Bledsoe County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Bledsoe County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Bledsoe County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 174 individuals served from Bledsoe County during World War I. There were 154 soldiers in the Army, 5 of which were officers. There were 12 sailors in the Navy, 1 of which was an officer. There were 3 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 5 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AcuffPhares Heber1896Hamilton Co., TN 1
AgeeFred O.27Pikeville, TN 1
AgeeJohn L.29Near Pikeville, TN 1
AndersonClarence L.22Pikeville, TN 1
AngelVictor L.23Bledsoe Co., TNDead20
ArnettJim E.21Erasmus, TN 1
ArnettJohn24Erasmus, TNDead20
AultOtto T.24Pikeville, TN 1
AultThomas Wesley1888Pikeville, TNMarines24


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BargerArlie29Big Springs, TNWounded19
BaylessAlbert H.23Embryville, TN 1
BellDennis F.23Henderson, TN 3
BiseVanice1897Cumberland Co., TN 2
BlaylockJames F.22Bledsoe Co., TN 2
BlaylockJoseph F.28Newton, TN 2
BlaylockRobert19Pikesville, TN 2
BridgemanCarl S.22Pikeville, TN 2
BrigemanJohn H.1896Pikeville, TN 2
BrownGeorge William21 Sailor25
BrownIsaac J.28Pikeville, TN 2
BurgessMayhew22Newton, TNDeserter30


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CooleyLeonard1897Bledsoe Co., TN 3
CorvinCarl21Dayton, TN 3
CowanPeter Franklin1896Pikeville, TN 3
CurtisHomer D.26Pikeville, TN 3
CurtisJames H.21Pikeville, TNDead20


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DavisWilliam Anderson1897Cumberland Co., TN 4
DouthitTonie24Mt.Airy, TN 4
DunnByirdmack31Milo, TN 4
DyerSamuel C.1895Pikeville, TNDead20


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EdmonsIra E.22Pikeville, TN 4
EdmonsJohn M.29Bledsoe Co., TN 4
EdmonsThomas R.22Pikeville, TNDeserter30
EdmonsWillie Vance22Cumberland Co., TNDeserter30
EthertonBrown1895Litton, TN 4
EtnertonMarvin26Milo, TN 4
EvittJohn26 Sailor25


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FannGrant1892Pikeville, TN 4
FarmerAaron T.1895Pikeville, TN 5
FergusonCarl G.18Pikeville, TN 5
FergusonCharlie W.1897Brayton, TN 5
FergusonHarold Grady25 Sailor25
FergusonLee26Pikeville, TN 5
FergusonNicholas J.Jr.18Melvine, TNWounded19
FergusonThomas F.24Pikeville, TN 5
FradyIsaac26Pikeville, TN 5
FradyJohn23Pikeville, TN 5


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GivinsHarvey1896Grandville, TN 6
GivinsOrville24Granville, TN 6
GoinsLether27Pikeville, TN 6
GossettJames R.1893Evansville, TN 6
GrayLeeman21Pikeville, OH 6
GreerDion Attus1895Pikeville, TNOfficer22
GreerJohn J.1892Pikeville, TNOfficer22


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HallTaylor S.1887Pikeville, TN 6
HallWilliam S.22Pikeville, TN 6
HamiltonBurett19Grape Vine, TNDead20
HamiltonLonnie P.1893Bledsoe Co., TN 6
HankinsJames R.27Nine Mili, TN 7
HartJohn M.1899Pikeville, TN 7
HaswellClaude E.19Chattanooga, TN 7
HaswellClaude Eugene1898TNOfficer22
HenryBert1890Litton, TN 7
HenryUlysses Grant1896Litton, TN 7
HensonWilliam A.1898Pikeville, TN 7
HerdJohn1896Pikeville, TN 7
HerdOtto21Pikeville, TN 7
HerodHerman A.25Hillham, TN 8
HigenbottomEdgar1895Brockdell, TN 8
HitchcoxErnest1896Brockdell, TN 8


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JonesFrank1896Pikeville, TN 8
JordanOliver C.1891Brayton, TN 8


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KeithE.T.1890Grandville, TN 8
KeltchFrancis H.18Flyer Co., WV 8
KittellJoseph Otto1879Brooklyn, NYOfficer22
KizzarAlijah W.1896Pikeville, TN 8
KnightVictor22Pikeville, TNWounded19


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LambThomas28Dunlap, TN 9
LawsonAlbert26Pikeville, TN 9
LawsonLaster L.1895Pikeville, TN 9
LawsonLewis P.23Pikeville, TN 9
LawsonRoy22TN 9
LawsonWilliam J.27Pikeville, TN 9
LeeEdgar A.24Litton, TN 9
LeeWilliam Franklin1895 Naval Officer28
LesterChurch24Pikeville, TN 9


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ManningThomas R.1888Crossville, TN 10
McCullomJoe Nelson20 Sailor25
McMillonDavid H.28Evansville, TNDead20
McReynoldsClaude P.26Pikeville, TN 10
McReynoldsHugh D.23Pikeville, TN 10
MeyersHerbert22VanBuren Co., TN 10
MillerCharles B.18Pittsburgh, PA 10
MillerEmmett J.21Newton, TNDeserter30
MooreBurt22Pikeville, TN 10
MooreJulian C.1896Murfreesboro, TN 10


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NailHomer1893Litton, TN 10
NewbyJames L.25Spring City, TN 11
NewbyThomas Edward1897Spring City, TN 11
NicholsCharles A.30Pikeville, TN 11


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
PadgettBarnie C.18Pikeville, TN 11
PadgettJohn M.18Sequatchie Valley, TN 11
ParhamDaily F.1893Litton, TN 11
ParksJoseph E.22Patton, TN 11
PattonJoseph Albert28 Sailor26
PopeAndrew H.22Pikeville, TN 11
PopeSutton O.1899MtAiry, TN 12
PughUlysses23Grapevine, TN 12


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RankinRoy A.1889Pailo, TX 12
RectorWilliam York24Litton, TN 12
ReeseJoseph O.1897Pikeville, TN 12
ReynoldsBud23Melvine, TN 12
ReynoldsFrank1892Dunlap, TN 12
RiceAlbert D.1889Athens, TN 12
RiceWilliam C.24Athens, TN 13
RigsbyLoyd R.23Pikeville, TN 13
RitcheyRoy Mckinley1897Bledsoe Co., TN 13
RobersonJames V.18Bledsoe Co., TN 13
RobersonNute21Pikeville, TN 13
RobersonRoy C.1897Pikeville, TN 13
RobersonThomas25Pikeville, TN 13
RobersonWilliam A.23Pikeville, TN 13
RobertsCharley23Litton, TN 14
RollinsRoy D.1898Pikeville, TN 14
RomansHarris Condon1891Pikeville, TNMarines24
RomansHorrice C.1891Pikeville, TN 14


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ScarbraughElmer1895Pikeville, TN 14
ScarbroughArthur28Bledsoe Co., TN 14
SchoolfieldRay Floyd1894Pikeville, TNOfficer22
ShoemateWalter1889Pikeville, TN 14
SimmoneTomas A.26Bledsoe Co., TN 14
SimmonsCharlie1886Pikeville, TNDead21
SimmonsJohn W.22Pikeville, TN 14
SmithSam Sheats1897Pikeville, TNMarines24
SniderJohn H.1893Pikeville, TN 15
SpringFrank Hammond30 Sailor26
SpringHarry Lynn1899Pikeville, TN 15
SpringWilliam Charles22 Sailor26
SpringsRufus C.1896Pikeville, TN 15
StandiferRoy25Atportley, TN 15
StandiferTurney W.1894Atpontley, TN 15
StephensElbert Montgomery1899Pikeville, TN 15
SteppeJoseph W.18Pikeville, TN 15
StoneLiman G.19Grape Vine, TN 15
SwaffordAnoil J.23Pikeville, TN 16
SwaffordAron J.23Bledsoe Co., TN 16
SwaffordGeorge R.1895Litton, TNDead21
SwaffordHomer Leondias25 Sailor26
SwaffordRobert29Pikeville, TN 16
SwaffordThomas R.21Litton, TN 16


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ThrumanFloyd W.M.25Bledsoe Co., TN 16
ThurmanIsaac M.1889Litton, TN 16
TollettMose T.28Litton, TN 16


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
VannJames Blain21Bledsoe Co., TN 16


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WalkerTillman E.1895Pikeville, TN 17
WalkerWilliam C.1899Coal Creek, TN 17
WalkerYourse L.20Litton, TN 17
WallingCharles H.24VanBuren, TN 17
WallingThomas R.26VanBuren Co., TNDeserter30
WatersJessie William18Bledsoe Co., TN 17
WelchHarolk E.1897Dunlap, TN 17
WelchJohn W.30Sequatchie Co., TNWounded19
WelchOscar Caldwell24 Sailor27
WhiteAlbert B.24Pikeville, TN 17
WhiteHomer G.18Pikeville, TN 17
WhiteWillard O.23Pikeville, TN 18
WhiteWilliam A.19Pikeville, TNWounded19
WilliamsRobert1888Rodney, MS 18
WomackKenneth1894Pikeville, TN 18
WoodThomas Morris19 Sailor27
WormackCharley1892Pikeville, TN 18
WrightJames18Grapevine, TNWounded19
WyattSamuel I.1896Pikeville, TN 18


No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YoungJohn Russell21Bledsoe Co., TN 18


No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Bledsoe County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

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