Maryville College Tennessee Bulletin for the Year 1901-1902

Maryville College Bulletins 1902-1976

While the vast amount of paper is devoted to class description available at the college during the academic year, these bulletins also provide a list of faculty and students. Most especially earlier editions provided alumni information to include marriages and deaths of past alumni. 1902 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1903 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1904 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1905 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1906 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1907 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1908 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1909 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1910 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1911 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1912 Maryville College Bulletin [catalog] 1913 […]

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Volume 1, Number 1, of the Chilhowean, 1906

Blount County Tennessee Yearbooks

Maryville High School and Maryville College yearbooks have both been placed online. The conditions of usage for each collection is different as they have been stored on different archive websites. The college yearbooks are viewable and downloadable, the high school yearbooks are only viewable online. Maryville High School Yearbooks, 1919-1977 1919 Emerald Glow Yearbook 1921 Appalachian Yearbook 1930 Appalachian Yearbook 1931 Appalachian Yearbook 1938 Appalachian Yearbook 1939 Appalachian Yearbook 1940 Appalachian Yearbook 1942 Appalachian Yearbook 1943 Appalachian Yearbook 1941 Appalachian Yearbook 1944 Appalachian Yearbook 1945 Appalachian Yearbook 1946 Appalachian Yearbook 1948 Appalachian Yearbook 1949 Appalachian Yearbook 1950 Appalachian Yearbook 1951

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Fort Craig School

History of Maryville City Schools

The public school system was established in 1900 with the purchase by the City of Maryville of the Quaker School on the Pride Mansion property. Pride Mansion stood at the present site of Maryville Municipal Building. A special school district was set up for the 9th and 19th districts one mile from the courthouse (which stood where First Tennessee Bank is now). County funds were to be allotted to the district based on the average daily attendance. Maryville ran a public school in the old Pride Mansion and the adjoining dormitory buildings until a bond issue of 1909 provided money

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