Campbell County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Campbell County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Campbell County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 1,088 individuals served from Campbell County during World War I. There were 1,003 soldiers in the Army, 30 of which were officers. There were 61 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 7 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 17 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdamsWilliam J.21Crab Orchard, KY 1
AdcockJohn R.1888Kensee, KY 1
AdkinsAlonzo19Pioneer, TN 1
AdkinsBeaty1890Gumfork, TN 1
AdkinsDiance21 Sailor134
AdkinsHoyle1894Turley, TN 1
AdkinsLacy1896New River, TN 1
AdkinsLonzo18Campbell Co., TN 1
AdkinsPaul E.1901Jellico, TNFraudlent enl.145
AdkinsRichard30Scott Co., TN 1
AdkinsSylvanus1891Scott Co., TN 2
AfricaEdward Condward23 Sailor134
AfricaQuentin E.18Jellico, TN 2
AfricaRobert Clyde17 Sailor134
AlexanderBenjamin Franklin1890Cumberland Gap, TN 2
AllenMillard24Elk Valley, TN 2
AllenSylvester18Elberton, GA 2
AllenTaylor M.28Jacksboro, TN 2
AllenWayne20Newcomb, TN 2
AllisonBlucher F.18Rockwood, TN 2
AndersonAlbert27Creekmore, KY 3
AndersonJasper J.1891Wooldridge, TN 3
AndersonLouis L.20Caryville, TN 3
AndersonMatt22Whitley Co., KYDeserter147
AndrewsRaymond C.1890Raymond, PA 3
AngelLewis C.22Jellico, TN 3
AngelPashcal28Newcomb, KYWounded114
AngelWilliam21Whittle Co., TN [sic] 3
AppersonCarl M.19Turley, TN 3
AppersonOtto C.18Turley, TN 3
ArcherReuben M.27Jellico, TN 4
AtkinsAlva28Winfield, TN 4
AvisWilliam E.1890Lost Creek, TN 4
AyersAddison28 Sailor134
AyersJerry Campbell Co., TN 4
AyersJohn C.1894Jellico, TN 4
AyersLeslie C.1897Jellico, TN 4
AyersMorrison1895Jellico, TN 4
AyersRoscoe34Campbell Co., TNWounded114
AyersThomas H.1895Jellico, TN 4


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BaanFrank B.22Jonesboro, TN 5
BabbThomas E.23Oran, TNWounded114
BairdAbraham L.19Campbell Co., TN 5
BairdAlbert1894Jellico, TN 5
BairdArthur1895Elk Valley, TN 5
BairdClayton Russell21 Sailor134
BairdClifford Howertain20 Sailor134
BairdDaniel E.1892Elk Valley, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
BairdDavid R.21Jellico, TN 5
BairdFrancisco26Porto Rico, CubaWounded114
BairdFrank M.21Newcomb, TN 5
BairdGeorge D.1889Jellico, TN 5
BairdHomer G.21Elk Valley, TN 5
BairdJesse M.24Elk Valley, TN 6
BairdJohn Aron1897Elk Valley, TN 6
BairdLem1888Elk Valley, TN 6
BairdLewis J.24White Oak, TN 6
BairdMillard1887Newcomb, TNDead123
BairdPryor H.1895LaFollette, TN 6
BairdRoscoe1895Jellico, TN 6
BairdRowland P.20Harriman, TN 6
BairdWalter22Newcomb, TN 6
BairdWalter Loyd1896Jellico, TN 7
BairdWilliam20Campbell Co., TN 7
BakerEarnest Carl21 Sailor135
BakerGeorge Erwin17 Sailor135
BakerJohn19Knoxville, TN 7
BakerRalph S.21Agee, TN 7
BakerWilliam22Campbell Co., TNWounded114
BallardMaynard24LaFollette, TN 7
BargerWilliam28 Sailor135
BarnesRichard D.24Elk Valley, TN 7
BarnettFred21Proctor, KY 7
BarnettWilliam19Strunk, KY 7
BarnhillEverett L.20Williamsburg, KY 8
BartleyFrancis A.22Shawnee, TN 8
BartonHarold H.1895Jellico, TN 8
BatesDock28Coal Creek, TN 8
BatyRobert1889Spartanburg, SC 8
BearJoe1895Clinton, TN 8
BearLem1890Knoxville, TN 8
BeeverEdward Jackson19 Sailor135
BelcherJames21Campbell Co., TN 8
BennettSamuel F.18Jellico, TNDead123
BennettThomad19 Sailor135
BennettWalter1897Williamsburg, KY 9
BensonJames H. Knoxville, TN 9
BerryRobert L.1900Woolridge, TN 9
BevanJames John1899Adger, AL 9
BibeeAlbert31Jacksboro, TN 9
BibeeFrank S.38Jacksboro, TN 9
BibeeRobert L.1897Jacksboro, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
BibeeTheodore R.19Jacksboro, TN 9
BlakleyKing1897Jellico, TN 10
BlandenshipHenderson30Elk Valley, TNWounded115
BlankenbicklerA. P.24Campbell Co., TN 10
BlankenblickerWill1895Caryville, TN 10
BlankenshipAlonzo24Elk Valley, TNWounded114
BlankenshipArch1895Scott Co., TN 10
BlankenshipChester1894Capuchin, TN 10
BlankenshipJohn R.21New Combe, TN 10
BlankenshipLewis23Elk Valley, TN 10
BlankenshipMaynard1896Wek Valley, TN 10
BlantonElbert T.20Buckeye, KY 11
BlosserLoyd21Logan, OH 11
BocciaClemente34Avezzena, ItalyDead123
BolinMart1897Jellico, TN 12
BolingerHugh E.24LaFollette, TNWounded115
BollingJohn O.24Gadsden, AL 11
BoltonGeorge L.28Duff, TN 11
BoltonLouis W.18Cupp, TN 11
BostonHoward T.26Pioneer, TN 11
BostonJames L.30Pioneer, TN 11
BoswellOther1896Hollow Rock, TN 11
BowlinSil1893Jellico, TN 12
BradenClaude22Newcomb, TN 12
BradenVan Winkel21Windfield, TN 12
BradleyForrest L.30Fountain City, TNDead123
BradleyGeorge M.21Jacksboro, TN 12
BradshawJohnathan1889Coal Creek, TN 12
BrandenbergWill1895LaFollette, TN 13
BrandenburgAlbert J.10Camkpbell Co., TNWounded115
BrandenburgJeff21LaFollette, TNDishonerable
BrandenburgJohn25LaFollette, TN 12
BrandenburgMillard1897Campbell Co., TN 13
BrandenburghHenry C.18Jellico, TN 12
BranhamFrancis M.1895Whitley Co., KY 13
BrantleyLotus B.1897Lost Creek, TN 13
BrantleyOtto Vahn22Sharp Chapel, TN 13
BrassfieldHenry E.22Barkerville, KY 13
BrayEgger1893Barbaursville, KY 13
BrayWilliam T.23Careyville, TN 13
BrownCaswell George18 Sailor135
BrownCharly23Whitley Co., KY 14
BrownFloyd Ulysses1897Concord, TN 14
BrownJohn W.31Asheville, NC 14
BrownLephew1894Campbell Co., TN 14
BrownRobert18Pittsburg, KY 14
BroylesAyers E.32LaFollette, TN 14
BroylesKim27Campbell Co., TN 14
BroylesPreston T.20Jellico, TN 14
BroylesRobert F.1896LaFollette, TNDead123
BruceGarret F.1i8Campbell Co., TN 15
BruceJames M.25Pioneer, TN 15
BruceLeonard18Campbell Co., TN 15
BrummettJosiah28Campbell Co., TN 15
BrummettRobert22Jellico, TN 15
BryantWilliam D.19Corbin, KY 15
BrydLucian C.1894Buckeye, TN 17
BucknerFrancis E.1894Jellico, TN 15
BunchJohn F.18Oklahoma City, OK 15
BurchellCarl1896Campbell Co., TN 16
BurkettAucil L.27LaFollette, TN 16
BurnettCarl Wilson1898LaFollette, TN 16
BurnettJones C.30Cool Creek, TN 16
BurnsHenry M.33Villa Rica, GA 16
BurtonRobert18Speedville, TN 16
ByrdEmmett E.27WashingtonOfficer
U.S. Army
ByrdEmsley25Pioneer, TN 16
ByrdFreeman K.20Pioneer, TN 17
ByrdLege F.1889Oneida, TN 17
ByrdMcKinley1897Norcross, TN 17
ByrdOscar W.21Wooldridge, TN 17
ByrdRaymond21Pioneer, TN 17
ByrgeCholatus24Scott Co., TN 17


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CaddellCalvin A.1896Wolf Creek, KY 17
CaldwellDuncan E.30Campbell Co., TN 18
CaldwellJack1880Effingham, ILOfficer
U.S. Army
CallihanEwin H.26Jellico, TN 18
CameronHarry C.1897Bilsane, PA 18
CampbellGeorge A.24LaFolette, TN 18
CampbellSherman25LaFolette, TN 18
CannonCassie18Greenville, TNWounded115
CannonCharles T.1889Jacksboro, TN 18
CannonStouger W.30Pals River, TN 18
CantrellShafter19Campbell Co., TNWounded115
CantrellWilliam18Caryville, TNWounded115
CardenJoe Monroe1899Knoxville, TN 18
CarpenterAbraham C.1896Jellico, TN 19
CarpenterSamuel Lewis1899Jellico, TN 19
CarrollHenry M.21Campbell Co., TN 19
CarrollJohn S.23Union Co., TN 19
CarrollWilk1897LaFollette, TN 19
CarsonHenry27Campbell Co., TNWounded116
CarverCharles E.25Graham Co., NC 19
CarverSilas21Greenback, TN 19
CastleGarrett M.1896Pleasant View, KY 20
CatesFrank G.34LaFollette, TN 20
CawoodCharlie20Middlesboro, KY 20
ChadwellArthur L.21LaFollette, TN 20
ChadwellClaud C.21Williamsburg, KY 20
ChadwellHarry C.19Briceville, TN 20
ChadwellThomas H.1897Westbourne, TN 20
ChadwickPeter1895Coffee Co., TN 20
ChambersHorace J.23Lookout, NC 21
ChapmanMaynard1897Wells Springs, TN 21
ChapmanSherman1892LaFollette, TN 21
ChapsaLefter E.1889Karytos, Greece 21
ChildersJames Arnold1888Well Springs, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
ChildressEmery1894Jellico, TN 21
ChildressGeorge A.24Williamburgh, KY 21
CinnamonJohn H.1891Union Co., TN 21
ClaiborneElmer M.1895Knoxville, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
ClaiborneEmory Curtis22 Sailor136
ClarkCharles Barton1896Jacksboro, TNMarine133
ClarkRaymond1897Brightsville, TN 21
ClarkRobert27 Sailor136
ClineRichard1884London, TN 22
ClotfelferRoy21Campbell Co., TN 22
ClotfelterThomas E.24Jacksboro, TN 22
CokerJohn L.1894Huntsville, TN 22
ColburnAndrew J.23Redash, KY 22
ColeArthur B.1891Cumberland Gap, TN 22
CollinsAmos28LaFollette, TN 22
CombsBert1891Middlesboro, KY 22
CombsCharles A.25Middlesboro, GA 23
CombsGrover C.21Loudon, KY 23
CombsWilliam B.1895Jellico, TN 23
ComerHenry Blaine1895LaFollette, TN 23
CookEther E.23Campbell Co., TN 23
CooperAlfred26LaFollette, TN 23
CooperCharles E.30Campbell Co., TNDead123
CooperChester Eugene1899Louisville, KY 23
CooperDavid Winton18 Sailor136
CooperHenry B.1896Campbell Co., TN 23
CooperHenry B.1896Campbell Co., TN 24
CooperJames W.26Rogersville, TN 24
CooperJoe H.1895Jacksboro, TN 24
CooperJohn W.1897Indianapolis, IN 24
CorbinRoy1885Washingtonville, OH 24
CordellRobert L.22Buckeye, TN 24
CoxJames M.28Campbell Co., TNWounded116
CoxManard25Campbell Co., TN 24
CoxOmar C.26Heiskell, TN 24
CoxSam L.1889Granville, TN 25
CoxWilce24Whitley Co., KYWounded116
CoxWils24Pleasant View, KY 25
CrabtreeClarence W.1895Pelham, TN 25
CrabtreeNoah24Jellico, TNFraudlent enl.145
CrawfordJames18Caryville, TN 25
CreekmoreCharles E.24Whitley Co., TN 25
CreekmoreRaymond E.19Jellico, TN 25
CroleyRobert W.23Jellico, TN 25
CrossLawrence David1897Jacksboro, TNMarine133
CrossLetcher21Scott Co., TNWounded116
CrossOscar22Elk Valley, TN 25
CrumptonCharley Callawy1893Columbiana, AL 26
CrutchfieldHiram A.28Coal Creek, TN 26
CulverBarton T.23Jellico, TN 26
CummingsMaynard Milford1895Halsey, KY 26
CurnuttJohn L.25Anderson Co., TN 26


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DabneyJames A.21LaFollette, TN 26
DagleyJames Tandy1896Jacksboro, TN 26
DaughertyCorbett20Coal Creek, TN 26
DavenportEd1893Lewisburg, TN 27
DavenportSamp1889Whitley Co., KY 27
DavidCharles D.1897Jellico, TN 27
DavisAndrew J.21Jellico, TN 27
DavisAy21Scott Co., TN 27
DavisFlem P.29Wayne Co., KY 27
DavisGreen21Whittle Co., GA 27
DavisJames L.1896Campbell Co., TN 28
DavisJoe20Jellico, TN 28
DavisJoe Morland24 Sailor137
DavisJohn28Lit, KY 28
DavisJohn H.1896Coal Creek, TN 28
DavisSamuel J.18Campbell Co., TN 28
DavisThomas F.23Jellico, TN 28
DavisWilliam Julias1900Elk Valley, TNMarine133
DeBordRobert L.31Hawkins Co., TN 28
DelapDalvin F.1895Jacksboro, TN 28
DeLapRobert D.1892Jacksboro, TN 29
DelapWilliam H.43Jacksboro, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
DeliusClinton F.22Harriman, TNDead124
DickersonMarion21Elk Valley, TN 29
DisneyAudrey A.20Coal Crek, TNWounded116
DisneyMitt1895Campbell Co., TN 29
DisneyRobert Condy1887Caryville, TN 29
DixClarence18Greenville, TN 29
DixGeorge D.1896Greenville, TN 29
DobsonWilliam Ralph24Whitley Co., TN 29
DockeryWallace L.24Marshall, NC 29
DossettAlexander24Union Co., TN 30
DossettBurgin E.21Jacksboro, TN 30
DossettOtto18Jacksboro, TNFraudlent enl.145
DossettWilliam21LaFollette, TN 30
DossetteJames H.1897LaFollette, TN 30
DouglasDavid31Newcomb, TN 30
DouglasHoward1890Jellico, TN 30
DouglasJohn Henry25Newcomb, TN 30
DouglasJoseph1890Campbell Co., TN 30
DouglasWalter22Newcomb, TN 31
DouglasWilliam Fullerton24Jellico, TN 31
DouglassGeorge F.19Jellico, TN 31
DouglassMarion L.1893Elk Valley, TN 31
DouglassRoscoe1896Jellico, TN 31
DrakeJames C.18Bessemer, AL 31
DrakeTheodore20Birmingham, AL 31
DuffJames B.22Perry Co., KY 32
DupuyArthur1895Short Mountain, TN 32


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EastinWilliam Columbus21 Sailor137
EdwardsThomas E.1894Mountain Ash, KY 32
EffronLouis1887Russia 32
ElkinsCharles D.1892Carter Co., TN 32
ElliottJessie W.21Campbell Co., TN 32
ElliottJones21Jellico, TN 32
EllisJesse L.1897Wheat, TN 32
EllisonWilliam R.18Jellico, TN 33
EnixCharlie A.22Jacksboro, TN 33
ErwinJames A.21Chester, TN 33
EskridgeNelson1890Rockwood, TN 33


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FancherJohn C.1897Standard, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
FineAllen T.29Bristol, TN 33
FitzgeraldJames E.24New Albany, KY 33
FolliLewis A.1895Newcomb, TN 33
FordGeorge C.19LaFollette, TN 33
FordIsaac21Campbell Co., TN 34
FordIsac1896Caryville, TN 34
FordJohn Thomas Boatright1896LaFollette, TN 34
ForresterEvans C.21Jacksboro, TN 34
ForresterLoyd A.20Jacksboro, TN 34
FosterThomas J.21Knox Co., TN 34
FoxAllen1895Kenser, KY 34
FrancisClyde1892Newcomb, TN 34
FranciscoHugh D. Williamsburg, KY 35
FrazierEdd L.1897West Point, GA 35
FredricksCharley19Pittsburg, KY 35
FreelsSamuel Fisher22 Sailor137
FultzJames M.21Boyd, KY 35
FurgistonWilliam21Whitley Co., KY 35


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GammosEdgar H.18Paris, IL 35
GarberDavid U.1894Martinsville, VA 35
GarreffaTony1892Silariedellianio, Italy 35
GarthJuttee T.1897Blossburg, AL 36
GaylorCharles23Campbell Co., TN 36
GaylorHoward T.22LaFollette, TNWounded116
GibsonAlbert24Elk Valley, TN 36
GibsonArthur21Campbell Co., TN 36
GibsonFinley25Elk Valley, TN 36
GibsonHenderson22Lot, KY 36
GibsonHubert1897Campbell Co., TN 36
GibsonWilliam D.1898Elk Valley, TN 36
GilderRobert24LaFollette, TN 37
GleasonDennis Condrey1897Caryville, TN 37
GoadHarlis Delbert18 Sailor137
GoadJordon Monroe17 Sailor137
GoansLawrence24Clinton, TN 37
GoinesHorace M.25Campbell Co., TN 37
GoinesSamuel M.19Campbell Co., TN 37
GoinsCharlie1896LaFollette 37
GoinsFred1891LaFollette, TN 37
GoinsLuther M.1895LaFollette, TN 37
GoinsWalter David1896Campbell Co., TN 38
GoinsWilliam1895Campbell Co., TN 38
GoldmanEdward H.22Warsaw, Russia 38
GoodmanJess26Norma, TN 38
GoodmanWalter H.1889Newcomb, TN 38
GormanJames J.24Kensee, KY 38
GoverAndy21Stanford, KY 38
GoverEmicles19Jellico, TN 38
GoverRoy M.1891Mt. Vernon, KY 39
GraefLeo G.24Wooldridge, TN 39
GrahamElmer N.21Ducktown, TN 39
GrahamHarry A.28Jacksboro, TN 39
GrantJohn H.28LaFollette, TN 39
GrantRoscoe1888Campbell, TN 39
GreenJoames H.25Jacksboro, TN 39
GreenThomas E.1896Elys, KYOfficer
U.S. Army
GreeneLucien C.1897Halsey, KY 39
GreeneThomas E.18Bell Co., KY 40
GreenleeClifford21Jellico, TNDeserter147
GreenleeLee22Johnson City, TN 40
GreenwellAlbert L.18Pulaski Co., KY 40
GreerWalter L.24Charlotte, TN 40
GreggMaynard M.1897Coal Creek, TN 40
GrimesRichard1887Boone, NC 40
GrossWalter1894LaFollette, TN 40
GuySamuel A.29Clinton, TN 40


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HaggardHarley F.22Jacksboro, TNWounded117
HalburntDaniel Jackson1891Oliver Springs, TN 41
HaleBarney D.1891Jellico, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
HaleClaude A.22Newcomb, TNWounded117
HaleJohn1895Westburg, WV 41
HallClaude22LaFollette, TN 41
HallSamuel Clifford21 Sailor138
HallWilburn1890Dearlodge, TN 41
HammelWallace W.18Green Pond, AL 41
HammellWailliam A.28Kimball, SD 41
HammonsFrank23Newcomb, TN 41
HamptonPumey J.24Jellico, TN 42
HardenFrank20Greysville, TNDead124
HardinArthur21Tennessee 42
HarfieldAlbert S.18Campbell Co., TN 42
HarlessOkla21Campbell Co., TN 42
HarrellLee Hall1891Jacksboro, TN 42
HarrellSilas S.21Middlesboro, KY 42
HarrellSullus Floyd25Lone Mountain, TN 42
HarrisMilfred W.1891Tazeville, TN 42
HarrisonVerlin B.18Claiborne Co., TN 42
HatfeldNathan C.23Starfield, TN 43
HatfieldCharles19Birdeye, KY 43
HatfieldHenry21Jellico, TN 43
HatmakerCharles L.23Campbell Co., TNWounded117
HatmakerDavid27Jacksboro, TNWounded117
HatmakerEdgar J.1897Riceville, TN 43
HatmakerFarrell23Jacksboro, TNWounded117
HatmakerHarve1896Campbell Co., TNDead124
HatmakerLuke18Coal Creek, TNWounded117
HatmakerParse C.21Campbell Co., TN 43
HatmakerRobert Barton1896Jacksboro, TN 43
HatmakerSherman33Scott Co., TN 43
HatmakerVader22Campbell Co., TN 44
HawkinsBenjamin25Anderson Co., TN 44
HawkinsCharles Everett20 Sailor138
HawkinsHugh38Nashville, TN 44
HawkinsWilliam22High Cliff, TN 44
HayesBurgess Ezra24Jellico, TN 44
HayesRobert1895LaFollette, TN 44
HeatherlyCharlie R.1895LaFollette, TN 44
HeatherlyGeorge Harley23 Sailor138
HeatherlyGeorge W.24LaFollette, TN 44
HeatherlyJames L.1895Campbell Co., TN 45
HeatherlyJesse1896LaFollette, TN 45
HeatherlyJohn1887Campbell Co., TN 45
HeatherlyLeonard22Jacksboro, TN 45
HeatherlyVirgil21LaFollette, TN 45
HembreeColumbus22Tennessee 45
HendersonArthur H.19Anderson Co., TN 45
HerrellErnest C.22Coal Creek, TN 45
HicksCharlie27Caryville, TN 46
HicksLuther1893Elk Valley, TN 46
HicksRandolph31Elk Valley, TN 46
HicksRobert M.24Newcomb, TN 46
HicksRoscoe B.23Speadwell, TN 46
HicksSamuel P.20Newcomb, TN 46
HicksThomas21 Sailor138
HightowerLawrence M.18Coal Creek, TN 46
HillAmos24Wellsprings, TNDeserter145
HillDavid D.20Annison Co., TN [sic] 46
HillDavid Frank1897Jacksboro, TN 47
HillSherman H.1891Lost Creek, TN 47
HillThomas R.1893Williamstown, KYOfficer
U.S. Army
HodgeJames W.39Morristown, TNWounded118
HolcombSummit24Mt. Vernon, TN 47
HollifieldGates1896Vasper, TN 47
HollingsworthAlbert Orestes26 Sailor138
HollingsworthDelbert L.1897LaFollette, TN 47
HolmanBasil20Newcomb, TN 47
HolmanBenjamin F.21Woolridge, TN 47
HolmesSpencer, Jr.1895Chattanooga, TN 47
HoltJohn C.1892Kentucky 48
HolyfieldWillie1897Birmingham, AL 48
HoneycuttAndrew Jackson1896Scott Co., TN 48
HoneycuttHiram Joseph1897Scott Co., TN 48
HoneycuttWilliam1886Elk Valley, TN 48
HoodWalter22Jacksboro, TN 48
HooverGeorge1895Egan, TN 48
HortonClarence K.18Clinchport, VAFraudlent Enl.145
HousleyHarley1896LaFollette, TN 48
HousleyJames24LaFollette, TN 49
HousleyJohn27LaFollette, TN 49
HousleyJoseph L.28Roy Springs, TNDead124
HousleyWillie R.21Campbell Co., TN 49
HoutsLoyd19White Side, TNDead124
HoweJohn Paul18 Sailor138
HuddlestonFloyd1895Jacksboro, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
HuddlestonJames Thomas21 Sailor138
HuddlestonJohn L.1894Anthias, TN 49
HuddlestonMaynard N.29Jacksboro, TN 49
HughettAaron25Pioneer, TN 49
HumphreysWilliam25Jellico, TN 49
HumphryCharlie21Anderson Co., TN 49
HunleyKelly24Jacksboro, TN 50
HunleyRalph22Union Co., TN 50
HunterGeorge F.44Jacksboro, TN 50
HutsonAnthony F.28Campbell Co., TN 50
HutsonDennie L.30Jacksboro, TN 50
HutsonDeway T.19Campbell Co., TN 50
HutsonFletcher L.1889Coal Creek, TN 50
HutsonLelan1895Jacksboro, TN 50
HutsonVirgil1896Jacksboro, TN 51


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IrvinLawrence27Earlington, KY 51
IrwinCharlie27 Sailor139
IrwinMemory J.1897Well Springs, TN 51
IrwinOscar Francis26 Sailor139
IrwinRobert Taylor1896Campbell Co., TN 51
IrwinStaley23Campbell Co., TNWounded118
IveyErnest T.19Campbell Co., TNWounded118
IveyFred M.1897LaFollette, TN 51
IveyGeorge26Campbell Co., TN 51
IveyGeorge21LaFollette, TN 51
IveyJoseph E.26Jellico, TN 51
IveyLawrence R.1894Campbell Co., TN 52
IveyMaynard1889LaFollette, TN 52
IveySam26LaFollette, TN 52
IveyShelley1895Fincastle, TN 52
IveyWilliam G.23Williamsburg, TNWounded118
IvyOte1897Jacksboro, TN 52


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JacksonAlbert19Campbell Co., TN 52
JamesEvert18Jacksboro, TNFraudlent Enl.145
JamesWilliam Loranzo21 Sailor139
JanesAlvin J.1989Williamsburg, KY 52
JasperThomas18 Sailor139
JenkinsEdmond Beall1900Jellico, TN 52
JenkinsWilliam E.1892Morgantown, NC 53
JenningsJoe26Jacksboro, TN 53
JenningsThomas1883Jacksboro, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
JohnsonEugene26Tennessee 53
JohnsonMilton A.1894Campbell Co., TN 53
JohnsonRichard25Campbell, TN 53
JohnsonSamuel21Scott Co., TN 53
JonesElbert19LaFollette, TN 53
JonesErnest Siler1894Jellico, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
JonesFred D.19Saxton, KY 54
JonesJames25Rockwood, TN 54
JonesWilliam Isaac1889Tazewell, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
JordanEmmett20Jacksboro, TN 54
JordanMillard H.18LaFollette, TN 54
JordanThomas J.1893Jacksboro, TN 54
JordanWilliam21LaFollette, TN 54


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KatzDale Murray1890Clairon, PA 54
KennedyLevi1896Campbell Co., TN 54
KestersonTroy1895Clinton, TN 55
KiddArthur24Pine Knot, KY 55
KidwellEdgar18Clinton, TN 55
KimbererJohn W.25LaFollette, TN 55
KingEmmit1895Well Springs, TN 55
KingMead Sylvester23 Sailor139
KingSillus M.22Clearfield, TNWounded118
KirklinTom20Montray, TN 55
KiteWilliam L.24Flat Gap, TN 55
KittsJames M.1892LaFollette, TN 55
KittsLee1894Maynardsville, TN 56
KnightRobert L.28Fincastle, TNDeserter147


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LaFewersAndrew30Whitley Co., KY 56
LaFolletteRobert Hoath1900Cincinnati, OH 56
LairdJohn F.28Bessemer, AL 56
LambCalvin1895Whitney Co., KY 56
LambNathan Winfiled Scott29 Sailor139
LambdinCraig G.1895White Oak Creek, TN 56
LambdinJames F.1893Campbell Co., TN 56
LaneRoma1893Caryville, TN 56
LawsonEuel26Elk Valley, TN 57
LawsonHorace L.21Caryville, TN 57
LawsonJames H.28Elk Valley, TNWounded118
LawsonJessie James1896Whitney Co., TN 57
LawsonMatt22Claybourne Co., TN 57
LawsonWilliam21Elk Valley, TN 57
LayArlie Monreo1897Scott Co., TN 57
LayChester E.20Scott Co., TN 57
LayClarence26Newcomb, TN 57
LayEverett21Scott Co., TN 58
LayEzra L.18Pioneer, TN 58
LayFolie24Scott Co., TN 58
LayGreen B.20Elk Valley, TN 58
LayJames H.25Whitley Co., KY 58
LayJames P.1895Pioneer, TN 58
LayJohn R.18Elk Valley, TNWounded119
LayLindsay L.   58
LayMelton21Campbell Co., TN 58
LayMoses L.19Scott Co., TN 59
LayNoah25Campbell Co., TN 59
LayNoah A.1895Jellico, TN 59
LayOscar M.18LaFollette, TN 59
LayRoscoe1897Newcomb, TN 59
LaySamp31Elk Valley, TN 59
LayUlysses25Elk Valley, TN 59
LayWayne18Scott Co., TN 59
LayWilliam1893Elk Valley, TN 60
LayneJames H.18Dunlap, TNDead124
Le LeuxAlex22Auzhy, France 60
LeachGeorge23Jellico, TN 60
LeachJake18Jellico, TNFraudlent Enl.145
LeachJames1896Agee, TN 60
LeachSimon S.1892Pineville, KY 60
LeeOmer Ivy1894VirginiaOfficer
U.S. Army
LewallenJames1893Campbell Co., TN 60
LindsayConda23Campbell Co., TN 60
LindsayJames M.1894Coal Creek, TN 60
LindsayWalter V.25Jonesboro, TN 61
LinkonsFred R.1894Well Spring, TN 61
LongmireFrank M.29LaFollette, TN 61
LongmireLeonard1897Jacsboro, TN 61
LoudinHenry R. G.1895Morgan Co., TN 61
LovelyKelley21Campbell Co., TN 61
LovelyLawrence22Tennessee 61
LovetteOwen Stewart1896Yancy Co., NC 61
LoweBoss G.1897Campbell Co., TN 62
LoweCharles R.18Huntsville, TNDischarged146
LoweCharles W.21Campbell Co., TN 62
LoweFletcher1897Scott Co., TN 62
LoweGuss G.18Turley, TN 62
LoweRobert R.18Turley, TN 62
LoweWilliam F.27Clinton, TN 62
LoyHobert L.20Cold Creek, TN 62
LoyHorace Ember1896Union Co., TN 62
LoyUra L.18Campbell Co., TN 63
LoyWade B.21Loyston, TNWounded119
LumpkinsGeorge23LaFollette, TN 63
LuttrellClaude M.26Woodbine, KY 63
LynchCharlie22Newcomb, TN 63
LynchFrank21Elk Valley, TN 63
LynchFred23Speedwell, TN 63
LynchHerman22Whitley Co., KY 63
LynchJohn Carter21 Sailor140
LynchKelley Arthur1892LaFollette, TN 64
LyonsRobert Taylor27Jellico, TNWounded119


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
MadronAustin23Campbell Co., TN 66
MalicoatHiram1892Campbell Co., TN 66
MarbyJoseph A.21Knoxville, TN 66
MarcumJames21LaFollette, TNDead125
MarcumSim1894Jellico, TN 66
MarinerGeorge W.27Campbell Co., TN 66
MarionMatt F.26Newcomb, TN 66
MarlarAllen L.23Whitley Co., KY 67
MarlerWilliam H.22Campbell Co., TN 67
MarlowDewey H.19LaFollette, TN 67
MarlowFrancis23Whitley Co., KY 67
MartinThomas E.37Green Co., IN 67
MaupinAndrew D.24LaFollette, TN 67
MaupinCrate, Jr.1891Richmond, KY 67
MaupinWillie F.22Knox Co., TN 67
MaxeyJames H.22Monroe Co., KYWounded119
MayMark Arthur1891Jonesboro, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
MayberryOliver Clarence1892Cookville, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
McClellanGeorge B.22Whitley Co., KY 64
McCroskyWalter1897Sweet Water, TN 64
McCulleyBrooks21Campbell Co., TN 64
McDonaldCarl Clinton1898Jackson Co., TN 64
McDonaldLeroy25Buckeye, TN 64
McDonaldSidney Sherrill18 Sailor140
McFarlandHenry C.22Corbin, KY 64
McFarlandJohn F.1893Union Co., TN 65
McGannEdward31Ohio 64
McGheeErnest B.18Campbell Co., TN 65
McGheeJames K.26Caryville, TN 65
McGheeWilliam26Birmingham, AL 65
McKinneyLoyd22Campbell Co., TN 65
McNeeleyJohn30Campbell Co., TN 65
McNeeleyJohn H.24Campbell Co., TN 65
McNeilElmer G.22LaFollette, TN 66
McReynoldsWilliam R.31Sale Creek, TN 66
MeadorsReuben H.1897Whitney Co., KY 68
MeltonMilbern22Andersonville, TNDead125
MeredithBuford L.18Buckeye, TN 68
MeredithBuford L.18Buckeye, TNWounded119
MeredithElbert23Buckeye, TN 68
MeredithFreeman24Buckeye, TN 68
MeredithIsham1890Campbell Co., TN 68
MeredithOliver F.23Campbell Co., TN 68
MeredithRoscoe B.1894Pioneer, TN 68
MeridithBert Ledford1895Elk Valley, TN 68
MerittWilliam18Parksville, KY 69
MillerCharles S.1898LaFollette, TN 69
MillerCharles W.1889Campbell Co., TN 69
MillerClifton E.1895LaFollette, TN 69
MillerEdgar24Clarifield, TN 69
MillerEugene R.24Campbell Co., TN 69
MillerHobert18Briceville, TN 69
MillerJames David1896LaFollette, TN 69
MillerKelly R.1893White Oak, TN 70
MillerOscar D.22LaFollette, TN 70
MillerRobert L.1888LaFollette, TN 70
MillerRobert Lee1889Jacksboro, TN 70
MillerSillious S.22LaFollette, TN 70
MillerSterling29LaFollette, TN 70
MillerWilliam H.21New York, NY 70
MoingoJesse James26LaFollette, TN 72
MooreGarnet B.25Haversham Co., GA 70
MooreJohn21Barren Co., KY 71
MooreRaymond Smith19 Sailor140
MorganCharlie C.1893Redash, KY 71
MorganJames W.1896Corbin, KY 71
MorganRobert22Coal Creek, TN 71
MortonLeland Joshus24Clinton, TN 71
MosesFred1886Pleasant View, KY 71
MosesIsham R.26Pleasant View, KY 71
MosesLuther1892Williamsburg, KY 71
MoweryGeorge S.29Clinton, TN 72
MoweryJohn C.35Agey, TN 72
MozingoEdgar1889LaFollette, TN 72
MozingoErnest1897Powells Valley, TNDead125
MurrahLeslie23Candelsville, KY 72
MurrayCharles Jasper1896Campbell Co., TN 72
MurrayWalter H.26Coal Creek, TN 72
MurrayWinston20Elk Valley, TN 72
MurryHorice M.21Campbell Co., TN 73
MuseDan24Jellico, TN 73
MuseWilliam F.22Elk Valley, TN 73
MyersElbridge H.26LaFollette, TN 73
MyersGeroge29Jacksboro, TNDead125
MyersHenry Milton1888LaFollette, TN 73
MyersJohn F.1886LaFollette, TNDead125


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NealAron Louis25Pine Knot, KY 73
NealJim26Knox Co., TN 73
NelsonJoe M.1893LaFollette, TN 73
NewcombErnest W.1893Knoxville, TN 73
NewmanJames R.20Helenwood, TN 74
NewmanLuther B.1899Helenwood, TN 74
NewmanOllie McClintock19 Sailor140
NormanCarl W.23Caryville, TN 74
NunleyGeorge L.26Brear, KY 74
NunnallyWilliam Edgar19 Sailor140


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
OaksGeorge E.1889Union Co., TN 74
OverbayBen18Elk Valley, TN 74
OwensElias Marson1894Jellico, TN 75
OwensJames L.1897Pioneer, TN 74
OwensJohn A.1895LaFollette 75
OwensWince F.25Campbell Co., TN 75


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ParkerGoerge1891Red Hill, GA 75
ParkerRobert19Highcliff, TN 75
ParksGeorge Maynard28Scott Co., TN 75
ParksHomer1896Scott Co., TN 75
ParolariAngelo1890Province Trento, Austria 75
ParotteNewton25Campbell Co., TN 76
ParrottAndrew B.25LaFollette, TN 76
ParrottRichard L.1895Jacksboro, TN 76
PartinBarney19 Sailor140
PartinSilas D.22Middlesboro, KYWounded119
PateCharles K.26Cumberland, TN 76
PattersonGeorge24Nicks Creek, TNWounded119
PattersonSawyer1896Anderson Co., TNDead125
PaulCalvin19Jacksboro, TN 76
PaulJames25Campbell Co., TNDead126
PaulJames20LaFollette, TN 76
PaulWillie Marton1897LaFollette, TNMarine133
PayneJames H.24Jellico, TN 76
PeaceWalter1897Siler, KYOfficer
U.S. Army
PenningtonLee1896Duff, TN 76
PerkinsBenjamin O.25Elk Valley, TN 77
PerkinsCharles E.22Jellico, TN 77
PerkinsCharles F.23Newcomb, TN 77
PerkinsElmer19 Sailor141
PerkinsGarrett21Whitley Co., KY 77
PerkinsHubert26Jellico, TN 77
PerkinsJames25Pine Knot, KY 77
PerkinsJohn L.21Newcomb, TN 77
PerkinsWilliam H.25Jellico, TN 77
PetersonCary G.21Anderson Co., TNDead126
PetersonJohn N.29Custer Co., MT 78
PetreeClaude1894LaFollette, TN 78
PhillipsJames21Campbell Co., TN 78
PhillipsSherman E.21Scott Col, TN 78
PilesJacob M.1889LaFollette, TN 78
PoffJames L.1889Wooldridge, TN 78
PoffWilliam1891Campbell Co., TN 78
PollowWilliam A.27Kiev, Russia 78
PotterAlburn K.1886McMinnville, OROfficer
U.S. Army
PowersElisha L.1894Halsey, KY 78
PowersGeorge1894Highcliff, TN 79
PowersLarry C.25Jacksboro, TN 79
PowersRoss Mike1888Jacksboro, TN 79
PraterLeonard18Campbell Co., TN 79
PrewittGarnett1896Knox Co., TN 79
PrewittJames32Whitldy Co., KY 79
PriceFloyd Munroe1897Newcomb, TN 79
PylesHobert Jacob1897Walnut Grove, TN 79


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
QueenerAuwin R.1895Jacksboro, TN 80
QueenerCoato24Newcomb, TN 80
QueenerHenry Grandison30 Sailor141
QueenerMillard Earnest20 Sailor141
QueenerRalph Hope26 Sailor141


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RainesJames1887Jacksboro, TN 80
RainsJohn S.1897Powells River, TN 80
RainsRoy1894Vasper, TN 80
RawlsWalter1895Knoxville, TN 80
RayCharles Moses1893Jellico, TN 80
RayHugh1891Jellico, TN 80
ReedHarry26Mascot, TN 81
ReedRollie R.1897Knoxville, TN 81
ReedyFrancis Wilbern21 Sailor141
ReidWalter N.28Jacksboro, TN 81
ReidWilliam David1895Jacksboro, TN 81
RenoCharles Wade1896Anderson, TN 81
ReynoldsHenry24Stenkins Creek, TN 81
ReynoldsJames Ninman23Pioneer, TN 81
ReynoldsRobert L.28Pittsburgh, KY 81
RichardsonBernard C.18Williamsburg, KY 82
RichardsonJames F.24LaFollette, TN 82
RichardsonSillus W.1897LaFollette, TN 82
RichardsonWillie1896Campbell Co., TNOfficer
U.S. Army
RidenourDavid21Union Co., TN 82
RidenourHarry H.1896LaFollette, TN 82
RiggsJohn M.29LaFollette, TN 82
RiggsNoah1897Campbell Co., TNDeserter146
RiggsWesley24Campbell Co., TN 82
RoachCharles W.1894Jacksboro, TN 82
RoachEmmett E.27LaFollette 83
RoachWalter Bird1888LaFollette 83
RoachWilliam Mynatt25Jacksboro, TN 83
RobbinsEdward25Kensee, KY 83
RobbinsGeorge1894Scott Co., TN 83
RobbinsHoward22Jacksboro, TNWounded120
RobbinsJohn18Jellico, TN 83
RobbinsLewis23Jellico, TN 83
RobbinsWill1896Glen Mary, TN 83
RobertsBertice25Shitman, TNDead126
RobinsonAlexander34West Point, GA 84
RobinsonErnie P.21Pioneer, TNWounded120
RobinsonRoss N.1894Pioneer, TN 84
RobinsonTravis23Harvard, NCDead126
RogersGeorge1893LaFollette, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
RogersHubert1895Embreeville, TN 84
RogersJohn1894Wells Springs, TN 84
RogersJoseph Hooker1886LaFollette, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
RogersOscar1892LaFollette, TN 84
RogersRaleigh C.25Jellico, TN 84
RogersTom29Washington Co., TN 84
RollerEanos A.26Whitley Co., KY 84
RominesDavid Roscoe18 Sailor141
RominesFrank21Pine Knot, KYWounded120
RominesIsaac25LaFollette, TN 85
RookardHenry M.20Wooldridge, TN 85
RoseWilliam K.27LaFollette, TN 85
RoseWilliam M.21Jellico, TN 85
RosenbalmWilliam E.18Pineville, KYFraudlent Enl.146
RosierDavid H.21Newcomb, TN 85
RosierJoseph C.16Newcomb, TN 85
RosserThomas21Scott Co., TN 85
RoweMarion18Whitley Co., KY 85
RoweSherman39Jellico, TN 86
RussellWalter1897Campbell Co., TN 86
RutherfordGeorge28Campbell, TN 86
RutherfordNoah1888Campbell Co., TNOfficer
U.S. Army
RutherfordPlummer21Union Co., TNWounded120


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SavageBurrell22Lost Creek, TN 86
ScarletJohn R.20Strawplains, TN 86
SchubertBarnie18 Sailor142
SchwartzmanEdwin George1884Rockwood, TNMarine133
ScottCharles F.23Rock Castle, KY 86
ScottEarle D.1890Jellico, TN 86
ScottHarry C.1892Jellico, TN 86
ScottHenry Pearl1897Altamont, KY 87
ScottJohn Hubert1900Jellico, TN 87
SealGlenn Garrette1893Tazewell, TN 87
SegoJoseph22Whitley Co., KY 87
SeiberWilliam N.21Anderson Co., TN 87
SergeantCharlie18 Sailor142
SextonCasie19Campbell Co., TN 87
SextonJohn L.27Elk Valley, TN 87
SextonJoseph B.20Campbell Co., TNWounded120
ShackGeorge1890Carrollton, GA 87
SharpAaron22Campbell Co., TN 88
SharpAlex Y.1894Buckeye, TN 88
SharpAvery21Campbell Co., TN 88
SharpCarl C.1894LaFollette, TN 88
SharpCharlie24Union Co., TN 88
SharpElmer Haze1893LaFollette, TN 88
SharpHobart M.1896Maynardsville, TN 88
SharpJesse F.28Elk Valley, TN 88
SharpJohn H.1892LaFollette, TN 89
SharpLester L.28Campbell Co., TN 89
SharpLuther F.22LaFollette, TN 89
SharpOliver O.1895Scott Co., TN 89
SharpRaymond T.18LaFayette, PA 89
SharpRobert1898LaFollette, TN 89
SharpRobert20LaFollette, TN 89
SharpRobert S.29LaFollette, TN 89
SharpRussell Groner1896LaFollette, TN 90
SharpStephen1897Caryville, TN 90
SharpThomas A.18Middlesboro, KY 90
SharpVergil22Campbell Co., TN 90
SharpeJames F.27Campbell Co., TN 90
SharpeOscar1894Elk Valley, TN 90
ShearerHariam18Elk Valley, TN 90
ShearerMarion18Elk Valley, TN 90
ShearerOsco20Elk Valley, TN 91
SheenSid1895Pleasant View, KY 92
ShefnerCharles22Campbell Co., TN 91
ShelbyFred M.30Reonstone, KY 91
ShelbyMarion1896LaFollette, TNMarine133
ShelbyRobert H.24LaFollette, TN 91
SheltonJohn23Knoxville, TNWounded120
SheltonLevi M.28Union Co., TN 91
ShoopmanObes1892Smokey, TN 91
ShownArchie W.22Campbell Co., TN 91
ShownLee21Campbell Co., TN 91
ShownThomas J.23Jacksboro, TN 91
ShrapJohn T.21LaFollette, TNDead126
ShubertOscar Allen1889Roane Co., TNOfficer
U.S. Army
ShultzJ. Frederick27Caryville, TN 92
SilcoxArthur F.21Newcomb, TNWounded120
SilerAndy24Shitley Co., KY [sic]Dead126
SilerAsbel1897Whitley Co., KY 92
SilerFrancis Marion27 Sailor142
SilerFred Lawrence21 Sailor142
SilerLawrence1889Whitley Co., KY 92
SilerWymer1896Whitley Co., KY 92
SimmonsAvery B.27LaFayette, TN 92
SimsDillard22Fentress Co., TN 92
SingletonBen H.19Whitley Co., KYDead127
SlatenCharles E.1892Pleasant View, KY 92
SlatonConnie C.1896Pleasant View, KY 93
SloverJohn Edward22 Sailor142
SmallwoodWortham I.1888Nashville, TN 93
SmiddyJames21Jellico, TN 93
SmithBernice Branner1898LaFollette, TN 93
SmithCharles Amos25Campbell Co., TN 93
SmithCharles E.1892Jellico, TN 93
SmithClarence Elmore1889LaFollette, TN 93
SmithClifton Ratcliff19 Sailor143
SmithEdward18Powells Valley, TNFraudlent Enl.146
SmithElix Monroe22Union Co., TN 93
SmithFred18Macon, GA 94
SmithGarrett H.1897LaFollette, TN 94
SmithHerbert T.26Wells Springs, TNWounded121
SmithJacob Snead1896LaFollette, TN 94
SmithJames B.20Jacksboro, TN 94
SmithLevi P.18Claybourne Co., TN 94
SmithPairs22Campbell Co., TN 94
SmithPeter E.28Jellico, TN 94
SmithRay H.27Lee Co., KY 94
SmithSillis25Union Co., TN 95
SmithStephen L.1894Burgin, TN 95
SmithWilliam1890Well Springs, TN 95
SmithWilliam Dewey18 Sailor143
SmithWilliam E.1893LaFollette, TN 95
SmithWilliam M.20White Springs, TN 95
SmithWilliam Robert1896DeKalb Co., TN 95
SmithWilliam W.21Cumberland Co., TN 95
SneedCarl A.24Rome, GA 95
SneedFelix G.25Evansville, TN 96
SneedJames F.23Evansville, TN 96
SneedJohn F.19Cardiff, TN 96
SnyderWill1895Sequatchee, TN 96
SpanglerJohn T.25Claiborne Co., TN 96
SparksJames22Campbell Co., TN 96
SpradlinBenjamin H.1888Jacksboro, TN 96
SprainRaymond L.22Rockwood, TN 96
StanfieldArlie L.22Campbell Co., TN 97
StanfillKelley O.21Elk Valley, TN 97
StanfordRanson1894LaFollette, TN 97
StarettJohn1891Campbell Co., TN 97
StephensHerbert D.18Johnson City, TN 97
StephensRoy L.24Jellico, TN 97
StewartBill1893Jellico, TN 97
StinesCharlie E.21Campbell Co., TN 97
StinesLewis22Campbell Co., TN 98
StocksberryAmos1891Andersonville, TN 98
StocksberryTaylor George21Anderson Co., TN 98
StokesJohn W.22Cold Creek, TN 98
StoneHenry C.21Carryville, TN 98
StoneLewis P.23Racine, OK 98
StoneOren Edward1897Scott Co., TN 98
StoutHenry Clay1892Boy, TN 98
StoutPleas S.25Campbell Co., TN 99
StoutWilliam M.31Campbell Co., TN 99
StrunkGeorge1888Winfield, TN 99
SummerAaron23Williamsburg, KY 99
SummersPaul M.22Knoxville, TNWounded121
SummittJohn W.22Greenville, TN 99
SurrattLon22Cupp, TNWounded121
SuttonHenry H.26IFincastle, TN 99
SuttonJames Robinson1889Campbell Co., TNOfficer
U.S. Army
SweatCurtis1894LaFollette, TN 99
SweatGibson22Union Co., TN 99
SwophireJohn1896Tazewell, TN 100


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TaylorBanner J.27Jellico, TN 100
TaylorCarlisle C.18Grainger Co., TN 100
TaylorElias M.27Campbell Co., TN 100
TaylorFlem W.24Rockwood, TN 100
TaylorJohn H.18Jacksboro, TN 100
TaylorRobert1887Knoxville, TN 100
TaylorWilliam24Petross, TN 100
TaylorWilliam H.19Jacksboro, TN 101
TeagueArthur C.1893Clearfield, TN 101
TeetersLester C.27Cogle, TN 101
TerryElijah C.25Scott Co., TN 101
TerryErnest B.26Loudon, TN 101
TerryJohn W.20Scott Co., TN 101
ThomasIshmael24Whitley Co., KY 101
ThomasJames D.18Jellico, TN 101
ThompsonElbert K.25Campbell Co., TN 102
ThompsonGeorge W.26Jacksboro, TN 102
ThompsonJohn1896Jacksboro, TN 102
ThompsonMillard22Jacksboro, TN 102
ThompsonOscar30Elk Valley, TN 102
ThompsonWalter H.18Elk Valley, TN 102
TidwellHenry29Jacksboro, TN 102
TillerBenjamin A.19Better Chance, TN 103
TillerGeorge L.25La Follette, TN 103
TillerJohn F.25LaFollette, TN 103
TiptonClyde28Erwin, TN 103
TiptonGrover1895Green Co., TN 103
TiptonRay Lee21 Sailor143
TiptonWiley1895Huntday, NC 103
TonoliCharlie1893Italy 103
TremblayLawrence H.24Austin, PAWounded121
TurnerBoyd1894Vasper, TN 103
TurnerCammie M.24Knoxville, TNWounded121
TurnerEdger Sharon1884Warick Roakds, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
TweedWilliam C.22Morley, TN 104


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
UnderwoodAndres J.18LaFayette, TN 104


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
VickersJesse22Jellico, TN 104
VinsantGeorge24Kentucky 104
VinsantRobert S.27Jacksboro, TN 104
VinsonJessie23Telladegalo, AL 104
VitatoeRobert1898Cardiff, TNMarine133
VoylesPascil20Oak Co., TN 104
VoylesTilman T.18Monroe Co., TNDead127


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WadeCleveland1889Chester, SC 104
WaldenGeorge1886Cupp, TN 105
WaldenJames B.25LaFollette, TN 105
WaldenLouis M.1882LaFollette, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
WaldenSteve22Rockwood, TNDeserter147
WalkerCrandall19Coal Creek, TN 105
WalkerGeroge Harrison22 Sailor143
WalkerJoseph Charles1893LaFollette, TNOfficer
U.S. Army
WalkerMaurice1892Sparta, TN 105
WalkerWilliam A.19Whitney Co., TN 105
WallaceHubert20LaFollette, TN 105
WallaceJeff21Briceville, TNWounded121
WallenEdgar1894Glenmary, TN 105
WallerWilliam B.1888LaFollette, TN 105
WalpElmer26Scott Co., TN 106
WaltersLawton Schuyler1900LaFollette, TN 106
WardLuther24Jacksboro, TNDead127
WardenDouglas B.22Pulaski, VA 106
WarrickPleas22LaFollette, TNWounded121
WatsonFletcher A.23Campbell Co., TN 106
WeaverCostlow1894Standard, TN 106
WeaverWilliam M.24LaFollette, TN 106
WebbNimrod1895Winfield, TN 106
WekekindElmer25Louisville, KY 106
WelchJames D.24Union Co., TN 107
WelchKelly R.34LaFollette, TN 107
WellsGeorge W.34Olympis, KY 107
WheelerDavid P.28Campbell Co., TN 107
WhiteCharles28Middleboro, KY 107
WhiteDan S.30Union Co., TNWounded122
WhiteDavid23Campbell Co., TN 107
WierRobert Earnest1894Jacksboro, TN 107
WilburnEdgar C.18Cupp, TN 107
WilhoitHobert1896LaFollette, TN 108
WilhoitMcKinley1896LaFollette, TN 108
WilliamsAlbert H.18Wooldridge, TN 108
WilliamsCalvin P.18Jellico, TN 108
WilliamsCecil H.19Woolridge, TN 108
WilliamsJohn W.21Knoxville, TN 108
WilliamsSterling C.22Middlesboro, KY 108
WilliamsTroy1894Lot, KY 108
WilliamsWilliam E.25Campbell Co., TN 109
WilliamsWilliam L.1897Maning, TN 109
WilliamsWilliam Samuel1898Oliver Springs, TN 109
WilliamsonCharles1897Union Co., TN 109
WilliamsonGrant18Campbells, TN 109
WilliamsonHorace M.23LaFollette, TN 109
WilliamsonLaFayette27LaFollette, TN 109
WilloughbyCharlie22Campbell Co., TN 109
WilloughbyJessie C.29Claiborne Co., TNWounded122
WilloughbyJoseph L.1895Decatur, TN 110
WilloughbyOlof G.18LaFollette, TN 110
WilloughbyThornton1887Finncastle, TN 110
WillsonCharlie1896Campbell Co., TN 110
WilsonCharles E.31Williamsburg, KY 110
WilsonCharlie19Campbell Co., TN 110
WilsonEmert B.1897Jacksboro, TN 110
WilsonGeorge A.24Jacksboro, TN 110
WilsonHenry S.23Jacksboro, TNDead127
WilsonIsreal28Campbell Co., TN 111
WilsonJames A.26Whitley Co., KY111
WilsonLink1892Caryville, TN 111
WilsonMike1892Caryville, TN 111
WilsonThad H.1888Jellico, TN 111
WilsonWalter L.21Campbell Co., TN 111
WoodSam27Whitley Co., KYDischarged146
WoodSamuel McAll1885Campbell Co., TNOfficer
U.S. Army
WoodsCarl18Pioneer, TN 111
WoodsEdgar J.23Pioneer, TN 111
WoodsonAlvis Edward18 Sailor143
WoodsonWalter Miller20 Sailor143
WoodwardDora B.21Coal Creek, TN 112
WoodyJames27Campbell Co., TN 112
WoodyLawrence M.1896LaFollette, TN 112
WrightDave18 Sailor144
WrightJames26Scott Co., TN 112
WrightJames M.22Campbell Co., TN 112
WrightJoseph U.1894Primroy, TN 112
WrightWheeler Otto18 Sailor144
WrightWilliam P.20Jacksboro, TNWounded122
WynnAlbert H.18LaFollette, TNDead127


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YoakumHarrison1891Claibourne Co., TN 112
YorkCharlie Lonso1895Andersonville, TN 112
YorkKelly H.1892Jellco, TN 113
YorkLewis T.19Jellico, TN 113
YorkWalter H.1893Morley, TN 113
YorkWilliam27Morley, TN 113
YoungJacob23Campbell Co., TNWounded122
YoungJohn24LaFollette, TN 113


    No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Campbell County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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