Brickey Cemetery, Townsend

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This is only a partial listing of this cemetery and is by no means complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the email link at the bottom of this page to contact me.

NameBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Absalom Abbott18041886Elder was in front of his name
Annis Stillwell Abbott18071870~
Benjamin Franklin Abbott07 Jul 183312 Mar 1926~
John Andrew Abbott18251887Co B, 6 Tenn Inf
John Horace Abbott19 Sep 185903 Dec 1923Elder was in front of his name
Mary Jane Compton Abbott06 Jan 186523 Dec 1945~
Nora Ellenor Andrews Abbott15 Sep 188211 Jul 1932~
Oscar Merrick Abbott01 May 190709 Nov 1931~
William Franklin Abbott19 Jul 187809 Oct 1965~
Winnifred Brewer Abbott19 Sep 183006 Dec 1913~
Allan Ray Brewer03 Jun 194905 Jun 1949~
Dockery Gillespie Brewerno dates~Co B 4 Tenn Inf, Sp. Am. War
Flora Brewer25 Mar 188130 Dec 1915w/o A. G. Brewer
Mary E. Brewer09 Jan 187717 Dec 1963~
Myrl Brewer11 Jul 191520 Oct 1916Dau of A G & Flora Brewer
George Washington Brickey24 Mar 186831 Mar 1917~
Martha Brickey28 Dec 185015 Aug 1887~
Martha Ellen Walker Brickey29 Jan 188030 Dec 1947Wife of G W Brickey
Nancy Smith Brickey17761856~
Peter Brickey17691859~
Rebecca Ellen Rathbone Brickey20 Jun 187007 Aug 1894Wife of G W Brickey
Boyd Alfred Compton14 Apr 189714 Jun 1927~
Frank Frye23 Mar 192011 Apr 1920~
Velmarie Frye04 Sep 192105 Feb 1922~
Clementine Garner13 Jun 188409 Mar 1907~
Robert E. Hannah19211930~
Linton Henry27 Sep 194217 Nov 1945~
Marie Henry25 Apr 193525 Apr 1935~
Naomi Brickey Henry15 May 190903 Jul 1986~
Otha E. Henry19 May 190626 Sep 1988Elder was in front of his name
Pearl Henry03 Aug 192806 Apr 1932~
William Brickey Henry14 Nov 193628 Jun 1993~
George A. Hodge29 Aug 190029 Jul 1947~
David Daniel Moore01 Jan 186317 Nov 1895~
Andy M. Rathbone18871974~
Conley Walker27 Oct 193006 Sep 1931~
Donald Walker27 Oct 193402 Nov 1934~
Donna Walker01 Apr 193601 Apr 1936~
Lewis C. Walker03 Sep 190507 Mar 1951~
Martha A. Walker18851959~
Witt P. Walker18691923~
Carrie Ellen Hyatt Wilkerson22 Apr 189301 Nov 1947~
Daniel Levi Wilkerson10 Jul 189014 Sep 1951~
John Harkless Wilkerson28 Mar 188127 Nov 1950~
Ray Wilkerson10 Jul 193328 Jun 1934~
Martha E. Wilson03 Nov 188427 Feb 1927~

If you have names or photos that you would like to contribute for posting on this page please feel free to email them to us. We appreciate you all, researchers and contributors alike. Thank you and happy hunting!

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