Cheatham County Soldiers in World War I 

Ancestry US
SurnameGiven NameServiceStatus
AdkersonRobertU.S. ArmyKilled in Action
AdkissonThomas JeffersonU.S. Army
AllenCarlton C. U.S. Army
AllenCharles A.U.S. Army
AllenCharles L. U.S. Army
AllenWilliam P.U.S. Navy
ArringtonRobert M.U.S. Armywounded in action
BaberFrank W. U.S. Armykilled in action
BainsJohn W.U.S. Army
BainsWalter C.U.S. ArmyKIA
BalthropWalter H.U.S. Army
BartonEdwardU.S. Army
BartonJohn D.U.S. Army
BatchelorJohn L.U.S. Army
BatemanGreen B.U.S. Army
BattsJoseph R.U.S. Army
BeazleyLonnie D.U.S. Army
BeckWilliam B.U.S. Army
BeckhamJames B.U.S. Army
BeechFelixU.S. Army
BellAlfred J.U.S. Army
BellHenry A.U.S. Army
BellHughU.S. Army
BellIra JeromeU.S. Army
BellLarry J.U.S. Army
BellSherman P.U.S. Army
BellWilliam C.U.S. Army
BenefieldOllieU.S. Army
BilbreyOvertonU.S. Army
BinkleyGeorge R.U.S. ArmyKIA
BinkleyDentonU.S. Navy
BinkleyErnest BradfordU.S. Navy
BinkleyHughU.S. Army
BinkleyKing A.U.S. Army
BinkleyRoyU.S. Navy
BinkleyTheodore D.U.S. Army
BinkleyVernerU.S. Army
BowkerJames H.U.S. Army
BrinkleyJames H.U.S. Army
BrinkleyMaurice B.U.S. Army
BrownMarion A.U.S. Army
BurgessNeal W.U.S. Army
ButlerForrest J.U.S. Army
ButlerOliver F.U.S. Army
CarneyHubert F.U.S. Army
CarneyJesse C.U.S. Army
CarneyLouis J.U.S. Army
CarneyRobert C.U.S. Army
CatheyFredU.S. Army
ChamblissBruceU.S. ArmyKIA
ChamblissHenry O.U.S. ArmyWounded
ChamblissJames R.U.S. Army
ChristRaymond T.U.S. Army
ClarkThomas J.U.S. Army
ClarkWilliam M.U.S. Army
ColemanJohn K.U.S. Marines
CollierJames W.U.S. Army
CollierJamesU.S. Army
CollierWillieU.S. Army
CollinsJames F.U.S. Navy
CouncilShirley H.U.S. Army
CoxJ.B.U.S. Army
CoxJames W.U.S. Army
CrawfordWilliam H.U.S. Army
CrawfordWilliam HubertU.S. Army
CrockerJim W.U.S. Army
CrockerJohn T.U.S. ArmyWounded in service
CrockerWilliam M.U.S. Army
CrockettLarkU.S. Army
CrossMarshallU.S. Army
DarrowCharles S.U.S. Army
DavisAnthony MackU.S. Navy
DavisArthur CalvinU.S. Navy
DeMossHugh D.U.S. Army
DeMossJoseph FranklinU.S. Navy
DillinghamJoseph R. Jr.U.S. Army
DodsonLurton E.U.S. Army
DortonJessie T.U.S. Army
DortonJohn AllenU.S. Army
DotsonTonieU.S. Army
DowlenAndrewU.S. Army
DowlenMarvinU.S. ArmyWounded
DozierHenry C. U.S. Army
DrufenbrockFrankU.S. Army
DukeTomU.S. Navy
DunnPorterU.S. Navy
ElliotCharlesU.S. Army
EllisBuell J.U.S. Army
EllisEdward BoydU.S. Army
EllisJames B.U.S. Army
EllisRobert WaltonU.. Army
EllisWilliam L.U.S. Army
ElrodEnochU.S. Army
EstridgeJames H.U.S. Navy
EvansChester L.U.S. Army
EvansFloyd L.U.S. Army
EvansWilliam T.U.S. ArmyKIA
FambroughFrank A.U.S. Navy
FambroughRufus R.U.S. Army
FarleyJamesU.S. Army
FeltsSamuel L.U.S. Army
FentressMonroeU.S. Army
FerrellRufus O.U.S. Army
FinneyGeorgeU.S. Army
ForbesGeorge W.U.S. Army
FordS.A.U.S. Army
FrazierWilliam R.U.S. Army
GibbsBeaufordU.S. Army
GibbsBlondell M.U.S. Army
GibbsJames E.U.S. Army
GibbsJohn M.U.S. Army
GirardJesse S.U.S. Army
GrayJohn B.U.S. Army
GreenErvinU.S. Army
GreenJonathan M.U.S. ArmyKIA
GreerEwing G.U.S. Army
GriffinMcKinleyU.S. Army
GrovesCleveland H.U.S. Army
GunterLawrenceU.S. Army
GuptonEuphratus R.U.S. Navy
GuptonJames L.U..S. Army
HagewoodEldridge S.U.S. Army
HaleWilliam B.U.S. Army
HallEdward H.U.S. Army
HallJames W.U.S. Army
HallJohn O.U.S. Army
HandBailey U.S. Army
HandDemps A.U.S. Army
HandElbertU.S. Army
HandOscar H.U.S. Army
HanleyJesse G.U.S. Navy
HanleyHenry R.U.S. Army
HanleyWrightU.S. Navy
HarperEdwin HomerU.S. Navy
HarperHenry I.U.S. Army
HarriSamuel E.U.S. Navy
HarrisBurton S.U.S. Army
HarrisClarence T.U.S. ArmyKIA
HarrisColeman H.U.S. Army
HarrisEddie A.U.S. Army
HarrisGeorge F.U.S. Army
HarrisJames M.U.S. Army
HarrisJames P.U.S. Army
HarrisMatt A.U.S. Army
HarrisNobieU.S. Army
HarrisRobert H.U.S. Navy
HarrisRobertU.S. Army
HarrisThomasU.S. Navy
HarrisVerdie B.U.S. Army
HayesJesse J.U.S. Army
HaynesGeorgeU.S. Army
HaynesJames H.U.S. Army
HeathEdward E.U.S. Army
HeathJohn EzraU.S. Army
HeraldJohn A.U.S. Navy
HeraldJoseph W.U.S. Army
HerronJosephU.S. Army
HewittGeorge M.U.S. Navy
HigginsEdwardU.S. Army
HigginsWilliam W.U.S. Army
HilandGeorgeU.S. Army
HilandJoe J.U.S. Army
HinesRichard H.U.S. Army
HollisJonahU.S. Army
HollisTheodore A.U.S. Army
HollisWalterU.S. Army
HollisWilliam R.U.S. Army
HolmesJames W.U.S. Army
HooperThomas SmileyU.S. Navy
HudgensDaniel W.U.S. Army
HudgensJ.F.U.S. Army
HudsonFloyd O.U.S. Army
HughesCecilU.S. ArmyKIA
HughesShannonU.S. Army
HuntLeslie W.U.S. Army
HuntRoyU.S. Army
HunterBellfieldU.S. Army
HunterGeorge E.U.S. Army
HunterGeorge M.U.S. Army
HunterGeorge T.U.S. ArmyKIA
HunterJames ArthurU.S. Navy
HunterMarshallU.S. Army
HunterThompsonU.S. Army
HunterWilliam L.U.S. Army
IveyJamesU.S. Army
IveyWilliam H.U.S. Army
IveyWilson E.U.S. Army
JacksonGeorge E.U.S. Army
JacksonWhitnell H.U.S. Army
JacksonWyatt C.U.S. Army
JacksonWyatt CrusmanU.S. Army
JarrellLacey H.U.S. Army
JohnsonWiley T.U.S. Army
JonesElvis N.U.S. Army
JonesOliverU.S. Army
JonesRobert LeeU.S. Marines
KingCharles L.U.S. Navy
KingFrank S.U.S. Army
KnightAndrew JohnsonU.S. Army
KnightEphraimU.S. Army
KnightHamU.S. Army
KnightWillieU.S. Army
KnoxHenry O.U.S. Army
KnoxOdellU.S. Army
LampleyHarry E.U.S. Army
LeeHerleyU.S. Army
LeeRobert G.U.S. Marines
LogueRobert G.U.S. ArmyKIA
LouallenWalter R.U.S. ArmyKIA
LovellSamuel T.U.S. Navy
McGavockJohnU.S. ArmyKIA
McGheeEthelda E.U.S. Navy
McGheeIra D.U.S. Navy
MooreJohn L.U.S. ArmyKIA
MurphyRaymondU.S. Army
MyersCharlieU.S. Navy
NewlandRobertU.S. Army
NicholsonScottU.S. Army
NicholsonZollieU.S. Army
NolenJames A.U.S. Army
OgleFredU.S. Army
OsborneWalterU.S. Army
OwenJoseph G.U.S. Army
OwensArthurU.S. Army
PackThomas A.U.S. Army
PageLester S.U.S. Army
PannelJoe E.U.S. Army
PardueCharles T.U.S. Army
PardueJesse RoyU.S. Marines
PardueMerida W.U.S. Army
PardueSamuel JohnsonU.S. Navy
PardueTyree K.U.S. Army
PattersonRobert H.U.S. Army
PattersonRobertU.S. Army
PenningtonJohnU.S. Army
PerryCharleyU.S. Army
PerryHermanU.S. Navy
PerryJames C.U.S. Army
PerryTommieU.S. Army
PetwayOren W.U.S. Army
PetwayThomas R.U.S. Army
PhilipsMerrill L.U.S. Army
PoolJoseph JohnstonU.S. Army
PoolRichard F.U.S. Army
PooleElbertU.S. Army
PooleJoseph F.U.S. Army
PowellAlva B.U.S. Navy
PrimmAlbert MelvinU.S. Navy
PrimmMack T.U.S. Army
ProctorJimU.S. Army
PuckettWilliam JenningsU.S. Army
PurtleWilliam L.U.S. Navy
ReadBen W.U.S. Army
ReadHenry H.U.S. Army
ReddErnest E.U.S. Navy
ReedMurray A.U.S. Navy
ReeksJamesU.S. Army
RichardsonIsaac E.U.S. Army
RobertsonDavid S.U.S. Army
RobertsonJohnU.S. Navy
RoskamFrank F.U.S. Army
RussellCharles H.U.S. Army
RutledgeVirgilU.S. Army
SandersCharleyU.S. Army
SandersClarence W.U.S. Army
SandersIra T.U.S. Army
SandersJames E.U.S. Army
SandersJohn H.U.S. Army
SandersThomas D.U.S. Army
SandersWalter BryanU.S. Army
ScottRobert L.U.S. Navy
SelleyWilliam H.U.S. Army
SeslerAnthony N.U.S. Army
ShearonAlva C.U.S. Army
ShearonSamuel IU.S. Army
SheltonJackU.S. Army
SheltonLeviU.S. Army
SheltonRobertU.S. Army
ShiversCalvin R.U.S. Army
ShiversJoseph E.U.S. Army
ShiversRobert L.U.S. Army
ShockAveryU.S. Navy
ShoresWilliam B.U.S. Army
SimmonsPearlie W.U.S. Army
SimpkinsGeorge H.U.S. Navy
SlaydenJames H.U.S. Army
SlaydenWalter H.U.S. Army
SloanLewis G.U.S. Army
SmithBennieU.S. Army
SmithCecil AllenU.S. Army
SmithCharles LenoxU.S. Army
SmithLewis P.U.S. Army
SmithWilliam H.U.S. Army
SouthCharlie M.U.S. Army
SouthMiley H.U.S. Army
SpeightThomas H.U.S. Army
SpeightThomas M.U.S. Army
StackHugh A.U.S. Army
StackRobert F.U.S. ArmyKIA
StewardSamU.S. Army
StewartJohn E.U.S. Army
StoreyHubert E.U.S. Army
StoryWilliam D.U.S. Army
StovallJohn A.U.S. Army
StovallRobertU.S. Army
StuartHugh A.U.S. ArmyKIA
SuellPaulU.S. Army
SullivanGobel E.U.S. Army
SuttonAndrew R.U.S. Army
SuttonJohn H.U.S. Army
SwahHerman H.U.S. Army
SweatWesleyU.S. Army
TeasleyAlonzo G.U.S. Army
TeasleyEver J.U.S. Army
TeasleyFrank F.U.S. Army
TeasleyLeonard J.U.S. Army
TeasleySimonU.S. Army
ThomasJames H.U.S. Army
TinsleyGeorge W.U.S. Army
TinsleyWilliam J.U.S. Army
TolerO�GradyU.S. Army
TolerWiley B.U.S. Army
TravisHugh M.U.S. Navy
TraylorJohn W.U.S. Army
TuckerShelby R.U.S. Army
TurnerBenjamin L.U.S. Army
WalkerEddie L.U.S. Army
WalkerMarshall T.U.S. Army
WalkerWilliam E.U.S. Army
WalkupSamuel H.U.S. Army
WallWilliam F.U.S. Army
WaltonHubert P.U.S. Navy
WashingtonWilliam L.U.S. Army
WattsErnest C.U.S. Army
WeakleyAlma A.U.S. Navy
WeakleyRoger I.U.S. Navy
WheelerWilliamU.S. Army
WhiteLester PerryU.S. Army
WilleyJulius T.U.S. Navy
WilliamThomas F.U.S. Army
WilliamsThomas T.U.S. Army
WilliamsDavid H.U.S. Army
WilliamsJames O.U.S. Army
WilliamsJohn F.U.S. Army
WilliamsLouis A.U.S. ArmyKIA
WilliamsRobert H.U.S. Army
WilliamsRobertU.S. Army
WilliamsWillie T.U.S. Army
WilsonCharles E.U.S. Army
WilsonCharlieU.S. Army
WilsonHenry A.U.S. Army
WilsonHenryU.S. Army
WilsonJames C. Jr.U.S. Army
WilsonThomas W.U.S. Army
WoodardWalterU.S. Army
WoodruffSamuel T.U.S. Army
WoodsonHenry P.U.S. Army
WorkCharles R.U.S. Army
WorkJohn B.U.S.Army
Ancestry US

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