
  2. Brother of Samuel Bogle (supra); born July 5, 1759, died April 10, 1811; married January 3, 1786, in Greene County. Tenn., Margaret Houston. Samuel Rutherford Houston, Brief Biographical Accounts of Many Members of the Houston Family . . . (Cincinnati, 1882), 231-32. Hereafter referred to as Houston Family.[]
  3. Commissioned captain in cavalry volunteers, Blount County, 1796. Mrs. John Trotwood Moore (comp.), Record of Commissions of Officers in the Tennessee Militia, 1796-1811 (Nashville, 1947), 4. Hereafter cited as Moore, Commissions.[]
  4. Son of Andrew Bogle (infra), born January 31, 1780.[]
  5. Revolutionary soldier born April 26, 1753, in Fermanaugh Township, Cumberland County, Pa.; removed to Rockingham County, Va., where he served in the militia; about 1786 removed to what became Blount County near Eusebia Church, where he died November 29, 1813. He and his wife Elizabeth (Campbell) Bogle are buried in Eusebia Cemetery. Eldridge, Bogle Records.[]
  6. Member of family which lived in the Boyd’s Creek Valley of Blount and Sevier counties.[]
  7. One of a group of German families who settled on Crooked Creek. Among others were Halfley, lunse, Nyman, and Thomas, most of whom came from southwest Virginia. Lambert Reed (q.v.) married Margaret Coontz, January 10,1799, in Washington County, Virginia. An Evangelical Lutheran Church was in existence as early as 1812, with Reverend C. D. H. Schmidt as pastor; however, a deed was not made until 1838, when Henry Long (q.v.) deeded to Christian Long and Jacob Long, trustees of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, one acre of land “for and in Consideration of the love of the gosble [sic] and for divers other causes and considerations.” The church was first called Thomas, and in the deed Henry Long made it is stated that the acre was “a part of tract of land 400 1/4 Acres granted to Jacob Thomas.” Jacob Thomas, Sr. died in 1804. Deeds, S, 26.[]
  8. Probably the father of David Cup (supra); lived on Nails Creek where he purchased land in 1800. Deeds.[]
  9. Commissioned lieutenant, Blount County militia, 1801. Moore, Commissions, 4.[]
  10. Revolutionary soldier born December 24, 1755, in that part of Augusta County, Va., which became Rockbridge; served in various campaigns, 1776-80; removed to Washington County, Va., where he remained until 1797, when he removed to Blount County, and in 1808 to that part of the Mississippi Territory which became Madison County, Ala., where he died August 31, 1842. His Revolutionary War pension file is most interesting. Revolutionary War Pension File (National Archives, Washington, D. C.) S 16 756; obituary in Huntsville (Ala.) Democrat, April 30, 1843; notes in compiler’s collection, and information supplied by Mrs. B. W. Gandrud Tuscaloosa, Ala. (No notes in Parham Papers.[]
  11. Revolutionary soldier born in Prince William County, Va., December 25, 1749; removed to Chatham (later Randolph) County, N. C., where he served in the militia as a private soldier and a pilot; removed to Sevier, and then to Blount County, Tenn.; died and buried at the Headrick Cemetery, on Little River. Progenitor of the Garner family of Blount County; his daughter, Elizabeth, married Samuel Henry “of Little River,” and his son John married Rachel Henry. Rev. War Pens. File; Parham Papers; and notes in compiler’s collection.[]
  12. Son of above.[]
  13. Removed to Alabama, where his son, Joshua Lanier Martin (1799-1856) was twelfth governor of the state. Thomas McAdory Owen (ed.), History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography, 4 vols. (Chicago, 1912), IV, 1166.[]
  14. Along with William McMurray received North Carolina land grant No. 1120, dated January 12, 1793, for land “in our county of Green [sic], on Crooked Creek,” registered in Knox County, 1794; in Blount County, 1802. Deeds, I, 35.[]
  15. Revolutionary soldier (1740-1824), from Cumberland County, Pa.; received North Carolina grant No. 952, dated December 26, 1791, for 800 acres of land “in Green [sic] County, on Ellijoy Creek”; joins Benjamin Tipton, J. McKamie, Samuel Bogle, Williams. A descendant, the late Major Will A. McTeer of Maryville, was especially interested in local history and genealogy, and upon his death in 1925, his papers were given to the McClung Collection, Lawson McGhee Library, by his son, Wilson McTeer, now professor of psychology, Wayne University.[]
  16. Born in Scotland in 1754; came to America at the age of 18, and served in the Revolutionary War; died March 21, 1831; ancestor of the prominent McCallie family of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Another descendant was the late W. O. Whittle of Knoxville, whose collection of genealogical papers is now in the McClung Collection. Obituary in Knoxville Register, March 30, 1831.[]
  17. Progenitor of the Pickens family of Blount and Sevier counties; he and his wife, Lettitia Hannah Pickens, are buried in Eusebia Cemetery. For an account of their descendants see Nellie Pickens Anderson, The John Pickens Family (Rockford, Tenn., 1952).[]
  18. Perhaps the John Rhea who received North Carolina grant No. 1502, dated July 12, 1794, for 940 acres of land “in Green [sic] county, on both sides of Little River, in Murphy’s Cove,” registered in Knox County, 1795; in Blount County, 1807. Deeds, I, 142.[]
  19. Revolutionary War soldier born 1760; drew a pension for his service in the Virginia militia; an early constable. Zella Armstrong, Twenty-four Hundred Tennessee Pensioners (Chattanooga, 1937), 106. Hereafter referred to as Tennessee Pensioners. See also Minutes, December 15, 1795.[]
  20. Removed to Marion County, Ala. Census of 1840, original population schedules, Marion County, Ala. (National Archives, Washington, D. C.; microfilm in Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, Ala.).[]
  21. Gave land for the Cedar Grove Baptist Church and Cemetery located on Nail’s Creek; deed dated August 24, 1833. Deeds, M, 417.[]
  22. Pollyana Creekmore lists the last word as Stillmore, I believe it to be Senior[]

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