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Page 6, Miscellaneous Court Records, 1796

Blount County Tennessee Court Records

Records of the County or Quarterly Court are available for Blount county, for varying years. These records are often not indexed. County Court minutes contain information about estates, guardianships, small court cases and routine county business matters. There were known fires at the Blount County courthouse in 1879 & 1934. The County Clerks office also had a fire prior to 1869 which destroyed the probate records. The recreated 1869 Will Book 1 was Blount County’s attempt to furnish a new record of these wills which was done by James A. Greer. In using these court room records do not overlook …

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1869 Explanation of Will Book 1

Index to Blount County Will Book, No. 1, 1799-1858

The following index was compiled from the transcribed wills created in 1869 from all known records not destroyed previously by fire. This new book was created by James A. Greer under the auspices of a Blount County committee assigned to the task. The original handwritten copy can be found on FamilySearch as Film #888878, Item 1. A typed copy of this recreated wills can be found on FamilySearch Film #24598, Item 2. They record the same wills, one is typed, one is handwritten. You should also search the Blount County Tennessee Probate Cases, Settlements, Guardianships, 1795-1980 which are digital copies …

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Goodspeed History of Tennessee, 1887

Moore County, Tennessee County, Circuit, Chancery Courts

The county court is composed of the several civil magistrates of the several civil districts of the county, and is presided over by one of their number, whom they elect as a chairman. The county court clerk and the sheriff are officers of this court. The court meets in quarterly sessions the first Mondays of January, April, July and October. Quorum courts convene on the first Mondays of each month. For the organization of this court and a sketch of its proceedings, the reader is referred to the organization of the county, in which its history is interwoven. The first …

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Blount County Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1850 – 1900s

The government of Blount County, Tennessee has created an index for their Chancery Court records covering the years of 1850-1900s. These records are stored in twenty-nine boxes with an archives copy stored on microfilm. This index is reproduced below in a searchable format. Click here to see their pdf version of this index. Chancery court cases contain records of equity cases, some divorces, estate disputes and other private suits.

M1215 Vol 1 Index Page 561

U.S. District Court, Final Record Books v. 1-2 1803-1850

On a single roll of microfilm are reproduced two volumes of final record books of the U.S. District Court for West Tennessee, 1803-1839, and for the Middle District of Tennessee, 1839-1850, both of which met at Nashville. In addition, a Land Claims Record for West Tennessee, 1807-1820, has been filmed. These records are part of Records of District Courts of the United States, Record Group (RG) 21, and are housed in the Archives Branch of the Federal Archives and Records Center, Atlanta, Georgia. Background Congress accepted Tennessee as a State on June 1, 1796 (1 Stat. 491), and provided the …

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