Eusebia Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Maryville

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This is only a partial listing of this cemetery and is by no means complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the email link at the bottom of this page to contact me.

NameMaidenBirth dateDeath DateNotes
Andrew Bogle 30 Apr 175329 Nov 1813Pfc. Cumberland Co. Militia
Rev. War
Andrew Bogle 06 Nov 178113 Dec 1842Sr.
Elizabeth Campbell Bogle Campbell04 Mar 174804 Sep 1845
Jane McIntyre Bogle McIntyre14 Jun 1795Wife of Joseph
Joseph Bogle 173006 Apr 1790Sr.; Pvt. S. Fulton’s Co.
Rev. War
Andrew Creswell 07 Feb 1816
Ann Gamble Creswell Gamble10 Feb 182103 Mar 1874
Claude Conley EverhartConley29 May 191826 Aug 1918Son of George & Jane
Alexander B. Gamble 18 Jul 178702 Apr 1867
Ann Gamwell Gamble Gamwell17551801Grave not marked.
Elizabeth McTeer Gamble McTeer09 Sep 184301 Sep 1880
Elizabeth Ransbarger Gamble Ransbarger01 Jun 179418 May 1866Daughter of John
Josias Gamble 17601823Pvt. Virginia Militia-Rev. War
Rachel Gamble 29 Jul 182927 Jan 1861
William Houston Gamble 21 Dec 184824 Nov 1891
Andrew B. McTeer 05 Sep 182013 Jun 1885QM 3 Tenn. Vol.
Ann Bogle McTeer 07 Apr 177722 Oct 1865
Josias Gamble McTeer 01 Jul 186009 May 1937
Martin McTeer 27 Nov 177129 Dec 1853Son of Robert & Agnes
Mary Bogle McTeer 05 May 178516 Nov 1866Daughter of Andrew & Elizabeth
Nancy Gamble McTeer Gamble25 Apr 182315 Jan 1896
Robert McTeer 174028 Dec 1904Capt. Cumberland Co. Penn.
Militia, Rev. War
William McTeer 14 Jun 178029 May 1862
Poneitha Lynne Tipton SpradlinTipton29 Mar 2001

If you have names or photos that you would like to contribute for posting on this page please feel free to email them to us. We appreciate you all, researchers and contributors alike. Thank you and happy hunting!

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