Cheatham County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Cheatham County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Cheatham County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 374 individuals who served from Cheatham County during World War I. There were 322 soldiers in the Army, 10 of which were officers. There were 45 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 4 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 3 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdkersonRobert U.1893Dixon, TNDead44
AdkissonThomas Jefferson1898Ashland City, TN 1
AllenCarlton Chesley25Ashland City, TN 1
AllenCharles Abner1897Jingo, TN 1
AllenCharley Loving25Ashland City, TN 1
AllenWilliam Purdy28 Sailor50
ArringtonRobert M.22Ashland City, TNWounded41


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BaberFrank W.28Sadlersville, TNDead44
BainsJohn W.1891Linton, TN 1
BainsWalter C.24Kingston Springs, TNDead44
BalthropWalter H.1893Springfield, TN 1
BartonEdward1892Neptune, TN 1
BartonJohn D.1896Neptune, TN 1
BatchelorJohn L.1892Brownsville, TN 2
BatemanGreen B.20Dixon Co., TN 2
BatemanJohn C.1895Neptune, TN 2
BattsJoseph R.23Thomasville, TN 2
BeazleyLonnie D.1898Nashville, TN 2
BeckWilliam B.27White Bluff, TN 2
BeckhamJames B.1892Kingston Springs, TNOfficer47
BeechFelix1885Murry Co., TN[sic] 2
BellAlfred J.1890Dickson, TN 2
BellHenry A.1895Bellsburg, TN 3
BellHugh1896White Bluff, TN 3
BellIra Jerome25Ashland City, TN 3
BellLarry J.1896Kingston Springs, TN 3
BellSherman P.1897Mouth Harple, TN 3
BellWilliam C.25White Bluff, TN 3
BenefieldOllie25CraggieHope, TN 4
BilbreyOverton35Gainesboro, TN 4
BinkleyDenton Dallace18 Sailor50
BinkleyErnest Bradford25 Sailor50
BinkleyGeorge R.1896Ashland City, TNDead44
BinkleyHugh22Cheatham Co., TN 4
BinkleyKing Alfonso1897Cheatham Co., TN 4
BinkleyRoy20 Sailor50
BinkleyTheodore D.1896Ashland City, TN 4
BinkleyVerner1894Ashland City, TN 4
BowkerJames H.1896Dickson Co., TN 4
BrinkleyJames Hugh31Ashland City, TN 5
BrinkleyMaurice B.23Ashland City, TN 5
BrownMarion A.20Kingston Springs, TN 5
BurgessJames L.26Tennessee 6
BurgessNeel W.26McEwen, TN 6
ButlerForest J.H.22Coffee Co., TN 6
ButlerOlive Franklin1886Dover, TN 6


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CarneyHubert F.1890Cheatham Co., TN 6
CarneyJesse C.28Ashland City, TN 6
CarneyLouis J.19Ashland City, TN 6
CarneyRobert C.1893Ashland City, TN 7
CatheyFred22CraggieHope, TN 7
ChamblissBruce S.25PleasantView, TNDead44
ChamblissHenry O.24Pleasant View, TNWounded41
ChamblissJames R.1893Cheap Hill, TN 7
ChristyRymon T.1890Neptune, TN 7
ClarkThomas J.24Ashland City, TN 7
ClarkWilliam Marion1896Ashland City, TN 7
ColemanJohn Kelly1892Lockes, TNMarines49
CollierJames1886Dickson, TN 8
CollierJames W.1893Nashville, TN 8
CollierWillie1896CheapHill, TN 8
CollinsJames Freddie19 Sailor51
CouncilSharley H.1895Thomasville, TN 8
CoxJ. B.23Pegram, TN 8
CoxJames W.19Pegram, TN 8
CrawfordWilliam H.21Flyns Lick, TN 8
CrawfordWilliam Hubert1896FlynsLick, TNOfficer47
CrockerJim W.26Cheatham Co., TN 8
CrockerJohn T.22Cheatham Co., TNWounded41
CrockerWilliam M.26Sycamore, TN 9
CrockettLark1888Whitebluff, TN 9
CrossMarshall1893Fredonia, TN 9
CunninghamSam1896Neptune, TN 9


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DarrowCharles S.22Ashland City, TN 9
DavisAnthony Mack20 Sailor51
DavisArthur Calvin19 Sailor51
DavisRay Oscar25Cumberland Furnace, TN 10
DeMossHugh D.19Ashland City, TN 10
DeMossJoseph Franklin21 Sailor51
DillinghamJoe Robert, Jr.24Kingston Springs, TN 10
DodsonLurton E.1896Cumberland Furnace, TN 10
DortonJessie T.25Williamson Co., TN 10
DortonJohn Allen1888Franklin, TNOfficer47
DotsonTonie1894Dixon Co., TN 10
DowlenAndrew1890Ashland City, TN 10
DowlenMarvin21Pleasant View, TNWounded41
DozierHenry C.23Ashland City, TN 10
DrufenbrockFrank F.25Nashville, TN 11
DukeTom20 Sailor52
DunnPorter23 Sailor52


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ElliotCharles22Ashland City, TN 11
EllisBuell J.22Thomasville, TN 11
EllisEdward Boyd1896Robertson Co., TN 11
EllisJames B.1896Cheatham Co., TN 11
EllisRobert Walton1896Robertson Co., TN 11
EllisWilliam L.22Vanleer, TN 11
ElrodEnoch25Cheap Hill, TN 11
EstridgeJames Henry24 Sailor52
EvansChester L. Hoffasville, TN 12
EvansFloyd L.1892Ashland City, TN 12
EvansWilliam T.21Cheatham Co., TNDead44


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FambroughFrank A.29 Sailor52
FambroughRufus R.1895Neptune, TN 12
FarleyJames26Neptune, TN 12
FeltsSamuel L.1889 Officer47
FentressMonroe1894Erin, TN 13
FerrellRufus Ormond1890Murfreesboro, TNOfficer47
FinneyGeorge26Ashland City, TN 13
ForbesGeorge W.1893Neptune, TN 13
FordS. A.28Hoffesville, TN 13
FrazierWilliam R.1891Neptune, TN 13


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GibbsBeauford W.20Ashland City, TN 13
GibbsBlondell McDaniel1897New Middleton, TN 13
GibbsJames E.1893PleasantView, TN 13
GibbsJohn M.30Sycamore, TN 15
GirardJesse S.24Ashland City, TNWounded41
GrayJohn Baptist1897Ashland City, TN 15
GreenErvin Ulin28Shadygrove, TN 14
GreensJonathan M.23Kingston Springs, TNDead45
GreerEwing Garner21Kingston Springs, TN 14
GriffinMcKinley21Pegram, TN 14
GrovesCleveland H.29Sobel, TN 14
GunterLawrence23Lookertsville, TN 14
GuptonEuphratus Riley18 Sailor52
GuptonJames L.1895Neptune, TN 14


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HagewoodEldridge S.1894Sobel, TN 14
HaleWilliam Balls1894Nashville, TN 14
HallEdward H.22Ashland City, TN 16
HallJames William1894Kingston Springs, TN 16
HallJohn O.25Pegram, TN 16
HandBailey22Clarksville, TN 16
HandDemps A.27Sobel, TNWounded41
HandElbert26Bellsburg, TN 16
HandOscar H.1886Neptune, TN 16
HanleyHenry R.27Cheatham, TN 16
HanleyJesse Gregory18 Sailor53
HanleyWright24 Sailor53
HarperEdwin Homer19 Sailor53
HarperHenry I.28Ashland City, TN 16
HarrisBurton S.24Ashland City, TN 17
HarrisClarence T.29Cheatham Co., TNDead45
HarrisColeman Houston1896Waverly, TN 17
HarrisEddie A.1892Ashland City, TN 17
HarrisGeorge Franklin1889Cheatham Co., TN 17
HarrisJames M.28PleasantView, TN 17
HarrisJames P.16Union City, TN 17
HarrisMatt A.23Kingston Springs, TN 17
HarrisNobie1894Cheap Hill, TN 17
HarrisRobert1897Cheatham Co., TN 18
HarrisRobert Hugh20 Sailor53
HarrisSamuel Elmo23 Sailor54
HarrisThomas28 Sailor54
HarrisVedie B.27Ashland City, TN 18
HayesJesse J.23Slayden, TN 18
HaynesGeorge26Springfield, TN 18
HaynesJames H.29Turnersville, TNWounded42
HeathEdward E.29Charlotte, TN 18
HeathJohn Ezra1894Label, TN 18
HeraldJohn Allen22 Sailor54
HeraldJoseph W.24Cheatham Co., TN 18
HerronJoseph1894Cheaphill, TN 18
HewittGeorge Marshall20 Sailor55
HigginsEdward25Pleasant View, TNWounded42
HigginsWilliam W.1888Pleasant View, TN 19
HilandGeorge24Ashland City, TN 19
HilandGeorge1892Ashland City, TNOfficer47
HilandJoe J.19Petway, TN 19
HinesRichard H.1892Nashville, TN 19
HollisJonah   19
HollisTheodore A.23Neptune, TN 19
HollisWalter1897Cheatham Co., TN 19
HollisWilliam R.24Fox Bluff, TN 20
HolmesJames W.26Pleasant View, TN 20
HooperThomas Smiley22 Sailor55
HudgensDaniel W.22Ashland City, TN 20
HudgensJ. F.24Tennessee 20
HudsonFloyd O.23Nashville, TN 20
HughesCecil1892Kingston Springs, TNDead45
HughesShannon28Jingo, TN 22
HuntLeslie William1892Cross Plain, TN 20
HuntRoy24PleasantView, TN 20
HunterBell Field1896Cheatham Co., TN 21
HunterGeorge E.29Cheaphill, TN 21
HunterGeorge M.21Thomasville, TN 21
HunterGeorge T.25Neptune, TNDead45
HunterJames Arthur23 Sailor55
HunterMarshall1896Thomasville, TN 21
HunterThompson1892Henrietta, TN 21
HunterWilliam L.1893Thomasville, TNOfficer47


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IveyJames1896Kingston Springs, TN 21
IveyWilliam H.23Kingston Springs, TN 21
IveyWilson E.25Kingston Springs, TN 22


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JacksonGeorge E.1892Turnerville, TN 22
JacksonWhitnell H.22Thomasville, TN 22
JacksonWyatt C.26Cheatham Co., TN 22
JacksonWyatt Crusman1891Sycamore, TNOfficer48
JarrellLacey Hubert1894Clarksville, TN 22
JohnsonWiley T.1892Tennessee 23
JonesElvis N.25Dickson Co., TN 23
JonesOliver1895Ashland City, TN 23
JonesRobert Lee1891Montgomery Co., TNMarines49


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KingCharles Leslie21 Sailor55
KingFrank S.22Pegram, TN 23
KnallHarvey J.22Kingston Springs, TN 23
KnallLevi Bennett1897Cheatham Co., TN 23
KnightAndrew Johnson1895Thomasville, TN 23
KnightEphrom26Robertson Co., TN 23
KnightHam Glenraven, TN 24
KnightWillie1895Songh Harbor, TN 24
KnoxHenry O.1894Thomasville, TN 24
KnoxOdell18Clarksville, TN 24


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LampleyHarry E.24Kingston Springs, TN 24
LeeHerley1889Ashland City, TN 24
LeeRobert Granvel1896Pleasantview, TNMarines49
LogueRober G.21Chapel Hill, TNDead45
LouallenWalter R.21Cheatham Co., TNDead45
LovellSamuel Thurman29 Sailor55


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
McGavockJohn1886Ashland City, TNDead46
McGheeEthelda Erwin19 Sailor56
McGheeIra Deane18 Sailor56
MooreJohn L.21Ashland City, TNDead46
MorrisSamuel A.23Cheatham Co., TNFraudulent Enlister60
MurphyRaymond23Chateau Co., TN [sic]Wounded42
MyersCharlie26 Sailor56


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NewlandRobert1893Cheatham Co., TN 25
NicholsonScott18Neptune, TN 25
NicholsonZollie1895Ashland City, TN 25
NolenJames A.21Nashville, TNWounded42


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
OgleFred1895Cheap Hill, TN 25
OsborneWalter19PegramState, TN 25
OwenJoseph Gaston1896Cheap Hill, TN 25
OwensArthur1891PleasantView, TN 25


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
PackThomas A.22Kingston Springs, TN 25
PageLester S.23Thomasville, TN 26
PannelJoe E.1896Ashland City, TN 26
PardueCharles T.26Ashland City, TN 26
PardueJesse Roy1896Clarksville, TNMarines49
PardueMerida W.1895Ashland City, TN 26
PardueSamuel Johnson29 Sailor56
PardueTyree Kleber1888Cheap hill, TN 26
PattersonRobert1896Cumberland Furnace, TN 26
PattersonRobert Haworth1890SaleCreek, TN 26
PenningtonJohn1895Ashland City, TN 26
PerryCharley24Cheatham Co., TN 27
PerryHerman18 Sailor56
PerryJames C.21Cheatham Co., TN 27
PerryTommie23Neptune, TN 27
PetwayOren W.27Ashland City, TN 27
PetwayThomas R.1895Ashland City, TN 27
PhillipsMerrill L.1894Sobel, TN 27
PoolJoseph Johnson26Cheap Hill, TN 27
PoolRichard F.27Tennessee 27
PooleElbert1888Clarksville, TN 28
PooleJoseph F.21Cheap Hill, TN 28
PowellAlva Barns21 Sailor56
PrimmAlbert Melvin28 Sailor57
PrimmMack T.23Ashland City, TN 28
ProctorJim25Clarksville, TN 28
PuckettWilliam Jennings1896Ashland City, TN 28
PurtleWilliam Leonard23 Sailor57


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
ReadBen W.26Neptune, TN 28
ReadHenry Herman24Ashland City, TN 28
ReddErnest Eugene20 Sailor57
ReedBen W.1892Neptune, TN 29
ReedMurray Alvin22 Sailor57
ReeksJames26Ashland City, TN 29
RichardsonIsaac E.18Greensboro, TN 29
RichardsonWalter18Jackson, TNFraudulant Enlister60
RobertsonDavid S.1896Dickson, TN 29
RobertsonJohn18 Sailor57
RoskamFrank F.21Passadena, CA 29
RussellCharles H.24Bloomingdale, TN 29
RutledgeVirgle22Donelson, TN 29


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SandersCharley1889Ashland City, TN 29
SandersClarence W.30Cheatham Co., TN 30
SandersIra T.21Cheap Hill, TN 30
SandersJames E.29Ashland City, TN 30
SandersJohn H.1893Cheap Hill, TN 30
SandersThomas D.22Neptune, TN 30
SandersWalter Bryan1897Cheatham Co., TN 30
ScottRobert Leslie21 Sailor57
SelleyWilliam H.22Lafayette, TN 30
SeslerAnthony N.25Cheap Hill, TNWounded42
ShearonAlva C.1893Clarksville, TN 30
ShearonSamuel I.1891Ashland City, TN 31
SheltonJack1893Lillimay, TN 31
SheltonLevi24Lillimay, TN 31
SheltonRobert1896Ashland City, TN 31
ShiversCalvin Rufus1896Cheatham Co., TN 31
ShiversJoseph E.23Ashland City, TN 31
ShiversRobert L.23Sycamore, TN 31
ShookAvery21 Sailor58
ShoresWilliam B.22Ashland City, TN 31
SimmonsPearlie W.23Clarksville, TN 32
SimpkinsGeorge Harvey  Sailor57
SlaydenJames Hartwell1867Waverly, TNOfficer48
SlaydenWalter H.16Waverly, TN 32
SloanLewis G.1895Ashland City, TN 32
SmithBennie1893Ashland City, TN 32
SmithCecil Allen24Ashland City, TN 32
SmithCharles Lenox1895Sobel, TN 32
SmithLewis P.1885Bellsburg, TN 32
SmithWilliam H.1890Ashland City, TN 33
SouthCharlie M.20Cheatham, TN 33
SouthMiley H.25Ashland City, TN 33
SpeightThomas H.22Bellsburg, TN 33
SpeightThomas M.1896Dickson, TN 33
StackHugh A.27Carmel, TN 33
StackRobert F.1897Thomasville, TNDead46
StewardSam1897Dickson, TN 33
StewartJohn E.29Cheatham Co., TN 33
StoreyHubert E.1892Ashland City, TN 34
StoryWilliam D.23Charlotte, TN 34
StovallJohn A.21Franklin, TN 34
StovallRobert25Franklin, TN 34
StuartHugh A.26Cheap Hill, TNDead46
SuellPaul20Thomasville, TN 34
SullivanGobel E.19Kingston Springs, TN 34
SuttonAndrew R.22Sobel, TN 34
SuttonJohn H.22Sobel, TN 34
SwahHerman H.22Cheatham Co., TN 34
SweatWesley1895Cheap Hill, TN 35


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TeasleyAlonzo G.1894Neptune, TN 35
TeasleyEver J.1889Thomasville, TN 35
TeasleyFrank F.1894Neptune, TN 35
TeasleyLeonard J.25Cheatham Co., TN 35
TeasleySimon1897Neptune, TN 35
ThomasJames H.25Springfield, TN 35
TinsleyGeorge W.1896Dickson Co., TN 36
TinsleyWilliam J.1894Neptune, TN 36
TolerO’Gradie Clarksville, TN 36
TolerWiley B.19Clarksville, TN 36
TravisHugh Moore21 Sailor58
TraylorJohn W.22Thomasville, TN 36
TuckerShelby R.23Springfield, TN 36
TurnerBenjamin L.1891Dixon Co., TN [sic] 36
TurnerThomas N.34Ashland City, TNDeserter60
TyraWilliam W.25Lafayette, TN 36


    No Listings


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WalkerEddie L.24Hickory Point, TN 37
WalkerMarshall T.27Montgomery Co., TN 37
WalkerWilliam E.22Chauteau Co., TN [sic] 37
WalkupSamuel H.1893Nashville, TN 37
WallWilliam F.21Ashland City, TNWounded42
WaltonHubert Pitts26 Sailor58
WashingtonWilliam L.31Nashville, TN 37
WattsErnest C.1892Nashville, TN 37
WeakleyAlma Allene24 Sailor58
WeakleyRoger I.24Bellsburg, TN 37
WheelerWilliam1896Montgomery Co., TN 37
WhiteLester Perry1895Nashville, TN 38
WilleyJulius Theodore24 Sailor58
WilliamsDavid H.21Petway, TN 38
WilliamsJames Oscar16Didge, TN 38
WilliamsJohn F.1891Rome, TN 38
WilliamsLouis A.21CheapHill, TNDead46
WilliamsRobert1895Cheatham Co., TN 38
WilliamsRobert H.22Thomasville, TN 38
WilliamsThomas Francis1897Humphreys Co., TN 38
WilliamsThomas T.31Thomasville, TNWounded43
WilliamsWillie T.1899Neptune, TN 38
WilsonCharles E.1897Ashland City, TN 39
WilsonCharlie1894Nashville, TN 39
WilsonHenry26Neptune, TN 39
WilsonHenry A.1897Ashland City, TN 39
WilsonJames Clay, Jr.1898Ashland City, TN 39
WilsonThomas W.27Tennessee 39
WintersWalter H.24PleasantView, TN 39
WoodardWalter1890Pegram, TN 39
WoodruffSamuel Thomas1880Adams, TNOfficer48
WoodsonHenry P.21Pleasant View, TNWounded43
WorkCharles R.29Nashville, TNWounded43
WorkJohn B.29Nashville, TN 40


    No Listings


    No Listings


    No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Cheatham County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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