Bedford County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Bedford County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Bedford County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 739 individuals served from Bedford County during World War I. There were 649 soldiers in the Army, 29 of which were officers. There were 64 sailors in the Navy, 3 of which were officers. There were 21 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 5 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdamsJim32 Sailor89
AdamsKoy E.24Shelbyville, TN 1
AdamsOdie24Coffee Co., TNWounded72
AdamsWill24Shelbyville, TN 1
AdcockHenry D.1895Shelbyville, TN 1
AgeeArthur V.24Fosterville, TN 1
AgeeHenry H.21Shelbyville, TN 1
AgeeWilliam H.1899Bedford Co., TN 1
AllenJesse Ervin27Tullahoma, TN 1
AllenSamuel J.1900Caney Springs, TN 1
AllensWilliam L.22Caney Springs, TNOfficer80
AndersonCommodore1891Shelbyville, TN 2
AndersonHorace C.28Wartrace, TNDead75
AndersonOde T.1891Manchester, TN 2
AndersonOllie B.21Bedford Co., TNDead75
AndersonOscar L.21Unionville, TN 2
AnthonyHoyt23Normandy, TN 2
AnthonyMorton M.1897Haley, TN 2
ArmstrongJames Oliver Jr.22 Sailor89
ArnoldHenry Clay1897Wartrace, TN 2
ArnoldJesse N.24Whittaker, TNDead75
ArnoldJohn B.28Shelbyville, TN 2
ArnoldJohn Marcus25 Sailor89
ArnoldWilliam Albert22 Sailor89
ArnoldWilliam G.23Wartrace, TN 2
ArnoldWilliam H.1897Shelbyville, TN 2
AshleyJames H.26Beech Grove, TN 3
AyersAllen Joy  Sailor89
AyersClyde L.1896Keller, TN 3


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BarrettWilliam V.25Bedford Co., TN 3
BartlettBelvie E.32Bedford Co., TN 3
BatesClaude Edward1895Lewisburg, TN 3
BeardenAlbert W.27Singleton, TN 3
BeardenCecil Millard25 Sailor90
BeardenEdwin T.1900Shelbyville, TN 3
BeardenHollis F.22Flat Creek, TN 3
BeardenJohn C.23Shelbyville, TNWounded72
BerryEdgar Lee1896Shelbyville, TN 4
BerryhillJames L.27Wartrace, TN 4
BialeyHoward24Bell Buckle, TN 4
BlackJames G.22Murfreesboro, TN 4
BlackburnWaldon E.23Beech Grove, TNWounded72
BlackburnWilliam E.24Coffee Co., TN 4
BlackfurnArledge25Beachgrove, TN 4
BlairWilliam L.23Clarksville, TN 4
BlakemoreFount31Shelbyville, TN 4
BlakemoreGeorge25Shelbyville, TN 5
BlakemoreHorace E.1895Shelbyville, TN 5
BoboAllen e.26Flat Creek, TN 5
BomarHarry H.1887Wartrace, TN 5
BomarMarion H.1896Shelbyville, TN 5
BowerEarl C.1898Richmond, TN 5
BoyceLeonard H.24Fosterville, TNDead75
BoydThomas F.1893Irvington, KYOfficer80
BoydenHayne Davis1897Statesville, N.C.Marine85
BrandonAlbbert Marks1896Normandy, TNMarine85
BrandonCharley18Cannon Co., TNWounded72
BrandonSamuel L.27  5
BrantleyClarnece E. Shelbyville, TN 5
BrantleyDaniel M.21Shelbyville, TN 6
BrantleyJohn H.18Shelbyville, TN 6
BrawlyAuthor L.27Manchester, TN 6
BridgesAlbert Estin23  6
BridgesLester Warren1896Rockvale, TN 6
BrightHerbert Chafford1894Coffee Co., TN 6
BrinkleyArvin W.1895Raus, TN 6
BrinkleyElrie H.23Tullahoma, TN 7
BrittonCornelious29Shelbyville, TN 7
BrittonHenry R.1897Shelbyville, TN 7
BrittonJacob1892Shelbyville, TN 7
BrownEwing T.27Shelbyville, TN 7
BrownGeorge Albert1896Wartrace, TN 7
BrownHoyte1894Shelbyville, TN 7
BrownJames W.1897Wartrace, TN 7
BrownJohn L.22Shelbyville, TN 7
BrownMarion F.22Rover, TN 7
BrownWilliam A.27Bedford Co., TN 8
BryantClarence L.1896Flat Creek, TN 8
BrymerHomer Howard25Tennessee 8
BuchannanEdward Moton1900Shelbyville, TN 8
BullockWilliam H.1896Unionville, TN 8
BumpusLeonard S.1896Shelbyville, TN 8
BurdettWilliam F.21Haley, TN 8
BurdetteBenjamin L.1878Shelbyville, TNOfficer80
BurgessJoe Dolphus1895Shelbyville, TN 8
BurksEmitt21Normandy, TN 9
BurlinCharlie Marcus26 Sailor90
BurrowRobert L.33Marshall Co., TN 9
BushThomas Louis1896Bradyville, TN 9
ButlerJasper J.18Union Hill, TN 9
ButlerThurman Alexander1892Noah, TN 9
ButnerBuford Lester1897Bedford Co., TN 9
ButnerJohn W.21Dilton, TN 9
ButtnerLester H.1893Nashville, TN 9


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CalhounHarry Coble18Shelbyville, TNFraudulent Enlistment101
CampbellHarrison A.25Shelbyville, TNWounded72
CannonJohn1896Shelbyville, TN 9
CannonWilburn Hoyt23Near Shelbyville, TNWounded72
CannonWilliam T.1892Shelbyville, TN 10
CapleyJames D.19Shelbyville, TN 10
CapleyWilliam Arthur1897Giles Co., TN 10
CardwellHenry W.24Medaro, CA 10
CarltonWilliam W.21Marshall Co., TN 10
CarnitzerBoyd23Carthage, TN 10
CarothersDon Shriver1896Shelbyville, TN 10
CarrollGordon Mentor1892Wartrace, TNOfficer80
CarterRobert Elmer1896Lynchburg, TN 10
CaruthersJohn W.22Bedford Co., TNWounded73
CastlemanLawrence G.1894Shelbyville, TN 11
CatesDaniel Edgar24Haley, TN 11
ChambersRobert H.1896Bedford Co., TN 11
ChamblessJohn S.18Bedford Co., TN 11
ChristianBurtis Vandy21 Sailor90
ChristmasLewis1895Wartrace, TNDead75
ChunnJoe L.1897Bedford Co., TN 11
ClarkAnderson B.22Normandy, TN 11
ClarkHenry P.25Rutherford Co., TN 11
ClarkJoe C.28Bell Buckle, TN 11
ClarkJoseph Cunningham1888Bell Buckle, TNMarine85
ClarkWilliam P.1889Wartrace, TN 12
ClaryBenjamin A.24Bell Buckle, TN 12
ClaxtonWilliam H.1890Shelbyville, TNDead75
ClaybournJames P.25Shelbyville, TN 12
ClenneyLeander Crawford1896Flatcreek, TN 12
CliffordRobert B.19Bedford Co., TNDead76
CluveriusJames Robert1896Bedford Co., TN 12
CoatesIssac23Shelbyville, TN 12
CobleNelley B.1890Shelbyville, TN 12
CohnShirley G.1894Coffee Co., TN 13
ColdwellHarry E.1892Shelbyville, TN 12
ColdwellRuge Green1897Shelbyville, TN 12
CollinsClarence Ivie1893Unionville, TN 13
CollinsHoward M.23Unionville, TN 13
CollinsJim E.21Unionville, TNDead76
CollinsWillie D.1895Unionville, TN 13
CookCharlie W.25Bedford Co., TN 13
CookEddie Lee23Shelbyville, TN 13
CooleyRoy Morris1900Mayfield, KYMarine85
CooperEdmund Jr.22Shelbyville, TN 13
CooperJasper1892Bell Buckle, TN 13
CooperRoy1896Unionville, TN 14
CooperWilliam L.1888  14
CooperWilliam P.22Shelbyville, TN 14
CortnerAubrey Stanley1900Cortner, TN 14
CouchJohn H.22Bell Buckle, TN 14
CovingtonBenjamin F.1895Unionville, TN 14
CovingtonHorace E.1897Unionville, TN 14
CowanWilliam27Shelbyville, TN 14
CoxGrady J.22Bedford Co., TN 15
CoxWillie Thomas23Bedford Co., TNDead76
CraigJames H.27Shelbyville, TN 15
CrawfordGeorge24Shelbyville, TN 15
CrawfordGeorge Guy1887Bell Buckle, TNOfficer80
CrosslinEldie1896Bell Buckle, TN 15
CroswellCharles E.1895Shelbyville, TN 15
CrouchJoe31Bell Buckle, TN 15
CrowellBenton18 Sailor90
CrowellDeWitt1890Shelbyville, TN 15
CrowellOscar Harlin23 Sailor90
CrowellZedrick E.24Bedford Co., TN 15
CrutchfieldRobert Taylor21 Sailor91
CrutisJesse W.1896Shelbyville, TN 16
CruzeHerbert B.19Haley, TN 16
CunninghamHerman Grady23Shelbyville, TNWounded73
CurtisRoy F.1894Bedford Co., TN 16
CurtisTinic18 Sailor91
CurtissGeorge R.18Shelbyville, TN 16


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DanielClaude J.1896Shelbyville, TN 16
DanielFinis A.21Raus, TN 16
DavidsonAlbert23Wartrace, TN 16
DavidsonColeman Lawson1899Wartrace, TN 16
DavidsonDan26Christiana, TN 17
DavidsonGeorge O.24Bedford Co., TN 17
DavidsonHenderson30Wartrace, TN 17
DavidsonHenry J.27Bedford Co., TN 17
DavisHorice24Coffey Co., TN 17
DavisJohn28Bell Buckle, TN 17
DavisJohn Andrew27Bedford Co., TN 17
DavisThomas L.1896Wartrace, TN 17
DeanCarl1896Shelbyville, TN 18
DeanEarnest L.23Flat Creek, TN 18
DeanEdward1896Flat Creek, TN 18
DeanFred E.1895Flat Creek, TN 18
DeanJohn T.29Bedford Co., TN 18
DearingLeone Frances27 Sailor91
DelkWill C.22Shelbyville, TN 18
DementArthur J.1896Cortner, TN 18
DennisJohn R.24Bell Buckle, TN 18
DennisWillie R.1885Lynchburg, TN 19
DivensJohn T.1889Petersburg, TNDead76
DortnerA;pha Bennett27 Sailor91
DouglasJames I.1893Bell Buckle, TN 19
DriskillHarry Reagor1896Bedford Co., TN 19
DunnHenry H.24Murfreesboro, TNWounded73
DyeArthur M.22Wartrace, TN 19
DyerJames Hubert1875TennesseeOfficer80


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EddeEverett1897Bedford Co., TN 19
EdmondsonLorenzo18Shelbyville, TN 19
EdwardsCharles Leroy1897Bedford Co., TN 19
EdwardsWade M.1896Rutherford Co., TN 19
ElkinsRobert L.1894Murray, TN 20
EllingtonEarl28Wartrace, TN 20
EllingtonSyd33Steverson, AL 20
EppsHorace26Bell Buckle, TN 20
ErwinBurton C.22Bell Buckle, TN 20
EspyGeorge Verner22 Sailor91
EvansBailey Payton1896Shelbyville, TNMarine85
EwingJohn1894Alabama 20


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FarrarEverett A.1895Wartrace, TN 20
FarrarFloyd E.23Shelbyville, TN 20
FaulknerHenry Grady23 Sailor91
FaulknerRobert1891Shelbyville, TN 21
FelpsHugh Edgar22 Sailor92
FerrellLelon P.1894Wartrace, TN 21
FerrellLonner21Coffee Co., TN 21
FisherJames Thomas26Shelbyville, TN 21
FlackJohn T.1887Shelbyville, TN 21
FoxJames E.31Bell Buckle, TN 21
FoxJohn H.23Bell Buckle, TN 21
FrazierAbe25Deason, TN 21
FrazierJames1896Shelbyville, TN 22
FrazierVirgil H.1892Shelbyville, TNNavy Officer100
FreezeTalmage Wood1896Bell Buckle, TN 22
FriersonJohn W.20Shelbyville, TN 22
FriersonRichard Sandusky1900Nashville, TNMarine85
FriersonRobert P.18Shelbyville, TN 22
FrostCarl W.25Bedford Co., TN 22
FugittBen Huff1895Rutherford Co., TN 22
FuquaJames H.23Macon Co., TN 22


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GallagherJohn Jr.1897Wartrace, TN 22
GardnerFrank Jr.1888Memphis, TN 23
GarnerJames A.22Bell Buckle, TN 23
GarrettArthur25 Sailor92
GarrettJames E.25Rover, TN 23
GauntClaude24Shelbyville, TN 23
GeorgeTempleton William1896Shelbyville, TN 23
GibsonJoe A.27Richmond, TN 23
GibsonWilliam1896Shelbyville, TN 23
GillAndrew J.1891Shelbyville, TN 23
GillCharles Cooper1894Bell Buckle, TNMarine85
GillWillie J.25FallCreek, TNDead76
GilmoreGran24Wartrace, TN 24
GlascowCharles D.21Raus, TN 24
GlasscockEdgar Birdwell21Raus, TN 24
GogginJessie Hampton24 Sailor92
GogginMadison Smith22 Sailor92
GoodwinEley W.29Russellville, KY 24
GordonJames N.18Columbus, GA 24
GordonJohn Andrew1898Shelbyville, TNMarine86
GrantBenny29Wartrace, TN 24
GreenAlbert C.24Shelbyville, TN 24
GreenCharles H.22Shelbyville, TN 24
GreenClayton1896Union Ridge, TN 25
GreenFord1895Wartrace, TNDead76
GreerBen1894Richmond, TN 25
GreerFines1896Shelbyville, TN 25
GregoryClaude1896Shelbyville, TN 25
GregoryRubie S.22Shelbyville, TN 25
GriderWilliam H.27Wartrace, TN 25
GrubbEmmett T.26Bedford Co., TN 25
GunnHoratio S.20Bedford Co., TN 25
GunterEwald K.1900Shelbyville, TN 26


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HairstonGuy E.1899Shelbyville, TN 26
HaithcoatRoy Franklin1896Shelbyville, TNMarine86
HaithcoteJohn Curtis1887Bedford Co., TN 26
HaleWilliam C.1894Flat Creek, TN 26
HallCharles S.1891Wartrace, TNOfficer81
HallThomas D.23Shelbyville, TN 26
HallWillie1896Richmond, TN 26
HamiltonWiley T.22Bedford Co., TN 26
HannahGrover C.24Franklin Co., TN 26
HansenLeslie Oble23Minnesota 26
HardenJohn W.24Wartrace, TN 26
HarrisBenjamin F.22Shelbyville, TN 26
HarrisJoe22Shelbyville, TN 26
HarrisThomas E.25Wartrace, TN 26
HarrisonBenjamin F.22Tracy City, TN 26
HarrisonJames H.1895Shelbyville, TN 26
HarrisonJames L.21Springfield, MO 26
HartLeroy28Shelbyville, TN 27
HartWilliam1889Shelbyville, TN 27
HastingsAlbert P.27Bedford Co., TN 27
HastingsJoseph V.23Shelbyville, TN 27
HathcockJames E.1892Bell Buckle, TNDead76
HawkinsGrady E.1895Manchester, TN 27
HaynesJoseph L.26Shelbyville, TN 27
HaynesLevoy B.1894Shelbyville, TNDead77
HaynesWalter Allen1892Bedford Co., TNNavy Officer100
HaynesWilliam H.1891Unionville, TNOfficer81
HaynesWilliam H.22Unionville, TN 27
HazlettArthur1896Lincoln Co., TN 27
HeathAlbert G.25Rockvale, TN 28
HeltonBennie Sandy O.22Near Shelbyville, TN 28
HeltonSamuel H.24Shelbyville, TN 28
HendersonCharles1887Shelbyville, TN 28
HendersonIrving21Shelbyville, TN 28
HensleeDon F.1889Shelbyville, TN 28
HensleeJohn Forrest26Shelbville, TN 28
HensleyHarris31Bedford Co., TN 28
HesterAlbert J.23Chatanooga, TN 29
HesterClarence18Shelbyville, TN 29
HesterFred25Shelbyville, TN 29
HickersonCarlton M.21Bedford Co., TN 29
HillOrla18Sherrwood, TN 29
HimesErvin20Bedford Co., TN 29
HinkleBenjamin Porter1889Springfield, TNDead77
HittEstell1889Raus, TNMarine86
HixEverett P.1899  29
HixMarcus1895Flat Creek, TNMarine86
HodgeCharles S.23Coffee Co., TN 29
HoldenEdward1890Shelbyville, TNDead77
HoldenElbert A.26Louisville, TNDead77
HoldenRalph D.18Bryan, TX 29
HoldenRobert Hatton21 Sailor92
HoltAndrew Jackson1893Wartrace, TN 30
HoltJames L.1899Normandy, TN 30
HoneycuttJohn G.21Noah, TNDead77
HooverWalter R.24Christiana, TN 30
HooverWilliam D.27Bell Buckle, TN 30
HooverWilliam John1895Bell Buckle, TNOfficer81
HooverWillie Edgar1890Unionville, TN 30
HopkinsRobert L.22Bedford Co., TN 30
HordJames Ernest Orbee1894Shiloh, TN 30
HortonDeLeon1894Hartford, MIOfficer81
HortonGeorge Elmer1875Hamilton Township, MIOfficer81
HuffmanFrank E.1900Normandy, TN 31
HuffmanJohn Clinton1900Shelbyville, TN 31
HuffmanJoseph M.23Normandy, TN 31
HughesLawson H.29Viola, TN 31
HughsonGifford C.33Unionville, TN 31
HuntWillie F.24Beach Grove, TN 31
HunterAndrew N.29Shelbyville, TN 31
HurleyJames William19 Sailor93
HustonJessie24Shelbyville, TN 31
HuttonClark H.1893Shelbyville, TNOfficer81
HuttonRobert Newton Jr.1898Bell Buckle, TN 32


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IngleClarence B.28Shelbyville, TN 32


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JacksonRichard Bailey1898Bedford Co., TN 32
JacobsCalvin J.26Daleville, AL 32
JacobsWilliam Templeton1896Beech Grove, TN 32
JarmanArthur M.27Bedford Co., TN 32
JarmanHenry Clayton23Wartrall, TN 32
JohnsonBrown28Shelbyville, TN 32
JohnsonClarence23 Sailor93
JohnsonClaude21Italy, TXFraudulent Enlistment101
JohnsonEarnest1889Unionville, TN 33
JohnsonJ.O.18 Sailor93
JohnsonWilliam23Bedford Co., TN 33
JohnsonWilliam Clarence1897Bell Buckle, TN 33
JonesB.I.1894Bedford Co., TN 33
JonesBranford R.1897Marshall Co., TN 33
JonesLouis W.31Advance, IL 33
JordanAlbert W.22Bedford Co., TN 33
JordanAubrey L.24Coffee Co., TN 33
JordanGrover Cleveland24Shelbyville, TN 34
JoyceRoy Isham18 Sailor93
JusticeJames Stephens1886Wartrace, TNOfficer82
JusticeJohn Ellis Jr.24 Sailor93


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KeelingClinton J.23Haley, TN 34
KeelingIssac Clyde21 Sailor94
KeelingMorency Addison26 Sailor94
KellyJoseph A.24Sequachie Co., TN 34
KellyWilliam Oliver1884Columbia, TNMarine86
KeltonMarion F.1893Bell Buckle, TN 34
KimboDewey Hix1898Shelbyville, TNMarine86
KimbroColeman Dorsie1895Shelbyville, TNOfficer82
KimbroGuy H.31Shelbyville, TN 34
KimeryLonnie E.22Shelbyville, TN 34
KimeryWilliam R.29Shelbyville, TNWounded73
KingMorton B.30Shelbyville, TN 34
KirbyManning B.22Lafayette, TN 34
KnottMack29Shelbyville, TN 35


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LambRichard L.1887Unionville, TN 35
LambWilliam M.24Rover, TN 35
LandersEmmett L.22Tennessee 35
LandersWill A.25Longview, TN 35
LandhumOllie D.1895Versailles, TN 35
LandisGeorge L. Jr.22Unionville, TN 35
LedbetterJames28Bedford Co., TNDead78
LedbetterJohn T.18Shelbyville, TN 35
LedbetterRiley C.21Bedford Co., TN 36
LemayWillie D.21Normandy, TNFraudulent Enlistment101
LeveretteThomas E.23Rutherford Co., TN 36
LinchIra1893Bell Buckle, TN 36
LinchJohn Allen  Sailor94
LinchRobert W.1893Bell Buckle, TN 36
LindseyEdwin Earl1896Shelbyville, TN 36
LipscombMary18 Sailor94
LisenbyJohn B.27Bell Buckle, TN 36
LittleAlexander1895Shelbyville, TNDead78
LittleWalter M.23Near Unionville, TNWounded73
LittrellJames W.22Baugh, TNWounded73
LockeThomas W.1890Unionville, TN 36
LockeyGeorge A.22Shelbyville, TN 36
LongJames G.1896Louisburg, TN 37
LovellGenie1895Bell Buckle, TN 37
LovellRobert W.1888Wartrace, TN 37
LoydDoak H.1893Bell Buckle, TN 37
LoydJohn R.1896Bedford Co., TN 37
LynchWillie L.1896Bell Buckle, TN 37
LytleJulian Foster1895Murfreesboro, TNOfficer82


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
MagathyAlzona1894Louisburg, TN 39
MallardFred27Shelbyville, TN 40
MartinAlbert R.26Shelbyville, TN 40
MartinCecil1896Normandy, TN 40
MartinEugene30Bradford Co., TN 40
MartinHarry31 Sailor94
MartinJohn F.24Flat Creek, TN 40
MartinNorman1890Fairfield, TN 40
MartinSam P.19 Sailor94
MasseyWilliam22Shelbyville, TN 40
MaupinGabriel H.24Haley, TN 40
MaupinJohn T.27Bell Buckle, TN 41
MaupinThomas Singleton1896Haley, TN 41
McAnallyJohn A.23Shelbyville, TN 37
McBrideGeorge1896Shelbyville, TN 37
McCallHerbert L.1890Shelbyville, TN 37
McCallJames L.24Bedford Co., TN 38
McClennonRussell22Shelbyville, TN 38
McDonaldJames P. Jr.23Shelbyville, TN 38
McElroySamuel R.1888Shelbyville, TN 38
McGillAndrew W.26Shelbyville, TN 38
McGillFred Ashburn1897Shelbyville, TN 38
McGillMartin L.24Shelbyville, TN 38
McGowanRobert W.26Poplin Cross Rds., TN 39
McGrewEdward Baird23Shelbyville, TN 39
McGrewJoseph Henry1897Shelbyville, TN 39
McGrewSamuel Jason Jr.1898Shelbyville, TN 39
McGrewSydney Darwin1895Shelbyville, TNOfficer82
McGriefDavid DeWill1876Barnsville, GAOfficer83
McKaigClarnece L.1899Normandy, TN 39
McKnabbHenry Groves18 Sailor95
McLainGunnie1895Haley, TN 39
McMillanWilliam O.1895Shelbyville, TN 39
McNallJohn Amos1895Moore Co., TNOfficer82
MedarisStacey L.1896Shelbyville, TN 41
MillerHerbert1896Shelbyville, TN 41
MillerWillie J.1897Shelbyville, TN 41
MingleJames G.22Cannon Co., TN 41
MinorThomas22Tennessee 41
MoodySamuel Shaw1884Shelbyville, TNOfficer83
MoonOrville Bruce1888TennesseeOfficer83
MoonZollie J.22Shelbyville, TN 41
MooreJohn Ralph1893Bedford Co., TN 42
MooreMorgan1890Flat Creek, TN 42
MorganFrancis A.21Unionville, TN 42
MortonEldridge Lee23 Sailor94
MortonJohn H.1892Shelbyville, TN 42
MullinsAlric F.21 Sailor95
MullinsCharles I.22Bell Buckle, TN 42
MullinsErnest T.23Bedford Co., TNFraudulent Enlistment101
MullinsFloyd22Bedford Co., TN 42
MullinsJoe W.1893Flat Creek, TN 42
MullinsOrbin1896Flat Creek, TN 42
MullinsOscar L.21Shelbyville, TN 43
MurphreeWilliam D.23Shelbyville, TN 43
MurrayWoods1895Wartrace, TN 43
MylesHubert18Bell Buckle, TN 43


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NanceAlfred R. Jr.23Shelbyville, TN 43
NanceEdwin T.25Shelbyville, TN 43
NapperJohnie1895Fosterville, TN 43
NaronHoratio Coop1888Bedford Co., TN 43
NaronHughes21Bedford Co., TN 44
NaronJohn27 Sailor95
NaronWillie Houston21 Sailor95
NashEarl A.18Nashville, TN 44
NeaseHiram L.19Shelbyville, TN 44
NeeleyJoseph Hiram21Bedford Co., TN 44
NelsonHenry T.1896Wartrace, TN 44
NelsonSam1889Wartrace, TN 45
NewtonJoseph Monroe1894Charlotte, N.C. 45
NoblittMassey Gordon1896Flat Creek, TNMarine87
NorvellBarney Cleveland25 Sailor95


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
O’NealMitch31Rutherford Co., TN 45
OliverRobert L.1897Lewisburg, TN 45
O’NealEugene1897Shelbyville, TN 45
O’NealJames Emmett1896Bedford Co., TN 45
OsteenRufus B.23HopkinsRoad, TN 45
OsteenWilliam S.21Unionville, TM 45
OwensWinston18Shelbyville, TN 45


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ParkerAndrew C.28Manchester, TN 46
ParkerCharles Samuel1896Coffee Co., TN 46
ParkerClarence G.1893Bedford Co., TN 46
ParkerGeorge W.1893Bell Buckle, TN 46
ParkerIsiah1895Shelbyville, TNNavy Officer100
ParkerJohn David1897Bell Buckle, TN 46
ParkerJohn I.30Woodbury, TN 46
ParkerJohn T.1897Flat Creek, TNDead78
ParkerThomas H.23Bell Buckle, TN 46
ParkerWilliam L.1898Shelbyville, TN 46
ParsonJames Bunyan1895Shelbyville, TNOfficer83
ParsonsFayne H.21Shelbyville, TN 47
ParsonsHillard1898Shelbyville, TN 47
ParsonsJames B.22Shelbyville, TN 47
ParsonsRobert A.27Shelbyville, TN 47
ParsonsRobert Bryan1897Shelbyville, TNMarine87
ParsonsRobert Ulysses1896Shelbyville, TN 47
ParteeCharles B.1899Shelbyville, TN 47
ParteeRodolph G.23Bell Buckle, TN 47
PaschalWilliam E.23Shelbyville, TN 48
PattersonWillie1891Shelbyville, TN 48
PatyHarold Erle23 Sailor95
PatyJohn Collins19 Sailor95
PatyRaymond Ross1896Bell Buckle, TNOfficer83
PatyRobert Morris26 Sailor96
PearsonJohn E.30Shelbyville, TN 48
PeeblesJoseph E.22Bedford Co., TN 48
PeeblesJoseph H.21Nashville, TN 48
PenuelMimms R.22Murfreesboro, TN 48
PettyGeorge Roy1894Shelbyville, TN 48
PettyJohn L.1896Shelbyville, TN 48
PhillipsEd C.23Wartrace, TN 48
PhillipsJohn W.1896Wartrace, TN 49
PorterJohn29Huntsville, TN 49
PottsAlbion Henry1897Bedford Co., TN 49
PottsCharles L.27Bedford Co., TN 49
PottsJames Ivan22 Sailor96
PowellArtis23Fosterville, TN 49
PowellRobert M.22Tennessee 49
PressgroveJohn T.24Shelbyville, TN 49
PriceAdam1895Shelbyville, TN 49
PriceJarom W.23Tullahoma, TN 50
PriceOliver29Lincoln Co., TN 50
PriceOllie James30Lynchburg, TN 50
PriceThomas R.22Lynchburg, TN 50
PrinceLoddie31Tullahoma, TN 50
ProsserJohn W.30Shelbyville, TN 50
PuckettJames E.23Bedford, TN 50
PurvisErnest G.22Shelbyville, TN 50
PyrdumCarl S.18Moore Co., TN 51


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RaneyBenjamin T.23Bedford Co., TN 51
RankinAlbert W.1891Bell Buckle, TN 51
RaschalAsary T.24Bedford Co., TN 47
RayClarence D.1894Shelbyville, TN 51
RayEllis25Union City, TNWounded74
RayJake26Shelbyville, TNDead78
RayJim1888Shelbyville, TN 51
RayJohn C.1898Cumberland Springs, TN 51
RayLee H.1897Belleville, TN 51
RayLuther1895Shelbyille, TN 51
ReagorReuel S.24Flat Creek, TN 52
ReedHarvey25Singleton, TN 52
ReesEdgar R.1889Shelbyville, TN 52
ReevesAlbert1896Bedford Co., TN 52
ReynoldsHerman Cathey1897Verona, TNMarine87
RhotonWilson P.1891Normandy, TN 52
RichardsClary T.28Bell Buckle, TN 52
RichardsJohn D.22Bell Buckle, TN 52
RichardsWallace1891Shelbyville, TN 52
RiddleClaudice E.26Normandy, TN 53
RippyLouie1894Normandy, TN 53
RobertsErvin22Bedford Co., TN 53
RobertsPorter23Shelbyville, TN 53
RobinsonBenjamin Mikeal Jr.1896Shelbyville, TN 53
RobinsonJoseph35Shelbyville, TN 53
RocheSam W.28Shelbyville, TN 53
RogersHorace E.1887Shelbyville, TN 53
RuddWilliam Marvin1895Flat Creek, TNMarine87
RutledgeBenjamin F.1889Eagleville, TNDead78
RutledgeHenry Lilvern1895Wartrace, TN 54
RyallThomas J.31Lynchburg, TN 54


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SandersRobert C.29Bedford, TN 54
ScarlottCoen22 Sailor96
ScottRoy1897Wartrace, TN 54
ScruggsClaude M.23Bell Buckle, TN 54
ScruggsLeslie Bennie18 Sailor96
ScudderPhilip J. Jr.27Shelbyville, TN 54
ShapardAllen W.1898Shelbyville, TN 54
ShapardDavid G.1899Shelbyville, TN 54
ShearinJames T.26Rover, TN 55
ShearinRaby B.1893Shelbyville, TN 55
ShearinStacey1887Shelbyville, TN 55
ShearinWilliam Stewart24 Sailor97
SheltonFred Allen25 Sailor97
SheltonTom21Bedford Co., TN 55
SheltonWilliam F.31Beech Grove, TN 55
SheppersonGeorge Alford27Bedford, TN 55
SheppersonTaylor1892Vannattia, TN 55
SherrillWilliam Roy25 Sailor97
ShofnerDaniel1887Haley, TN 55
ShofnerDaniel B.27Shelbyville, TN 56
ShofnerHoward Bently1886Shelbyville, TNOfficer84
ShofnerWilliam P.22Flat Creek, TN 56
ShortClyde24Bell Buckle, TN 56
ShriverFugitt22Tracy City, TN 56
SimmonsJames A.1888Shelbyville, TN 56
SimsEugene A.1892Shelbyville, TN 56
SimsGeorge1888Shelbyville, TN 56
SimsJames Curtis1884Normandy, TNMarine87
SimsJohn Jr.26Shelbyville, TN 56
SimsWill23Shelbyville, TN 56
SimsWilliam M.1896Bedford Co., TN 57
SingletonJohn S.1892TennesseeOfficer84
SmalleyWilliam G.26Wartrace, TN 57
SmallingClarence A.1890Bell Buckle, TN 57
Smith1894Woodberry, TN 57
SmithGeorge C.22Bell Buckle, TN 57
SmithHorace24Shelbyville, TN 57
SmithJames23Shelbyville, TN 57
SnellEmmett C.22Shelbyville, TN 57
SnellGeorge Andrew20 Sailor97
SnellGeorge Andrew1897Shelbyville, TN 58
SnellingHorace26Shelbyville, TN 58
SnodyJulis T.24Flat Creek, TN 58
SonsLight26Raus, TN 58
SpiersChester H.1889Worthville, KY 58
StaceyJames O.27Bedford Co., TN 58
StanleyClaude18Nashville, TN 58
StemVernon1896Unionville, TN 58
StephensClarence Elroy1897Shelbyville, TN 59
StephensClarence Rufus1895Flat Creek, TN 59
StephensShirley Byron21 Sailor97
StephensonGeorge D.28Bedford Co., TN 59
StephensonLeonard Byres24 Sailor97
StewartAlfred B.1886Cowan, TN 59
StewartEarly A.1896Shelbyville, TN 59
StewartJoe28Payne, AL 59
StewartRobert I.22Shelbyville, TN 59
StewartSamuel J.1893Shelbyville, TN 59
StewartWilliam21Shelbyville, TNDeserter101
StewartWilliam L.1897Bedford Co., TN 60
StokesEdwin G.19Wartrace, TN 60
StokesPearl1892Wartrace, TN 60
StokesSamuel T.1896Shelbyville, TN 60
StoneGeorge E.1892Franklin Co., TN 60
StoneHorton James1898Haley, TN 60
StoneLawrence1890Flat Creek, TN 60
StoneWilliam P.21County Line, TN 60
StongAlbert E.22Chatanooga, TN 61
StongWilliam F.1895Bell Buckle, TN 61
StoryWarner1889Shelbyville, TN 61
StoryWillie1892Shelbyville, TN 61
StreetBonner S.21Grundy Co., TN 61
StreeterGeorge1894Wartrace, TN 61
SudberryWalter26Shelbyville, TN 61
SuggsRobert L.30Fayetteville, TN 61
SutherlinMarcus H.26Galesville, AL 62
SuttonJohn Madison1895Bell Buckle, TNMarine87
SuttonOverton1894Bell Buckle, TN 62


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TalleyHenry27Shelbyville, TN 62
TarpleyFrank Marion20 Sailor98
TateJames Alexander22 Sailor98
TaylorCecil18Shelbyville, TN 62
TaylorRobert L. Jr.1895Bell Buckle, TN 62
TaylorSam Lafayette23 Sailor98
TaylorWamon1896Rover, TNDead78
TerryClarence1893Shelbyville, Tn 62
ThomasClarence Lee21 Sailor98
ThomasEugene23Fairfield, TN 62
ThomasLeland Irvin1893Shelbyville, TN 62
ThomasLester25Shelbyville, TN 63
ThomasWilliam1895Shelbyville, TN 63
ThompsonBill1894Fall Creek, TN 63
ThompsonCharles C.24Shelbyville, TN 63
ThompsonHarry Evans24 Sailor98
ThompsonJames E.1893Shelbyville, TN 63
ThompsonJoe1897Shelbyville, TN 63
ThompsonJohnson1896Shelbyville, TN 63
ThompsonLouis J.23Bedford Co., TN 63
ThompsonRobert C.21Bedford Co., TN 64
ThompsonRobert L.31Bedford Co., TN 64
TillettEverett E.27Shelbyville, TN 64
TillettHenry G.25Flat Creek, TN 64
TillmanBurrell1887Bell Buckle, TNOfficer83
TillmanRobert T.1896Bell Buckle, TN 64
TillmanSpencer22Shelbyville, TNDead79
TimsHorace A.1894Flat Creek, TNDead79
TroxlerAlbert Lyndall24Haley, TNWounded74
TroxlerRuby Bennett25 Sailor99
TuneHorace Robert1894Shelbyville, TNOfficer84
TurnerLouis Fielding1891Campbellsville, KYOfficer84
TurnerRichard P.1894Rover, TN 64
TurnerWilliam R.1894Rockville, TN 64
TurpinErnest Lee22 Sailor99
TurrentineFrank T.24Shelbyville, TN 64
TylerJimmie W.1890Bedford Co., TN 65


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
UseltonFrank C.1899Normandy, TN 65


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ValleyHenry M.24Jackson, KY 65
VaughanJames1893Haley, TN 65
VibbartJames Charlie21 Sailor99


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WalkeMaurice21Poland 65
WalkerThomas P.1895Wartrace, TN 65
WarnerJames S.26Shelbyville, TN 65
WarnerKizer B.28Shelbyville, TN 65
WatsonRobert W.1892Bell Buckle, TN 66
WebbCharley29Shelbyville, TN 66
WebbNattie L.22Unionville, TNWounded74
WebsterJohn W.24Bell Buckle, TN 66
WelchMart R.1896Stevenson, AL 66
WheelerBenton M.1897Bedford, TN 66
WheelerJohn E.25Shelbyville, TN 66
WheelerThomas Frank1896Shelbyville, TN 66
WhitakerGeorge S.1899Mulberry, TN 66
WhitakerHarvey Cannon21 Sailor99
WhiteBedford1897Bell Buckle, TN 67
WhiteErnest H.24Carollton, TX 67
WhiteGordon1890Tullahoma, TN 67
WhiteHughlett L.1895Shelbyville, TN 67
WhiteThurman G.1894Bell Buckle, TN 67
WhiteWayman L.1888Bell Buckle, TN 67
WhitsideEdgar1896Shelbyville, TN 67
WhitsideHorace Eugene1891Bell Buckle, TNOfficer84
WhitsideMathew22Shelbyville, TN 67
WhitsideWilliam C.28Shelbyville, TN 68
WhitthorneBrom R. Jr. See Army RegisterOfficer84
WigginsBen Ewing1894Shelbyville, TNMarine88
WigginsFred S.29Moore Co., TN 68
WigginsGlen Hope1892Shelbyville, TNMarine88
WigginsWilliam F.22Shelbyville, TN 68
WilhaiteOllie1895Shelbyville, TN 68
WilhoiteAllie J.1896Shelbyville, TN 68
WilhoiteGeorge W.23Shelbyville, TN 68
WilhoiteRubie Couch1896Shelbyville, TN 68
WilhoteClyde C.1899Shelbyville, TN 68
WilkersRobert A.23Shelbyville, TN 70
WilliamsFines S.1897Bedford Co., TN 69
WilliamsHarvell Porter1896Coffee Co., TN 69
WilsonRufus B.28Bailey, MS 69
WilsonSa. S.22Shelbyville, TN 69
WiseLucian C.25Shelbyville, TN 70
WiserOwen22Coffee Co., TN 70
WombleCharles I.26Moore Co., TN 70
WombleHenry C.1892Flat Creek, TN 71
WombleNeelie1895Moore Co., TN 71
WoodAshton Baugh22 Sailor99
WoodardEaf1897Moore Co., TN 71
WoodardOza L.24Flat Creek, TN 71
WoodsGranville, C.1900Shelbyville, TN 71
WordCharlie R.1893Christiana, TN 71
WorthamRobert W.22Rays Chapel, TN 71
WoudderJames Bailey18 Sailor96
WrightAndrew E.1899Shelbyville, TN 71
WrightHerbert21Paint Rock, AL 71
WrightRobert A.23Christiana, TN 71


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YoesGeorge T.1895Rays Chapel, TN 71
YoesHorace25Shelbyville, TN 71
YoungRoy22Shelbyville, TN 71


    No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Bedford County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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