Centennial Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Maryville

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Centennial Presbyterian Church was organized on July 4, 1876. It merged with Providence Presbyterian Church in 1979. This cemetery is located on Helton Road between Hubbard Road on SR 73 and Davis Ford Road off US 411.

This is a complete listing of this cemetery. If you would like to submit photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the email button at the bottom of this page to contact me.

NameMaidenBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Mary Rowan Amerine18571927Daughter of J. H. & M. M. Rowan
Homer J. Bogle17 Nov 188728 Jul 1966
Ola H. Bogle10 Dec 189112 Nov 1972
John T. Bowers29 Oct 185417 Jun 1918
Patrick James Bowler17 Mar 187420 Oct 1932Marker made of brick;
picture of deceased on back.
Rebecca Julian Gamble BowlerGamble19 Mar 188427 Feb 1963
Albert Burch09 Dec 191916 Jan 1920Children of A. L. & M. J. Burch
Lydia Burch19211921Children of A. L. & M. J. Burch
George Caldwell05 Sep 182012 Feb 1866In Memory of George Caldwell
Mary T. Caldwell11 Nov 182325 Feb 1894
Leila Sharar CaseSharar23 Jan 189504 Aug 1987
Ralph Thomas Case14 Dec 189419 Dec 1981
Frank B. Chandler25 Dec 188321 Apr 1905Son of R. P. & N. A. Chandler;
“His Memory is Blessed”
Infant Daughter Chandler19111911Infant Daughter of T. A. & H. R. Chandler
Millie Lois Chandler09 Jan 190823 Jul 1908Daughter of Robert P. & G .A. Chandler
N. A. Chandler10 Jul 184602 Feb 1920
R. P. Chandler16 Jan 184227 Dec 1917
Andrew H. Cowan12 Jun 189417 Mar 1910
Annie Cummings CowanCummings10 Mar 187711 Aug 1966
Beatrice Cowan17 Oct 189603 Nov 1955
Florida E. Cowan29 Nov 187719 Jul 1984
Georgia May Cowan22 May 187519 Jan 1939
J. Huston Cowan13 Dec 184406 Jan 1923
Nannie E. Cowan06 Mar 184907 Jun 1912Wife of J. Huston Cowan
Robert Franklin Cowan03 Sep 186918 Dec 1953
A. B. Jr. Gamble23 Jun 186010 Jun 1946(A.B. is Alexander Breckenridge)
A. Frank Gamble17 May 187314 Nov 1928
A. Marion Gamble23 Apr 183824 Oct 1922Maj. Co. A , 6th Tenn. Inft., U.S.A.
A. Gamble09 Mar 187809 Mar 1878In Memory of A. Gamble
Alexander Breckenridge Gamble17 Dec 185501 Apr 1927Marker made of brick.
Alexander Gamble26 Apr 185529 Mar 1922
Alice Gamble20 Feb 186923 Jul 1937
Angelina F. Thompson GambleThompson03 Aug 183202 Jul 1916“Gone Home”
Anne Gamble22 Jul 188131 Jan 1948
Belle Gamble16 May 188631 Jan 1976
Bertha Ora Gamble17 Apr 189129 Aug 1975
Edna Bogle GambleBogle30 Jan 188618 Mar 1917is forming in a better land”; Engraving of cross & crown
Elizabeth Thompson GambleThompson31 Oct 182312 Mar 1881
Eudora Cowan Gamble19 Oct 184010 Feb 1905In my fathers house are many mansions.
Eudora Mae Gamble20 Feb 188706 May 1965
George Cowan GambleCowan08 May 187911 May 1967
Georgie Irene Cowan GambleCowan27 apr 190315 Jun 1977
Harold A. Gamble06 Mar 190902 Feb 1951Tennessee PFC 361 Engineers,
World War II
Hetty C. GambleApril 181511 Feb 1890
Irene Thomas Gamble13 Mar 1923
J. R. Gamble13 Mar 191930 May 1988Jr.
James Thompson Gamble03 Feb 182319 Apr 1885Son of John & Elizabeth Gamble
Jesse Roy Gamble18 Aug 188412 Jun 1930Son of A. B., Jr. & M. R. Gamble
John Albert Gamble28 Sep 187716 Apr 1938
John Gamble10 Oct 181207 Oct 1903“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”
Joseph Myers Gamble13 Apr 189904 May 1968
Josias Gamble05 Nov 182609 Nov 1910
Magnolia Rowan GambleRowan29 Nov 186122 May 1945
Margaret Seaton GambleSeaton20 Sep 185601 Feb 1934
Martha Eudora GambleNov. 9, 188015 Jun 1977
Mary B. Cowan GambleCowan22 Jan 185624 Dec 1922Wife of Alexander Gamble
Mary E. Gamble01 Apr 186709 Feb 1950
Moses Leon Gamble17 Dec 188212 Jan 1972“A link is broken in our household band but a chain
Moses Gamble02 Aug 183227 Apr 1865In Memory of Moses Gamble,
lost on the Sultana Boat
Nora Williams Gamble09 Jan 189130 Mar 1924Wife of Jesse Roy Gamble
Rebecca Julian McCamy GambleMcCamy26 Nov 183106 Oct 1896
Annie D. Headrick HarmonHeadrick29 Sep 185309 Jan 1927Wife of James W. Harmon
Charles Walter Harmon01 Feb 188007 Mar 1961
James W. Harmon18 Oct 184625 Oct 1924
Jennie Mae McConnell HarmonMcConnell11 Apr 188115 Jul 1954
Jim M. Harmon14 Mar 189427 Feb 1973
Mary A. Harmon14 Nov 188208 Jun 1911“Hope Looks Beyond”
Robert Emit Hedgecoth14 Jul 1893
Trissie Whetsell HedgecothWhetsell14 Jun 189404 Dec 1966
Charles Wayne Hill31 Oct 194021 Jun 1998Sr.; A2C US Air Force Vietnam;
Military Marker
Reps S. Hitch15 Jun 187619 Jul 1886Son of M. A. & S. W. Hitch
Sarah W. Parks Hitch21 Jun 184326 Sep 1881Wife of M. A. Hitch
Thomas P. Hitch17 Nov 188010 Apr 1881Son of M. A. & S. W. Hitch
Barry Dwayne Huskey07 Apr 197214 Feb 1973Mother Hazel
Billy Fred Huskey06 Feb 195623 Apr 1956
Willie Ted Huskey06 Feb 195613 Feb 1956
Arthur Inmon1910
Isabelle J. Rowan KennedyRowan21 Oct 186120 May 1911Daughter of J. H. & M. M. Rowan
James Kennedy10 Oct 183420 Oct 1917“Forever With the Lord”
Belle Kent21 Oct 186124 Apr 1942
Ann E. Kinnamon18501912
Arthur K. Kinnamon18451911
Pearl J. Kinnamon18721896
Maggie J. Russell LoweryRussell25 Aug 186424 Aug 1891Daug. of J. & M. A.;
Wife of Jno. A. Lowery
Mary Gamble LoweryGamble03 Feb 181830 Apr 1888Stone broken;
relief of clasped hands at top of stone.
Blanche McGinley McConnellMcGinley20 May 189417 Feb 1954
R. Katherine Harmon McConnellHarmon23 Aug 187322 Nov 1953
Ralph Erskine McConnell27 Dec 188824 Apr 1961
Thaddeus S. McConnell06 Feb 186802 Jun 1937
M. R. McGhee28 Dec 187031 Jan 1886Daug. of Wm. & H. A. McGhee;
Step Daug. of W. B. Seaton
Hettie C. Gamble McGinleyGamble27 Feb 186721 Sep 1940
Joe M. McGinley08 May 189325 Jun 1893Son of P. S. & H. C. McGinley
Sherman McGinley16 Oct 186701 Jan 1954
William R. McGinley07 Mar 189628 Jun 1972Tennessee F3 US Navy, WWI
Calvin MortonSon of Rebecca Morton;
both in same grave
Ella Letetia Morton17 Apr 187819 Sep 1923
George C. Morton02 Feb 187208 Nov 1950
Homer A. Morton02 Feb 188527 Oct 1923Grave & stone has sunk into ground
Infant Daughter Morton11 Aug 188711 Aug 1887Infant Daughter of J. N. & Susan Morton
John N. Morton25 Oct 184208 Jan 1903Co. H, 2nd Tenn Cavalry
Lillie N. Morton01 May 187729 May 1896
Margaret Elizabeth Morton04 Jul 189927 Apr 1962
Rebecca Jane Morton18531888
Ruth Morton02 Aug 190128 Aug 1901
Susannah Caldwell MortonCaldwell07 Feb 184823 Oct 1927
Thomas A. Parks05 Dec 184021 May 1925
Carel Reaves15 Feb 189502 Jul 1911Son of J. C. & Nettie Reaves
Richard RobersonCo. C, 8th Tenn Cav.;
Stone in very poor condition.
Willard Roberson02 Aug 191318 Mar 1920“Gone But Not Forgotten”
J. H. RowanFeb 180323 Aug 1879
Mary M. Rowan27 Dec 181917 Aug 1901Wife of J. H. Rowan
Elizabeth Russell12 Apr 192106 Jan 1947
Floyd Gillespie Russell20 Oct 188824 Dec 1967
Lillian Lois Russell05 Jul 192515 Mar 1938
Margaret Gamble RussellGamble17 Feb 188901 Mar 1969
Daughter Seaton18711871Child of R. M. & Mary Seaton
Daughter Seaton18781878Child of R. M. & Mary Seaton
Cora Morton Seiler16 Sep 186801 Jul 1951Last name could be “Seiber”
Alice Morton VinyardMorton15 Oct 188006 Feb 1915Wife of J. L. Vinyard
James Walker27 May 1882Departed this Life in His 93rd Year;
“So Sleep the Just”
Sarah Rowan WalkerRowan05 Jun 1889Aged 73 Years,
3 Months and 21 Days
Annie E. Wilder WhetsellWilder25 Mar 185327 Jan 1919Daughter of Sarah Wilder
J. R. Whetsell24 Oct 185118 Feb 1914
C. C. Wilder05 Dec 182625 Jul 1902“May He Rest In Peace”
Sarah F. Wilder25 Aug 184912 Sep 1919

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