Blount County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Blount County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Blount County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 893 individuals served from Blount County during World War I. There were 768 soldiers in the Army, 35 of which were officers. There were 93 sailors in the Navy, 1 of which was an officer. There were 16 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 16 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdairHenry1888Madison, GA 1
AdamsRoy E.24Blount Co., TNOfficer US Army91
AdamsRoy E.1892Townsend, TNOfficer US Army91
AllenRobert E.24Anson Co., NC 1
AmorineGeorge W.22Elejoy, TN 1
AndersonFloyd22Maryville, TN 1
AndersonPaul Fain24 Sailor99
AndersonThomas Porter1896Vonore, TN 1
AndersonWilliam H.1899Louisville, TN 1
ArcherKelso Cleophis18 Sailor99
ArnoldChalmer Badgett26 Sailor99
AsbeuryRaymond1892Maryville, TN 1
AtchleyCosby1894Blount Co., TN 1
AtchleyEdwin E.25Sevierville, TN 1
AtchleyLuther Bryan1895Sevierville, TNMarines96


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BablinHobert20Blount Co., TN 2
BadgerThomas James28Chicago, IL 2
BadgettDavid Newman1890Maryville, TN 2
BaileyLloyd1895Sunbright, TN 2
BakerLionidas J.1893Charleston, WVOfficer US Army91
BaldwinDavid R.28Haywood, NC 2
BallardFred1898Rockford, TN 2
BameRoy James22 Sailor99
BarbraIra21Blount Co., TNWounded77
BarkerJohn L.18Kanawha City, WV 2
BarkerLeonidas1893Charleston, WVOfficer US Army91
BarkerRobert B.18Charleston, WVFraudulent Enlister115
BarkerRobert Bruce1900Andrews, NCMarines96
BeckNoah24Spencer, NC 2
BeltRobert LeRoy1899Wellsville, TN 3
BerryEarnest21Knox Co., TN 3
BestAndrew C.23Mint, TN 3
BestJesse David21 Sailor99
BestJohn G.1896Wellsville, TN 3
BestJohn H.1897Mint, TN 3
BicknellGuilford O.22Monroe Co., TN 3
BicknellHale18 Sailor99
BirdHenry1895College Valley, GA. 3
BirdKenneth20 Sailor98
BivensJohn A.21Lowden, TNWounded77
BivensWilliam18Etewah, TN 3
BlackRalph H.22Knoxville, TN 4
BlackSamuel G.1887Maryville, TN 4
BlackwelderWalter Thomas25 Sailor98
BlairOllie1893Blount Co., TN 4
BlevinsRuby G.23Maryville, TN 4
BogleLeland L.1891Maryville, TN 4
BolingerGuy20Blount Co., TNWounded77
BondBennie21Pulaski, VA 4
BooneBaldwin17 Sailor98
BordenJoe21Blount Co., TN 4
BoringGeorge A.1895Seaton, TN 4
BoringJames M. TNOfficer US Army91
BoringJohn26Blount Co., TN 5
BoringMurray T.21Rasar, TNWounded77
BoringWiley Winslow1889Rasar, TNOfficer US Army91
BoruffConway19Claborn Co., TN [sic] 5
BoruffDenham18Union Co., TN 5
BowdenDuward18Louisville, TNDeserter115
BowermanWilliam L.23Friendsville, TN 5
BowersRoss L.24Carter Co., TN 5
BoydHerman S.1890Maryville, TN 5
BradleyJesse James1897Sevierville, TNMarines96
BrewerJohn E.27Sevier Co., TN 5
BrewerRichard W.32McGhee Station, TN 5
BrewerWilliam1896Blount Co., TN 6
BrewerWilliam M.28Blount Co., TN 6
BrittainDavid J.29Butler, PAOfficer US Army91
BrittainDavid Joseph29 Sailor98
BrittainJames Frazier26 Sailor98
BroceusJames R.1875Erwin, TNOfficer US Army91
BrownBenjamin C.1888Kaiser, TN 6
BrownCal1889Maryville, TN 6
BrownCurtis Wrazle22 Sailor98
BrownFrank Edwin1897Sevier Co., TN 6
BrownHorace Earl1898Harriman, TN 6
BrownIsaac S.22Blount Co., TNWounded77
BrownMarcus22Arden, NC 6
BrownSamuel Carl22Friendsville, TNWounded77
BrownTheron N.23Maryville, TN 6
BrowningFletcher Worth1895 Naval Officer114
BrowningFletcher Worth21 Sailor99
BryantAtlas F.36Bount Co., TN 7
BrysonAlton Davis22Whitwell, TN 7
BuchananCanie1897Mellons Cave, TN 7
BurchellVernon Lee1897Knoxville, TN 7
BurchfieldJohn Thomas22 Sailor99
BurchfieldJulis22Blount Co., TN 7
BurchfieldLuther Daniel19 Sailor99
BurchfieldVictor1896Sevier Co., TN 7
BurchfieldWilliam R.1889Cades Cove, TNDead85
BurgerCarl Victor1888Maryville, TNOfficer US Army92
BurkeWilliam1887Savannah, GA 7
BurnsGeorge H.27Knox Co., TNDead85
BurnsWilliam L.1893Walland, TN 7
BurtonWest1896Concord, TN 8
BussellCharlie W.1895Louisville, TN 8
ButlerAsa D.26Haywood, NC 8
ByrdElwood19Scott Co., TN 8
ByrdRoy C.32Williamsburg, KY 8


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CairlesSolomon W.1898Charlotte, NC 8
CaldwellFrank H.1891Maryville, TN 8
CaldwellWilliam J.23Blount Co., TN 8
CallawayThomas H.26Vonore, TN 9
CameronWilliam E.1895Townsend, TNOfficer US Army92
CampbellEdward S.20Decatur Co., KS 9
CantrellFleming C.23Sevier Co., TN 9
CardwellJohn Wesley20 Sailor99
CarnesAlbert25Sevierville, TN 9
CarpenterRobert Alexander30Maryville, TN 9
CarpenterWill K.18Blount Co., TN 9
CarsonJames Ellis TennesseeOfficer US Army92
CarterBernard K.22Jefferson Co., AL 9
CarterHenry1895Blount Co., TN 9
CasteelOllie24Athens, TN 10
CaughronJohn D.1890Walland, TN 10
CaylorDee1893Blount Co., TN 10
CaylorGrayson21Blount Co., TNDead85
CaylorJames M.1892Maryville, TN 10
CaylorJohn28Towsend, TN 10
CaylorWilliam A.27Towsend, TN 10
ChambersCaswell Greenberry21Lookout, NC 10
ChandlerHenry1892Wennersville, GA 10
CheathamEdward1897Lenoir City, TN 10
ChessherAlbert Lvydean1897Louisville, TNMarine96
ClaboughClyde Archie1896Sevier Co., TN 11
ClaboughFrank A.1893Harrisburg, TN 11
ClarkLuther Carrah18 Sailor99
ClarkSamuel32Knoxville, TN 11
ClemensCharles Royster18 Sailor100
ClendenenHugh F.18Washington Co., TNFraudulent Enlister115
ClendennonEdward23Cocke Co., TNWounded78
CliftonFrank J.22Sevier Co., TN 11
CoadaJames A.1893Rasar, TN 11
CoadaJohn C.22Rasar, TNDeserter116
CobbJames1891Union Springs, AL 11
CochranChelsea Curtis23 Sailor100
CodyEdward F.1895Arlington, TNOfficer US Army92
CoffmanMicheal A.23Standfield, TN 11
ColeJames C.24Crandall, TN 11
ColemanFrank1891Knoxville, TN 12
ColemanHoward William21 Sailor100
ColemanJames H.1894Knoxville, TN 12
ColemanWilliam Burton17 Sailor100
CollinsJames L.1896Maryville, TN 12
CollinsSamuel F.21Bryson City, NC 12
ComptonWiley22Townsend, TN 12
ConardRichard26Logan Co., KYDeserter116
ConstockSam L.26Nashville, TN 12
ContzWilliam A.38Union Co., TN 12
CopeArnold22Bryson, NC 12
CoppockMilo I.22Blount Co., TN 13
CoulterGuy19Blount Co., TNWounded78
CoulterJames R.22Blount Co., TN 13
CoulterTheodore Monroe22 Sailor100
CoulterWilliam A.1889Maryville, TN 13
CourtneyCharlie L.1892Knoxville, TN 13
CowanFrank S.25Maryville, TN 13
CowanKenneth B.25Maryville, TN 13
CoxEarnest Sevier1880Louisville, TNOfficer US Army92
CoxErnest1895Knoxville, TNMarines96
CoxLouis V.21Pickens Co., GA 13
CoxWallace J.21Louisville, TN 14
CrawfordSamuel E. Maryville, TNOfficer US Army92
CrispSamuel26Mint, TNDead85
CrumbellClaud19Townsend, TN 14
CryeJohn Shimmon27Blount, TN 14
CullomClay23Livingston, TNWounded78
CummingsMarshall Ernest21Sevierville, TN 14
CunninghamAnderson30Ashery, TN 14
CurtisBonnie C.1895Friendsville, TN 14
CurtisGeorge W.1894Maryville, TN 14


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DaleJohn W. Andrews, IN 14
DaltonGus N.22Moultrie, GA 14
DavidsonWilliam1896Maryville, TN 15
DavisCarre1893Maryville, TN 15
DavisCarroll Blount Co., TNDeserter116
DavisCharlie23Maryville, TN 15
DavisFred L.21Blount Co., TN 15
DavisJames30Swayne Co., NC 15
DavisJames P.28Maryville, TN 15
DavisJohn21Maryville, TN 15
DavisRoy Anderson1893Knoxville, TNMarines96
DavisUnan21Atopogus, GA 15
DavisWilliam T.18Blount Co., TN 15
DeLozierBenjamin Edward1881Sevierville, TNOfficer US Army93
DeLozierJoe Luther  Sailor101
DempseyClarence A.28Blount Co., AL 16
DennardJames1896Richland, GA 16
DevaultVirgil E.23Corryton, TN 16
DewWoody Bryan21 Sailor101
DickeyClaude22Blue Ridge, GA 16
DockeryBen28Blount Co., TN 16
DockeryBurgin21Blount Co., TN 16
DockeryJohn1895Sevierville, TNDead85
DonaghyCharles Edward21 Sailor101
DonaghyWilliam Arthur1892Scito Co., OH 16
DonaldsonSam Wright1891Maryville, TNOfficer US Army93
DrakeAdam Thomas1897Union Grove, TN 16
DrakeHouston E.22Friendsville, TN 17
DrakeTheodore Curry1898Knoxville, TN 17
DuffLee Roy1896Englewood, TN 17
DugganRoy Omar18 Sailor101
DunlapAdam L.22Walland, TN 17
DunlapChas. A.27Walland, TN 17
DunlapThomas E.22Freindsville, TN 17
DyerTruman1896Louisville, TN 17
DyerWilliam P.19Blount Co., TN 17


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EagletonDavid Parks21 Sailor101
EaleyJohn George1897Greenville, TN 18
EavesDenton24Riceville, TN 18
EdmonsonHerbert A.21Maryville, TN 18
EdneyEdward Palto1898Clifton, SCMarine96
EfferCharles H.22Towsend, TN 18
EllisEdwin Breckenridge19 Sailor101
EllisElmer22Friendsville, TN 18
EllisJesse L.1897Clover Hill, TN 18
EllisJohn N.23Clover Hill, TN 18
EllisNewton C., Jr.24Greenback, TN 18
EllisWalter C.1891Friendship, TN 18
EslingerEarnest19 Sailor102
EvansFrank24Lafayette, IN 19
EverettClyde21Blount Co., TN 19
EverettJasper1892Walland, TN 19
EverettWalker D.22Knox Co., TN 19


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FaggAuls19Blount Co., TNDead85
FaggCharles W.23Walland, TN 19
FarleyGranvil H.18Blount Co., TN 19
FarmerMcKendree H.23Clinton, TNWounded78
FarrAlbert L.24Blount Co., TN 19
FarrCharlie1894Osbourne, KS 20
FarrOllie H.1896Blount Co., TN 20
FaucettCleveland R.18Melmer, GA 20
FawbushGilbert Adams18 Sailor102
FieldsRobert22Hainsville, AL 20
FifeHarley22Dawson Co., GA. 20
FordJohn Britton17 Sailor102
FosterJim1896Jacksonville, AL 20
FoustRobert M.1895Knoxville, TN 20
FranklingJohn18Maryville, TN 20
FraterHomer Byron1891Shepherdstown, OHOfficer US Army93
FrenchLonnie23Blount Co., TNWounded78
FrenchOscar Fate1896Friendsville, TN 20
FrenchSamuel T.1892Friendsville, TN 21
FullerLark26Sale Creek, TN 21


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GabbardLetcher P.1888Ricetown, KYOfficer US Army93
GaddisDavid W.26Blue Ridge, GA 21
GainesJohn W.1896Charleston, TN 21
GambleA. M.  Officer US Army93
GambleCharles H. Maryville, TN 21
GambleJames T.29Blount Co., TN 21
GambleMax Marion22 Sailor102
GambleThomas H.27Maryville, TN 21
GardenhireCarl1890Maryville, TN 21
GardnerJames23Chilhowee, TNDead86
GarlandJoe25Blount Co., TN 22
GarlandKasa L.23Chilhowee, TN 22
GarlandMont R.1895Rockford, TN 22
GarnerAlbert R.20Mint, TN 22
GarnerAndrew23Maryville, TN 22
GarnerJames O.23Mint, TN 22
GarnerJoe D.25Mint, TN 22
GarnerJohn M.21Maryville, TN 22
GarrenTom F.23Jellico, TNDeserter116
GarrerShay1891Little River, TN 22
GarrettDouglas21Fentress Co., TN 23
GashHaskell21Eddywar, NC 23
GeorgeFred19Maryville, TN 23
GeorgeJoe21 Sailor102
GeorgeJoel Samuel23Ourmiah, Persia 23
GibbinsHarold C.23Hamilton, OH 23
GibbonsAverell Schell1899Hamilton, OHMarine97
GibbonsDonald R.22Hamilton, OH 23
GibbonsEldred Harris1897Hamilton, OHMarine97
GibsonJurd Roy19 Sailor103
GideonFred18Maryville, TN 23
GillespieEdgar18 Sailor103
GillespieGeorge Benton19 Sailor103
GillespieJohn B.22Walland, TN 23
GilmoreThomas1897Massilou, AL 24
GoddardBenjamin Andrew18 Sailor103
GoddardCecil French20 Sailor103
GoddardThomas Warner1893Maryville, TNDead86
GoddardWilliam R.23Blount Co., TNWounded78
GodfreyFreland T.33Blount Co., TNWounded79
GoforthWilliam Floyd24 Sailor103
GordonCloyce Franklin17 Sailor104
GourleyAlvin L.1888Rasar, TN 24
GourleyDavid M.1893Rasar, TNDead86
GrantJames Houston1897Towsend, TN 24
GrantMaurice Hobert1896Chilhowee, TN 24
GrantRoy M.1895Caringer, TN 24
GrantThomas V.25Graham Co., NC 24
GrantWilliam P.28Graham Co., NC 24
GravesLuther1895Blount Co., TN 24
GredigAbe F.1894Knox Co., TN 24
GredigWilliam G.19Sevier Co., TNWounded79
GreenArthur28Edwina, TN 25
GreenCalvin E.19Knox Co., TN 25
GreenGeorge1891Newport, TN 25
GreenHenry E.25Newport, TN 25
GreerGeorge W.1888Clinton, KY 25
GreerHarold H.1896Greenback, TN 25
GreerHarold Hale1896Greenback, TNOfficer US Army93
GreerOle D.22Maryville, TN 25
GregoryAlexander22Blount Co., TN 25
GregoryEzra Lee26Cades Cove, TN 26
GregoryJames Drewry1896Cades Cove, TN 26
GregoryJohn Ollie1895Maryville, TNMarine97
GregoryWalter A.25Blount Co., TNWounded79
GriffithRobert H.22Loudon, TN 26
GriffittsErnest W.30Blount Co., TN 26
GrindstaffDelve30 Sailor104
GrindstaffWalter26 Sailor104


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HackneyRichard Earl1891Friendsville, TN 26
HaggardWilliam Wade1891Maryville, TN 26
HairHobert20Blount Co., TN 26
HallAndy1893Maryville, TN 26
HallFrank19Knox Co., TNDeserter116
HambyFrank C.29Claiborne, TX 26
HambyMaynard W.19Elizabethton, TN 27
HamilBert1893Friendville, TN 27
HamptonArthur24McFarland, TN 27
HamptonJames A.21Monroe Co., TN 27
HamptonRiley I.1890Polk Co., TN 27
HandleyGeorge A.27Townsend, TN 27
HandleyWilliam L.1893Townsend, TN 27
HaneyElbert H.1890Burnsville, NC 27
HannahLon25Binfield, TN 27
HannumOliver1898Maryville, TN 28
HardenWade A.1892Maryville, TN 28
HardinMatthews W.23Springfield, TN 28
HarmonWill Council22Maryville, TN 28
HarperJohn R.1898Louisville, TN 28
HarperMilton Lee1885Maryville, TNDead86
HarperWilliam Rodgers1898Louisville, TN 28
HarrisHugh E.1888Monroe Co., TN 28
HarrisRoy Clay17 Sailor104
HarrisWilliam B.1894Maryville, TN 28
HatcherAnderson A.1890Maryville, TN 29
HatcherJames H.24Gamble, TN 29
HatcherSamuel H.18Blount Co., TN 29
HatcherWilliam O.23Walland, TNWounded79
HawleySamuel Pierce23 Sailor105
HawnDeamous19 Sailor105
HawnNick B. Ray Co., TNDeserter116
HeatonMacie Carl21 Sailor105
Hedggoth?Robert E.1893Lewisburg, TN 29
HeltonRoy G.21Sevier Co., TNWounded79
HendersonAlbert Knox21 Sailor105
HendricksJames A.23Knoxville, TN 29
HenleyRolle H.36Madisonville, TN 29
HenryClifford23Walland, TN 29
HenryHerman B.19Rockford, TN 29
HenryHorace W.30Blount Co., TN 30
HenryJames P.1895Rockford, TN 30
HerronWilliam C.1893Holston College, TN 30
HewhanksJohn H.27Madison, GA 30
HicksArch21Monroe Co., TN 30
HicksErnest E.1891Knoxville, TN 30
HicksGrover24Maryville, TN 30
HicksWade21 Sailor105
HillJoseph A.1897Tennessee 30
HillPearlie D.18Blount Co., TN 30
HinesHorace1889Bank, TN 30
HodgeHenry Ellis1894Townsend, TN 31
HolderBenjimin20Blount Co., TN 31
HollandHouk1894Maryville, TN 31
HolmesWilliam B. Jr1897McMinnville, TN 31
HolsonbackObie21Calhoun, GA 31
HouserAndrew Nataniel1897Blount Co., TN 31
HowardJohn Z.1897Gainesboro, TN 31
Huffstetler?Irl21Maryville, TN 31
HughesHudy22White Co., TN 32
HughesJesse Adams1896Robinsonville, NC 32
Humphrey?Lamon E.21Knox Co., TN 32
HumphreysClay E.21Madisonville, TN 32
HuntJames19Sweetwater, TN 32
HunterRobert Sherril1898Micaville, NC 32
HurstClifton1893Jamestown, TN 32
HutchensEldridge L.18Blount Co., TNWounded79


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IngleBenjamin H.29Sevier Co., TN 32
InmanOscar30Sweetwater, TN 33
IrwinJames E.18Blount Co., TN 33


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JacksonEdward19Blount Co., TNWounded80
JacksonJohn21 Sailor106
JacksonRichard1897Trowen, NC 33
JacksonSamuel J.21  33
JacksonSimon22Jackson Lake, AL 33
JamesElijah Hugh1898Maryville, TN 33
JamesJesse C.24Friendsville, TN 33
JarrettDan1900Newport, KY 33
JeffriesCharles L.1895Louisville, TN 33
JeffriesWilford E.1895Haney, IA 34
JenkinsAlton23Sevierville, TN 34
JenkinsBob1897Madisonville, TN 34
JenkinsCarl Ellis18 Sailor106
JenkinsJohn36Bedford, TN 34
JenkinsJohn A.1897Newport, TN 34
JohnsonAllen1893Murph, NC 34
JohnsonDavid1895Montgomery, AL 34
JohnsonHerman1893Polk Co., TN 34
JohnsonJames1893Bahama Islands 34
JohnsonRobert1892Monroe, LA 35
JohnsonWalter P.1895Maryville, TN 35
JonesAlexander23Montgomery, AL 35
JonesCharlie H.23Ozark Co., MO 35
JonesCleveland23Madisonville, GA 35
JonesDavid C.20Blount Co., TN 35
JonesErnest E.1895Blount Co., TN 35
JonesLuther W.1897Blount Co., TN 35


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KeebleEd24Elijah, TN 36
KeebleJames E.23Blount Co., TNWounded80
KellerJames1895Maryville, TN 36
KellerRobert1890Maryville, TN 36
KenyCharles E.26Maryville, TN 36
KenyJohn P.21Maryville, TN 36
KenyRoy L.1889Knoxville, TN 36
KestersonJohn W.1892Coal Creek, TN 36
KeyAdrian A.1893Knoxville, TN 36
KeyObed R.31Miser Sta., TN 37
KiddDavid S.18Blount Co., TN 37
KiddOscar L.22Maryville, TN 37
KiddRichard34Maryville, TN 37
KiddWilliam H.22Marysville, TNWounded80
KingWilliam R.27Friendville, TN 37
KirbyWright23 Sailor106
KizerAlonzo R.1894Philadelphia, TN 37
KnappTracy F.23Olivet, MI 37
KnoxJackson1899Jasper, GA 37
KriesErnest21Morgan Co., TN 37


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LambertFloyd J.1894Maryville, TNWounded80
LaneFrank27Maryville, TN 38
LaneJames I.31Benfield, TN 38
LaneKin1894Maryville, TN 38
LaneRobert1895Maryville, TN 38
LargenFinley Alex23Blount Co., TN 38
LarkinWillie22Oakridge, LA 38
LawhornJohn W.23Knoxville, TN 38
LawrenceCharles H.25Maryville, TN 38
LawsonLuke21Blount Co., TNDead86
LawsonWilliam B.25Cades Cove, TN 39
LebowIsham F.19Blount Co., TN 39
LebowJames Clyde18 Sailor106
LebowLuther Taylor20 Sailor106
LeeCharlie H,1893Deep Water, TX 39
LeeSpencer H.23Blount Co., TNDeserter116
LeeWisdom25Randolph Co., GADead87
LeemhuisRoland F.27Erie, PA 39
LeeperHiram1896Friendville, TN 39
LeighBarton18Williamsburg, KYWounded80
LeithLeon H.25Newport, TN 39
LequireGranville Dexter1879TennesseeOfficer US Army93
LewellingWalter1897Service Co., TN[sic] 39
LewisHenry1896Tuskegee, AL 39
LinginfelterColeman Earnest28 Sailor107
LinginfelterErnest R. Blount Co., TNDead87
LoftErnest Edmond1890Twickenham, England 39
LonesEmerson J.1883Knox Co., TNDead87
LonesLooney L.23Knox Co., TN 40
LongAlexander1896Maryville, TN 40
LongAnderson Finley25Maryville, TN 40
LongCharles F.26Blount Co., TN 40
LongEulis19Maryville, TN 40
LoveFred D.1892Knoxville, TNDead87
LoveHarry M.1888New Albany, IN 40
LovedayLandon O.23Sevier Co., TN 40
LowGoy21Pickens Co., GAWounded80
LoweHerman22Gamble, TN 40
LoweHomer20Blount, TNWounded81
LoweRoy Trent20 Sailor107
LoweWilliam21Blount Co., TN 41
LoweryWalter1891Morgan, GA 41
LowryCorry1889Maryville, TN 41
LukerFreeman J.22West Point, TN 41


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
MadduxFrank N.24McMinnville, TN 44
MadisonWilliam1893Washington Co., TX 44
MadisonWillie M.1897Maryville, TN 45
MagillCharlie R.24Madisonville, TN 45
MaplesCrockett32Sevier Co., TN 45
MaplesMillard F.29Sevier Co., TN 45
MarineLeonard F.1895Rasar, TNDead87
MarshPaul1896Friendsville, TN 45
MartinHerbert R.22Maryville, TN 45
MartinWilliam E.21Maryville, TN 45
MartinWilliam Earl1895Maryville, TNOfficer US Army94
MathewsCalvin Bruce1882Loudon Co., TNMarine, Major97
MaxeyJames Toole1889Knoxville, TN 45
MaxwellNewton E.22Big Springs, TN 45
McAfeeWilliam Andrew1894Freindsville, TN 41
McBathAndrew M.1893Maryville, TN 41
McCallHorace1889Friendsville, TN 41
McCallNewtons S. Blount Co., TN 41
McCallSamuel Flomsley23 Sailor107
McCameyWesley Raymond19 Sailor107
McCamishHaws28Calhoun, TN 41
McCarterWalter Lee1897Sevierville, TNMarine97
McCarterWilliam O. J.25Louisville, TN 42
McCaulleyArchie H.22Blount Co., TN 42
McCaulleyOtis21Blount Co., TNWounded81
McClanahanJames31Seymour, TN 42
McClanahanJames B.26White Pine, TN 42
McClureWilliam T.25Ft Worth, TX 42
McConnellAdolphus R.1892Maryville, TNOfficer US Army94
McConnellAdolphus R.26Maryville, TN 42
McConnellClint Harry1896Friendsville, TN 42
McConnellPaul Carson1892Maryville, TNOfficer US Army94
McConnellSamuel E.1893Clover Hill, TN 42
McConnellThomas L.22Maryville, TN 43
McCoshJames B.24Louisville, TNWounded81
McCoshRuben23Louisville, TN 43
McCullochElmer L.21Maryville, TN 43
McCullochThomas Leonard18 Sailor107
McDonellHerbert1896Maryville, TN 43
McDonellRobert Finley26Maryville, TN 43
McFaddenJohn L.25Maryville, TN 43
McGheeWalter C.21Blount Co., TN 43
McGheeWilliam E.29Blount Co., TN 43
McGillPaul Parker1895Kizer, TN 43
McGinleyElmer R.21Blount Co., TN 43
McJunkinsClarence S.22Dayton, TN 44
McKenzieFrank H.25Maryville, TN 44
McKenzieJohn Bradford1897Maryville, TN 44
McKinleyAlbert M. Graham Co., NC 44
McMahanBaxter L.21Swain Co., NC 44
McMurrayTom Roy25Chilhowe, TN 44
McReynoldsAlfred Clarence22 Sailor107
McReynoldsSanford John21 Sailor108
MeamsWilliam H.1894Maryville, TN 46
MeansCharles Carlyle18 Sailor108
MeeksCharles Culp1893Mammore Springs, ARDead87
MiklesOscar28Knox Co., TN 46
MiklesTyler22Knox Co., TN 46
MillerErnest24Maryville, TN 46
MillerHarvey L.1894Maryville, TN 46
MilliganArchie Adkins1896Friendsville, TN 46
MilliganCharles S.1893Maryville, TN 46
MilliganWilliam A.22Blount Co., TNWounded81
MillsapsJohn B.28Vonore, TNWounded81
MillsapsWill T.1887Monroe Co., TN 46
MiserLloyd Douglas1891Fieindship, TNOfficer US Army94
MiserLoyd D.1891Friendsville, TN 46
MizeBeecher E.25Trundles XRoads, TN 47
MoffettJohn Alexander1896Rockford, TNMarine98
MogridgeWilliam F.28Rochester, NY 47
MolsbeeSamuel K.1892Rogersville, TNDead88
MontgomeryCharles1896Marysville, TN 47
MontgomeryRobert L.26Maryville, TN 47
MooreFrank23Tellico Plains, TN 47
MooreFrank Alexander18 Sailor108
MooreRobert F.23Jackson, KY 47
MorrisWilliam E.26Sevierville, TN 47
MorrisonEnoch37Blount Co., TN 47
MortonGlen I.23Maryville, TN 47
MortonOscar Granville1897Blount Co., TN 48
MortonVerless J.26Blount Co., TN 48
MossBronco1892Kingston, TN 48
MoultonOrdie J.30Blountville, TN 48
MucholsEdd18Blount Co., TN 49
MurphyHenry1892Walland Town, TN 48
MyersEzra D.24Townsend, TN 48
MyersJoseph E.1896Townsend, TN 48
MyersMurphy J.1896Townsend, TNDead88
MyersWade S.31Townsend, TN 48
MyersWilliam A.22Blount Co., TNWounded81
MyersWilliam B.28Louisville, TN 49
MyersWilliam P.27Townsend, TNDead88


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NaveJoe A.26Chattanooga, TN 49
NealJohn1897Sevier Co., TN 49
NeyhanDavid1895Macon, GA 49
NicholsWilliam Wess1897Blount Co., TN 49
NortonOmer25Maryville, TN 49
NucholsIsaac F.29Maryville, TN 49
NucholsJames H.19Maryville, TN 50
NucholsPerry M.22Maryville, TNWounded81


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
O’nealIsaac T.28Walnut Ridge, AR 50
O’NealPaul Grady1893Morgantown, PAOfficer US Army94
O’nealWill1896Maryville, TN 50
OgleAlse F.26Seaton, TNWounded82
OgleEdgar H.21Sevierville, TN 50
OnksHobart McKinley1897Johnson City, TN 50
OrrTom22Ducktown, TN 50
OttDavid20Knox Co., TNDead88
OttoHenry Charles27Knoxville, TN 50
OvertonJohn R.1896Clinton, TN 50


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
PainterJohn W.1894Greenville, TN 51
PalmerRoy F.28Louisville, TN 51
PalmerRufus H.22Knoxville, TN 51
ParhamFrank24Maryville, TN 51
ParhamGeorge22Maryville, TN 51
ParkerCharles H.18Blount Co., TNWounded82
ParksFred Nolton30 Sailor109
ParksJackson21Polk, TNWounded82
ParksJames Taylor21 Sailor109
PartainJames C.18Elberton Co., GA 51
PateClarence1887Unitia, TN 51
PattersonFisher1894Maryville, TN 51
PattyBenjamin H.28Seamore, TN 52
PattyJames D.1895Walland, TNWounded82
PaulAsa Esley21 Sailor109
PaulGeorge H.1900Crossville, TN 52
PaulGeorge R.1894States, TN 52
PayneJoel23Fantana, NCWounded82
PayneWilliam M.24North CarolinaDead88
PendleyJohn23Pickens Co., GA 52
PenlandJoseph D.23Madisonville, TN 52
PerkinsMinis23Maryville, TN 52
PerkinsRaymond21Maryville, TNWounded82
PetersonFloyd23Blount Co., TN 52
PhelpsLeaper Lloyd21 Sailor109
PhelpsThomas G.20Cuba, AL 52
PhelpsVivian Blane21 Sailor110
PilantWilliam B.27Thorn Grove, TN 53
PipkinHilliard1893Cayce, MS 53
PopeLon24Farming Co., GA 53
PorterIsh A.26Maryville, TN 53
PorterRalph M.1896Maryville, TN 53
PorterfieldArthur Corbin25 Sailor110
PotterJohn23Blount Co., TN 53
PotterWill Lissie1896Maryville, TN 53
PraterOscar Earl22 Sailor110
PresleyCharles W.24Blount Co., TN 53
PresleyGeorge H.22Maryville, TN 53
PriceAlbert Marvin21 Sailor110
ProctorGeorge W.29Bushnell Swain Co., NC 54
PryorSherman O.1894Maryville, TN 54
PurdueJohn1892Montgomery, AL 54
PurdyJason G.21 Sailor111


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
QuillenWilliam M.21Gate City, VA 54


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RainesJames M.26Cock Co., TN 54
RainesJesse S. Cocke Co., TN 54
ReaganSi24 Deserter116
ReddenCharley27Fitzville, GA 54
ReedElmer19Blount Co., TNWounded82
ReedFrank23Blount Co., TN 54
ReedLuther1884Gordonville, TNDeserter117
ReneauWilliam L.30Dandridge, TN 55
RennerDee O.1893Green Co., AL 55
RheaJack Elmer18 Sailor111
RhoadesBerner1894Georgina, AL 55
RichardsErnest L.21Pickens Co., GA 55
RichardsPaul S.19Pickens Co., TN[sic] 55
RichardsThaddis R.18Pickens Co., GAWounded83
RichmondLewis H.1900Dossett, TN 55
RiddleDavid18Blount Co., TN 55
RidingLuther R.26Sevierville, TN 56
RobbinsJohn C.23Bell Co., KY 56
RobertsWilliam E.24Cades Cove, TN 56
RobertsonWilliam B.1896Madisonville, TN 56
RobinsonHoyt1897Cameron, SC 56
RobisonCharley1884Covington, KY 56
RogersWalter21Lenoir City, TNDead88
RorexElmore H.20Maryville, TN 56
RorexJessie29Maryville, TN 56
RorexRiley H.18Maryville, TN 56
RorexTeddy O.20Maryville, TN 57
RossLanty Marion1894Mint, TN 57
RossWilliam R.1897Maryville, TN 57
RoulettHomer1897Maryville, TN 57
RoulettWalter J.18Blount Co., TNDeserter117
RueterKleffman Hood1900Maryville, TN 57
RuleClay E.27Maryville, TN 57
RuleHouston G.32Maryville, TN 57
RuleNicholas S.24Knox Co., TN 57
RussellHorace1895Chattanooga, TN 58
RussellJoe A.22Maryville, TN 58
RussellPles18Pickings Co., GADead89
RussellSherman1899Talking Rock, GAMarine98
RussellWilliam18Blount Co., TN 58


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SamsFrank18Rockford, TN 58
SandersCharles H.19Well Springs, TN 58
SandesGilbert H.22Vades Cove, TN 58
SandsHenry R.1892CadesCove, TN 58
SaundersOscar L.30Rabun, GA 58
SchweickardWilliam L.25Knoxville, TN 59
ScottCharles J.1891Maryville, TN 59
ScottRobert Carter18 Sailor111
ScottTroy L.1894Maryville, TN 59
SellersThomas R.23Maryville, TN 59
ShadeReuben1895Hale Co., AL 59
SharpBrookings20Maryville, TN 59
SharpDaniel29 Sailor111
SharpJohn18Maryville, TN 59
SharpPryor32Maryville, TN 59
ShefferyWill Daniel1893St Clair, TNOfficer US Army94
SheffeyThomas P.1897Persia, TN 60
ShererHillard1892Jasper, AL 60
SherrodClifford C.21Knox Co., TNWounded83
ShieldsZackie24Cades Cove, TN 60
ShopeArthur V.18Chilhowee, TN 60
ShopeDavid L.1893Graham, NC 60
ShulerGeorge W.26Maryville, TN 60
SilerCleon I.1890Murphy, NC 60
SilviusRobert Hutcheson1897Lebanon, OH 60
SimerlyJames21Maryville, TN 61
SimerlyJohn C.23Louisville, TNWounded83
SimmonsEdgar22Cocke Co., TN 61
SimsJohn Granville1888Byrdstown, TNOfficer US Army94
SingletonPleas W.25Banks, ALWounded83
SingletonWillie1897Savannah, GA 61
SkykardWilliam L.25Knoxville, TN 64
SmallranBuenos E.1895Morristown, TN 61
SmithAmzy A.1895Blount Co., TN 61
SmithArthur Bowman1889McKinney, KY.Officer US Army95
SmithCharlie R.20Harriman, TN 61
SmithChester28Knoxville, TN 61
SmithEdward Daniel1897JohnsonCity, TN 61
SmithIsaac C. H.25Prenville, TN 62
SmithRalph28Olive Bridge, NY 62
SmithRaymond Owens1895McKinney, KYOfficer US Army95
SmithWillie1893Relham, GA 62
SpanglerFloyd1896Knox Co., TN 62
SpeightNathaniel21Gainesville, AL 62
StaebnerRalph Carver1889Westfield, MAOfficer US Army95
StaffordWalter T.1890Maryville, TN 62
StalcupCitice C.1894Ream Co., TN[sic] 62
StaleyRuhrman Reese1896Maryville, TN 62
StarksEugene1897Rigeway, SC 63
SteeleBen1896Maryville, TN 63
SteeleJesse L.19Maryville, TN 63
SterlingCampbell H.1893Maryville, TN 63
SterlingRoberts L.23Blount Co., TNDead89
StevensJesse R. L.21Sevierville, TN 63
StewartJames B.19Brownsville, TN 63
StewartJames Beaton1897Brownsville, TNOfficer US Army95
StinnettEarl18 Sailor111
StinnettElmer29Maryville, TN 63
StinnettJohn1896Miser Sta., TN 63
StinnettRobert Harrison1891Sevier Co., TN 64
StinnettWestley I.28Sevier Co., TNDead89
StriplinAdlai C.22Alexander City, AL 64
StuartEarl A.23Newport, TN 64
SullivanHarvey W.1893Townsend, TN 64
SullivanJerry P.1890Townsend, TN 64
SusongJohn Calvin1897Maryville, TN 64
SweeneyWilliam T.21Blount Co., TN 64


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TaborCharles M.27Cumberland Co., TNWounded83
TalboteRoll McTear24 Sailor112
TallentJohn P.23Maryville, TNDead89
TateDock36Maryville, TN 65
TaylorHerbert1887Louisville, TN 65
TaylorHorace E.19Maryville, TN 65
TaylorSidney Clyde22 Sailor112
TedfordJames C.27Blount Co., TN 65
TeeferJames22Ray Co., TNWounded83
TeffellerNoe John28Knox Co., TN 65
TeffetellerAlfred L.21Maryville, TN 65
TeffetellerCharles O.19Maryville, TNWounded83
TeffetellerGeorge W.22Maryville, TN 65
TeffetellerJohn R.26Near Maryville, TN 65
TellentGranville Roscoe29Louisville, TNFraudulent Enlister115
ThewBarnett M.23Huffmans, TN 68
ThewWilliam R.18Morgan Co., TN 68
ThompsonEarl E.22Blount Co., TN 65
ThompsonHenry H.22Loudon Co., TN 66
ThompsonHorace24Chattanooga, TN 66
ThompsonJohn Hobert1896Maryville, TN 66
ThompsonJoseph F.22Maryville, TN 66
ThompsonRoss H. Near Maryville, TN 66
ThompsonThomas B.22Bedford Co., TN 66
ThomsonCharles H.22Camona, CA 66
TillerJoseph R.24Lafollette, TN 67
TillettHerman22Thorn Grove, TN 67
TiptonDeck H.28Cades Cove, TN 67
TiptonGeorge Rube1891Maryville, TN 67
TiptonHobert McKinley1896Mentor, TN 67
TiptonMike H.23Blount Co., TN 67
TiptonNoah H.1892Cades Cove, TN 67
TiptonOllie E.19Blount Co., TN 67
TiptonSamuel L.23Cades Cove, TN 68
TiptonWade1888Cades Cove, TN 68
TiptonWilliam L.1895Cades Cove, TN 68
ToddHeit H.22Beach Grove, TN 68
TownsendColumbus21Montgomery, AL 68
TownsendFrank L.25Keermoore, PA 68
TownsendHarrison27Blount Co., TNDead89
TownsendRobert Haines24 Sailor112
TownsendSam1890Seymour, TN 68
TrotterCharles Earl18 Sailor112
TrotterHugh Swains21 Sailor112
TuckMoses R.19Maryville, TNWounded83
TullochCecil19 Sailor113
TurnerAllen K.1897Bybee, TN 69
TurnerJames H.25Bibee, TN 69


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ValentineJesse Walton1896Rabbit Ham, NC 69
VickeryArthur W.1896Knoxville, TN 69
VickeryThomas Walker18 Sailor113
VineyardEdward J.30Blount Co., TN 69
VineyardFloyd L.1895Maryville, TN 69
VineyardJames22Near Kiser, TN 69
VineyardJames T.24Maryville, TN 69


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WaldroupArthur21Tennessee Co., TN 70
WalkerAlex Sim1897Walland, TN 70
WalkerCalvin H.1891Walland, TN 70
WalkerHerbert17 Sailor113
WalkerLeslie C.27Blount Co., TN 70
WalkerLoyd H.23Maryville, TN 70
WalkerRoy18Maryville, TN 70
WallaceHugh A.1896Maryville, TN 70
WallaceLee R.24Rockford, TN 70
WarricksJeff18Mitchell, NC 71
WatersRichard E.1886Walland, TN 71
WatersWilliam23Maryville, TN 71
WatkinsBarney W.25Cherry Log, GA 71
WatsonLev H.1888Winston Salem, NC 71
WatsonRobert H.23Monroe Co., TN 71
WatsonRobert N.23Monroe Co., TN 71
WebbDaniel A.1897Townsend, TN 71
WebbHenry L.24Blount Co., TNDead89
WebbJohn D.23Townsend, TNWounded84
WebbRobert T.30Townsend, TN 71
WebbWalter S.23Jasper, TN 71
WebbWilliam M.1896Walland, TN 72
WeeksOra T.1896Sevierville, TN 72
WellsEugene Arthur1900Maryville, TN 72
WellsJohn Dee22 Sailor113
WestClyde Eckles21 Sailor113
WestErwin26Asheville, NCWounded84
WestLeonard26Maryville, TN 72
WheelerOra1895White Pine, TN 72
WhiteEdward25Roy Co., TN[sic] 72
WhiteHorace M.26Anderson Co., TN 72
WhiteJames R.23Blount Co., TNWounded84
WhiteheadClaude M.23Blount Co., TN 73
WhiteheadFred L.21Rasar, TNWounded84
WhiteheadWillard24Maryville, TN 73
WhiteheadWilliam1895Maryville, TN 73
WilburnAnderson A.21Blount Co., TNDead90
WilcoxBlair S.26Brockport, NY 73
WilkinsWill22Owenburg, KY 73
WilliamsArthur1894Atlanta, GA 73
WilliamsClaude M.24Jones Cove, TNDead90
WilliamsEugene Monroe1899Cosby, TN 73
WilliamsGardner G.22Monroe Co., TNDeserter117
WilliamsIra C.25Pittsburg, KS 73
WilliamsJohn D.19Louisville, TNWounded84
WilliamsLevi28McMinn Co., TN 74
WilliamsRichard H.1896Newport, TN 74
WilliamsSylvester1896Montgomery, AL 74
WillisJames Byron1896Madisonville, TN 74
WillockesHobert D.19Blount Co., TNDead90
WilsonGlen R.1894Blount Co., TN 74
WilsonHoward Harrington1892Blount Co., TNOfficer US Army95
WilsonJames H.1889Cumberland, TN 74
WilsonJames L.22Maryville, TN 74
WilsonLamar Silsby1900Maryville, TN 74
WilsonRobert B.27Blount Co., TNWounded84
WilsonWilliam H.24Maryville, TN 74
WitherspoonJames1890Tuscaloosa, AL 75
WolfDavid1893Maryville, TN 75
WolfFate1890Maryville, TN 75
WoodardHarry25Mooresburg, TN 75
WoodardJames I.35Wellsville, TN 75
WoodbyAlexander23Carter Co., TN 75
WoodbyDewey19Townsend, TN 75
WoodbyJoe21Carter Co., TN 75
WrightWilliam F.29Jefferson City, TN 76
WrinkleWalter A.1890Rockford, TN 76
WyattEugene27Senoia, GA 76


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YanceyBartley24Knoxville, TN 76
YearoutComa24Walland, TN 76
YearoutMitchell26Blount Co., TN 76
YoungWilliam Edward21Maryville, TN 76


    No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Blount County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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