Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Maryville

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This is only a partial listing of this cemetery and is by no means complete. If you would like to submit names, photos or additional information on anyone interred in this cemetery please feel free to click on the email link at the bottom of this page to contact me.

NameMaidenBirth DateDeath DateNotes
Annis G. Crisp30 Mar 191018 Sep 1966w/o John H.
Bessie Jane Crisp22 Jun 190419 Sep 1989
Cas Crisp26 Sep 190224 May 1993
John H. Crisp25 Nov 190901 Jun 1977“Harve”, PFC, US Army, WWII
Alva Kate Fields05 Apr 193818 Jul 1943d/o John M. & Ruby
Annis Fields18 Nov 189814 Feb 1988
Edith B. Fields21 Nov 193729 Jan 1940d/o Jeff M. & Oval
George Ross Fields190217 Feb 1949
Harve Fields16 Feb 187527 Apr 1946
Hutton Thomas Fields14 Jul 191309 Mar 1989
John H. Fields15 Nov 188220 Dec 1943Dates per death certificate
John M. Fields12 Jan 190219 Jul 1944
Luther Fields06 May 190703 Jan 1933Luke”, Death date from certificate.
Minnie Jones FieldsJones08 Apr 188719 May 1965w/o John H.
Ray Fields13 Sep 191017 Mar 1937Death date per certificate.
Reubin A. Fields05 Jul 191120 Oct 1948
Robert Wayne Fields17 May 194101 Jun 1941s/o Oliver & Ruby
William S. Fields14 Dec 187528 May 1948
Robert Allen Hawk16 Jul 196522 Jan 1989
Charlie Headrick06 Mar 187810 Dec 1898
Mary J. Headrick23 Apr 183928 Jan 1930
Mertis E. Headrick18 Oct 189622 Jan 1901s/o Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H.
Samuel H. Headrick20 Feb 186212 Dec 1921
Sina Allison HeadrickAllison10 Jun 187227 May 1962
Charles David Henderson22 Aug 194507 Jul 1972CPL, US Marine Corps, Vietnam
King Henderson
Posie Headrick SteeleHeadrick28 Nov 188930 Dec 1928
Bertha Mae Crisp TeffetellerCrisp02 May 193625 Jun 2000
Ina Teffeteller30 May 187813 Jan 1963
Roy Teffeteller15 Mar 1934
Charlie Thompson06 Mar 187810 Dec 1898

If you have names or photos that you would like to contribute for posting on this page please feel free to email them to us. We appreciate you all, researchers and contributors alike. Thank you and happy hunting!

Ancestry US

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