Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, Maryville

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This is only a partial listing of this cemetery and is by no means complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the email link at the bottom of this page to contact me.

NameMaidenBirth DateDeath Date
Birtha E. Dockery19 Aug 190810 Oct 1912
Blanch J. Downey21 Jul 191007 Apr 1924
Sarah E. Downey28 Jul 188403 Jan 1920
W. L. Downey11 Oct 187604 Jan 1926
Bobbie Fields14 Sep 191527 May 1989
Dawl Fields29 Aug 190702 Sep 1984
Charlie Hammontree20 Oct 190420 Jan 1905
Foute Fields Hammontree10 Nov 190323 Mar 1975
George Washington Hammontree06 May 187010 Aug 1957
Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. John H. Hammontree11 Feb 190811 Feb 1908
Joe Ray Hammontree14 Apr 191202 May 1935
John Wesley Hammontree20 Mar 190228 Jan 1948
John H. Hammontree25 Oct 188330 Dec 1929
Ninnie Ann Fields HammontreeFields06 Feb 187724 Dec 1946
Nora Ray Hammontree07 Feb 188424 Jan 1950
Norma Ruth Hammontree16 Aug 192509 Feb 1926
Samuel Tullock Hammontree13 Dec 189711 Oct 1946
Fred M. Henderson20 Jan 191030 Nov 1963
Mary Lee Henderson12 Jun 191012 Feb 2005
Pearl Humphrey11 May 191012 Nov 1936
Cynthynia Sharon Keller26 Nov 194628 Nov 1946
Icia Kyker04 Apr 190905 Oct 1961
Martha J. Law22 Jun 187623 Apr 1934
Murrell Law24 Oct 191615 Sep 1936
William A. Law18 Jan 187401 Oct 1961
Jesse Morrison13 Jun 1903
Gaynell Hammontree RayHammontree27 Aug 191815 Jul 2004
Claudine Rhyne29 Nov 1928?? Dec 1928
Mildred Louise Rhyne26 Dec 193926 Dec 1939
Hance H. Russell31 May 186025 Jan 1922
Nancy Caldona RussellCaldona06 Feb 186806 Jan 1936

If you have names or photos that you would like to contribute for posting on this page please feel free to email them to us. We appreciate you all, researchers and contributors alike. Thank you and happy hunting!

Ancestry US

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