Tax rate of Captain McGinley’s Company for the Year 1801

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While this tax list is for 1801, it should be pointed out that a great majority of the men listed as owning land did not obtain a clear title to their land until after 1806, when the compact of that year was entered into between the state of Tennessee, the United States, and North Carolina. By the provisions of Tennessee law the settlers south of French Broad River were given the opportunity of purchasing the lands which they claimed by right of pre-emption and occupancy which had been recognized in the Cession Act of 1789 and Article XI, section 31 of the Constitution of 1796. They were to be charged only $1.00 an acre instead of the minimum price of $2.00 an acre established for other unappropriated lands by the compact of 1806. These Tennessee grants are on file in the Land Office at Nashville, and very few of them are of record in the Blount County Courthouse at Maryville.

There are two additional columns in the original entitled “Billiard Tables” and “Stud Horses.” No individuals were listed as owning any of either and those columns have been left out of the table.

NameLandFree PollsBlack PollsTown Lots
Alexander, Ebenezar 11
Alexander, Joseph 21
Bowers, Daniel1
Buchanan, Edward1
Culton, James1
Crawford, James1
Duncan, John 311
Forguson [Ferguson], Robert1
Ferguson, John1
Forguson, Hugh1
Finley, Joseph1
Gilbreath, Wm1
Gilmore, John1
Gold, John1
Houston, Samuel 411
Harris, John1
Harris, Wm1
Harris, Jonathan11
Houston, John 51
James, John1
Ingland [England], Thomas1
Long, Henery11
McGinley, James 611
McCanles, Robert1
McRanels [McReynolds], John 71
McRanels, Joseph11
Posey, Daniel1
Rorax, Martin1
Rowan, Samuel1
Sloss, Joseph1
Simons, Wm11
Thomas, Jacob1
Thompson, James1
Thomas, John1
Timberman, Jonathan1
Timberman, Matthew1
Timberman, Jacob1
Timberman, George1
Trippet, Jonathan1
Thomas, George1
Thomas, Henry1
Tedford, Joseph 81
Wallace, Joel 911
Wallace, Adam1
Wallace, Benj1
Wallace, Wm1
Wallace, David1
Weir, Abraham 101
Wier, Hugh 111
Weir, Jonathan6401
Wallace, John1
Wallace, Andrew1


Creekmore, Pollyanna, Early East Tennessee Taxpayers, II. Blount County, 1801; published in the East Tennessee Historical Society Publication, vol. 24, pp. 125-154, Knoxville, Tennessee : East Tennessee Historical Society, 1929-1989. Images are from the Early Tax Lists of Tennessee. Microfilm, 12 rolls. The Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee.


  1. One of the witnesses to the Treaty of Dumplin Creek, 1785.[]
  2. Commissioned ensign, Blount County militia, 1800. Moore, Commissions, 4.[]
  3. Revolutionary War soldier (1752-1836), born in Rockbridge County, Va., where he served in the militia; came early to Blount County, where be married at Craig’s Station on July 17, 1788, Margaret Alexander; an original member of New Providence Church, he and his wife are buried in the church cemetery. Rev. War Pens. File.[]
  4. Son of Matthew and Martha Lyle Houston, and a second cousin of Sam Houston of Texas fame who came with his widowed mother Elizabeth Paxton Houston to Blount County in the spring of 1807. Elizabeth Paxton Houston died September 8, 1831, and is buried in the Baker’s Creek Presbyterian Cemetery. Paxton Family, 238-39; 25-34; Houston Family, passim ; Marquis James, The Raven (Indianapolis, 1929), 1-30; Knoxville Register, September 14, 1831.[]
  5. Revolutionary War soldier (1761-March 30, 1835), who drew a pension for his service in the Virginia militia. Rev. War Pens. File; Houston Family.[]
  6. Revolutionary soldier born in Pennsylvania in 1763; served in Battle of King’s Mountain; reputed to be a teacher in the first school at Craig’s Station; commissioned captain, Blount County militia, 1800; died March 26, 1834. Moore, Commissions, 5.[]
  7. Commissioned ensign, Blount County militia, 1800. Ibid.[]
  8. A Revolutionary War soldier; his widow, Mary Tedford, applied for a pension on his service. Commissioned captain, Knox County militia, 1792. Carter, Territorial Papers, IV, 449; Minutes, December 2, 1844.[]
  9. As an ensign was in command of Black’s Station, on Crooked Creek, in 1792; commissioned ensign, 1795, lieutenant, 1796, Blount County militia; married Esther Houston; removed to Morgan County, Ala. Ramsey, Annals, 565; Carter, Territorial Papers, IV, 469; Moore, Commissions, 6; Houston Family, 205-08.[]
  10. First court of Blount County held at his house. Minutes, September 14, 1795.[]
  11. Received North Carolina grant No. 956, dated December 26, 1791, for 140 acres “in our county of Green [sic] on head of Pistol Creek,” registered 1806. Deeds, I, 128.[]
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