In 1795 the Blount County commissioners selected fifty acres of land owned by John Craig, which was laid off into streets and lots, and in accordance with the legislative act named Maryville, in honor of Mary Grainger, the wife of Gov. William Blount.

Blount County, Tennessee Genealogy Societies, Libraries and Archives

The genealogy research listings below are premised on the following questions. What research facilities are available within Blount County, Tennessee, that can help a genealogist trace their family tree ? What genealogy information do they provide online in the way of Digital Archives or databases ? Blount County, Tennessee Genealogical and Historical Societies Blount County Genealogical and Historical Society 508 N. Cusick StreetMaryville, TN 37804Reference Department The first place most researchers should look for material on their Blount County Tennessee ancestors is the BCGHS. Their office is located in the Blount County Public Library in the Reference Department (office #1110). …

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Maryville College Tennessee Bulletin for the Year 1901-1902

Maryville College Bulletins 1902-1976

While the vast amount of paper is devoted to class description available at the college during the academic year, these bulletins also provide a list of faculty and students. Most especially earlier editions provided alumni information to include marriages and deaths of past alumni. 1902 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1903 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1904 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1905 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1906 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1907 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1908 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1909 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1910 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1911 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1912 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1913 …

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Volume 1, Number 1, of the Chilhowean, 1906

Blount County Tennessee Yearbooks

Maryville High School and Maryville College yearbooks have both been placed online. The conditions of usage for each collection is different as they have been stored on different archive websites. The college yearbooks are viewable and downloadable, the high school yearbooks are only viewable online. Maryville High School Yearbooks, 1919-1977 1919 Emerald Glow Yearbook 1921 Appalachian Yearbook 1930 Appalachian Yearbook 1931 Appalachian Yearbook 1938 Appalachian Yearbook 1939 Appalachian Yearbook 1940 Appalachian Yearbook 1942 Appalachian Yearbook 1943 Appalachian Yearbook 1941 Appalachian Yearbook 1944 Appalachian Yearbook 1945 Appalachian Yearbook 1946 Appalachian Yearbook 1948 Appalachian Yearbook 1949 Appalachian Yearbook 1950 Appalachian Yearbook 1951 …

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Maryville College Tennessee

Brief History of Maryville College

Maryville College was founded in 1819. It was born of the moral and spiritual needs of the earliest settlers of East Tennessee — chiefly Scotch-Irish Presbyterians — and was designed to educate for the ministry men who should be native to the soil. The grand motive of the founder may be stated in his own words: “Let the Directors and Managers of THIS Sacred Institution propose the glory of God and the advancement OF that kingdom purchased by the blood of His only begotten Son as their sole object.” Inspired by such a motive, Rev. Isaac Anderson, D.D., gathered a …

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Fort Craig School

History of Maryville City Schools

The public school system was established in 1900 with the purchase by the City of Maryville of the Quaker School on the Pride Mansion property. Pride Mansion stood at the present site of Maryville Municipal Building. A special school district was set up for the 9th and 19th districts one mile from the courthouse (which stood where First Tennessee Bank is now). County funds were to be allotted to the district based on the average daily attendance. Maryville ran a public school in the old Pride Mansion and the adjoining dormitory buildings until a bond issue of 1909 provided money …

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Tennessee The Volunteer State 1769-1923 title page

Early Blount County Tennessee Forts

Blount County was formed in 1795 from Knox County and named for Governor Wm. Blount. Its county seat, Maryville, was named for Mary Grainger Blount, wife of Governor Wm. Blount. The settlement of this county began in 1785 and the early settlers were much harassed by the Indians. Nine places in this county have been deemed worthy of being commemorated by historical markers. These places are as follows: McGaughey’s Fort Although McGaughey’s Fort was in Sevier County (established in 1794), it was on the line of the old Indian War Trail which extended through Blount County, and was a great …

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Blount County Tennessee Mortuary Records

Records maintained by mortuaries and funeral homes can be extremely helpful, particularly for the period before vital records were kept. Earlier records contain the name of the deceased, death date, place of death, cause of death, and name of the informer. In some cases, the age, residence, occupation, birthplace, and next of kin of the deceased also are included. The mortician’s name will usually be located on the death certificate, in the burial records, or in the obituary. Blount County Tennessee Funeral Homes Alcoa, Tennessee Sherwood Chapel & Memorial Gardens Maryville Dotson Funeral Home Foothills Funeral Home McCammon-Ammons-Click Funeral HomeEstablished …

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Blount County TN 1801 Tax List - Page 05

Tax rate of Captain Alexander’s Company for the Year 1801

There are two additional columns in the original entitled “Billiard Tables” and “Stud Horses.” No individuals were listed as owning any of the former, and only two individuals were designated of Alexander’s Company as owning any of the latter: John Lowry, attorney, and John Sharp, each owning one. Almost all of the company lived in the town of Maryville. Name Land Free Polls Black Polls Town Lots Alexander, Oliver 300 1 Alexander, Benjamin 1 Alexander, John 150 1 2 Alexander, John 100 1 Burk, William 233½ 1 1 1 Berry, Thomas 200 1 1 Bolu , James 100 1 Brown, …

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A Portion of Map Printed in 1795 showing Blount County

Early History of Blount County, Tennessee

Blount County was created out of Knox County by an act passed at the second session of the territorial assembly at Knoxville, on July 11, 1795, and named in honor of William Blount, the first and only territorial governor. Knox County had been created from fractions of Greene and Hawkins counties in 1792. Greene was created from Washington in 1783, and Washington was established in 1777, the oldest county in the state. Since the creation of Blount County in 1795, the territorial limits have been added to by the Treaty of Tellico, 1798, and Calhoun’s Treaty of 1819. A portion …

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Masthead of The Maryville Times

History of the Maryville (Daily) Times

First published in 1884 by A.J. Neff & Sons, the Maryville [Tennessee]Times has been in continuous operation under a family ownership model for more than a century. Colonel Andrew Jackson Neff moved his family from his native home of Indiana to Maryville, Tennessee, in late 1883–a year that had seen the closure of several Maryville newspapers. With several years of publishing experience in Indiana, Neff saw a prime opportunity to start a new paper in Maryville. Neff was a Republican and had served in the Indiana legislature (1856-57) and state senate (1871-75), so, unsurprisingly, his newspaper reflected his political leanings. …

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