Carroll County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Carroll County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Carroll County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 909 individuals served from Carroll County during World War I. There were 819 soldiers in the Army, 24 of which were officers. There were 71 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 10 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 9 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AbbettJames Clarence23Buena Vista, TNSailor109
AdamsBen G.26Trezant, TN 1
AdamsEarly C.1888Trezvant, TN 1
AdamsHowell1897Carroll Co., TN 1
AdamsJohn Everett1893Cedar Grove, TN 1
AdamsObie1896McLemoresville, TN 1
AdamsStokie1898Huntington, TN 1
AdamsonJoseph Gordon1897Waverly, KY 1
AdenHugh1892McKenzie, TNDead98
AdenLudus L.23Hollow Rock, TN 1
AdenPaul W.1895McKenzie, TN 2
AdenWillie29Huntingdon, TNSailor109
AdkisonCurtis1889Trezvant, TN 2
AdkissonCharles31Trezvant, TN 2
AkinsFair1895Trezvant, TN 2
AkinsJacob A.27Carroll Co., TN 2
AlbrightElmer29McLemoresville, TNDead98
AlexanderHarry L.1876McKenzie, TNOfficer U.S. Army103
AlgeeEarl Hix27Cedar Grove, TNSailor109
AlgeeWealthy1890Whitthorne, TNWounded93
AllenGeorge1896Henry, TN 2
AllenHugh L.31Huntingion, TN 2
AllenJohn Hager28McKenzie, TN 2
AllenMcKindley1896Benton Co., TN 3
ArcoJohn Gilbert25McKenzie, TNSailor109
ArgoJohn Sherman21Trezevant, TNSailor109
ArgoWilliam Z.26Trezevant, TNWounded93
ArnoldArthur L.1896Huntingdon, TN 3
ArringtonJesse Lee1896Decatur Co., TN 3
AustinBert1887Camden, TN 3
AydelottGrady W.21Decaturville, TN 3


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BaileyEarnest30Benton Co., TNWounded93
BairdBumon D.25Trezvant, TN 3
BairdKeubel Frenzo1897Trezevant, TNMarine107
BakerJoe B.26Lake Co., TN 3
BakerSidney Lee28McKenzie, TN 3
BakerWalter Clay1897Bradford, TN 4
BardsdaleCharley H.1891McKenzie, TN 4
BarkerSpencer1892Huntingdon, TN 4
BarksdaleLonnie1886McKenzie, TN 4
BarksdaleRobert1897Lavinia, TN 4
BarksdaleRobert Walker23McKenzie, TN 4
BarnerLundsford E.1893Greenfield, TN 5
BarnesEarnest Birchel18Buena Vista, TNSailor109
BarnesJames W.21McKenzie, TN 4
BarnesThomas W.26McKenzie, TN 4
BarnettEugene Wilburn1892Lavina, TN 5
BarnhillConnie1896Huntingdon, TN 5
BarrellAlfred Lee24Lavinia, TNSailor110
BarrowCurtis A.22Huntingdon, TN 5
BatesJames A.1892Christmasville, TN 5
BealWilliam T.24Centerville, TN 5
BeasleyHerman O.23Aspen Hill, TNDead98
BeasleyMarvin R.23Gardner, TN 5
BelewPaul Wyatt1896Atwood, TN 6
BelewRobert25Carroll Co., TN 6
BelewRobert Brown24Trezevant, TNSailor110
BellEverage1896Huntingdon, TN 6
BellHenderson W.1891McKenzie, TN 6
BellJerome22McKenzie, TN 6
BellLewill1897Milan, TN 7
BellLewill1897Milan, TN 6
BellMurry V.29Carroll, TN 6
BellewHerschel Wilmoth1890Clarksburg, TN 5
BennettCurtis S.23Huntingdon, TN 7
BennettHorace L.1896Huntingdon, TN 7
BennettMack M.26Huntingdon, TN 7
BennettWeldon R. Chard18Huntingdon, TNSailor110
BerryHaynes1897Henry, TN 8
BerryhillClyde A.1893McKenzie, TN 8
BerryhillGrailey Hewitt1896McKenzie, TN 8
BerryhillWilliam C.19McKenzie, TN 8
BerryhillWillie R.1896McKenzie, TNDead98
BirdwellBen C.29Yuma, TN 8
BirdwellJames D.24Buena Vista, TN 8
BirdwellJames Lucian1897Carroll Co., TN 8
BlackHomer B.1895Greenfield, TN 8
BlanksRobert A.1895Trezevant, TNOfficer U.S. Army103
BlaylockJennings Bryant1897Carroll Co., TN 9
BlowWilliam Grady1897McLemoresville, TN 9
BoazCurtis Tillman19McKenzie, TNSailor110
BobbittDorsey22Hollow Rock, TN 9
BobbittGroff O.25Huntingdon, TNWounded93
BogleJessie B.23Atwood, TN 9
BoldenJimmie1894Lavinia, TN 9
BondsVernon Lanier1899Holladay, TN 9
BoswellHarrison29Carroll Co., TN 9
BowdenAron1895McKenzie, TN 9
BowdenElzie1896McKenzie, TN 10
BowdenElzie23Huntingdon, TN 10
BowdenHenry28Jackson, TN 10
BowdenOra F.1897Huntingdon, TN 10
BoydBurlie G.1892Huntingdon, TN 10
BoydJesse F.1895Huntingdon, TN 10
BoydLonnie24Hollow Rock, TN 10
BoydThomas Auley25Hollow Pock, TN [sic]Wounded93
BrackinHenry C.1886Galconda, IL 10
BradshawHarry1896Trezevant, TN 11
BrandonRoland H.31Carroll Co., TN 11
BranleyFrank22Whitthorne, TNSailor110
BrattonLucian B.23Carroll Co., TN 11
BrevardMelborne B.23Sugar Tree, TNWounded93
BrevardWelbourne B.23Sugar Tree, TN 11
BrewerJesse L.24Henderson Co., TN 11
BrewerRobert G.24Benton, TN 11
BrewerThomas B.23McKenzie, TN 11
BridgemanFrank27Madison,WI 11
BridgesWesley E.1895West Port, TN 12
BrinkleyJessie O.23West Port, TN 12
BrittJohn28Arlington, TN 12
BrittLennie B.22Huntingdon, TNWounded94
BrooksEmmett T.22Trezevant, TN 12
BrownHenry Simon29Carroll Co., TN 12
BrownLeonard E.22Near West Port, TN 12
BrownLeonard H.22Buena Vista, TN 12
BrownVoyle Vernon22McKenzie, TNSailor110
BrownWillie A.29Mansfield, TN 12
BrowningGordon1889Carroll Co., TNOfficer U.S. Army103
BryantAbner L.1898Milan, TN 13
BryantFred1897Atwood, TN 13
BryantGeorge A. Yuma, TN 13
BryantHafford1889Gibson Co., TN 13
BryantHenry S.28Gibson Co., TN 13
BryantJ.B.1896Gwin Switch, TN 13
BryantJohn Harvey26Yuma, TN 13
BryantMorgan G.22Carroll Co., TN 13
BryantWilliam Clarence1898Milan, TN 14
BullingtonLawrence Jackson1896Anna, TXMarine107
BullockWalter Adolphus24Carroll Co., TN 14
BunnThomas H.22McKenzie, TN 14
BurdettRobert24McKenzie, TN 14
BurkmanEldo J.23Greensburg, IN 14
BurkmanHarry A.24Greensburg, IN 14
BurnsJames C.24McKenzie, TN 14
BurrowLemuel M.25Milan, TN 14
BurrowOcie G.23Carroll Co., TN 15
BurrowWilliam Booker20Trezevant, TNSailor111
BushWilliam B.26Huntingdon, TN 15
BushWillie1896McKenzie, TN 15
ButlerAlbert J.1897Huntingdon, TN 15
ButlerClarence L.22Huntingdon, TN 15
ButlerCurtis L.1894Buena Vista, TN 15
ButlerGrady L.1895Buena Vista, TN 15
ButlerHowell G.1895Hollow Rock, TN 15
ButlerJames L.1892Cedar Grove, TN 16
ButlerJames R.23McKenzie, TN 16
ButlerLucian N.1894McKenzie, TN 16
ButlerTom1896Huntingdon, TN 16


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CaldwellArthur L.1894Huntingdon, TN 16
CallowayHenry1888Riceville, TN 16
CampbellHomer C.1887McKenzie, TN 16
CampbellOthar S.1896McKenzie, TN 16
CampbellWilliam1894Union Co., TN 17
CampbellWilliam E.1895Huntingdon, TN 17
CantrellEphriam M.28Bradford, TN 17
CardenWilliam J.22Lexington, TN 17
CarltonJames R.24Clarksburg, TN 17
CarnalLewis1895Clarksburg, TN 17
CarterAron1894Huntingdon, TN 17
CarterAvie26Cedar Grove, TN 17
CarterClyde1895Trezvant, TN 18
CarterFreddie D.1892Cedar Grove, TN 18
CarterHercy E.1886Trezvant, TN 18
CarterRobert Hutson1890Huntingdon, TNOfficer U.S. Army103
CarverElmer1892Huntingdon, TN 18
CarverLeroy1894Huntingdon, TN 18
CaryFrant1895West Port, TN 18
CaryMarvin E.29Carroll Co., TN 18
CaryRay B.29Henderson Co., TN 18
ChambersFloyd W.1896Carroll Co., TN 19
ChambersRobert C.21Huntingdon, TN 19
ChambersSeaborn E.1894Huntingdon, TN 19
ChanceTommie Foster1899McLemoresville, TN 19
ChandlerBob C.21McKenzie, TN 19
ChandlerSamuel G.1892Huntingdon, TN 19
ChandlerVirgil26Huntingdon, TN 19
ChasteenJohn W.21Berea, KY 19
ChurchwellBill18Huntingdon, TNSailor111
ChurchwellJamie W.25Carroll Co., TN 20
ClarkGeorge Lee1897McLemoresville, TN 20
ClarkJeff Davis23McKenzie, TNSailor111
ClarkLesily1895Milan, TN 20
ClarkLonnie B.1893Near Atwood, TN 20
ClarkPritchard1893Westport, TNDead98
ClarkWilliam A.22Whittorne, TN 20
ClarkWilliam C.1894Carroll Co., TN 20
ClepperThomas M.21Westburne, TN 20
CobbGrocie B.1892Hollow Rock, TN 20
CockJohn C.21McKenzie, TN 22
ColemanCharlie L.27Carroll Co., TN 21
ColemanCoke D.   21
ColemanGeorge A.28Lavinia, TN 21
ColemanGeorge C.1896Carroll Co., TN 21
ColemanJames E.26McKenzie, TN 21
ColemanJamie S.1895McKenzie, TN 21
ColemanMerritt30Huntingdon, TNWounded94
CollinsDaniel22Carroll Co., TN 21
CollinsTate B. See Army RegisterOfficer U.S. Army103
ComptonCommodora D.21Hollow Rock, TNDeserter123
ConyersIsaac G.1895Carroll Co., TN 21
CookWillie B.22Lavinia, TNWounded94
CooperAcie A.23Gibson Co., TN 22
CooperLuther J.1886Hollow Rock, TNWounded94
CooperWilliam F.27Carroll Co., TNWounded94
CostenCharles Bedford1893McKenzie, TNDead99
CostenClarence C.1886McKenzie, TN 22
CourtneyBen Sherill1896Dyer Co., TN 22
CoxArthur D.1891Waverly, TNDeserter123
CoxEarlie H.21Carroll Co., TN 22
CoxLucian L.22Fulton, KY 22
CoxMalcolm F.1894Beech Bluff, TN 22
CozartWalter H.1887TennesseeOfficer U.S. Army103
CravinsElbert Carl30McKenzie, TNSailor111
CrawfordWilliam Gwin21McKenzie, TNSailor111
CrewsArvil D.25Carroll Co., TN 22
CriderWade1897Yuma, TN 23
CrockerHenry1897Greenfield, TN 23
CrockerJames M.1891Trezevant, TN 23
CulpMathis23Gibson, Co., TN 23
CunninghamDoc.28Huntingdon, TN 23
CunninghamJean1893Huntingdon, TN 23
CurrinEverett Leon1894McKenzie, TN 23


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DangerfieldTheodore W.45Kemptville,CanadaDeserter123
DannCletus1895Trexvant, TN 23
DardenSteven A.23Hillow Rock, TN 24
DarnallWillie Lois1896Yuma, TN 24
DellingerCharles P.26McKenzie, TN 24
DenenRalph1895Arabia, OHWounded94
DeshongAndrew J.1897McLemoresville, TN 24
DeshongWilliam25McLemoresville, TN 24
DickersonClay J.1894Buena Vista, TN 24
DicksonHilton A.35McKenzie, TN 24
DillGuy1895Huntingdon, TN 24
DillHorace L.23Near Huntingdon, TN 25
DinwiddleGreen21Henry Co., TNDead99
DinwiddleLewis Carton23McKenzie, TNSailor114
DoddJoseph G.23Henderson Co., TN 25
DonnellSam1893Juno, TN 25
DouglasRoy A.1891Yuma, TNOfficer U.S. Army103
DowningRoland G.1889Lavina, TN 25
DowningWilliam Edward1900Scottsville, KY 25
DrakeBen21Carroll Co., TN 25
DunavanJames M.23Milan, TNDead99
DuncanHomer J.21Carroll Co., TN 25
DuncanNoad M.23Whitehouse, TN 26
DunlapGeorge H.1893McKenzie, TN 26
DunlapHoward W.1889Weakly Co., TN 26
DunlapJohn A.1897Trezevant, TN 26
DunlapRonie23Mansfield, TN 26


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EasleyLeo23Paris, TN 26
EdgarClaud H.22Paris, TN 26
EdwardsCharles E.24Huntingdon, TN 26
EdwardsJames T.23Huntingdon, TN 27
EdwardsWalter S.30Madison Co., TN 27
EdwardsWilliam N.1888Buena Vista, TN 27
EllisEther M.20Buena Vista, TN 27
EnochsIsaac C.28Huntingdon, TN 27
EubankJohn Cecil23Henderson Co., TN 27
EubankLuther O.1887Famersville,TX 27
EvansBenjaman F.1895Lavinia, TN 27
EvansEddie M.1896Sharon, TN 28
EverettEdward B.1891McKenzie, TNOfficer U.S. Army104
EverettJohn Spellings21McKenzie, TNSailor114
EverettRaymond E.25Huntingdon, TNDead99
EverettTom Cannon22McKenzie, TNSailor114


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FaulkesNathan1894Huntingdon, TN 25
FiteCharles R.26Atwood, TN 28
FiteJohn T.28Atwood, TNWounded95
FiteMelvin B.24Atwood, TN 28
FitzgeraldLawrence1893Henry Station, TN 28
FletcherRalph G.19McKenzie, TN 28
ForbessLuther Newton23Huntingdon, TNWounded95
ForbisJohn W.28Atwood, TN 28
ForrestDon Edward1917Vail, TNMarine107
ForrestHorace L.27Vale, TN 28
FosterClyde1897Henry Co., TN 28
FosterEarnest L.1887Huntingdon, TN 29
FosterWilliam F. Cody1892Carroll Co., TN 29
FranciscoErnest Hugert1898Camden, TN 29
FranciscoJoseph L.30Vale, TN 29
FranciscoWilliam C.1890Hollow Rock, TN 29
FrenchEmmett Ellis17McLemoresville, TNSailor114
FryHal H.28Sugar Tree, TN 29
FulksAlbert30Pope Twon, TN 29
FullerArthur C.26Huntingdon, TN 29


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GablerHomer L.23Waller, OHWounded95
GallawayHorace E.25Trezevant, TNWounded95
GallemoreWill D.1890McKenzie, TN 30
GallowayMatthew Hall1895Trezevant, TNMarine107
GallowayWilliam H.22Trezevant, TN 30
GardnerArvill Pitt24McLemoresville, TNSailor115
GardnerWarren Saunders21McLemoresville, TNSailor115
GarrettJames A.24Palmersville, TN 30
GarrettJohn D.23Carroll Co., TN 30
GarrettLeonard1898McKenzie, TN 30
GarrettRoy B.1891McKenzie, TN 30
GarrettSam B.22McKenzie, TN 30
GateleyLucian22Cedar Grove, TN 30
GibsonBerry19Yuma, TNWounded95
GibsonElbert25Yuma, TNWounded95
GibsonRobert C.21Armstrong Co., PA 31
GibsonSidney H.1896Gleason, TN 31
GilbertJohn H.23McKenzie, TN 31
GilbertOlie25McKenzie, TN 31
GilkeySam B.1891Carroll Co., TN 31
GilkyeJames Walgh20Atwood, TNSailor115
GlissonCharles Olan19McKenzie, TNSailor115
GlissonNuman C.19McKenzie, TN 31
GlissonWilliam E.18Buena Vista, TN 31
GloverJames26Bluff City, TN 31
GoldsbyElias L.1895McKenzie, TN 32
GoldsbyErnest E.25Weakly Co., TNDead99
GoochBenjamin R.29Huntingdon, TN 32
GoodrumHersie1892Carroll Co., TN 32
GoodrumJames R.27Huntingdon, TN 32
GoodwinJames Bennett1895Trezevant, TNMarine107
GoodwinJohn H.24Carroll Co., TN 32
GordonLuther1893McKenzie, TN 32
GowanVernon E.1893Cedar Grove, TN 32
GravesHomer1897Huntingdon, TN 32
GravesWillie B.1890Huntingdon, TN 33
GreelyJames1896Carroll Co., TN 33
GreenJames E.1895Trezevant, TN 33
GreeneRobert C.24Newport,TX 33
GreeneThomas B.23Huntingdon, TN 33
GreenerRoy21Henderson Co., TN 33
GrenadeJohn G.24McKenzie, TN 33
GroomWallace H.19Huntingdon, TNDead99
GuillEphriam Lee22Lebanon, TN 33


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HallBob L.23McKenzie, TN 34
HallJames M.1892McKenzie, TNDead100
HallOma21Dresden, TN 34
HallodayArthur1890Buena Vista, TN 34
HamesEdward U.29Trezevant, TN 34
HamlinWade E.1895McKenzie, TN 34
HammonsCharlie F.1896Trezevant, TN 34
HamptonEarly W.22Huntingdon, TN 34
HaneyRoy L.24Regan, TN 34
HansbroHafford M.23Carroll Co., TN 35
HarderJames Orville,26Carroll Co., TN 35
HarderJoseph A.1894McKenzie, TN 35
HarrellJ.B.22Gibson Co., TNDeserter123
HarringtonRobert Clarence27Atchison Co., MO 35
HarrisCurtis22McKenzie, TN 35
HarrisLewis P.1895Wildersville, TN 35
HarrisWillie W.1893Westport, TN 35
HarrisonJames T.1893Gleason, TN 35
HarroldWilliam R.29McKenzie, TN 36
HastingsErnest E. Green1897Huntingdon, TN 36
HawkGenie Franklin1896Carroll Co., TN 36
HawkOllie Authur26Carroll Co., TN 36
HawkinsAlvin1897Huntingdon, TN 36
HawkinsEsmond F.29Huntingdon, TNWounded96
HawkinsLandis A.25Huntingdon, TN 36
HawkinsOlney L.1895Carroll Co., TN 36
HaynesHerbert E.22Hopkins Co., KY 36
HaynesLuther1895Carroll Co., TN 37
HaywoodRoma31Yuma, TN 37
HeadTom W.23Brunswick, TN 37
HeathLindsay Leroy26McKenzie, TNSailor115
HeathcotHarry B.1897McKenzie, TN 37
HeglerWilliam F.22Huntingdon, TN 37
HendersonEarnest1895McKenzie, TN 37
HendricksOmar L.22Hollow Rock, TN 37
HerrinFrank Benjamin31WestPoint, TNSailor116
HerronJohn H.21Trezevant, TN 37
HesterClaude23Carroll Co., TN 38
HickmanCoady W.26Milan, TN 38
HigginsJohn David1899Athens, ALMarine107
HilliardAlbert H.26Carroll Co., TNDeserter123
HilliardElwood W.30Carroll Co., TN 38
HilliardHomer L.28Near Westport, TN 38
HilliardWilliam E.1891Westport, TN 38
HilliardWillie A.1897Huntingdon, TN 38
HillsmanJohn E.22Trezevant, TN 38
HillsmanSherman1895Macuamosa, TN 38
HimeWillie W.22Huntingdon, TN 39
HodgeJames Lee1899Carroll Co., TN 39
HodgeRobert Efton21McKenzie, TNSailor116
HoggGeorge W.1894Camden, TN 39
HolderOscar A.24Spring Creek, TN 39
HolladayGarvin D.1890Westport, TN 39
HollidayFrank1892Huntingdon, TN 39
HollowellHuless G.1893Carroll, TN 39
HollowellRobert Dewey Westport, TN 39
HolmesJohn Willard1898Juno, TN 40
HoltJoseph L. McKenzie, TN 40
HoltSrygley N.28Lebanon, TN 40
HoneycuttAndy21Hilwood, TNSailor116
HoodDavid N.1895Huntingdon, TN 40
HoodUlysses M.19Carroll Co., TN 40
HortonLarry E.23Dyersburg, TN 40
HowardJohn F.23Trezevant, TNDeserter123
HubbardErnest E.25Bardwell, KY 40
HudsonClarence D.21Carroll Co., TN 41
HudsonEdmond1888Brookhaven, MS 41
HuffmanChester C.27McKenzie, TN 41
HurdieJames W.27Trezevant, TN 41
HurdleNat Freeman1897Leach, TN 41
HurtBen26Whitthorne, TN 41
HurtEarnest1887Dresden, TN 41
HurtFelix22Huntingdon, TN 41
HurtFrank30Flatwood, TN 42
HurtJames M.1889Trezevant, TNOfficer U.S. Army104
HutchMarvin W.25Nilersville, TN 42
HutsonWillie23Huntingdon, TN 42


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IvieTom R.23Carroll Co., TN 42


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JacksonKenneth M.1890McKenzie, TNOfficer U.S. Army104
JacksonL.C.23 Sailor117
JacksonWillie O.29Huntingdon, TNWounded96
JamisonWilliam Jackson1897Carroll Co., TN 42
JarrettHugh1893Clarksburg, TN 42
JenkinsBenjamin V.24Clay Co., IN 42
JenkinsConway F.23Brazill, IN 42
JenningsGeorge M.1894Madison, TN 43
JimesonArvel1899Huntingdon, TN 43
JohnsonDavid C.1897Lovill, TN 43
JohnsonGeorge1890Huntingdon, TNDead100
JohnsonGeorge A.23Huntingdon, TN 43
JohnsonGulfer1887Buena Vista, TN 43
JohnsonHomer23Huntingdon, TN 43
JohnsonJames H.1895Huntingdon, TN 43
JohnsonLenard H.1898McKenzie, TN 43
JohnsonRobert1896Buena Vista, TN 44
JohnsonThomas J.27Huntingdon, TN 44
JohnsonWillie1894Huntingdon, TN 44
JohnsonWillie C.28Huntingdon, TN 44
JordanNewt1891Huntingdon, TN 44
JordanWallace1895Terrye, TN 44
JoynerFloyd Eldridge21 Sailor117
JoynerHenry Clay1896Buena Vista, TN 44
JoynerOdie1895Whitthorne, TN 44
JoynerOnel H.1893Carroll Co., TN 45
JoynerPercie1892Whitthorne, TN 45


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KeatonJennings Bryan21Atwood, TNSailor117
KeeEd1892Buena Vista, TN 45
KeeJohn L.21Cedar Grove, TN 45
KeeVirgil H.21Benton Co., TN 45
KeilClyde Delmer1897VanWert, OH 45
KellyJames A.1888Huntingdon, TN 45
KellyLois21Huntingdon, TNSailor117
KempCader B.28McKenzie, TN 45
KempHurel G.22Huntingdon, TN 46
KempMucius Wm.1896McKenzie, TN 46
KempSam27Huntingdon, TN 46
KennonJoe Thomas22Huntingdon, TNSailor117
KingClyde E. Atwood, TN 46
KingWilliam Hobert1896Westport, TN 46
KirbyHomer21TN 46
KirkClinnard20Carroll Co., TN 46
KirkEarnie1895Huntingdon, TN 46
KirkLeroy22Carroll Co., TN 47
KyleJoseph W.29Hollow Rock, TNDead100


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LambertJohn C.19Tonica, IL 47
LancasterPaul E.1895Labelville, TN 47
LanglowJohn1897Marshall, TX 47
LankfordCurtis L.1896Carroll Co., TN 47
LansdewRufus D.1896Atwood, TN 47
LardeCharles Barnice1893McKenzie, TNOfficer U.S. Army104
LawsArville Ward23Carroll Co., TNWounded96
LeachThomas E.1896Atwood, TN 47
LeachWilliam G.23Atwood, TNWounded96
LeathSamuel H.1895Atwood, TN 47
LeeCarnes B. See Army RegisterOfficer U.S. Army104
LewellingElmer V.1891Lexington, TNDead100
LewisConnie E.23Huntingdon, TN 48
LewisHomer L.1896Huntingdon, TN 48
LifseyBartie B.1896McLemorsville, TN 48
LifseyThomas E.1889Clarksburg, TNDead100
LillyJefferson Franklin1894Ridgely, TN 48
LomaxArthur C.1893Obion, TN 48
LongBurman24Trezevant, TN 48
LongCrawford1892Henderson, TN 48
LovellCisco1891Wildersville, TN 48
LuskyHorace30Huntingdon, TN 49


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
MaddoxDwayne D.1897Huntingdon, TN 53
MaddoxPoe Webster1898Huntingdon, TN 53
MallardEllis23Bedford Co., TN 53
ManessBliss1897Bethel Springs, TN 53
ManleyAdam1895McKenzie, TN 53
ManleyRobert1891Humbolt, TN 53
ManningBennie Cecil1897Carroll Co., TN 53
MarberyPater J.1897Middle, TN 53
MarshallJack H.27Trezevant, TN 54
MarshallJames W24Trezevant, TN 54
MarshallJohn L.21Trezevant, TN 54
MarshallMaxwell C.26McKenzie, TN 54
MartinJohn R.1897Carroll Co., TN 54
MartinRichmon C.21Vale, TN 54
MartinWilliam G.29Vale, TN 54
MasseyClyde O.23Hollow Rock, TN 54
MaysDetroy28Jackson, TN 55
McAdamsRufe28Huntingdon, TN 49
McAdooEugene23Sikeston, MO 49
McAdooEugene Clint1893Sikeston, MOOfficer U.S. Army104
McAlexanderLee Monroe1897Lavinia, TN 49
McAlexanderWilliam E.1895Lavina, TN 49
McAlisterAlvin   49
McAuleyCharles Bernard24Trezevant, TNSailor117
McAuleyGeorge W.1897Buena Vista, TN 49
McAuleyJames Buford1894West Point, TN 49
McAuleyRupert Wilbur1888Westport, TNOfficer U.S. Army105
McCadamsJohn R.29McKenzie, TNWounded96
McCallGeorge Trevathan1893Huntingdon, TNOfficer U.S. Army105
McCallJames H.1898Huntingdon, TN 50
McCallJames Henry1876Huntingdon, TNOfficer U.S. Army105
McCallJoseph W.1891Huntingdon, TNOfficer U.S. Army105
McCartneyThomas H.1895Gibson Co., TN 50
McClureJohn W.1892McKenzie, TN 50
McClureNewman W.23Haynesville, TN 50
McClureRobert Milton23McKenzie, TNSailor118
McClureWilliam F.1887McKenzie, TN 50
McCollumErnest26Huntingdon, TN 50
McCroryCharlie M.1896Carroll Co., TN 51
McCroryEugene1899Lavinia, TNMarine107
McCroryJohn F.27Kenton, TN 51
McCulloughManual1897Carroll Co., TN 51
McCullumHugh L.1897Atwood, TN 50
McDadeJohn W.24Huntingdon, TNDead100
McDonaldJoseph O.1894McKenzie, TN 51
McDonaldWeldon24McKenzie, TN 51
McElroyLeonard1896McKenzie, TN 51
McElroyLeonard E.1896McKenzie, TN 51
McFarlandWilliam F.25Milan, TN 51
McGainGus C.1892McKenzie, TN 50
McGregorSam C.24Osceola, ARWounded96
McIverCharlie Thomas1897Carroll Co., TN 51
McKeeJohn T.1890Lexington, TN 52
McKenzieJohn N.25Sherron, TNWounded97
McLemoreJohn R.1897Lavinia, TNDead101
McLemoreSammie V.1893Lavinia, TN 52
McMackinHorace A.22Huntingdon, TN 52
McNailJohn P.1894Lavinia, TN 52
McNailLester C.24McKenzie, TN 52
McNailSamuel Thomas1896Lavinia, TN 52
McSwainGeorge M.1894Vale, TN 52
McSwainLonnie D.1897McKenzie, TN 52
MealsJames S.1888Carroll Co., TN 55
MealsJohn B.25Gleason, TN 55
MealsPaul James22Gleason, TN 55
MealsSon1889Huntingdon, TN 55
MelearIsaac1892McKenzie, TN 55
MelearLawrence Lesly1896McKenzie, TN 55
MeltonJames Wesley1895Huntingdon, TN 55
MerrickGeorge W.1895Westport, TN 56
MerrittLeonard W.26Carroll Co., TN 56
MilamOrmie31Hollow Rock, TN 56
MillerHerbert Hobson1900McKenzie, TNMarine108
MillsPrentice R.23Murray, KY 56
MitchellBedford22Yuma, TN 56
MitchellCharlie L.24McKenzie, TN 57
MitchellClaude G.1897Carroll Co., TN 56
MitchellJames P.1896McLemoresville, TN 56
MitchellLester1897Camden, TN 56
MitchellOrion21McKenzie, TN 57
MockbeeEdward Ernest1895Clarksville, TN 57
MontagueRichard23Carroll Co., TN 57
MontgomeryClint Brown21McKenzie, TNSailor118
MontgomeryThomas Benton22Cedar Grove, TNSailor118
MoodyHafford V.24Paris, TN 57
MoodyWillie22Clarksburg, TN 57
MooreCharles D.21Lavinia, TN 57
MooreCurtis22Benton Co., TN 57
MooreJames R.24Hollow Rock, TN 58
MooreJessie1895Atwood, TN 58
MooreOscar C.26Milan, TN 58
MooreThomas S.1894Lavinia, TN 58
MooreWilliam F.18Lavinia, TN 58
MooreYancey Douglas1897McKenzie, TN 58
MorganJacob J.29Huntingdon, TN 58
MorganLeon J.1895Huntingdon, TN 58
MorrisWilliam Allen23Huntingdon, TN 59
MorrisWilliam L.21Buena Vista, TN 59
MorrisonKent Voyle1888McKenzie, TNOfficer U.S. Army105
MorrisonMax Merritt1899McKenzie, TN 59
MosleyEarnest Leon1897Doniphan Co., MO 59
MountJohn Emmett27Trezevant, TN 59
MullinsHerman24Atwood, TN 59
MunnellyClaude F.21Nashville, TN 61
MurchisceWillie T.20Brownsville, TN 59
MurphyJoseph Raymond1893Holladay, TNOfficer U.S. Army105
MyersDavid R.22Carroll Co., TNDead101


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NalinWilliam E.22Westport, TN 59
NanceFelbert1895Linden, TN 60
NesbittWalter H.1890Hollow Rock, TN 60
NewbillJeff W.24Trezevant, TN 60
NixMark T.23Weakley Co., TN 60
NolanFrank18McKenzie, TN 60
NolesWilliam Claude1897Huntingdon, TN 60
NordinDorris T.24Holladay, TN 60
NordinUris21Westport, TN 61
NormanAlbert1895Huntingdon, TN 60
NorrisWilliam Leroy26Malvern, IA 61


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
OatsvallJohn H.1889Huntingdon, TN 61
OchletreeOkey1895Walkersville, WV 61
O’NeillPatrick22Trezevant, TN 61
OrrCarl T.1891Carroll Co., TN 61
OrrWilliam A.1895Huntingdon, TN 61
OrrWilliam V.29Carroll Co., TN 62
OtterbridgeJohn J.1896Trezevant, TN 62
OwenDelmer L.1900McKenzie, TN 62
OwensJames D.29Newbern, TN 62
OwensLanie1896Yuma, TNWounded97
OwensTanie1895Yuma, TN 62
OxfordSam C.1897Benton Co., TN 62
OxleyWilliam V.24McKenzie, TN 62


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
PageMitchell P.19McKenzie, TN 62
PageOlin Julian27Gleason, TN 63
PalmerEzra E.22Henry Co., TN 63
PalmerThomas L.1896Carroll Co., TN 63
ParisJames A.1895Bradford, TN 63
ParisRobert E.1890Gibson Co., TN 63
ParkerHezekiah1896Clarksburg, TN 63
ParnellJohn Fuqua19McKenzie, TNSailor118
ParnellLawrence M.28McKenzie, TN 63
ParsonsJames E.1895Gibson Co., TN 63
PateBenn25McKenzie, TN 64
PateEzra N.31McKenzie, TN 64
PateHoward Martin21McKenzie, TNSailor118
PateOdie26McKenzie, TN 64
PattersonAddie22McKenzie, TN 64
PattersonJoe David21McKenzie, TNSailor119
PattersonWeldon1896Henry Station, TN 64
PattonWilliam Henry1897McKenzie, TN 64
PearmanJohn A.1896Trezevant, TN 64
PearsonArchie F.1895McLemoresville, TN 65
PearsonHomer Fay1896Carroll Co., TN65
PearsonIra Ben1893Obion Co., TN 65
PearsonLouis1887Hollow Rock, TN 65
PearsonMoses26Yuma, TN 65
PearsonRonie1896Clarksburg, TN 65
PendegrassFrank Auglin24Yuma, TN 65
PendergrassHarrison A.1894Carroll, TN 65
PendergrassLewis A.1895Carroll Co., TN 66
PennyGordon P.1895McKenzie, TN 66
PerrittDofphus F.1897Carroll Co., TN 66
PerryAlbert M.1891Gypsy, TN 66
PerryBriggs Roberts23McKenzie, TNSailor119
PerryJames E.1895Cooter, MO. 66
PersonAndrew1894Yuma, TN 64
PettusPaul Herbert21Huntingdon, TNSailor119
PhillipsJohn W.1892Carroll Co., TN 66
PhillipsLyndon L.23Hollow Rock, TN 66
PhillipsRaymond F.1899Hollow Rock, TN 66
PicklerJohn L.1895Buena Vista, TN 67
PiggeeElvin M.1894Milan, TN 67
PinsonCharles A.24Vale, TN 67
PinsonIvis F.22Hollow Rock, TN 67
PittmanLee D.20McKenzie, TN 67
PorterArville Granville1897Whitthorne, TN 67
PorterWalter28Huntingdon, TNFraudulent Enlistment123
PowellFenner D.1891Kenton, TN 67
PowellJames Aubrey29Kenton, TN 67
PowellOscar1895Huntingdon, TN 68
PresleyBarney M.1888Parsons Flat, TN 68
PresleyFrank J.22Decatorville, TN 68
PressonIrby29Carroll Co., TN 68
PriceHugh F.1895Huntingdon, TN 68
PriceVernon1892McKenzie, TN 68
PriestFrank Conklin21Huntingdon, TN 68
PriestFranklin C.1896Huntingdon, TN 68
PriestMose R.27Huntingdon, TN 69
PritchardFred M.21Cedar Grove, TNDead101
PritchardGuy1895Clarksburg, TN 69
PritchardIrving W.1892West Port, TN 69
PritchardIsaac R.1893Cedar Grove, TN 69
PritchardJesse Hoke1892Yuma, TN 69
PruettGrover Cleveland26Carroll Co., TN 69
PruettJames Nelson26Post, TN 69
PughHughley Nathan21Carroll Co., TN 69
PurvisLucien Wayne22Carroll Co., TN 70


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
QuinnJohn Dewey1897Trezevant, TN 70
QuinnK. Y.1895Trezevant, TN 70


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RadfordClarence B.1896Buena Vista, TN 70
RaineyAdly1894Henderson Co., TN 70
RandleHafford23McKenzie, TN 70
RandleLuster1896McKenzie, TN 70
ReddickJohn David1899McKenzie, TN 70
ReeceClifford1893McKenzie, TN 71
RevelCharles23Henry, TN 71
RevelWilliam H.1896McKenzie, TN 71
RiceVernon W.1893Carroll Co., TN 71
RiceWilliam R.1888Hollow Rock, TN 71
RidingsWilliam E.21Carroll Co., TN 71
RidleyMax1896McKenzie, TN 71
RidleyRobert H.23McKenzie, TN 71
RitchieEd28Hardeman Co., TN 72
RitterClaud1894Yuma, TN 72
RiversWilliam24Whiteville, TN 72
RobersonFesturs D.28Linden, TN 72
RobinsonCecil R.1896White Thorne, TN 72
RobinsonCharles B.1895Whitthorne, TN 72
RobinsonElmer E.24Buena Vista, TN 72
RobinsonRobert Nelly31Carroll Co., TN 72
RobinsonWilliam Bryan1897Whitthorne, TN 73
RobisonJoseph28Terre Haute, INWounded97
RobisonMelvin Evert26Prairie Creek, IN 73
RobisonWilliam W.22Middletown, INDead101
RochelleArthur G.22Trezevant, TN 73
RodgersJohn D.24Carroll Co., TN 73
RodgersWalter28Hollow Rock, TN 73
RogersClifford C.19Hollow Rock, TNDeserter123
RogersColonel1895McKenzie, TN 73
RogersJim T.1892Huntingdon, TN 73
RogersKirby1894Hollow Rock, TN 74
RogersPink22McKenzie, TN 74
RoperRobert23McKenzie, TN 74
RossAlam Herbert18Cedar Grove, TNSailor119
RossCauley Harm1896Carroll Co., TN 74
RossJames H.22McKenzie, TN 74
RossLeo H.18Cedar Grove, TN 74
RossU. L.1893Milan, TN 74
RosserJames N.1895Yuma, TNDead101
RoutonWilliam E.26Paris, TN 74
RumleyWill1894Huntingdon, TN 75
RushingRichard G.1890Camden, TN 75
RustArthur L.23Carroll Co., TN 75
RustCharley P.1893Clarksburg, TN 75
RustClifford21Carroll Co., TN 75


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SampsonOscar Evans22McKenzie, TNSailor119
SandersClaude Lee1896Amory, MS 75
ScatesEvans23Huntingdon, TN 75
ScatesTom1897Huntingdon, TN 75
ScottClarence Elihu1892Clarkesburg, TN 76
ScottKinnon25McKenzie, TN 76
SeatsHomer1890Cedar Grove, TN 76
SeaversElvis1895Lavinia, TN 76
SelphJoe1893Holliday, TN 76
ShedberryJohn Morgan1899Buena,Vista, TNMarine108
SherrillAlmus D.1896Crockett, AR 76
SherrillConnie H.24Carroll Co., TNDead101
ShoffnerArnie22Huntingdon, TN 76
ShoffnerDock1895Martin, TN 76
ShoffnerTillie22Hollow Rock, TN 76
SimmonsCarzie R.22Hollow Rock, TN 77
SimmonsClaude B.21Hollow Rock, TN 77
SimmonsSamuel G.22Huntingtdon, TN 77
SimpsonHulon E.1895West Port, TN 77
SingletonWilliam C.22Benton Co., TNWounded97
SmitZara C. Jr.25McKenzie, TN 79
SmithBelus F.1893Camden, TX 77
SmithClarence Edward20McKenzie, TN 77
SmithClaud30Trezevant, TN 77
SmithErmon E.22Sardis, TN 77
SmithJames Howard21McKenzie, TNSailor119
SmithJohn A.26Near Westport, TN 78
SmithJohn B.1896Greenvield, TN 78
SmithJohn G.1898Sardis, TN 78
SmithLaten H.1888McKenzie, TN 78
SmithOdie20McKenzie, TN 78
SmithOne Priestly1898West Port, TN 78
SmithOrvis O.21Henderson Co., TN 78
SmithPhenton C.25McKenzie, TN 78
SmithRudie1889Tennessee 79
SmithWrenie Milton1897Huntingdon, TN 79
SmothersJohn McGarvin1896Huntingdon, TN 79
SmothersWilliam Clifford23Huntingdon, TN 79
SmythCharlie1896McKenzie, TN 79
SmythMarvin24McKenzie, TNSailor120
SneadHenry G.26McKenzie, TN 79
SneadMace Ezzell22Carroll Co., TN 79
SneadRobert B.22McKenzie, TN 80
SneedCollins1897Carroll Co., TN 80
SneedEdward1894McKenzie, TN 80
SneedJerry1889McKenzie, TN 80
SpainLeslie Lee1896Trenton, TN 80
SparksElry30Paducah, KYDead101
SparksGordon1896Carroll Co., TN 80
SparksJohn Bell1896Murray, KY 80
SpellingMarvin Mckinney20Lavinia, TNSailor120
SpencerCarl James22St. Huntingdon, TNSailor120
SpencerEarl W.1890Camden, TN 80
StaffordOscar28McKenzie, TN 81
StanleyJames H.1895Carroll Co., TNDead102
StubblefieldRobert Lee18McKenzie, TNSailor120
SullivanJohn B. McFarn1897Atwood, TN 81
SurberBennie B.1892McKenzie, TN 81
SurberRobert Doyle21McKenzie, TNSailor120
SuttonH.R.27Huntingdon, TN 81
SuttonMarshall H.23Huntingdon, TN 81
SwoniganAlphonso20McKenzie, TN 81


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TateJoe1890Huntingdon, TN 81
TateLockie Ella27Yuma, TNSailor121
TaylorCornelius1896Trezevant, TN 81
TaylorFloyd1896Yuma, TN 82
TaylorJoseph M.37Henderson Co., TN 82
TaylorManuel23Huntingdon, TN 82
TaylorWilliam Philip1894Huntingdon, TN 82
TaylorWillie1891Wileysville, TN 82
ThomasCharles B.1896McKenzie, TN 82
ThomasCharlie1897McKenzie, TN 82
ThomasDossie R.1897Laskin, IL 82
ThomasHomer1895South Have, MI 83
ThomasHughlon B.1893McKenzie, TN 83
ThomasLesly1897Huntingdon, TN 83
ThomasonJoseph Curtis1890McKenzie, TNOfficer U.S. Army106
ThompsonEligah E.1895Hollow Rock, TN 83
ThompsonJerry Owen1896Hollow Rock, TN 83
ThompsonJohn Lester1897McKenzie, TN 83
ThompsonPorter1892Lavinia, TN 83
TippittJohn G.25Carroll Co., TN 83
ToshAlvis H.25Westport, TN 84
ToshScyrus1895Leach, TN 84
TownesJames Russell1887Huntingdon, TNMarine108
TownsellPhillip1893Lannier, TX 84
TravisThomas22McKenzie, TNWounded97
TravisWillie1897McKenzie, TN 84
TraywickClarence Isaac1897Huntingdon, TN 84
TraywickJames W.30Huntingdon, TN 84
TubbsBill23Poplar Springs, TN 84
TuckerRobert Coy1895Bath Springs, TN 84
TurnerPersua Lee Huntingdon, TN 85


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
UtleyBuford C.23Westport, TN 85
UtleyJeff1893Hollow Rock, TN 85


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
VangleaveAllie Hulon1896Carroll Co., TN 85
VannWilliam E.24Cedar Grove, TN 85
VaughanThomas M.22McKenzie, TNDead102
VawterNoell Priest1895Paris, TNOfficer U.S. Army106
VickJohn P.1892Mansfield, TN 85
VickLawrence J.1892McKenzie, TN 85
VickersErnest21Huntingdon, TNSailor121
VickersFranklin1894Huntingdon, TN 85
VickersNoel1896Carroll Co., TN 86
VissonWilliam S.1896Huntingdon, TN 86


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WadeAndres24Middle, TN 86
WalkerEdward21Sugartree, TN 86
WalkerGentry V.22Atwood, TN 86
WalkerHerman C.1895Benton Co., TN 86
WallDennis C.25Yuma, TN 86
WallJohn W.1895McKenzie, TNDead102
WallMartin O.1895Yuma, TN 86
WallsClaudie Elmer1892Huntingdon, TN 87
WalpoleFrank D.24McKenzie, TN 87
WardAndrew Ray21McKenzie, TNSailor121
WardEdmond Everett23McKenzie, TNSailor121
WardJohn Guy21Huntingdon, TNSailor121
WardWilliam V.23Zach, TNDead102
WarlickNathan22Huntingdon, TN 87
WarrenHallard E.22Lavinia, TN 87
WarrenOscar Herman31Lavinia, TNSailor121
WashumHairs1896Paris, TN 87
WeathersHerman1896Boaz, KY 87
WebbBen H.28Paris, TN 87
WebbEzra24Carroll Co., TN 87
WhitakerDeestis21Henderson Co., TN 88
WhiteAlbert22Lexington, TN 88
WhiteBennie D.1892Yuma, TN 88
WhiteFloyd Iran1895Carroll Co., TN 88
WhitehornHubert M.1897Westport, TN 88
WilesBeary D.1893Clarksburg, TN 88
WilesEmerson1890Yuma, TN 88
WilkinsCurrin S.29McKenzie, TN 88
WilliamsAlfred30Carroll Co., TN 89
WilliamsBoston1894Maury City, TN 89
WilliamsCharley B.1889Buena Vista, TN 89
WilliamsChester28Carroll Co., TN 89
WilliamsEdd1894Carroll Co., TN 89
WilliamsFred25McKenzie, TN 89
WilliamsJames Inman31McKenzie, TNSailor122
WilliamsJohn F. Jr.30Holladay, TN 89
WilliamsJoseph N.23Huntingdon, TN 89
WilliamsLewis Nathan1894Huntingdon, TN 90
WilliamsNewton1888Huntingdon, TN 90
WilliamsSam1897Carroll Co., TN 90
WilliamsonElzie1895Huntingdon, TN 90
WilsonDennie E.1887Westport, TN 90
WilsonEdward Frank1896McKenzie, TN 90
WilsonRobert Ermon1888Guntown, MSOfficer U.S. Army106
WimberlyWarren B.24Carroll Co., TN 90
WinsettGeorge W.23Weakley Co., TN 90
WinstonAnthony H.27Atwood, TN 91
WinterCarl1888Carroll Co., TN 91
WinterWilliam E.21Yuma, TN 91
WoodardWilliam E.1894Huntingdon, TNFraudulent Enlistment123
WoodsGeorge Edgar18Huntingdon, TNSailor122
WoodwardElmer L.1891Cedar Grove, TN 91
WoolenJames28McKenzie, TN 91
WrightEarthly1895Carroll Co., TN 91
WrightNuma E.22McKenzie, TN 91
WrinkleCharlie G.19McKenzie, TN 91
WyattGeorge L.1895Huntingdon, TN 92
WyattHorace Douglas1896Huntingdon, TN 92
WyattRufus1894Trezevant, TN 92
WyattWilliam E.1894Hollow Rock, TN 92


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YanceyJohn Arley1886Trezevant, TNOfficer U.S. Army106
YorkToby1890Huntington, TNDead102
YoungerCharley E.22Carroll Co., TNDead102
YoungerCurtis William29Trezevant, TN 92
YoungerPaul H.22Atwood, TN 92


    No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Carroll County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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