Bradley County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Bradley County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Bradley County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 623 individuals served from Bradley County during World War I. There were 505 soldiers in the Army, 18 of which were officers. There were 96 sailors in the Navy, 1 of which was an officer. There were 14 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 8 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AbelPaul A.1890Dayton, TN 1
AbernathyThomas Edward Watson22 Sailor67
AdamsMarion F.1893Benton, TN 1
AikenJohn N.1892Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army62
AllenClifford Reason20 Sailor67
AllenJames Eldridge18 Sailor67
AlleyAlexander K.1896Jasper, TN 1
AlleyJohn T.1891Jasper, TNOfficer US Army62
AndersonAlfred Daniel1882Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army62
AndersonJames F.26Tunnel Hill, GA 1
ArmentroutWalter W.24Washington College, TN 1
AtchleyCarl22Cleveland, TNWounded56
AtchleySamuel E.21Cleveland, TN 1


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BaconFrank Eldridge21 Sailor67
BaconJohn H.1897Dickson, TN 1
BaineJoe1894Cleveland, TN 1
BakerJerry Andrew Francis1894McDonald, TN 2
BakerJohn William28Bradley Co., TN 2
BakerJoseph B.21Tallahatchie Co., MS 2
BakerRobert H.26Taloosa, GADeserter87
BakerWilliam Patton27 Sailor68
BancroftDarius1894McDonald, TN 2
BarnesJames Franklin23 Sailor; Died 9/23/1868
BaylessJefferson22Charleston, TN 2
BaylessRobert H.25Cleveland, TN 2
BeanHenry W.30Cleveland, TN 2
BeanHerman C.28Cleveland, TN 2
BeanMarvin Day1888Cleveland, TN 3
BeardFrench E.1896Cleveland, TN 3
BeatyBenjamin Franklin1897Cleveland, TN 3
BeatyEllis R.20Athens, TN 3
BeatyEzra W.21Near Cleveland, TN 3
BeatyHorace McKinley21Cleveland, TN 3
BeatySim L.22Bradley Co., TN 3
BennettJames E.20Cleveland, TN 4
BirdNathan D.24Knox Co., TN 4
BlackJohn C.21Springplace, GA 4
BlairJohn26London, TN 4
BlairWillie B.23Cleveland, TN 4
BlankenshipGeorge Dewey18 Sailor68
BledsoeCharles Dan23Wrightsville, TN 4
BledsoeGrady H.26Montezuma, GA 4
BogartJames Benjamin23 Sailor; Deserter68
BolenCharles G.24Charleston, TN 4
BolesJames Truman18 Sailor69
BowmanJames F.25Cleveland, TN 5
BoyerGrover L. Bradley Co., TN 5
BoyerLabe Monroe1897Bradley Co., TN 5
BranamAlvin B.24Cleveland, TN 5
BrewerWilliam Claude21 Sailor69
BrockRay L.1897Browns Chapel, TN 5
BrownBethel Cline1891Crossville, TNOfficer US Army62
BrownCarl1896Bradley Co., TN 5
BrownCharlie1896Morganton, GAMarine65
BrownDewey Brooklyn1898Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army62
BrownDorris H.25Columbia, TN 5
BrownEarl19Bradley Co., TNWounded56
BrownEugene Dearl1897Cleveland, TNMarine65
BrownForrest David1898Cleveland, TN 5
BrownJames F.24Cleveland, TN 6
BrownOscar P.1896Cleveland, TN 6
BruceLester H.22Madison Co., GA 6
BryanThomas M.1888Cleveland, TN 6
BryantWilliam M.1896Green Co., TN 6
BullardFred H.21Waubensee Co., KS 6
BullingtonHerbert D.1895Whitehorn, TN 6
BullingtonWalter Edward1890Bulls Gap, TNOfficer US Army62
ByersFred L.34Frankfort, IN 6


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CampbellAlbert23Bradley Co., TN 7
CampbellRoy S.28Cleveland, TN 7
CanslerVance24Cleveland, TN 7
CansleyWilliam1895Cleveland, TN 7
CardenGeorge C.26Cleveland, TN 7
CarpenterLeonard J.24Cleveland, TN 7
CarrJohn1895Cleveland, TN 7
CarrTae W.1894Cleveland, TN 7
CarrollFletcher L.24Cleveland, TN 8
CarsonClint Chaney1893Cleveland, TN 8
CarsonWilliam M.29Cleveland, TN 8
CarterMike26Murray Co., GAWounded56
CartwrightGeorge L.1896Bradley Co., TN 8
CartwrightJesse F.25Cleveland, TN 8
CartwrightWilliam B.1894Cleveland, TN 8
CasadaBeecher M.21Orangeburg, TN 8
CaseJohn L.24Oshkosh, WI 8
CaseyTaylor25Polk Co., TN 9
CashArthur J.1894Cleveland, TN 9
CashJames Oscar1897Cleveland, TN 9
ChadwichFrank26Bradley Co., TN 9
ChadwickBill22Cleveland, TN 9
ChambersThomas E. P.1872Bradley Co., TNOfficer US Army62
CheuvrontRussel R.24Roane Co.,WV 9
ChristianWinston1892Benton, TN 9
ClarkAlbert T.1887Cleveland, TN 9
ClarkHarley R.22Athens, TNWounded56
ClaytonJohn E.1896Ooletewah, TN 10
ClevelandJohn1882Bradley Co., TN 10
ClimerCalvin C.23Bradley Co., TNDied61
ClimerJohn21 Sailor69
CochranWilliam R. Jr.26Cleveland, TNDeserter87
CoeHomer W.22Cleveland, TN 10
CollettWilliam S.1891Cleveland, TN 10
CollinsRobert F.1887Benton, TN 10
CollinsSamuel Willis21 Sailor69
ConnerAubrey M.23Miegs Co., TN 10
ConnerDoyle D.22Charleston, TN 10
ConnerEben R.1892Charleston, TN 10
ConstantBen C.1897Cleveland, TN 11
ConstantHarry1897Cleveland, TN 11
CooperPaul H.1896Cleveland, TN 11
CooperRoy1892McDonald, TN 11
CraigmilesSam26Cleveland, TN 11
CrawfordJames R.19Cleveland, TN 11
CrawfordLee Holly1894Roberta, GAMarine65
CrawfordWilliam V.1893Cleveland, TN 11
CurtisAndy1895Franklin, NC 11


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DaughertyRobert25Near Madisonville, TNDied61
DavenportThomas W.1887Fannin Co., GA 12
DavisHorace35Cleveland, TN 12
DavisRobert1893Pittsburgh, PA 12
DeFordJesse C.1896Bradley Co., TN 12
DelanyEdwin Hayden1871 Naval Officer86
DicksonFlaves A.24Pake Co., TN[sic]Deserter87
DixonBascom25Bradley Co., TN 12
DixonEarl24Cleveland, TN 12
DixonElmer26Cleveland, TNDeserter87
DixonFred A.22Cleveland, TN 12
DixonWillie22Bradley Co., TN 12
DixsonColumbus B.21Cleveland, TN 13
DoddWilliam22Dayton, TN 13
DonohooEzekiel S.32Cleveland, TN 13
DugganBill L Farner, TN 13
DugganJim H.1892Ducktown, TN 13
DugganJohn E.1893Monroe Co., TN 13
DunbarDaniel B.18Huntsville, AL 13
DunkerLeroy W.25Lansing, MI 13
DunnCorrienth1894Charleston, TN 14
DunnWilliam Luther25McKeney, TX 14


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EasterlyFitzhugh21Cleveland, TN 14
EdgemanGeorge N.24Meigs Co., TN 14
EllisRobert R.28Benton, TN 14
ElrodGeorge A.24Cleveland, TNWounded56
ElrodJohn Elmer22 Sailor70
ElrodJoseph30Blue Ridge, GA 14
ElrodWalter B.20Cleveland, TNWounded56
EmertHenry B.26Sevierville, TN 14
EppersonCharles A.26CharlestonTN 14
EppersonJohn Fuller23Charleston, TNWounded57
EppersonWilliam F.23Charleston, TN 15
EvansChristopher L.1896Cleveland, TN 15
EwingsJoe27Rogersville, TN 15


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FairHarrison28Newman Co., GA 15
FairweatherMildred21 Sailor70
FallsElbert21 Sailor70
FarmerElbert25Charleston, TN 15
FarmerFred20Knoxville, TNDied61
FarmerHenry C.1895Charleston, TN 15
FawberWilliam C.22Cleveland, TN 15
FergusonCharlie B.21Chattanooga, TN 15
FikeGeorge Paul20 Sailor70
FinnellThomas J.1893Cleveland, TN 16
FletcherAndrew Jackson, Jr.1892Cleveland, TN 16
FloutsJulius Edward30 Sailor70
FlowersHerby J.1897Polk Co., TN 16
ForgieAmbers Riley1896McMinn Co., TN 16
ForgieStirl Houston1895Charleston, TN 16
FoxBelcher18 Sailor70
FranklinRoy A.1899Adairsville, GA 16
FrazierCarl F.19Bradley Co., TN 16
FrazierGus Leanard1893Ocoee, TN 16


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GambleThomas Robert23 Sailor71
GeeAndrew22Polk Co., TN 17
GeeWilliam A.23Benton, TN 16
GentryArthur21Bradley Co., TN 17
GentryOscar21Bradley Co., TN 17
GentrySanford L.23Calhoun, TN 17
GermanLawrence J.1896Blue Ridge, GA 17
GharleyRobert1887Murray, GA 17
GilesMcKinley1897Tellico Plains, TN 17
GilesPearl T.1893Cleveland, TN 17
GilesWilliam W.1887Cleveland, TN 17
GladsonRobert A.27Cleveland, TN 18
GladsonWilliam Marvin18 Sailor71
GodfreyJoe W.29Burton, TN 18
GoinesEdward D.21Cleveland, TNFraudulent Enlisters87
GoinsMarvin1889Cleveland, TN 18
GoodnerBuford Miller20 Sailor71
GoodnerUless22Bradley Co., TN 18
GordonCloyd33Scribner, NE 18
GormanCharles Edwin18 Sailor71
GormanJohn Boyd1894Cleo, TN 18
GrayEdgar S.25Cleveland, TN 18
GrayJames F.26Bradley Co., TN 18
GreenAndrew1891Charleston, TN 19
GreenCharlie24Riceville, TNWounded57
GreenGeorge26Murphy, NC 19
GreeneJohn C.1895Cleveland, TN 19
GriffinClarence Sullivan18 Sailor71
GriffinGeorge Samuel18 Sailor71
GriffithElden L.21Pake Co., TN 19
GrubbCharley32Tullahoma, TN 19
GuinnClaud Washington27 Sailor72
GuinnHerschel1893Polk Co., TN 19
GuinnJames A. L.25Benton, TN 19


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HackerJohn Edward1896Cleveland, TN 19
HackettWalter1895Cleveland, TN 19
HainWilliam Hall1896Cleveland, TN 20
HalesGeorge G.1888Centerville, GA 20
HallJohn C.21Alma, MI 20
HallWarren F.1896Clarkerange, TN 20
HallWilliam Earl18 Sailor72
HammondClifford25Richmond,VA 20
HammondWilliam A.21McMinn Co., TNDeserter88
HammontreeJames C.25Charleston, TN 20
HamptonWalter G.23Harriman, TNFraudulent Enlisters87
HaneyJames O.1895McMinn Co., TNDied61
HardeeWilliam L.1892Bedford, IA 20
HardwickCiciro McCutchen1893Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army63
HardwickFrank Tucker1899Cleveland, TN 20
HardwickJohn Everett18 Sailor72
HardyEdward W.18Ridgedale, TN 21
HardyJ. Homer1900Athens, TN 21
HardyVirgil L.23Chattanooga, TN 21
HargisEdward J.26Cleveland, TN 21
HarveyRobert22Blue Springs, TN 21
HarveyWalter22Cleveland, TN 21
HarvieHarry D.23Cleveland, TN 21
HawkRoy25Cleveland,OH 21
HayesClaude W.23Bradley Co., TN 21
HayesWinston20Cleveland, TN 22
HaysJohn24 Sailor72
HendersonAlbert W.24Cleveland, TN 22
HendersonWarren22Cleveland, TNWounded57
HensleyCharles C.25Cleveland, TN 22
HensleySam M.21Hohenwald, TN 22
HickeyMartin V.1897Fannin Co., GA. 22
HickmanJohn Andrew23 Sailor72
HicksBenjamin F.1887Bradley Co., TN 22
HicksCharlie H.1895Cleveland, OH 22
HicksSam Day26Bradley Co., TN 22
HicksThomas W.26Cleveland, TN 23
HiefnarWalter E.31Bradley Co., TN 23
HigdonCharley28Blue Ridge, GA 23
HigginsRoss Fulton18 Sailor73
HillOrley R.21Knoxville, TN 23
HilliardMarvin Jasper23 Sailor73
HinkleNelson G.26Cleveland, TN 23
HixsonJoe25Graysville, GA 23
HollowayJohn W.26Cleveland, TN 23
HookerLummie1888Dalton, GA 23
HooperRobert Lee23 Sailor73
HooperWilliam C.1897Bradley, TN 24
HooverFloyd Lee20 Sailor73
HoovinJim30Knoxville, TN 24
HortonSam Jones1894Franklin, TNMarine65
HoukIsham H.30Athens, TNDied61
HowardGeorge P.1895Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army63
HowardGeorge W.25Sevier Co., TN 24
HowellFester McKinley1896Cleveland, TN 24
HowellJohn H.1893Atlanta, GA 24
HoyleDan26Cleveland, TN 24
HulanGeorge Robert18 Sailor74
HumbardSamuel Pearl1892Cleveland, TN 24
HumbardVolney Frank22Cleveland, TN 24
HumberdJames O.22Cleveland, TN 24
HumberdRichard A.1895Cleveland, TN 25
HumphreyCharles Ivision1889Cleveland, TNMarine65
HurtRobert B.28Jackson, TN 25
HutsonJohn1897Bradley Co., TN 25
HuttonMelvin C.25Marion, VA 25
HysingerCharles L.1897Cleveland, TN 25
HysingerSam Lemuel1895Cleveland, TN 25


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JamesClay E.24Cleveland, TN 25
JarrettFranch1896Cleveland, TN 25
JarrettJim Cleveland, TN 26
JarvisCharles W.25Athens, TNWounded57
JenkinsBenjiman Franklin31 Sailor; Never Called74
JohnsonClarence1887Atlanta, GA 26
JohnsonManie26James Co., TN 26
JohnsonOllie J.1892Maryville, TN 26
JohnsonRobert C.29Bradley Co., TN 26
JohnstonJames M.1896Cleveland, TN 26
JohnstonRobert H.1892Chattanooga, TN 26
JonesDanial T.23Cleveland, TN 26
JonesDee1879TNOfficer US Army63
JonesGranville H.21McDonald, TN 26
JonesGrover L.25PolkCity, TN 27
JonesJohn Roy1892Greenville, TN 27
JonesLawrence O.1893Leicester, NC 27
JonesRobert Lee23 Sailor74
JonesSilas A.23Riceville, TN 27
JonesVirgil H.24Mineral Bluff, GA 27
JulianIsham H.27Cleveland, TN 27


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KaylorArthur T.26Cleveland, TN 27
KaylorJesse Brown28Cleveland, TN 27
KaylorLabern Richard1896Bradley Co., TN 28
KelleyGeorge Ollie24 Sailor74
KelleyJames Franklin1895McDonald, TN 28
KelleyNathan Clay22 Sailor74
KerrLester Martin1895Cleveland, TN 28
KesleyPaul R.1894Ooltewah, TN 28
KeysJarry H.19Mountain City, TN 28
KeysJohn F.19Mountain City, TNDied61
KileClyde A.25Cleveland, TN 28
KimseyCurtis W.1891Cleveland, TN 28
KindallWillie E.1895Wilscot, GA 28
KingMerritt18Englewood, TNWounded57
KingWilliam L.27Polk Co., TN 29
KinserLon29Loudon, TN 29
KirkpatrickMelvin21Tasso, TN 29
KnoxNelson27Bradley Co., TN 29


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LandWill C.30Cleveland, TN 29
LaneCharles F.22Georgetown, TN 29
LaneGeorge L.23Calhoun, TN 29
LawlerThomas Jackson24Dallas, GA 29
LawsonHobart McKinely1896Cleveland, TN 29
LeamonToy C.25McMinn Co., TNWounded57
LedfordArthur R.23Dayton, TN 30
LedfordLawrence21Towns Co., GA 30
LedfordWilliam N.37Beaversdale, GA 30
LeeWilliam C.1896Bradley, TN 30
LemonsHerbert18Paso, TN 30
LemonsJohn1897Murray Co., GA 30
LilliardWilliam Bryan21 Sailor75
LinerArnold25McMinn Co., TN 30
LinkJasper A.22Pelham, TNWounded58
LinkWilliam27 Sailor75
LivelyJohn Lincoln19 Sailor75
LoftisRichard29Near Cleveland, TN 30
LoganGeorge22Cleveland, TNWounded58
LongIsham Samuel1889Cleveland, TN 30
LordLoyd R.18Tellico Plains, TN 31
LordLynn20 Sailor75
LylesWilliam C.25Meigs Co., TN 31


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
MaceShaw1899Dillon, SC 34
MaceWilliam C.24Dillion, SC 34
MagetteWilliam Ivy21 Sailor78
MaherJames1897Sheffield, AL 34
MaplesWilce21Sevier Co., TN 34
MarshallSamuel F.23Cleveland, TN 34
MartinJohn D.1896Cleveland, TN 34
MayRoy David19 Sailor76
McAmisJames Lester22 Sailor76
McCoyCharles H.19Cohutta, GAWounded58
McCoyDavid O.22Blountville, TNWounded58
McCrackenHenry J.1893Bradley Co., TN 31
McCrackenWilliam A.1897Cleveland, TN 31
McCrawFaris31Bradley Co., TN 31
McDadeNathaniel1895Decatur, TN 31
McDarisBurnard Lusk1897Cleveland, TN 31
McDarisErnest William25Cleveland, TN 31
McDarisJames M.22Benton, TN 31
McDarisJohn29Cleveland, TN 32
McDarisLawrence F.30Bradley Co., TN 32
McDonaldJohn Gill1896Polk Co., TN 32
McDowellSherman29Birchwood, TN 32
McGheeWilliam Trewhitt19 Sailor76
McIntireAlbert1892Cleveland, TN 32
McIntoshSamuel C.23Piney Flats, TN 32
McInturffJoe34Knoxville, TN 32
McKamyJames K.23Cleveland, TN 33
McKenzieJoe H.26Cleveland, TN 33
McKenzieLans J.1899Cleveland, TN 33
McKeownRobert25Meigs Co., TN 33
McKissic?Evan David1897Cleveland, TN 33
McLainJohn S.22Cleveland, TN 33
McLainWilliam D.25Cleveland, TN 33
McNabbAlban22Charleston, TN 33
McNabbJames Bennett20 Sailor76
McPhersonFrank1894Bradley Co., TN 34
McReynoldsAlbert Frank  Sailor76
MeeksTaylor22Polk Co., TN 34
MeltonBeacher18Athens, TNWounded58
MesserLeander H.1895Sevier Co., TNDied62
MikelHorace A.28Cleveland, TN 35
MikleWheeler1896Cleveland, TN 35
Miller22McMinn Co., TN 35
MillerCash A.23Charleston, TN 35
MillerW. M.1896James Co., TN 35
MillionFloyd A.24Cleveland, TN 35
MillionJohn Asa21 Sailor77
MillionLawrence Z.26Near Cleveland, TN 35
MillsapZim22Mineral Bluff, GA 35
MilneGeorge P.26Ontario, Canada 36
MilsapLee Roy  Sailor77
MiltonFloyd Taylor28 Sailor77
MiltonWilliam Leach  Sailor77
MinorDabney1887Bowling Green, KYOfficer US Army63
MitchellJames23Tullahoma, TNWounded58
MitchellJames H.24Cleveland, TNDied62
MontgomeryJohnie M.22Bradley, TN 36
MooreFrancis Eugene1894Bartow Co., GA. 36
MooreJohn23Charleston, TN 36
MooreThomas L.22Fannin Co., GADied62
MooreWalter Harvey1896DeKalb Co., AL 36
MorelockJefferson Davis1896Cleveland, TNMarine65
MorelockJohn S.1894Cleveland, TN 36
MorganJohn19Cleveland, TNDeserter88
MorganWill H.24Athens, TN 36
MorrisLonnie S.23Nashville, TN 36
MoryElbridge Troy  Sailor77
MosbyShepherd1889Cleveland, TN 37
MoweryJames Herman21 Sailor77
MoweryWilliam Lawrence22Cleveland, TNWounded58
MurrayOscar C.1893Cleveland, TN 37
MurraySamuel G.29Bradley Co., TN 37
MurrayWilliam A.1891Cleveland, TN 37


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NaveWilliam Stewart23 Sailor77
NaveWilliam Stewart23 Sailor79
NelmsHenry19Cleveland, TNWounded59
NeroAlfred R.22PrattCity,AL 37
NicholsJames24Tasso, TN 37
NicholsJohnnie W.21Bradley Co., TN 37
NicholsOllie1897Cleveland, TN 37
NormanEd1892Cleveland, TN 37
NormanHubert C.21Cleveland, TN 38
NortonPaul24 Sailor78
NortonPaul24 Sailor79
NoweryJames Herman21 Sailor79
NowryElbridge Troy21 Sailor79
NuttrellRalph William1897Rome, GA 38


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
O’KelleyGober1896Gainsville, GA 38
OdomJesse21Blue Ridge, TN 38
OfficerAmos A.23Cleveland, TN 38
OfficerJames Wesley27Bradley Co., TN 38
OfficerLaborn Thurley  Sailor78
OfficerLaborn Thurloy19Sailor79
OgleSam W.21Sevierville, TN 38
OsmentCharles Spurgeon1896Bradley Co., TNMarine65
OuryWhitcomb Paul18 Sailor78
OuryWhitcomb Paul18 Sailor79
OwenWalter Preston1897Stevenson, AL 38


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
PalmerEugene Cecil18 Sailor80
ParkRaymond M.25Cleveland, TN 39
ParkerBen L.1896Bradley Co., TN 39
ParkerEarl1895McDonald, TN 39
ParkerVirgel1897McDonald, TN 39
ParkerWalter1895Cleveland, TN 39
ParksEarnest Birch31 Sailor80
ParksFrank Lee1890Bradley Co., TNMarine66
ParksOllie19Morganton, GA 39
ParksWilliam Surney25 Sailor80
ParsonsClaude Spurgeon25Cleveland, TNWounded59
PattersonWilliam Egbert30 Sailor80
PattonJohn W.1886Cleveland, TN 39
PayneClarence1893Cleveland, TN 39
PayneJames Maples1899McMinn Co., TNMarine66
PayneRobert Lee21 Sailor80
PayneThomas Rayburn16 Sailor81
PenlandDan F.1891Haywood, NC 39
PetersDors27Cleveland, TN 39
PetersGayle Hamilton1900Cleveland, TN 40
PettyMansfield C.24Cleveland, TN 40
PierceFred L.1890Cleveland, TN 40
PirkleReuben G.1894Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army63
PratchardArthur Bryan1896Chattanooga, TN 40
PraterJames31Polk Co., TNWounded59
PriceJames W.29Meigs Co., TN 40
PrinceClaude Charles19 Sailor81
PrinceOscar Matt22 Sailor81
PritchardListon D.T.1896Cleveland, TN 40
PuettWillis L.20Athens, TN 40


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RainsFred22Apison, TN 41
RamseyAllison Templeton23 Sailor81
RamseyJohn1897Tellico Plains, TN 41
RamseyPatrick W.1890Cleveland, TN 41
RamseyZeno B.30Cleveland, TN 41
RandolphMack1896McMinn, TN 41
RandolphRobert Clyde1896Cleveland, TNMarine66
RapierHall Leon18 Sailor81
RatcliffWilliam C.1898Bradley Co., TN 41
RayfieldAmos L.27Sinnerville, TN 41
RectorCharlie27Cleveland, TN 41
ReimboldL. H.27Lincoln, NE 42
RicheyJames H.23Cleveland, TN 42
RichmondClarence Lester1895Cleveland, TNMarine66
RichmondOscar28Bradley Co., TN 42
RichmondWilliam L.24Cahutta, GA 42
RidenJoe20Tellico Plains, TN 42
RidenRalph23Tellico Plains, TN 42
RobersonCharles Muse23 Sailor82
RobertsReasie Victory21 Sailor82
RogersJohn A.24Etowah, TN 42
RogersJohn L.1899Cleveland, TN 42
RogersLewis22Charleston, TN 43
RogersOsborn Britain31Vewna, MS 43
RogersWilliam C.1893Cleveland, TN 43
RoseSamuel Winston20 Sailor82
RossJames R.31Charleston, TN 43
RoyThomas O.1894Oltewah, TNDied62
RunionMcKinley1897Cleveland, TN 43
RunyonsJames1890Georgetown, TN 43
RymerClarence E.21Benton, TNWounded59
RymerClyde Charles24 Sailor82


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SamplesFrench24Cleveland, TN 43
SandidgeSam L.23Cleveland, TN 43
SandidgeSam Lenord24 Sailor82
ScogginsCharles F.25Georgetown, TNWounded59
ScottBert18Knoxville, TN 44
ShawDock21Calhoun, TN 44
SheffieldGeorge Franklin1893Jonesboro, TN 44
SheffieldJohn H.28Greenville, TN 44
SheltonRobert L.27Cog Hill, TN 44
ShermanDave M.24Athens, TN 44
ShermanEarnest1892Charleston, TN 44
ShifletLon25Cleveland, TN 44
ShounUmbra S.25Mountain City, TN 45
SimbroEarl22 Sailor82
SimbroElmer C.26Greenfield, OHWounded59
SimpsonHomer Caswel30Charleston, TN 45
SinorGeorge Franklin1893Bradley Co., TN 45
SloanWallace S.24Bradley Co., TN 45
SmallingIra16 Sailor83
SmithHomer A.22Cleveland, TN 45
SmithLeonard22Bradley Co., TN 45
SmithRoy Wallace1897Chattanooga, TN 45
SmithRufus Alva23Bradley Co., TN 45
SmithVictor C.31Chattanooga, TN 46
SpeckCarl Thomas1879Morristown, TNOfficer US Army63
SpencerBurton22Cleveland, TN 46
SpencerFarris Cala30Cleveland, TN 46
SpencerHerbert21Cleveland, TN 46
SpencerMasten20 Sailor83
StaffordJohn Henry1895Parkersville, TNMarine66
StallingsJohn W.1890Valliehead, AL 46
StamperJames Ralph1892Ducktown, TNOfficer US Army64
StamperWalter H.27Ducktown, TN 46
StanfieldZenas A.1896Cleveland, TN 46
StansillCarl Bertram22Rogersville, TN 46
StatonJesse A.25Meigs Co., TN 47
StevensMaynard C.22Cleveland, TNWounded60
StevesonElis E.23Charleston, TN 47
StillClifford H.1898Bradley Co., TN 47
StinnittJulius D.1897Cleveland, TN 47
StiversWilliam Arthur1893Cleveland, TN 47
SuddethRichard1891Dayton, TN 47
SuddethSolomon23Dayton, TNWounded60
SullivanA. Pledger1896Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army64
SullivanForrest O.20Cleveland, TN 47
SullivanHomer19Cleveland, TN 47
SullivanLuther B.23Fannin Co., GA 47
SullivanWilliam T.1900Cleveland, TN 48
SwinfordHerbert M.19Cleveland, TN 48


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TallentClarence1897Cleveland, TN 48
TatumCharles Nathaniel24 Sailor83
TaylorDeeza27Cleveland, TN 48
TaylorHugh24Jonesboro, TN 48
TaylorJames C.22Cleveland, TN 48
TaylorScott Newton30 Sailor83
ThomasEmmett L.24Birmingham, ALWounded60
ThomasJohn Walter1889Chattanooga, TNMarine66
ThompsonChandler Roy18 Sailor84
ThompsonMelvin1896Charleston, TN 48
ThompsonThomas C.29Cleveland, TN 48
TibbsHorace22Cleveland, TN 49
TinsleyRepsy L.1897Charleston, TN 49
TiptonSharon Campbell21 Sailor84
TrewGeorge22Rothville, MO 49
TrewhittCarl W.24Bradley Co., TN 49
TrotterLee O.1894Cleveland, TN 49
TylewiczChester Emil21 Sailor84


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
VarnellChester21Cleveland, TN 49
VarnellHenry J.24Charleston, TN 49
VarnellJames M.25Cleveland, TNOfficer US Army50
VarnellJames M.25Cleveland, TN 50
VarnellThomas Roscoe1887TNOfficer US Army64
VellenowethErnest W.1892Copper Hill, TN 50
VernonHomer C.1891Barto Cp.GA 50


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WalgamottDave L.22Cleveland, TN 50
WalkerJohn23Bradley Co., TNWounded60
WalkerJoseph19Athens, TN 50
WalkerThomas H.19Polk Co., TN 50
WallaceHenry W.31Bradley Co., TN 50
WareElmer S.19Blue Ridge, GA 50
WaterhouseFrank Henry1898Hughes, GA 51
WaterhouseJames26Cleveland, TN 51
WatkinsJohn H.Polk Co., TN 51
WattenbargerClaude22Polk Co., TN 51
WeaverWillie M.1895Benton, TN 51
WebbTheodore20Cleveland, TN 51
WeeksLowry Gladstone23 Sailor84
WeeksWilliam LaFon21 Sailor84
WeeseJames E.22Blue Ridge, GA. 51
WehuntOscar B.25Cleveland, TN 51
WelchHume Howard19 Sailor85
WesfieldBradford1897Cleveland, TN 52
WesterfieldHerman29Cleveland, TN 52
WestfieldFred25Tasso, TN 52
WhaleyArnold D.19Calhoun, TN 52
WhaleyDeima1894Cleveland, TN 52
WhaleyEarnest L.21Calhoun, TN 52
WheatFrank Price1892Crandall, GA. 52
WheelerArthur G.28Pickens Co., GA 52
WheelerCalvin M.1893Pickens Co., GADied62
WhiteFrank36Cherokee, GA 53
WhiteJoseph1897Whitmore, TN 53
WhiteheadBenjamin Franklin21 Sailor85
WhiteheadClyde LaFayette23 Sailor85
WhitenerGeorge Alvin1899Dayton, TN 53
WhitmireCharlie C.18Gainesville, GA 53
WilhoitJohn L.23Cleveland, TN 54
WilliamsBerry O.1887Sevierville, TN 54
WilliamsHorace24Salem, AL 54
WilliamsJoseph1889Atlanta, GA 54
WilliamsRobert1889Bradley Co., TN 54
WilsonCharles L.27Cleveland, TN 54
WilsonClaude C.1900Murray Co., GA 55
WilsonGrady G.1890Charleston, TN 55
WilsonHomer Clinton18 Sailor85
WilsonJoseph Harle1897Charleston, TNOfficer US Army64
WinklerJoyce1900Wilkesboro, NCDied62
WolfeElbert Delmah1891McDonald, TN 55
WoodenJames R.28Cleveland, TN 55
WoodsCarl E.1889Tasso, TN 55
WoodyBryan22Benton, TN 55
WrightJames Monroe29Hampton, Co., TN 55


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YorkQuillie20Charleston, TN 55


No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Bradley County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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