Clover Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Maryville

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This is only a partial listing of this cemetery and is by no means complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the email link at the bottom of this page to contact me.

NameMaidenBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Charlotte A. Baldwin10 May 184911 Aug 1896Wife of George Baldwin
George Baldwin11 Feb 184813 Jul 1907
Martha J. Baldwin17 Feb 181410 Aug 1905Wife of Marchant Baldwin
Merchant Baldwin05 Sep 179517 Mar 1885
Charles Reed Clemmer21 Oct 191224 May 1968
Ida Ruth Clendenen ClemmerClendenen07 Apr 191429 Oct 1998Dau. of John & Mary Clendenen
John Pleasant Clendenen05 Aug 187210 Nov 1954Son of G. W. & Sarah Clendenen
Lue Clendenen27 Jan 190931 Jul 1984
Mae Lee Whitehead ClendenenWhitehead29 Nov 191827 Dec 1982
Mary Anna Catlett ClendenenCatlett19 Feb 187523 May 1957
Otha Fern Clendenen02 Nov 189322 Mar 1980Son of John & Mary Clendenen
William Rex Clendenen02 Sep 190819 Sep 1995Son of John & Mary Clendenen
Amanda Tyler Crye29 Aug 189824 Dec 1974Wife of John Crye
James A. Crye19221941Son of John & Amanda Crye
John Henry Crye30 Jan 189724 Dec 1974
Elizabeth Dennis26 Mar 183716 Jan 1911Wife of Isaac Dennis
Isaac Dennis17 Jun 183730 Mar 1905
C. Wesley Feezell13 Jun 187917 Jun 1951
Terry Ann Feezell1956Dau. of Don & Barbara Feezell
Robert L. Fox07 Nov 184309 Sep 1941
James Frow05 Dec 180212 Aug 1878
Jane Frow04 Apr 180521 May 1883Wife of James Frow
Mary E. Gideon18491924Wife of William Gideon
William M. Gideon189515th Tenn. Inf.
Abraham Heartsill1777No Date
Mary Heartsill178207 Sep 1864Wife of Abraham Heartsill
Henry George Lane13 Sep 191128 Nov 1969Son of John & Lula Lane
John Lane26 Jan 186910 Feb 1963
Lula W. Lane27 Jul 187911 Dec 1959Wife of John Lane
D. R. Jr. Mays19181919Son of D. R. & I. F. Mays
Fannie J. Mays06 Dec 186213 Jan 1921
Houston Mays12 Sep 185609 Apr 1917
Ann E. McCammon09 Oct 184028 Feb 1905Wife of O. P. McCammon
Francis McCammon10 Jan 190631 Oct 1963
Grace G. McCammon03 Mar 1908~Wife of Francis McCammon
Martha J. McCammon14 Nov 186823 Jul 1955Wife of O. H. McCammon
O. H. McCammon10 Mar 186914 May 1968
O. P. McCammon09 Oct 184016 Feb 1897
Howard B. McGill02 Oct 191712 Jun 1944Son of John B. & Jane McGill
J. Fielding McGill18 Mar 190819 Mar 1969Son of John B. & Jane McGill
Jane Mays McGill27 Jan 188916 Feb 1959Wife of J. B. McGill & Dau. Of
Houston & Annie J. Mays
John Burton McGill25 Dec 188618 Jan 1959Son of James P. & Clara P. McGill
Kate Clendenen McGillClendenen30 May 191122 Jul 1985Dau. of John & Mary Clendenen
Adeline MillerCirca 181807 May 1898
Andrew Miller178816 Jun 1868
J. Davis Miller28 Aug 182904 Jul 1908
Carl Joe Renfro13 Apr 193613 Apr 1936Infant son of W. E. & E. S. Renfro
George E. Runnion08 Feb 180625 Mar 1881
Margaret Runnion10 Sep 180022 Jun 1872Wife of George Runnion
Addie Mae Russell1912Infant Dau. Of W. F. & C. J.
Margaret O. Russell27 Mar 184322 Feb 1939Wife of Nicholas Russell
Martha Ellen Russell01 Nov 187125 Dec 1945
Mary J. Russell25 Nov 186903 Mar 1909
Nicholas R. Russell05 Jan 183108 Feb 1894Co. A, 3rd Tenn. Cav.
William S. Russell04 Nov 191929 Feb 1978Sgt. US Army, WW II
Hester Sherrill17 Aug 185602 Apr 1933
W. A. Sherrill21 Feb 185506 Jan 1933
James C. Spradling09 Jul 188204 Jun 1956Son of Nathan & Joanna Spradling
Victoria Spradling21 May 188321 Aug 1955
Nellie Strain1862Inf. Dau. of R. B. & E. S. Strain
Byrl Mays Young11 Oct 192311 Dec 1923Child of Robert & Julia Young
Earl Russell Young11 Oct 192313 Oct 1923Child of Robert & Julia Young
Julia Mays YoungMays05 Feb 190215 Mar 1993
Margaret Nell YoungNell10 Jan 192813 Jul 1928Child of Robert & Julia Young
Nellie T. Young28 Nov 187302 Jul 1950
Robert A. Young21 May 186824 Jun 1917
Robert Bartley Young20 May 190012 Jan 1982
Robert Bartley Young01 Feb 192119 Nov 1931Jr., Child of Robert & Julia Young

If you have names or photos that you would like to contribute for posting on this page please feel free to email them to us. We appreciate you all, researchers and contributors alike. Thank you and happy hunting!

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