Anderson County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Anderson County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Anderson County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 693 individuals served from Anderson County during World War I. There were 625 soldiers in the Army, 15 of which were officers. There were 50 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 7 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 11 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AbnerDave27Coal Creek, TN 1
AdkinsGordon L.24Andersonville, TN 1
AdkinsHovah R.25Andersonville, TN 1
AdkinsJoseph P.36Anderson Co., TNOfficer USA77
AllenJohn W.30Petros, TN 1
AlleySamuel L.21Bethel, TN 1
AndersonIsaac25Loyston, TNWounded64
AndrewRobert T.21Coal Creek, TN 1
AndrewsJoseph M.21Coal Creek, TN 1
ArgubrightFletcher Carl1898Clinton, TN 1
ArgubrightSamuel W.1895Clinton, TN 2
AsberryWilliam M.22Wayne Co., KY 2
AslingerCalvin20Anderson Co., TNDead72
AultCarter37Clinton, TN 2
AultCharlie27Briceville, TN 2
AustinWilliam N.18Oliver Spgs., TN 2


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BaconLemuel O.27Kingston, TN 2
BakerWilliam Clyde1881Anderson Co., TNOfficer USA77
BardillJohn M.24Knoxville, TN 2
BeanMillard C.25Clinton, TN 3
BeechWilliam Henry1897Campbell Co., TN 3
BeetsLuther1893Clinton, TN 3
BellWilliam J.21Soddy, TN 3
BennettCharles F.1895Coal Creek, TN 3
BennettJohn R.1893Coal Creek, TN 3
BlackChas. R.1896Oliver Spgs., TN 3
BlackDavid1889  3
BlackMartin L.1888Coal Creek, TNOfficer USA77
BlevinsJohn Chevis22Kingsburg, TNDeserter91
BoggsFred W.21Tagervell, TN 4
BollingerBishop1896Knoxville, TNDeserter91
BowenRussell E.21Taylorville, IL 4
BowlingEdward W.1894Clinton, TNDead72
BowlingFrank C.1888Clinton, TN 4
BowmanAshton J.26Knoxville, TN 4
BradenClarence B.24Anderson Co., TN 4
BradenGreen1897Anderson Co., TN 4
BradenJames W.26Clinton, TN 4
BradenJohn S.22Anderson, TN 4
BradenSylvester19Minerville, TN 5
BradenWilliam H.23Briceville, TN 5
BradshawJohn E.1890Pioneer, TN 5
BranscomRobert Kyle17 Sailor82
BridgesAndrew A.1896Heiskell, TN 5
BridgesJames Roscoe27 Sailor82
BrockLeonard H.1896Anderson Co., TN 5
BrockSherman V.23Robertsville, TN 5
BrooksWilliam Thomas1897Woolridge, TN 5
BrownArvil21Coal Creek, TN 5
BrownCharley C.18Riceville, TN 5
BrownEliga1897Anderson Co., TN 6
BrownHorace S.1892Coal Creek, TN 6
BrownJohn Harrison1900Oliver Spgs., TN 6
BrownWilliam Franklin17 Sailor82
BrummettArthur Herbert22 Sailor82
BrummettHenry B.1889Clinton, TN 6
BrummettRichard H.18Oliver Spgs., TN 6
BrummettWilliam M.18Oliver Spgs., TN 6
BrummettWylie W.1896Oliver Spgs., TN 6
BullErnest A.21Clinton, TN 6
BullockEd24Bruceville, TN 7
BullockJohn F.1892Coal Creek, TN 7
BunchCharlie18Rosedale, TN 7
BunchHoward22Anniston [sic] Co., TN 7
BunchJeff23Anderson Co., TN 7
BunchJeff1892Rosedale, TN 7
BunchLonas M.1896Rosedale, TN 7
BunchVirgil18Podopholine, TN 7
BunchWalter1895Rosedale, TN 8
BurressHobert E.1896Clinton, TN 8
BurressHomer J.1895Clinton, TN 8
BurressVirgil G.1894Coal Creek, TN 8
BurrisJames M.26Coal Creek, TN 8
BurtonCharley C.21Anderson Co., TN 8
ButcherAlonzo J.1893Pioneer, TN 8
ButcherGarry Raymond19 Sailor82
ButcherHarry C.1895Clinton, TN 8
ButcherWilliam E.27Clinton, TN 9
ButlerAllen N.24Mitchell Co., TN 9
ButlerFred E.1895Hillsboro, TX 9
ByrgeAlex22Stainville, TN 9


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CalseNicola23Italy 9
CampbellHarrison F.1894Coal Creek, TN 9
CampbellRobert19Oliver Spgs., TNWounded64
CardenFletcher R.1894Clinton, TN 9
CardenJames E.31Clinton, TNDead72
CardenWarner L.21Clinton, TN 9
CardenWilliam L.28Andersonville, TN 9
CarpenterCharlie25Knox Co., TN 10
CarrollGoldman Monroe1894Anderson Co., TN 10
CarsonJoseph H.24Oliver Spgs., TNDead72
CarterCode O.26Chattanooga, TN 10
CarterCode Oscar21 Sailor82
CarterGibby M.1889Anderson Co., TN 10
CasaleNicola1894Italy 10
ChildressCharles1891Coal Creek, TN 10
ChildressHenry17 Sailor83
ChildressJesse21Coal Creek, TN 10
ChildressOtto22Knoxville, TNWounded64
ChildressWilliam L.22Heiskell Sta., TNWounded64
ClaxtonMike1897Pioneer, TN 10
ClearWill23Andersonville, TN 10
ClinesWilliam T.22Anderson Co., TN 10
CloughLeonard C.21Oliver Springs, TN 11
CokerUlys30Oliver Spgs., TNDead73
ColeJohn Frank1896Coal Creek, TN 11
ColemanHorison1892Lookout, KY 11
ConwayCharles M.23Coal Creek, TN 11
CooperJohn Frank1893Coal Creek, TN 11
CowardJoseph W.27Clinton, TNWounded64
CowardSamuel T.21Anderson Co., TN 11
CoxAlanzo Amos1894Coal Creek, TNMarine80
CoxAlbert20Coal Creek, TN 11
CoxAlonzo C.41Coal Creek, TN 11
CoxArthur M.21Coal Creek, TNWounded64
CoxBerry19 Sailor83
CoxCharles Hobart18 Sailor83
CoxElmer M.24Coal Creek, TN 11
CoxFrank B.18Coal Creek, TN 11
CoxHarrison25Coal Creek, TN 12
CoxHenry1897Coal Creek, TN 12
CoxHenry Arthur1890Knox Co., TN 12
CoxJohn27Edgemoor, TNWounded65
CoxJohn Mayberry1887Clinton, TNDead73
CoxOmer L.18Coal Creek, TN 12
CoxOwen18Coal Creek, TN 12
CoxWilliam R.21Knox Co., TNWounded65
CraigJesse A.1893Clinton, TN 12
CraigSam24Briceville, TN 12
CrawfordJohn W.1895Clinton, TN 12
CrawfordWilliam L.25Clinton, TN 12
CrossLawrence22Oliver Springs, TN 13
CrossVirgil H.28Scarboro, TN 13
CrozierWilliam A.1886Oliver Springs, TN 13
CrozierWilliam H.25Oliver Springs, TN 13


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DabneyJohn L.24Coal Creek, TNDishon. Disch.91
DagleyEdward21Clinton, TN 13
DagleyEverett R.23Anderson Co., TNWounded65
DailWillard S.1898Anderson Co., TN 13
DailWilliam H.24Anderson Co., TN 13
DanielsEugene26Coal Creek, TN 13
DanielsJames B.23Knoxville, TN 13
DaughertyEarly22Rosedale, TN 14
DaughertyHugh Frank1896Terre Haute, IN 14
DaughertyLee H.23Podopholine, TN 14
DaughertyPatrick H.25Briceville, TN 14
DaughertyRobert19Anderson Co., TN 14
DaughertySilas M.18Briceville, TN 14
DaughertyWilliam24Briceville, TN 14
DaughertyWillie21New River, TNDeserter91
DavenportGus24Glenmary, TN 14
DavisCharles A.1892Scott Co., VA 15
DavisDavid E.30Newcomb, TN 15
DavisFrank21Scott Co., TN 15
DawnJames Early19Andersonville, TN 15
DayJohn B.1895Oliver Spgs., TN 15
De MarcusDaniel Keeley21 Sailor83
DealClaud1897Hopper Hill, TN 15
DealCleve22Ft. Payne, AL 15
DemarcusErnest L.22Andersonville, TN 15
DennyOha H.24Clinton, TN 15
DennyRaymond Roscoe1895Clinton, TN 16
DewMoss E.1895Clinton, TN 16
DiggsBenjamin W.18Oliver Spgs., TN 16
DiggsSamuel O.29Anderson Co., TN 16
DiggsSamuel W.21Oliver Spgs., TN 16
DisneyCharles E.20Knoxville, TNWounded65
DisneyEarl H.21Coal Creek, TN 16
DisneyEd19Coal Creek, TN 16
DisneyEdward Kyle21Coal Creek, TN 16
DisneyRobert21Coal Creek, TNWounded65
DunawayFred L.22Robertsville, TNDead73
DuncanArthur Herbert19 Sailor83
DuncanBenson R.18Briceville, TN 16
DuncanEd W.21Briceville, TNWounded65
DuncanHarwell Wilkins20 Sailor83
DuncanJames H.1896Briceville, TN 17
DuncanJoseph S.26Anderson Co., TN 17
DuncanKelly M.1889Coal Creek, TN 17
DuncanMillard F.27Anderson Co., TN 17
DuncanRoscoe B.1897Oliver Spgs., TN 17
DuncanSamuel D.1896Anderson Co., TN 17
DuncanZenith H.1892Oliver Spgs., TN 17
DunkinSamuel L.1897Clinton, TN 17


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EasleyJim1895Oliver Springs, TN 18
EdmondsEmit M.21Knox Co., TNDead73
EdmondsRoy21Jefferson Co., TN 18
EdwardsEdgar F.19Coal Creek, TNWounded66
EdwardsRoy F.18Oliver Spgs., TN 18
EldridgeLonzo19Coal Creek, TN 18
ElkinsBell Stamps22Rogersville, TNWounded66
ElkinsCleveland1880Andersonville, TNOfficer USA77
ElkinsJohn T.25Haskell, TNWounded66
ElliottJames O.1889Cold Creek, TN 18
ElliottLee24Andersonville, TN 18
ElliottLeland Dewey19 Sailor83
ElliottMoss J.20Clinton, TNWounded66
ElliottTate25Andersonville, TN 18
ElliottWilliam Arthur22 Sailor84
EllisJohn W.35Anderson Co., TN 18
EllisOll1893Clinton, TNWounded66
EnsleyWilliam Hobart1896Coal Creek, TN 19
EvansBenjamin F.1890Robertsville, TNOfficer USA77
EverettJesse1897Hermon, TN 19


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FaulknerJohn C.24Emory Gap, TN 19
FaustSamuel Lanzy1895Coal Creek, TN 19
FosterJames H.31Clinton, TN 19
FosterJames L.31Oliver Springs, TN 19
FosterJames W.1893Heiskell, TN 19
FosterJesse Edgar1891Robertsville, TN 19
FosterWilliam E.1896Heiskell, TN 20
FosterWilliam E.23Heiskell, TNDead73
FoustAlbert23Coal Creek, TN 20
FoustArthur M.23Coal Creek, TN 20
FoustCharlie25Knoxville, TNWounded66
FoustChris21Knoxville, TNWounded67
FowlerJames Lyman1900Coal Creek, TN 20
FoxJames Amos16 Sailor84
FreelsArthur1888Leinarts, TN 20
FreelsCharlie1889Leinarts, TN 20
FreelsJohn C.1894Scarboro, TN 20
FreelsWilliam A.1892Edgemoor, TN 20
FrittsMadison23Coal Creek, TN 20
FrittsSamuel M.22Oliver Springs, TNWounded67


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GadsonCornelius1895Heiskill, TN 21
GadsonHorace1894Rowells, TN 21
GalbraithGeorge W.1897Edgemoor, TN 21
GalbraithJohn Robert1892Oliver Spgs., TNOfficer USA77
GalbraithThomas B.1894Robertsville, TN 21
GambleElmer1894Anderson Co., TN 21
GambleEthel30Robertsville, TNDead73
GambleJohn B.25Clinton, TNDead73
GarnerAndrew J.19Coal Creek, TN 21
GarnerCharlie22Clinton, TN 21
GaultIvy I.26Strawberry Plains, TN 21
GaylorAndrew1891Coal Creek, TN 21
GilbertRaymond C.1897Tazewell, TN 22
GilbreathJoe1890Oliver Spgs., TN 22
GilesCarl J.19Anderson Co., TN 22
GilesCoda Lon  Sailor, Dead84
GilesFred Mathew1893Edgemoor, TN 22
GilesSam M.1888Clinton, TN 22
GilesSamuel Clarence1890Edgemoor, TN 22
GilliamCharlie T.24Clinchport, VA 22
GilreathJohn W.23Marlow, TNDead74
GoansJames W. R.1900Cilinton, TN 22
GoodmanRoscoe1895TennesseeOfficer USA78
GormanMack24Lupton, TN 22
GrahamArthur1895Clinton, TN 22
GrahamMaynard L.18Clinton, TN 23
GrahamMossie21Fradaville, TN 23
GrahamSamuel1888Clinton, TN 23
GriffithRoy L.1889Oliver Spgs., TN 23
GuyWilliam C.27Clinton, TN 23
GuytonJake Monroe1897Clinton, TN 23


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HackworthFloyd Sam22Leinerts, TN 23
HaggardRobert Y.19Wheat, TNWounded67
HalburntEdgar E.22Oliver Springs, TN 23
HaleOrville Y.40Clinton, TN 23
HallHerbert S.1894Lilly, KY 23
HallJohn W.27Clinton, TNWounded67
HallPercy H.28Clinton, TN 24
HamiltonClaud1897Claiborne Co., TN 24
HaneyDollman1897Anderson, NC 24
HannahJoseph E.28Clinton, TNWounded67
HardwickRolly1893Burnside, KYDeserter91
HarmonHenry P.29Jacksboro, TN 24
HarnessJames Alfred1897Briceville, TN 24
HarnessThomas M.27Pless, TN 24
HarringtonWilliam M.1896Huskell, TN 24
HarrisAlfred D.1897Anderson Co., TN 24
HatmakerBert F.28Briceville, TN 24
HatmakerCharles L.1892Coal Creek, TNDead74
HatmakerJames H.21Jacksboro, TN 24
HatmakerSterling G.1889Lafollette, TN 25
HatmakerWalter G.25Jacksboro, TN 25
HawkinsJohn H.1895Coal Creek, TN 25
HawkinsLevi22Caryville, TN 25
HawkinsWarner23 Sailor84
HawkinsWilliam H.35Caryville, TN 25
HaydenBrent1895Clinton, TN 25
HaynesJoseph16 Sailor84
HayreLee M.27Coal Creek, TN 25
HaysRobert A.24Clinton, TN 25
HaysWilliam B.25Clinton, TN 25
HeadrickGeorge H.1892Newbarts, TN 25
HembreeOscar E.1889Roane Co., TNOfficer USA78
HendersonBerley Obanyon19 Sailor85
HendrenJacob22Clinton, TN 26
HenningSamuel S. E.34Anderson Co., TNDead74
HenningWilliam T.1890Robertsville, TN 26
HerrellJames Daniel21Heiskell, TN 26
HicksBenjamin G. F.1898Clinton, TN 26
HicksCarus Searight1900Clinton, TN 26
HicksRoss M.1895Clinton, TN 26
HightowerJohn Raymond17 Sailor85
HillThorn1899Coal Creek, TNMarine80
HolderCharlie23Oliver Spgs., TN 26
HooksSamuel1896Robertsville, TN 26
HooksWilliam H.22Coal Creek, TN 26
HoskinsBenard24Clinton, TN 26
HoskinsGeorge D.1890Clinton, TN 27
HoskinsHobart27Oliver Spgs., TN 27
HoskinsHugh1895Anderson Co., TN 27
HoskinsJoe26Oliver Spgs., TN 27
HoskinsSam24Oliver Spgs., TN 27
HubbertWill24Kensee, KY 27
HuffOmer25 Sailor85
HughesJabe29Oliver Springs, TNWounded67
HumanRufus P.1888Anderson Co., TN 27
HumphreysLem21Union Co., TN 27
HumphreysRobert M.1894Anderson Co., TN 27
HunleyConda U.21Andersonville, TN 28
HunleySamuel K.22Anderson Co., TX 28
HunleyWilliam J.28Coal Creek, TN 28
HutchesonJohn G.1896Robertsville, TN 28
HutchisonOtis S.1893Maynardville, TN 28
HutsonIrby E.1893Coal Creek, TN 28


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IrwinDaniel A.1894Andersonville, TN 28
IrwinSam M.22Clinton, TN 28
IrwinVasco1886Union Co., TN 28


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JarnaginAvy S.1897Clinton, TN 29
JarnaginDaniel M.1888Clinton, TN 29
JarnaginDavid1892Clinton, TN 29
JeffresHenry M.1893Briceville, TNDead74
JohnsClay23Rutledge, TN 29
JohnsonBen L.26Campbell Co., TN 29
JohnsonBlaine F.24Scarboro, TNWounded68
JohnsonCharlie Robert25Campbell Co., TN 29
JohnsonHenry B.21Briceville, TNWounded68
JohnsonHenry C.20Briceville, TN 29
JohnsonHorace C.22Blue Ridge, GA 29
JohnsonJessee M.21Briceville, TN 29
JohnsonJohn21Clinton, TN 29
JohnsonJohn A.25Scarboro, TN 30
JohnsonLuther E.1896Anderson Co., TN 30
JohnsonRobert H.1890Clinton, TN 30
JohnsonSherman1892Greeneville, TN 30
JohnsonWilliam E.1895Clinton, TN 30
JonesJoseph R.22Dail, TN 30
JonesWallace1891Andersonville, TN 30
JonesWalter A.26Marlow, TN 31


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KeeverBayne P.19Coal Creek, TN 31
KeeverBayne Phair1895Coal Creek, TNOfficer USA78
KeeverFlin S.1900Tennessee 31
KeithElmer O.1898Clinton, TN 31
KellyRatus L.1899Luttrell, TN 31
KestersonCharley T.18Clinton, TN 31
KestersonJames W.24Anderson Co., TN 31
KincaidRobert L.26Knoxville, TN 31
KingEdmund28Scott Co., TN 32
KingJohn F.1895Clinton, TN 32
KingRobert B.17Clinton, TN 32
KirbyWalter E.22Anderson Co., TN 32
KirkpatrickJames Newman1887Clinton, TN 32
KykerCharles Hartsell1886Chuckey, TNOfficer USA78


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LackeyGeorge W.21Ellenboro, NC 32
LaddRichard Hamby1892Kingston, TN 32
LaffeyHenry25Coal Creek, TN 32
LambdinJames L.1899Maynardville, TN 33
LandrumCharles D.1896Andersonville, TN 33
LaneMillard1891Clinton, TN 33
LeachBart H.18Coal Creek, TN 33
LeathMcKinley21Anderson Co., TN 33
LedfordSimpson24Heiskell, TN 33
LeinartEarley Clinton, TN 33
LeinartHorace M.25Jellico, KY 33
LeinartLester1896Clinton, TN 34
LeinartOscar Bersal1896Anderson Co., TN 34
LeinartWayne C.33Coal Creek, TN 34
LesterGeorge W.19Briceville, TN 34
LetsingerSamuel M.24Anderson Co., TN 34
LewallenWilliam E.22Clinton, TN 34
LivelyCarlos Judson1894Oliver Spgs., TNOfficer USA78
LivelyDewey18Oliver Springs, TN 34
LivelyKarionel I.19Anderson Co., TN 34
LivelyRobert25Anderson Co., TN 35
LivelySamuel23Oliver Spgs., TNDischarged91
LockettJohn E.1895Oliver Spgs., TN 35
LongBernard Theodore21 Sailor85
LongJoe B., Jr.20Oliver Spgs., TN 35
LongStephen Thomas1895Laurel, TN 35
LongmireCasewell Homer1892Andersonville, TNMarine80
LongmireMoses Omar1890Anderson Co., TN 35
LongmireRobert M.1899Andersonville, TN 35
LongmireRobert S.1897Andersonville, TN 35
LoveJohn21Greeneville, TN 35
LoveRobert H.18Oliver Spgs., TN 35
LovedayLawrence A.1893Clinton, TN 36
LovelyJohn Edward1887Coal Creek, TNOfficer USA79
LowRobert L.31Rosedale, TN 36
LoweCordice18Podopholine, TNWounded68
LoyJames H.22Heiskell, TN 36
LoySillas1888Heiskell, TN 36
LuallenBart H.22Coal Creek, TN 36
LynchEdward J.24Pikeville, TN 36
LynchElmore D.19Dayton, TN 36


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ManningCarl22Jefferson Co., TN 37
ManningEarnest J.20Jefferson Co., TN 37
ManuelWillie24Knoxville, TNWounded68
MarcumHuss1891Scott Co., TN 37
MartinCarl Ralph1881Monticello, INOfficer USA79
MartinClaton21 Sailor85
MartinHenry G.21Clinton, TN 38
MartinJoe Harris1896Coal Creek, TN 38
MartinJohn F.29Charleston, TN 38
MartinJoseph23Coal Creek, TNWounded68
MartinMilas T.22Medford, TN 39
MartinRobert1896Clinton, TN 39
MartinWill H.21Anderson Co., TN 39
MartinWill H.21Anderson Co., TNDeserter92
MassengaleGranville24Marlow, TN 39
MassengillThornton1897TennesseeOfficer USA79
MassingillGeorge W.18Roane Co., TN 39
MayRosco1893Clinton, TN 39
MaySamuel J.26Clinton, TN 39
MaySamuel W.1894Harriman, TN 39
MayWiley Edward28 Sailor86
McBeeCharles21Anderson Co., TN 36
McBeeWilliam Thomas Benton Oliver Springs, TN 37
McCoyCharley1897Knoxville, TN 37
McCoyLeonard Martin1897Oliver Spgs., TN 38
McFarlandJohn M.23Anderson Co., TN 38
McGheeRobert Lee21 Sailor86
McGlothinElijah G.23Oliver Spgs., TN 38
McGlothinJames C.21Oliver Spgs., TN 38
McGurkLouis Scott22 Sailor86
McKameyEdward29 Sailor86
McKameyJohn20 Sailor86
McKameyKernon21Clinton, TN 38
McLainWeldon1894Clinton, TN 37
McNamaraWilliam T.24Roane Co., TN 37
McWaneHenry L.26Clinton, TN 37
MedarisCharlie24Clinton, TN 39
MeltonRubie20Andersonville, TN 40
MerrittJessie D.23Grainger Co., TN 40
MillerCharley H.31Clinton, TN 40
MillerDedrick D.27Anderson Co., TN 40
MillerJoseph24Coal Creek, TNWounded69
MillerLetcher Xenephen1896Clinton, TN 40
MitchellRoy21Anderson Co., TN 40
MoneymakerCurtis D.1890Knoxville, TN 40
MoneymakerEdgar L.1897Knox Co., TN 40
MoneymakerLeonard M.1893Knoxville, TN 40
MoodyRoy29Clinton, TN 41
MooreRoy1889Clinton, TN 41
MooreRoy R.23Clinton, TN 41
MooreSamuel H.23Clinton, TN 41
MooreWalther Q.24Clinton, TN 41
MooreWilliam1896Clinton, TN 41
MorganHomer A.22Louisville, TN 41
MorganWill26Oliver Spgs., TN 41
MoungerWilliam C.29Scarboro, TN 41
MoweryCharley1897Andersonville, TN 42
MurphyEphram33Rowland, KY 42
MurrayDonn M.18Coal Creek, TN 42
MurrayGeorge F.1896Jellico, TN 42


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NationWalter E.1894Knoxville, TN 42
NelsonCharles A.19Coal Creek, TN 42
NelsonJohn1896Anderson Co., TN 42
NelsonWayne Washington18 Sailor86
NewportClifford25New River, TNDead74
NewportJohn R.22New River, TN 42
NineCharles Eli21 Sailor87
NineJoseph Alexander19 Sailor87
NormanHarrison26Clinton, TN 43
NormanMelvin1890Knox Co., TN 43


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
O’DellEd O.27Briceville, TN 43
OllisGervit S.25Oliver Springs, TN 43
OllisJeffie L.1894Oliver Springs, TN 43
OshellSidney21Roane Co, TN 43
OsteenAlbert R.23Andersonville, TNWounded68
OvertonGeorge W. S.1894Clinton, TN 43
OwenSherman F.1900Clinton, TN 43


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ParkerJohn21Knoxville, TN 44
ParrottEarl C.1896Clinton, TNDead74
ParsleyEdward F.26Morristown, TNWounded69
PattersonByrd24Rosedale, TN 44
PattersonFowler H.1895Rosedale, TN 44
PattersonOscar25 Sailor87
PattersonSawyer1896Anderson Co., TNDead75
PattersonSooner C.1891Leinart, TN 44
PattersonTommy1897Anderson Co., TN 44
PattersonUrban Bright20 Sailor87
PattersonWitt Talmage18 Sailor87
PattersonZ.24Anderson Co., TN 44
PembertonWilliam Clarence1896Clinton, TN 44
PetersElmer23Edgemoor, TN 44
PetersHenry H.27Oliver Springs, TN 44
PetersTimothy C.21Clinton, TN 45
PetersWalter M.25Clinton, TN 45
PhillipColumbus21Henderson Co., TN 45
PhillipHenry E.1889Anderson Co., TN 45
PhillipsAndrew26Clinton, TN 45
PhillipsFletcher1896Coal Creek, TNWounded69
PhillipsHarvey25Stainville, TN 45
PhillipsJames A.23Roane Co., TN 45
PhillipsJessie18Anderson Co., TN 45
PhillipsJoe21Clinton, TN 46
PhillipsJohn Grating22 Sailor88
PhillipsLewis18Stainville, TNWounded69
PhillipsSamuel24Anderson Co., TN 46
PiccaGerry1897Italy 46
PickelErnest18Oliver Springs, TN 46
PickettHarrison1896Clinton, TN 46
PickettRoy1898Clinton, TNMarine80
PilesGeorge22Loyston, TN 46
PittmanHarry C.18Monroe, TN 46
PittmanHarvie H.18Madisonville, TN 46
PowellGeorge Washington1897Harriman, TN 47
PrattHamlin17 Sailor88
PriceJames H.1887St. Louis, MO 47
PriestWillie Clinton1897Cleveland, TN 47
PritchardClifton Hayes21 Sailor88
PritchardVolina Lee  Sailor88


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
QualisClarence Madison18 Sailor88
QuallsJohn J.20Briceville, TN 47


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RabyCharlie Claton1894Concord, TN 47
RabyElmer Burdett1892Knox Co., TN 47
RanesJno. B.1895Coal Creek, TN 47
RayGeorge1893Oliver Springs, TN 47
RaySam Tom31Tennessee 48
ReedGeorge W.23Wheat, TN 48
ReedJesse J.1890Oliver Springs, TN 48
ReedWalter Lee1896Roane Co., TN 48
ReedyHarrison30Cligboon [sic] Co., TNWounded69
ReevesJohn William21 Sailor, Dead88
ReynoldsJames H.23Rosedale, TN 48
ReynoldsJohn Q. A.33Rosedale, TN 48
ReynoldsRoscoe L.26Heiskell, TN 48
RichardsJoseph John25Oliver Spgs., TN 48
RidenourLee1897Clinton, TN 49
RobbinsAlvis1887Andersonville, TN 49
RobbinsJames G.27Anderson Co., TN 49
RobbinsPhair1891Anderson Co., TN 49
RobertsLeonrad H.18Edgemoor, TN 49
RobertsonWilliam M.38Briceville, TN 49
RominesRalph21Sevierville, TN 49
RoseFloyd1896Grainger Co., TN 49
RossFletcher H.23Clinton, TN 49
RossSam L.1892Clinton, TN 49
RuckerIsaac28Andersonville, TN 50
RussellDavid25Oliver Springs, TN 50
RussellJohn24Oliver Springs, TN 50
RutherfordErnest1896Andersonville, TN 50


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SamsCarl P.1892Clinton, TN 50
SandersLeonard R.22Anderson Co., TN 50
SandsLewis O.23Roane Co., TN 50
ScarboroughJohn Edward17 Sailor89
ScarboroughWillie22Anderson Co., TN 50
SeeberThomas L.1897Roane Co., TN 51
SeiberAndrew29Oliver Springs, TN 51
SeiberClaude Houston1896Edgemoor, TN 51
SeiberHomer Herchill22Anderson Co., TN 51
SeiberJames E.21Clinton, TN 51
SeibertMiles1897Clinton, TN 51
SentersRoy18Clinton, TN 51
ShanleverSam K.23Clinton, TN 51
SharpCharles D.1894Sharps Chapel, TN 52
SharpCharley22Andersonville, TN 52
SharpEarnest18Coal Creek, TN 52
SharpEarnest L.23Andersonville, TN 52
SharpGibson1896Andersonville, TN 52
SharpHenry Robert17 Sailor89
SharpLawrence28Andersonville, TN 52
SharpLee C.27Anderson Co., TN 52
SharpOtis25Briceville, TNDead75
SharpRichard M.1897Campbell Co., TN 52
SharpWilliam E.21Andersonville, TN 52
SharpWilliam M.28Andersonville, TN 53
SharpWilliam O.23Maynardville, TN 53
SharpeRoscoe R.25Andersonville, TN 53
SheltonJoseph R.  Officer USA79
ShiflettRandolph H.1887Clifton, TN 53
ShinliverArthur21Henderson Co., TN 53
ShubertWilliam C.18Edgemoor, TNDeserter92
SieversEddie O.1890Clinton, TN 53
SimonsWilliam1897Grouger [sic] Co., TN 53
SingletonArthur1894Claiborne Co., TN 53
SloverHorace M.26Anderson Co., TN 54
SloverPleasant1898Coal Creek, TNMarine80
SloverRobert1888Coal Creek, TNMarine80
SmithEdgar1889Anderson, TN 54
SmithJames H.29Marlow, TN 54
SmithLevi H.34Marlow, TN 54
SmithWilliam D.22Hickory Valley, TN 54
SolomonFrank1894Oliver Spgs., TN 54
SpessardEthel Daniel1889Clinton, TN 54
StanleyJames A.24Heiskell, TN 54
StansberryLuke1898Coal Creek, TNMarine81
StaplesByrd22Clinton, TN 54
StaplesJohn1892Oliver Spgs., TN 55
StephensJohn Thurman28 Sailor89
StinerJohn H.22Knoxville, TN 55
StonecipherJoseph O.21Oliver Springs, TN 55
StooksburyCharlie R.21Union Co., TNWounded69
StooksburyErnest23Andersonville, TN 55
StooksburyFred24Andersonville, TN 55
StooksburyHenry1895Andersonville, TN 55
StooksburyOta Mitchell1896Union Co., TN 55
StooksburyPolk23Andersonville, TNWounded70
StooksburyWager26Andersonville, TN 55
StooksburyWilliam M.27Andersonville, TN 55
StraderCharles Leon20 Sailor89
StraderJoseph E.20Clifton, TN 56
StriplingThomas25Oliver Spgs., TN 56
StriplingWalter B.19Polk Co., ARWounded70
StriplingWill27Oliver Spgs., TN 56
SuffridgeLonie F.1896Lazewell, TN 56


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TaylorBenjamin24Wheat, TN 56
TaylorCharley A.18Roane Co., TNWounded70
TaylorDock1898Briceville, TN 56
TaylorJames Pet1887Briceville, TN 56
TaylorJerry18Rosedale, TNWounded70
TaylorJohn W.23Anderson Co., TN 56
TaylorMit A.1893Briceville, TN 56
ThackerEligah G.1896Oliver Spgs., TN 57
ThomasStacy G.23Laurel Bloomery, TN 57
ThompsonMack21Harriman, TN 57
TibbsCharles R.19Clinton, TN 57
TidwellGlenn Howell1896Coal Creek, TN 57
TidwellWilliam24Coal Creek, TN 57
TupperBailey22 Sailor89
TupperBailey T.22Oliver Springs, TN 57
TupperHugh31Oliver Spgs., TN 57
TuttleJames21Coal Creek, TN 58


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
VandagriffJames H.30Heiskell, TN 58
VandagriffJohn1891Heiskell, TN 58
VandergriffHenry W.21Coal Creek, TN 58
VannWillie27Oliver Spgs., TN 58
VowelJesse H.21Briceville, TN 58
VowellCharles Oscar1886Coal Creek 58
VowellIsaiah P.25Coal Creek 58
VowellThomas Sherman19 Sailor89


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WalierBert1894Lenoir City, TNDead75
WallaceElbert26Jacksboro, TN 58
WallaceFrank W.23Andersonville, TN 58
WallaceHarmer Charles1896Clinton, TN 59
WallaceJohn B.1897Clinton, TN 59
WallaceJohn N.1888Clinton, TN 59
WallaceSam R.1890Clinton, TN 59
WallerJohn Linton18 Sailor90
WallsIsaac23Oliver Spgs., TN 59
WardEli25Anderson Co., TN 59
WatsonHugh22Madisonville, TN 59
WeatherfordDona H.24Coal Creek, TNWounded70
WeaverHarrison Walter20 Sailor90
WebberCharles F.29Clinton, TN 59
WebberJohn G.29Clinton, TNWounded70
WestGeorge E.18Oliver Springs, TNDead75
WestRichard23Rosedale, TN 59
WestTom R.18Oliver Springs, TNDead76
WestWilliam Rileu1897Scott Co., TN 59
WhitakerHenry22Coal Creek, TN 60
WhiteCharley M.22Briceville, TN 60
WhiteErvin D.1891Briceville, TN 60
WhiteFred S.23Briceville, TN 60
WhiteGeorge C.1895Briceville, TN 60
WhiteHenry P.24Clinton, TN 60
WhiteHorace M.1894Clinton, TN 60
WhiteJasper22Briceville, TN 60
WhiteRoss1897Anderson Co., TN 61
WhiteRouden1895Briceville, TN 61
WhitsonCharles H.1889Coal Creek, TN 61
WhitsonFrank A.1887Coal Creek, TN 61
WilisCharlie1891Greenville, TN 61
WilkersonGeorge Delaney1891Clinton, TN 61
WilliamsGeorge H.1895Coal Creek, TN 61
WilliamsHazen1897Union Co., TN 61
WilliamsRoger Q.22Clinton, TN 61
WilliamsWalter M.18Clinton, TNWounded71
WilsonCharles Lee29 Sailor90
WilsonDavid H.1897Howell Co., MODead76
WilsonDrewley N.24Jellico, TNDeserter92
WilsonFred1888Knoxville, TNDeserter92
WilsonGlennis Ralph1899Coal Creek, TN 61
WilsonJames Samuel1897Clinton, TN 62
WilsonJoseph Horace24Oliver Spgs., TN 62
WilsonWilliam F.22Coal Creek, TN 62
WinchesterHenry T.22Scarboro, TN 62
WoodDavid A., Jr.18Briceville, TNWounded71
WoodJohn B.19Clinton, TN 62
WoodsWilliam Sherman1890Coal Creek, TN 62
WootenGrover C.26Mont Eagle, TN 62
WorthingtonSamuel B23Andersonville, TN 62
WrightClyde Dauthis21 Sailor90
WrightDennis1894Edgemoor, TN 63
WrightEarl Frank1896Oliver Spgs., TN 63
WrightEthel1892Oliver Spgs., TN 63
WrightVirgle1895Leinarts, TNDishon. Disch.91


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YarnellWillard D.1894Heiskell, TN 63
YorkRobert J.1891Andersonville, TN 63
YoungJoe S.1896Cardi, TN 63


No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Anderson County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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