Blount County Tennessee Death Records

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The majority of this listing was extracted from The Maryville Daily Times. Most records cover recent years from 2004-2005. Some of the extractions were submitted by others and are noted as such.

NameAgeDeath DateFuneral Home
Hodge C. Allen7407 Nov 2004Smith Mortuary
Millie Prater Barton9726 Oct 2004Foothills Funeral Home
Edith Giffin Best9415 Oct 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Jonathan Michael Bilton1525 Oct 2004Miller Funeral Home
Franklin D. Blair4824 Oct 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Daniel Blanchard5030 Dec 2004Smith Mortuary
Martha Melinda Bonham7 m22 Oct 1856Extraction submitted byGlenn Teffeteller.
Homer Lee Brewer11 d18 Nov 1947Miller Funeral Home
Jackie Sue Teffeteller Burchfield6619 Jan 2005Miller Funeral Home
Ida Cordell Carnes8628 Oct 2004Smith Mortuary
Roxie Coada7802 Oct 2004Miller Funeral Home
John R. Cooper5621 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
Carl E. Cox7516 Feb 2005Miller Funeral Home
Warren O. Dean7012 Jan 2005Foothills Funeral Home
Kenneth L. E. Eggers7702 Oct 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Arthur L. Eisenhower22 Jan 2005Miller Funeral Home
Bessie Mae Fain8402 Oct 2004Miller Funeral Home
Katie R. Franklin14 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
Naomi Bell Galyon7613 Dec 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Alonzo Gardner7222 Oct 2004Smith Mortuary
Louise Potter Garner8712 Feb 2005McCammon-Ammons-Click
Ruby Godfrey8612 Jan 2005McCammon-Ammons-Click
Kate Graham8111 Oct 2004Smith Mortuary
Julia Englantine Hamby3423 Feb 1856Extraction submitted byGlenn Teffeteller.
Henry Lee Headrick7912 Jan 2005Memorial Funeral Home
Gloria Horenburg4003 Nov 2004Smith Mortuary
Darius Hoyt3316 Aug 1837Extraction submitted byGlenn Teffeteller.
Jessie K. Hunter9624 Dec 2004Foothills Funeral Home
Julie Ann Iverson4528 Oct 2004Dotson Funeral Home
Carolyn James5304 Nov 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Zelvia Lee Johnson8708 Dec 2004Dotson Funeral Home
Verdie A. Jones9215 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
Barbara Kirtland7417 Feb 2005Smith Mortuary
Elana R. Kyman3817 Dec 2004Smith Mortuary
Bessie Hazel Law10024 Oct 2004Miller Funeral Home
Sabine Lay4402 Nov 2004Smith Mortuary
Clarabelle Lykins9406 Oct 2004Miller Funeral Home
Edna McKenzie Magness7813 Jan 2005Memorial Funeral Home
Iva Lea McCarter9428 Oct 2004Miller Funeral Home
Clyde Edward McDaniel5506 Nov 2004Smith Mortuary
Melba Mae Odom9125 Dec 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Merle Brown Painter9325 Dec 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Elizabeth Lane Pearson8511 Dec 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Robert W. Peery8805 Oct 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
Evelyn Presley7801 Feb 2005McCammon-Ammons-Click
Gilbert Proctor8710 Feb 2005Smith Mortuary
Nellie Garner Quirk8822 Jan 2005Memorial Funeral Home
Myrtle F. Roberts8015 Oct 2004McCammon-Ammons-Click
William Rudolph6019 Dec 2004Smith Mortuary
Joseph Edward Runion5812 Feb 2005McCammon-Ammons-Click
Leroy Scott7317 Jan 2005Foothills Funeral Home
James M. Smith7809 Oct 2004Smith Mortuary
Mary E. Smith6508 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
Howard Samuel Stephens8630 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
George Stoutt7418 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
Willene D. Thompson6502 Oct 2004Foothills Funeral Home
Clarence E. Tinker19 Jan 2005McCammon-Ammons-Click
Ethel Trundle8118 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
Rebecca Jean Wallace4706 Oct 2004Dotson Funeral Home
Linell Waters7117 Feb 2005Foothills Funeral Home
Dorothy Jean Whetsell8505 Oct 2004Smith Mortuary
Don Scott Wiggins3016 Dec 2004Dotson Funeral Home
Emmaline Williamson9320 Jan 2005Miller Funeral Home
Alvin P. Yearout5710 Jan 2005Smith Mortuary
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