Carter County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Carter County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Carter County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 796 individuals served from Carter County during World War I. There were 715 soldiers in the Army, 18 of which were officers. There were 64 sailors in the Navy, 1 of which was an officer. There were 2 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 15 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AlbertsonCharles H. Elizabethton, TNDead89
AllenFrank Hobart1896Butler, TN 1
AllenGlenn B.1893Elizabethton, TN 1
AllenLawrence F.1896Carter Co., TN 1
AllenWilliam B.25Carter Co., TN 1
AndersonCoy1889Butler, TN 1
AndersonJoseph F.21Hawkins Co., TN 1
AngelHenry F.34Elizabethton, TNDead89
ArnettBenjamin H.1895Carter Co., TN 1
ArnettBernard18Roan Mountain, TNDeserter111
ArnettJacob W.20Roan Mountain, TNWounded75
ArneyCarl20Johnson Co., TN 1
ArrowoodDaniel34Crab Orchard, TN 2
AshelyJohn A.23Roane Mountain, TN [sic] 2
AsherClyde Ray1896Carter, TN 2
AsherEdgar R.1888Elizabethton, TN 2
AverySamuel22Avery Co., NC 2


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BakerDanna A.1900Hampton, TN 2
BakerGeorge A.32Union Co., TN 2
BarnesClarence Edward24 Sailor98
BarnettCriss S.1896Burbank, TN 2
BarnettLogan1888Roan Mountain, TN 3
BarnettMarcus1895Street, NC 3
BarronHubert1890Jonesboro, TNDead89
BeattyFrederick K.27Lonoake, AR 3
BeckDavid Andrew21 Sailor98
BishopWilliam Edward1896Elizabethton, TN 4
BlackwellArthur B.24Roan Mountain, TN 4
BlackwellHenry G.1891Roan Mountain, TN 4
BlevinsAaron22Elizabethton, TN 4
BlevinsJames1896Stoney Creek, TN 4
BlevinsJames Austin25 Sailor98
BlevinsJohn W.1895Elizabethton, TN 4
BlevinsNoah23Not Given 4
BlevinsWilliam21Carter Co., TNWounded75
BlevinsWilliams24Carter Co., TN 4
BooneLester Daniel17 Sailor98
BordersJohn20Shell Creek, TN 5
BowersCharlie1896Watauga Valley, TN 5
BowersDaniel1896Watauga Valley, TN 5
BowersEarl22Watauga, TN 5
BowersGrant1890Watauga Valley, TN 5
BowersJackson1894Carter Co., TN 5
BowersMartin1896Watauga Valley, TN 5
BowersPaul18Elizabethton, TNFraudulent Enlistment113
BowersPorter1885Hunter, TN 5
BowersSamuel M.21Cartertown, TNDead89
BowersWilliam L.20Carter Co., TN 6
BowersWilliam Marshall18 Sailor98
BowlingFrank1894Roan Mountain, TN 6
BowmanElbert23Buffalo, TNDead89
BradleyWilliam M.1893Elizabethton, TN 6
BrewerLee R.25Shell Creek, TN 6
BridgesMack1891Banners Elk, NC 6
BriggsJames M.1887Mitchell Co., NC 6
BrittFrank T.1891Milligan, TN 6
BrittJames L.23Elizabethton, TN 6
BrowersJohn C.1891Elizabethton, TN 7
BrownJames E.26Elk Park, NC 7
BrownJohn26 Sailor98
BrownLuther1896Carter Co., TN 7
BrownMorris O.1896Elk Park, NC 7
BrumitLawrence D.1900Elizabethton, TN 7
BrumitLester K.20Elizabethton, TN 7
BrumitPhillip Isaac1876Johnson City, TNOfficer94
BrumitWalter P.1900Hampton, TN 7
BuckErnest F.1896Shell Creek, TN 7
BurlesonFred1886Bakersville, NC 8
BurlesonOrville21Magnetic City, NC 8
BurlesonWilson1892Glen Ayre, NC 8
BurroughHobart M.20Elizabethton, TNWounded75
BurrowFrank1892Elizabethton, TN 8
BurrowWalter W.34Carter Co., TN 8


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CableArthur A.1895Carter Co., TN 8
CaldwellBryan21Roan Mountain, TNWounded75
CampbellAndrew J.33Cardens Bluff, TN 8
CampbellIsaac1887Elizabethton, TN 8
CampbellJames14 Sailor99
CampbellJames D.20Millinga, TNWounded75
CampbellJames S.19Hampton, TN 9
CampbellJohn1890Shell Creek, TN 9
CanonBrown26Watauga Valley, TN 9
CardenAlbert1897Hampton, TN 9
CardenJames L.26Elizabeth, TN 9
CardenLoy C1897Hampton, TN 9
CarnettGrant1895Carter Co., TN 9
CarrRoy J.30Watauga, TN 9
CarterRalph C.1896Elizabethton, TN 10
CarverFrank25Hampton, TNWounded75
CatesJohn H.23Hampton, TN 10
ChambersDavid T.1895Washington Co., TN 10
ChambersJohn Arch1889Milan, TN 10
ChambersJoseph L.1893Elizabethton, TN 10
ChurchMilton A.1895Valle Crucis, TN 10
ClarkGeorge22Roane Mountain, TN 10
ClarkHenry23Hampton, TN 10
ClarkHoward D.1887Ashaway, RI 10
ClarkMartin20Hampton, TNWounded76
ClemensBurt McGaughey27 Sailor99
ColeGarrett Hobart1896Crandall, TN 11
ColeRoy1897Carter Co., TN 11
ColemanEdgar1891Cornwell, England 11
CollinsHarmon Hobert1896Elizabethton, TN 11
CombesHerbert19Raon Mountain, TN 11
CookCharles E.26Butler, TNDead89
CordellDonald D.1894Shell Creek, TN 11
CordellHenry Russell27 Sailor99
CoxGeorge B.20Carter Co., TNFraudulent Enlistment113
CrosswhiteLon1896Mountain City, TN 11
CrowCharles1895Elizabethton, TN 11
CrowCharles F.23Elizabethton, TN 12
CrowCharles Faw1890Carter Co., TN 12
CrowEd24Elizabethton, TN 12
CrowderRobert Lincoln22 Sailor99
CrumleyHenry Clinton19 Sailor99
CulbertHouston1896Elizabethton, TN 12
CurdAlvin M.1895Showns, TN 12
CurryRay24Mitchell Co., TN 12
CurtisWilliam H.17Carter Co., TNFraudulent Enlistment113


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DanielJoseph J.26Watauga, TN 12
DanielWilliam Edgar  Sailor100
DavidsonCarl E.1895Bristol, TN 12
DavisClarence18Watauga Co., TN 13
DavisGeorge19Blevins, TN 13
DavisGeorge23Carter Co., TN 13
DavisJohn Horton1895Elizabethton, TN 13
DavisThomas C.19Elizabethton, TNWounded76
DavisWilliam M.21Carter Co., TN 13
DayAlfred22Valley Crusus, NCWounded76
DaytonJohn26Unicorn, TNDead90
DelaochJohn1890Elizabethton, TN 13
DellingerCharles E.20Bakersville, NC 13
DeloachHenry23Carter Co., TNWounded76
DeloachWalter Carter Co., TNDead90
DempseyCharles J.28Carter Co., TN 13
DempseyJacob L.30Fannin Co., TX 14
DenneyGeorge L.23Roane Mountain, TN 14
DerthickFrancis Leigh18 Sailor100
DoughertyGeorge C.1893Johnson City, TN 14
DuggerGeorge Frederick1895Elizabethton, TNOfficer94
DuggerWilliam34Carter Co., TN 14
DuggerWilliam S.32Elizabethton, TNDead90
DuncanFrank Edward20 Sailor100


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EdemsHarrison29Elizabethton, TN 14
EdensHiram F.1890Elizabethton, TN 14
EdmondsonClay Evans1897Carter Co., TN 14
EdwardsWalter B.25Montgomery Co., NCOfficer94
EggersHerman R.1898Mabel, NC 15
ElliotRoderick R.1889Carter, TN 15
ElliottDave21Carter Co., TNWounded76
ElliottJoseph D.1896Watauga Valley, TN 15
EllisArthur M.43Elizabethton, TN 15
EllisClaude22Carter Co., TNWounded76
EllisDavid C.1896Carter Co., TN 15
EllisHerbert L.21Charleston,SC 15
EllisJohn R.21Elk Parkm, NC 15
EllisRay18Carter Co., TNWounded77
EllisRobert P.1897Elizabethton, TN 15
EllisTom A.1898Elizabethton, TN 16
EllisWesley1897Elizabethton, TN 16
EnsorDaniel B.1883Carter, TNOfficer94
ErwinGeorge1887Elizabethton, TN 16
EstepAndy N.22Carter Co., TN 16
EstepGodfred1895Carter, TNWounded77
EstepLandon24 Sailor100
EstepWilliap A.1890Elizabethton, TN 16
EstepWillie S.1889Johnson City, TNOfficer94


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FairJoseph T.31Elizabethton, TN 16
FairPhillip M.21Elizabethton, TN 16
FeathersAnthon Andrew23 Sailor100
FeathersLuther McKinley1897Sullivan Co., TN 16
FebruaryGurney18Carter Co., TNWounded77
FebruaryJohn L.18Raone Mountain, TN [sic] 17
FebruaryStewart21Carter Co., TN 17
FergusonShelburne1889Christiansburg, VA 17
FieldsFrank F.19Shell Creek, TN 17
FineHomer R.22Carter Co., TN 17
FisherGeorge D.1892Wallace, VA 17
FletcherJohn B.22Carter, TN 17
FolsomFrank B. Elizabethton, TNWounded77
FolsomLynn H.1887Elizabethton, TNOfficer95
ForbesMcKinley1896Magnetic City, NC 17
ForbesRobert1893Carter Co., TN 18
FranklinJoseph A.1892Plato, TN 18
FranklinRoby E.1894Ingalls, NC 18
FrazierDavid Peters1896Carter Co., TN 18


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GardnerH.1893Elizabethton, TN 18
GarlandDavid1896Carter, TN 18
GarlandEzekiel22Magnetic City, NCWounded77
GarlandJesse Gordon22 Sailor100
GarlandJohny R. Carter Co., TN 18
GarlandRobert18Magnetic City,NG[sic]Wounded77
GarlandStephen J.1896Mitchell Co., NC 19
GarrisonCarl Fletcher1897Elizabethton, TN 18
GaurleyDaniel1890Elizabethton, TN 19
GeislerJames R.20Milligan, TNDead90
GeislerRod B.18Milligan, TNWounded78
GibsonJohn A.18Watauge, TNWounded78
GieslerDan Hicks29 Sailor101
GloverFrank L.1895Carter Co., TN 19
GloverJames E.1891Hampton, TN 19
GloverJohn M.30Bluff City, TNWounded78
GloverPaul Silas19 Sailor101
GloverThurman W.27Sullivan Co., TN 19
GoodwinElbert B.1893Hampton, TN 19
GormanJames F.1896Elizabethton, TN 19
GossWilliam Bruce24 Sailor101
GougeChester A.1890Roan Mountain, TN 19
GougeHam H.1896Roan Mountain, TN 20
GougeRobert21Hampton, TNWounded78
GougeRobert R.1894Herrell, NC 20
GougeRoy A24Bakersville, NC 20
GougeSherman28 Sailor102
GougeWilliam D.1889Hampton, TN 20
GourleyDavid29Hampton, TN 20
GowrleySamuel B.1895Roan Mountian, TN 20
GreenBernie1894Rock Creek, NC 20
GreenleeRush W.1892Elk Park, NC 20
GreerDavid M.24Mitchell Co., NC 21
GreerReuben19Roan Mountain, TNWounded78
GreerWalter G.1894Shell Creek, TN 21
GreggHarry P.21Shell Creek, TN 21
GriffinEsward1897Shell Creek, TN 21
GrindstaffAllen J.1893Carter Co., TN 21
GrindstaffButler20Carter Co., TN 21
GrindstaffHarry21Johnson City, TN 21
GrindstaffHilley H.1893Doeville, TN 21
GrindstaffJesse1896Carter, TN 21
GrindstaffJoseph A.1895Elizabethton, TN 22
GrindstaffSmith20Carter Co., TN 22
GrindstaffTyler C.1895Elizabethton, TN 22
GrinstaffCharles M.19Carter Co., TNWounded78
GrundstoffGodfrey18Carter Co., TN 22
GuinnJacob22Roan Mountain, TN 22
GuyOde C.1888Butler, TN 22


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HagansMoses38Jonesboro, TN 22
HallLyda W.1895Mars Hill, NC 22
HambyJade D.23Shell Creek, TNWounded79
HambyLawson J.18Shell Creek, TNDead90
HardenJohn A.18Siam, TN 23
HardenJoseph H.1890Elizabeth, TN 23
HardenSanford Audward1897Watauga, TN 23
HardinDan1893Elizabethton, TN 23
HardinGrant N.1887Elizabethton, TN 23
HardinWalter1895Elizabethton, TN 23
HarrisonJames, Jr.1894Shell Creek, TN 23
HartCecil B.28Elizabethton, TN 23
HartGeorge Lee21 Sailor102
HartHerbert N.1890Elizabethton, TN 24
HartWilliam R.1893Elizabethton, TN 24
HartleyGeneral S.23Avery Co., NC 24
HarveyJohn26Watauga, TN 24
HarveyRoy25Sullivan Co., TNWounded79
HassGeorge W.24Roan Mountain, TN 24
HathawayCalif R.1877Carter Co., TNWounded79
HathawayFred W.21Hampton, TN 24
HathawayJames Albert21 Sailor102
HathawayRobert E.21Elizabethton, TN 24
HathawayWilliam A.31Roan Mountain, TN 24
HaunTurner T.18Milan, TN 25
HayesMilton M.1894Elizabethton, TN 25
HazlewoodArnold M.22Hampton, TN 25
HazlewoodFrank28Hampton, TN 25
HeartleyEmmett R.18Vale, NC 25
HeatherlyJames M.35Stoney Creek, TN 25
HeatherlyNickless23Carter Co., TN 25
HeatonArthur R.1897Shell Creek, TN 25
HeatonJohn P. D.1892Elizabethton, TN 26
HeatonWalter H.1892Elk Mills, TNDead90
HendricksonIvan Burnett18 Sailor102
HendricksonPaul Dryden20 Sailor103
HendrixClyde W.1895Milligan College, TN 26
HendrixEdward Roscoe23 Sailor103
HendrixJacob C.23Watauga, TN 26
HendrixLawrence1899Milligan College, TN 26
HensleyOscar30Hampton, TN 26
HensleyWilliam H.19Hampton, TNWounded79
HensleyWilliam H.18Knox Co., TN 26
HensonDove21Magnetic City, NC 26
HerrellHenry C.18Roan Mountain, TN 26
HicksArnold M.18Minneapolis, NCWounded79
HicksDave1897Bristol, TN 27
HicksFred1895Elizabethton, TNDead91
HillJoe1897Carter Co., TN 27
HiltonAlonza23Raon Mountain, TN [sic] 27
HiltonBurnie18Roan Mountain, TNWounded79
HiltonClarence20Carter Co., TNWounded80
HiltonRobert21Carter Co., TNWounded80
HinkleFred Fleet1894Mountain City, TN 27
HobackGarnie1895Norton, VA 27
HodgeElbert20Johnson Co., TNWounded80
HodgeFrank Elizabethton, TNDeserter111
HodgeMildridge E.1894Elizabethton, TN 27
HoldenDavid E.1896Shell Creek, TN 27
HollyBrown D.23Carter Co., TN 27
HoltsclawCarl E.22Johnson City, TN 28
Honeycut[PSD1]Nathan1894Ervin, TN 28
HoneycuttManuel1896Magnetic City, NC 28
HoneycuttOscar1896Hampton, TN 28
HoodHenry24Carter Co., TN 28
HopsonCharles W.36Mitchell Co., NC 28
HopsonClaud21Magnetic City, NCDead91
HopsonGarrett1891Magnetic City, NC 28
HopsonWilliam Jr.18 Sailor103
HoustonRobert S., Jr.1900Watauga, TN 28
HughesErnest19Roan Mountain, TN 29
HughesWilliam J.1895Carter Co., TN 29
HughesWilliam M.20Magnetic City, NC 29
HumphreyClyde Young1896Valley Forge, TN 29
HumphreyJohn24Elizabethton, TN 29
HumphreyWilliam F.1891Elizabethton, TN 29
HumphreysGilmer21Watauga, TN 29
HumphreysJames E.23Watauga, TN 29
HunterEdwin Harris1890Elizabethton, TNOfficer95
HurleyJesse1896Carter, TN 30
HurleyWill1888Carter, TN 30
HyderAndrew H.1896Elizabethton, TN 30
HyderBryan26Elizabethton, TN 30
HyderCarl L.1896Elizabethton, TN 30
HyderDaniel L.1897Elizabethton, TN 30
HyderDavid R.23Elizabethton, TN 30
HyderHobert Glen1896Carter Co., TN 30
HyderLeroy1893Gap Creek, TN 31
HyderRalph Waldo1895Carter Co., TN 31
HyderRoscoe Homer19 Sailor103
HyderRoscoe Homer1894Elizabethton, TNNavy110
HyderSamuel W.26Hampton, TN 31
HyderThomas1894Elizabethton, TN 31
HyderTipton H.23Carter Co., TN 31


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IngramBrady20Hopson, TN 31
IngramCash22Hopson, TN 31
IngramCrockett35Milligan, TN 31
IngramEdward19Little Rock Creek, NCDead91
IngramJohn28Bakersville, NCDead91
IngramRoscoe21Hampton, TN 32
IngramWilliam, Jr.21Mitchell Co., NC 32
IrickJohn A., Jr.18Shell Creek, TN 32
IrickRay24 Sailor104
IrickRoy1892Shell Creek, TN 32
IrickThomas T.29Shell Creek, TN 32
IsaacsClinton22 Sailor104


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JacksonElmer H.1895Hampton, TN 32
JacksonRobert1892Power Mills, NC 32
JenkinsDan20Center Co., TN 32
JenkinsHarvey J.23Elizabethton, TNWounded80
JenkinsJoe Mayfield1897Warren Co., KY 33
JenkinsRosco L.1895Elizabethton, TN 33
JobeEdwin E.18Carter Co., TNWounded80
JobeEligah Frederick20 Sailor104
JobeNathan Abraham24 Sailor104
JohnsonAlonzo Wood25 Sailor104
JohnsonClarence21Roan Mountain, TNDead91
JohnsonEarl H.19Roan Mountain, TN 33
JohnsonEdgar18Hampton, TN 33
JohnsonFred W.30Roan Mountain, TN 33
JohnsonHerbert1896Roan Mountain, TN 33
JohnsonHobart19Hampton, TNWounded80
JohnsonOrville1890Roan Mountain, TN 33
JohnsonSamuel A.1893Hampton, TN 33
JohnsonStewart1891Roan Mountain, TN 34
JohnsonWilliam O.22Hampton, TN 34
JohnsonWilliam R.1896Hampton, TN 34
JoinesDavid M.1890Shell Creek, TN 34
JonesJames Arthur1896Tocane, NC 34
JonesWesley E.1896Glehair, NC 34
JonesWilliam Joshua23 Sailor104
JordanJames24Elizabethton, TNWounded81
JordanJames Elbert1890Butler, TNOfficer95
JordanJohn S.1890Elizabethton, TN 34
JulianFrank W.24Roan Mountain, TN 34


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KellerGeroge W.1897Elk Park, NC 35
KiteEarl McKinley1896Shell Creek, TN 35
KixonKing1896Shouns, PA 14
KnightWilliam Edward1895Avery Co., TNOfficer95


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LaceyAlexander S.31Hopson, TN 35
LaceyCharles S.22Hopson, TNDead91
LaceyFletcher H.1894Hopson, TN 35
LacyEdgar Robert23 Sailor105
LaneClay21Church Hill, TN 35
LargeBob25Elizabethton, TN 35
LargeBrady D.21Sullivan Co., TN 35
LargeFrank18Elizabethton, TNFraudulent Enlistment113
LargeHenry P.21Elizabethton, TN 35
LargeWilliam Morton21 Sailor105
LargentNat1893Carter Co., TN 36
LarkinsMac1894Churchill, TN 36
LawsGilbert P.18Buck Mountain, NC 36
LeadfordWilliam H.31Shell Creek, TN 36
LeonardGrant22Hopson, TNWounded81
LeonardRalph A.30White Pine, TN 36
LessenberrySterling B.1896Carrol Co., TN 36
LewisBen F.35Carter Co., TN 36
LewisOrville E.23Carter, TNDead92
LewisTarrie22Elk Mills, TN 37
LewisWilburn1890Watauga Valley, TN 37
LewisWindom H.1895Demasterson, VA 37
LindsleyJames R. Wallace, VA 37
LittleCecil E.1895Elizabethton, TN 37
LittleGeorge D.18Hopson, TN 37
LittleRoy P.1893Elizabethton, TN 37
LivingstonCad M.1896Oak Grove, TN 37
LloydWesley1896Elizabethton, TN 38
LoveAlfred T.1900Elizabethton, TN 38
LovelessBruce Floyd21 Sailor105
LovelessCharles Clinton17 Sailor105
LovelessClyde21 Sailor105
LoweJohn1895Carter, TN 38
LoweNelson J.1895Carter, TN 38
LoweRoy Baxter1891Carter, TN 38
LucasJames H.1893Everett, PA 38
LudolfJake1900Minneapolis, MS 38
LuncefordIsiah21Center Co., TN 38
LuncefordJacob B.23Shell Creek, TNWounded81
LundyEdward1894Whipple, VA 38
LyonsBryant21Bluff City, TN 38
LyonsElick21Hampton, TN 39
LyonsFred20Hampton, TN 39
LyonsSam1896Carter Co., TN 39
LyonsWalter22Carter Co., TN 39


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
MackleyJohn H.27Garden, IL 41
MadronPaul E.1898Trade, TN 41
MaherJames Arran1865Washington, DCOfficer95
MaherThomas Delaney1894Roan Mountain, TNOfficer95
MainsJoseph R.1891Mountain City, TNDead92
ManningCalop E.1894Elizabethton, TN 41
ManningCharles D.19Carter Co., TN 41
ManningElbridge M. Elizabethton, TNWounded81
ManningHerbert21Hampton, TNWounded82
MarklandCharlie B.21Shell Creek, TNWounded82
MarklandGeorge B.1895Shell Creek, TNDead92
MarklandJohn Alvin1896Roan Mountain, TN 42
MarklandKyle1889Shell Creek, TN 42
MarklandPaul21Stony Creek, TN 42
MarlowEdward19Roan Mountain, TN 42
MartinFrank19Elizabethton, TN 42
MassengillFleanor17Sullivan Co., TN 42
MatherleyDaniel M.1890Elizabethton, TN 42
MatherlyCharlie24Elizabethton, TN 42
MatherlyOllie Gilson1897Elizabethton, TN 43
McAninchJames H.1894Elizabethton, TN 39
McKeehanFrank O.1896Elizabethton, TN 39
McKineySam23Hampton, TN 39
McKinneyBrascom21Hampton, TN 39
McKinneyBrooks20Carter, TNWounded81
McKinneyCecil C.1891Carter Co., TN 40
McKinneyCharlie1889Elizabethton, TN 40
McKinneyClaud1893Hampton, TNDead92
McKinneyEdward1896Carter Co., TN 40
McKinneyEdward E.29Roan Mountain, TNWounded81
McKinneyGeorge W.1896Roan Mountain, TN 40
McKinneyGilson O.1894Carter, TN 40
McKinneyMerit1888Hampton, TN 40
McKinneyNat H.28Elizabethton, TN 40
McKinneySamuel23Hampton, TN 40
McKinneySamuel E.19Carter Co., TN 40
McKinneyWilson1890Hampton, TN 41
McNabbEdward E.23Elizabethton, TN 41
McNeilRobert B.1891Cranberry, NC 41
McQueenJessee32Carter Co., TN 41
McQueenRoscoe Donley23 Sailor106
MeredithClaude E.1896Elizabethton, TN 43
MeredithJoseph A., Jr.1898Elizabethton, TN 43
MerrittDaniel1895Carter Co., TN 43
MerrittEarl B.21Johnson City, TNDeserter111
MerrittEarl B.21Johnson City, TNFraudulent Enlistment113
MerrittEdward18ValeyForge, TN[sic]Wounded82
MerrittJohn1894Elizabethton, TN 43
MiddlecoffHerman Farris21 Sailor106
MilamArnold J.1897Stony Creek, TN 43
MilamJoseph1896Hunter, TN 43
MillerBarner D.18Shell Creek, TNWounded83
MillerCharles H.1894Watauga, TN 43
MillerClayton1895Roan Mountan, TN 44
MillerEdward24 Sailor106
MillerGeorge C.24Zionville, NC 44
MillerLee19Shell Creek, TN 44
MillerOscar Mitchel1896Watauga, TN 44
MillerWill21Roan Mountain, TNDead92
MintonPorter T.1895Elizabethton, TN 44
MitchellTom J.1891Jefferson, NC 44
MoffittJames25Magnetic City, NC 44
MoffittMilburn18Magnetic, NCDead92
MoffittRobert19Magnetic City, NCWounded82
MontgomeryCharles S.1895Hampton, TN 44
MontgomeryDaniel B.1891Shell Creek, TN 45
MontgomeryJohn A.21Carter Co., TN 45
MontgomeryMcKinley1897Shell Creek, TN 45
MooneyRobert R.23Clintwood,VA 45
MooreEdward1896Elizabethton, TN 45
MooreHenry1888Hampton, TN 45
MorganCharlie McKinley1896Shell Creek, TN 45
MorganJefferson G.1892Shell Creek, TN 46
MorganWalter Thomas1894Roane Mountain, TN 46
MorrellHerbert P.24Carter Co., TN 46
MorrellLee T.1888Watauga Valley, TN 46
MorrisLandon1896Carter Co., TN 46
MortonMikie M.18Hampton, TNWounded82
MotternClyde22Carters Co., TN 46
MotternDavid18Elizabethton, TN 46
MotternHugh25Carter Co., TN 47
MotternRobert1897Elizabethton, TN 47
MotternRobert C.24Carter Co., TNWounded82
MullinsOttis19Carter Co., TNWounded82
MurpheyWalter B.1896Roan Mountain, TN 47
MurrayClyde Eugene1896Watauga Valley, TN 47
MyersAlbert H.1894Carter, TN 47
MyersBryan21 Sailor106
MyersCannie F.1892Carter, TN 47
MyersDaily1897Buledeen, TN 47


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NaveBrownlow C.1894Elizabethton, TN 47
NaveCecil Rode18 Sailor106
NaveClarence Merritt17 Sailor106
NaveEarl Carter28 Sailor106
NaveFornia D.1892Watauga Valley, TN 48
NaveGeorge D.18Carter Co., TN 48
NaveHenry E.1896Aiain, TN 48
NaveJesse20Carter Co., TNWounded82
NaveJohn35Carter Co., TN 48
NaveJudson1886Elizabethton, TN 48
NaveNat C.21Elizabethton, TN 48
NaveWilliam McKinley1896Watauga Valley, TN 48
NeilyDaly27Carter Co., TN 48
NidifferWilliam18Elizabethton, TNFraudulent Enlistment113
NidifferWilliam Roy27Elizabethton, TN 49
NormanCharles L.22Knox Co., TN 49
NorrisCharlie1897Hampton, TN 49
NorrisJohn Clate21 Sailor107
NorrisNealis18Hampton, TN 49
NowellAlvin H.32Asheville, NC 49


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
OakesTossie G.1895Shell Creek, TNWounded83
OaksFinley18Shell Creek, TNWounded83
OaksHenry H.28Carter Co., TN 49
OaksManley32Shell Creek, TN 49
OaksWilliam O.22Shell Creek, TN 49
OdomHenry20Blevins, TN 50
OliverTaylor26Carter Co., TNWounded83
OliverTilford23Watauga Valley, TN 50
OliverWilliam30Elizabethton, TN 50
OlsonEdwin1898Newberry, MI 50


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
PearsonWilliam R.22Troy, TNWounded83
PenleyW. D.1888Bakersville, NC 50
PerkinsArthur23Carter Co., TN 50
PerkinsCharlie1896Shell Creek, TN 50
PerkinsJames E.22Carter Co., TN 50
PerkinsThomas1893Shell Creek, TN 51
PerryCharles H.26Cranberry, NC 51
PerryEarl H.22Carter Co., TN 51
PerryElmer W.21Cranberry, NC 51
PerryHaldor Earl1895Shell Creek, TNOfficer96
PerryRalph C.19Elizabethton, TNWounded83
PerryRoy Adam1895Elizabethton, TN 51
PerryWillie Isaac1897Carter Co., TN 51
PersingerRoss  Officer96
PetersCharles E.1894Carter, TN 51
PetersClaude Stanton21 Sailor107
PetersDan21Hampton, TNWounded83
PetersHenry1894Carter, TN 51
PetersJames28Hampton, TN 52
PetersLewis T.1896Elizabethton, TN 52
PetersRobert G.18Carter, TN 52
PhillipsFrank1895Bakersville, NC 52
PierceAbe Samuel21 Sailor107
PierceCharlie E.21Carter Co., TN 52
PierceClinton M.21Carter Co., TN 52
PierceHenry J.1896Watauga Valley, TN 52
PierceHouston A.1892Watauga Valley, TN 52
PierceWilliam D.19Carter Co., TNWounded84
PierceWillie L.21Elizabeth, TNWounded84
PotterFrank20Carter Co., TNWounded84
PotterJames T.26Hampton, TN 53
PotterJohn F.18Elizabethton, TNFraudulent Enlistment113
PowellJames D.18Roan Mountain, TNWounded84
PowellSteward1895Carter Co., TN 53
PriceClayton18Elizabethton, TN 53
PriceJames L.1891Ash Co., NC 53
PriceJoseph S.1895Johnson Co., TN 53
PriceWilliam A.1900Fish Springs, TN 53
PritchardSamuel B.21Roan Mountain, TN 53
PritchettLee1897Elk Park, NCDead93
ProffitLoyd J.1894Johnson Co., TN 53


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RainboltWilliam B.1889Kansas 54
RainesDavid20Carter Co., TNWounded84
RainsBert19Elizabethton, TN 54
RangeDayton P.1894Elizabethton, TN 54
RangeShelby22Elizabethton, TN 54
RangeWilliam H.19Elizabethton, TN 54
ReeseErnest1897Watauga, TN 54
RenfroGaines W.1891Elizabethton, TN 54
ReynoldsCharles R.21Elizabethton, TN 54
ReynoldsJames Walter1895Elizabethton, TN 55
ReynoldsRobert L.20Hampton, TN 55
RichardsonAlbert E.1891Carter, TN 55
RichardsonAllen D.21Carter, TN 55
RichardsonAlvin1891Shell Creek, TN 55
RichardsonEmit C.1896Bondtown, VA 55
RichardsonHobart McKinley1896Carter Co., TN 55
RichardsonHouston24Carter, TN 55
RichardsonJames F.18Johnson Co., TN 56
RichardsonJohn1897Carter, TN 56
RichardsonMelvin Luther1894Cobern, VA 56
RichardsonRobert1894Watauga Valley, TN 56
RitchieAndrews1889Elizabethton, TN 56
RoarkWilliam McKinley1896Ashland, NC 56
RobertsIsaac1895Roan Mountain, TN 56
RobertsRossie1894Roan Mountain, TN 56
RobertsWilliam25Carter Co., TN 57
RobertsonWalter C.23Watauga, TN 57
RoeClarence G.22Sullivan Co., TN 57
RoeJacob E. Sullivan Co., TN 57
RoeWiley B. Sullivan Co., TN 57
RomingerWilliam Frank27 Sailor107
RunionGilmer E.17Shell Creek, TN 57
RussellArch1888Elizabethton, TN 57
RussellDee1901Carter Co., TNFraudulent Enlistment112
RussellHenry18Carter Co., TNWounded84
RyanFrank T.1887Siam, TN 57
RyanJohn C.22Elizabethton, TNWounded85


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SamsDee18Sullivan Co., TN 58
SamsFrederick21Sullivan Co., TNWounded85
ScalfMcKinley1900Elizabethton, TNFraudulent Enlistment112
ScottRalph E.1891Washington Co., TN 58
ScottRobert1896Washington Co., TN 58
ShawBurless19Johnson Co., TNFraudulent Enlistment112
ShawFred R.1899Creston, NC 58
ShellAaron26Shell Creek, TNWounded85
ShellArtie L.19Carter Co., TN 58
ShellErby1890Roan Mountain, TNOfficer96
ShellFloyd27Carter Co., TN 58
ShellFrederick S.23Carter Co., TNWounded85
ShellHarrison1886Elk Park, NC 58
ShellOscar K.18Roan Mountain, TNWounded85
ShellThomas J.18Shell Creek, TN 58
ShellWalter26Elizabethton, TN 59
ShellWill1896Shell Creek, TN 59
ShellWillard G.1893Elizabethton, TN 59
SherrillHenry19Newland, NCWounded85
ShounJohn Bell1874Vaughtsville, TNOfficer96
SimerlyDayton McKinley1896Roan Mountain, TN 59
SimerlyGeorge1895Hampton, TN 59
SimerlyHill M.28Carter Co., TN 59
SimerlyJohn D.23Hampton, TN 59
SimerlyJohn W.1895Roan Mountain, TN 59
SimerlyLindsey H.23Carter Co., TN 60
SimerlyMartin1890Hampton, TN 60
SimerlyRossie S.1892Hampton, TN 60
SimeulyMilton1893Roan Mountain, TN 60
SlagleSabin E.23Elizabethton, TN 60
SmallingRobert Cleveland24 Sailor107
SmithAllen H.27Elizabethton, TN 60
SmithCecil19Sullivan Co., TN 60
SmithCharles H.1897Elizabethton, TN 60
SmithCharlie1894Elizabethton, TN 61
SmithCharlie O.1892Elizabethton, TN 61
SmithConnie B.18Valley Forge, TN 61
SmithDoren Clarence19 Sailor108
SmithJames A.24Elizabethton, TN 61
SmithJohn K.25Roan Mountain, TN 61
SmithLee1891Watauga, TN 61
SmithRobert18Butler, TN 61
SmithRobert30Watauga Valley, TNWounded86
SmithRobert Houston22Hampton, TN 61
SmithStacy18Johnson Co., TNDead93
SmithWalter Edward1897Fish Spring, TNMarines97
SmithWilliam H.21Mitchell Co., NC 62
SnodgrassRoy F.1899Watauga, TN 62
SnodgrassWilliam C.31Carter Co., TN 62
StanleyFrank19 Sailor108
StanleyGranville Oscar21 Sailor108
StanleyJess18 Sailor108
StephensArthur S.1891Hampton, TN 62
StolerVieilas L.1895Pearston, IN 62
StoutAsa21Carter Co., TNWounded86
StoutBenjamin Fred18 Sailor108
StoutBlan S.19Johnson Co., TNDead93
StoutCannie21Carter Co., TN 62
StoutCharles A. BakersGap, TN 62
StoutClarence E.33Roan Mountain, TN 62
StoutClyde22Carter, TN 63
StoutFred27Roan Mountain, TN 63
StoutMadison22Shell Creek, TN 63
StreetArvel L.19Magnetic City, NC 63
StreetDont1892Hampton, TN 63
StreetIsaac1896Hampton, TN 63
StreetJesse Simon1896Magnetic City, TNOfficer96
StreetJoseph31Hampton, TN 63
StreetWilliam1894Hampton, TN 64
StreetWilliam1891Roan Mountain, TN 63
SuessJacob18ValleyForge, TN 64
SusongJames1895Elizabethton, TN 64


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TaylorAllen1891Elizabethton, TN 64
TaylorBenjamin Harrison1888Johnson City, TNOfficer96
TaylorDewey Silvester1898Hampton, TNMarines97
TaylorGeorge31 Sailor108
TaylorHenry E.1894Milliga College, TN 64
TaylorJames1895Carter, TN 64
TaylorJames S.22Carter Co., TN 64
TaylorJessie23Carter, TN 64
TaylorMillard C.1899Carter, TN 65
TaylorMolt28Linville City, NCWounded86
TaylorPat D.22Carter, TN 65
TaylorRobert L.1899Embreeville, TN 65
TaylorWilliam R.21Elizabethton, TN 65
TeagueCarl19Roan Mountain, TN 65
TeagueDavid C.1895Roan Mountain, TN 65
TesterGeorge M.18Johnson Co., TN 65
TesterJames25Johnson Co., TN 65
TimbsDock1897Fish Springs, TN 66
TiptonAught18Roan Mountain, TNWounded86
TiptonGlaze25Elizabethton, TN 66
TiptonJohn H.21Athens, TN 66
TiptonPierce19Roan Mountain, TNWounded86
TiptonRoy S.1893Washington College, TN 66
TiptonSam18Hampton, TNWounded86
TolleyJohn R.1894Hampton, TN 66
TreadwayDavid C.27Elizabethton, TN 66
TreadwayLeslie C.1893Elizabethton, TN 66
TroutmanDavid21Roan Mountain, TNWounded86
TuckerCharlie L.21Carwell, MO 66
TweedThomas21WhiteRock, TN 67


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
VanceCarl18Minneapolis, NCWounded87
VanceJames S.1891Shell Creek, TN 67
VandeventerD.24Watauga Valley, TN 67
VandeventerLionel1896Watauga Valley, TN 67
VanhussDaniel Brown1897WhiteRock, TN 67
VaughtMcDonald Carriger21 Sailor108
ViallHarry C.1899Johnson City, TN 67
VinesGrover C.1892Fish Springs, TN 67
VinesHobart18 Sailor109
VinesLee M.1898Elk Parkm, NC 67


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WagnerEdward Bryan20 Sailor109
WagnerJoseph M.23Wagner, TN 68
WalkerNat1896Carter Co., TN 68
WallaceFitzhugh L.1898Watauga, TN 68
WallaceJohn William1870Brofgenort, ALOfficer96
WardCarl F.1892Valley, NC 68
WardRoby23 Sailor109
WardSelmar22Johnson Co., TN 68
WardThomas36  68
WardWilliam M.19Carter Co., TNDead93
WatsonAmos F.22Virgil, NC 68
WaycasterClayton B.1895North Carolina 68
WaycasterClyde1896Carter Co., TN 69
WaycasterWilliam J.25Shell Creek, TN 69
WebbElbert1894Shell Creek, TN 69
WebbJames P.19Roan Mountain, TN 69
WebbRaymond L.1895Carter Co., TN 69
WebbRoy20Roan Mountain, TN 69
WestNat19Hampton, TN 69
WhisenhuntEd L.1893Carter Co., TN 69
WhisenhuntErnest W.1890Morgantown, NC 70
WhiteAlexander M.1893Washington College, TN 70
WhiteDaniel S.27Carter, TN 70
WhiteDonley20Elizabethton, TN 70
WhiteFrank M.23Sullivan Co., TN 70
WhiteJohn B.25Washington Co., TN 70
WhiteSpence21Elizabethton, TNWounded87
WhiteTheodore29Butler, TN 71
WhiteThomas25Elizabethton, TN 71
WhiteWill1888Carter, TN 71
WhiteheadDayton21Hopson, TN 71
WhiteheadEarl23Hampton, TNWounded87
WhiteheadHenry A.23Hampton, TN 71
WhiteheadJames W.23Hopson, TN 71
WhiteheadLoss E.23Hampton, TNWounded87
WhitestineCharles W.1886Manchester, INWounded87
WhittimoreWilliam H.1893Carter Co., TN 71
WidenerElbert20Washington Co., TN 71
WilleyElbert J.1898Buchanan Co., VA 72
WilliamsAlbert R.24Carter Co., TN 72
WilliamsAlfred1892Watauga Valley, TN 72
WilliamsAndrew26Watauga Valley, TN 72
WilliamsBailey E.1894Reidsville, GA 72
WilliamsDewey Maynard1896Watauga Valley, TN 72
WilliamsHenry1889Watauga Valley, TN 72
WilliamsHobert McKinley1896Elizabethton, TN 72
WilliamsHugh Paul15 Sailor109
WilliamsHyder N.18Hampton, TN 73
WilliamsLloyd D.21Elizabethton, TN 73
WilliamsPaul A.19Elizabethton, TNWounded87
WilliamsRothsey E.24Roan Mountain, TNDead93
WilliamsWilly B.23Elizabethton, TN 73
WilsonGeorge20Shell Creek, TNWounded88
WilsonRoss B.1898Sugar Grove, NC 73
WilsonTaylor23Carter Co., TN 73
WilsonWilliam E.Johnson Co., TNWounded88
WilsonWilliam R.21  73
WilsonWilliam W.18Carter Co., TNFraudulent Enlistment112
WintersLuther1895Mitchell Co., NC 73
WintersRiley B.21Shell Creek, TN 73
WintersWalter21Elk Park, NCWounded88
WoodbyHampton L.1896Hampton, TN 74
WrightAaron1892Mitchell Co., TN 74
WrightDaniel1887Magnetic City, NCDead93
WrightRobert1892Elizabethton, TN 74


    No Listings


    No Listings


    No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Carter County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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