Chester County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Chester County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Chester County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 284 Chester County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans. There were 270 soldiers in the Army, 4 of which were officers. There were 7 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 3 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 4 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AdcockRobert E.21Carelton, MOWounded33
AllenErnest1893Sardis, TN 1
AllenLee1894Egypt, TN 1
AllenMonty1897Christian Co., KYDead35
AndersonLonnie R.1893Enville, TN 1
AndersonTom1894Macon, MS 1
AndrewsWade1891Gilmar, TX 1
ArmourGerman Cullwell29Bethel Springs, TN 1
ArmourQuinnie22Chester Co., TN 1
BagwellArthur H.1889Henderson, TNWounded33
BagwellFrank E.26Henderson, TN 2
BallCharlie24Chester Co., TN 2
BallFrank21Henderson, TN 2
BallardDan24Shottsville, ALDeserter46
BarhmJerry R.1896Chester Co., TN 2
BarrixHomer D.1889Trenton, TN 2
BarrixStokey Almonta31Trenton, TNWounded33
BarrixWilliam I.29Gibson Co., TN 2
BartonArthur H.1889Chester Co., TN 2
BaughanDnever Ewing1896Henderson, TN 2
BeeneFrance C.1895Henderson, TN 3
BellDennis F.23Henderson, TN 3
BensonWilliam Wylie1896Reagan, TNMarine39
BinghamAuther Pidhens23Chester Co., TN 3
BishopBryant25Enville, TN 3
BishopCurtis E.28Enville, TNWounded33
BishopTravis L.25Chester Co., TN 3
BishopWilliam T.1895Chester Co., TN 3
BishopWilson1896Chester Co., TN 3
BlackburnThomas1890CushmanAR 3
BlandEdgar M.1896Henderson, TN 3
BoydOrland1890Milan, TN 4
BralyWilliam A.30Newborn, TN 4
BrashersMaudy C.1896Coffee, TN 4
BrewerWilliam Riley24 Sailor40
BrileyWilliam Brount29Cottontown, TN 4
BrownEllis22Henderson, TN 4
BrownThomas R.21Mufflin, TN 4
BrownWilliam T.1890Mifflin, TN 4
BrummerEddie1890Henderson, TN 5
BuckWilliam T.1873Lexington, TNOfficer37
BuckinghamJoshua1889Milledgeville, TNDead35
BurkheadBarney L.1896Montezuma, TN 5
BurkheadLing E.1891Montezuma, TN 5
BurkheadSilas E.21Montezuma, TN 5
ButlerSheridan22Chester Co., TN 5
CagleJoseph T.1893Montezuma, TN 5
CainJohn M.26Pinson, TN 6
CampbellAmon B.18Insville, TN 6
CarrollAmo Lambert1895Sardis, TNMarine39
CarrollThomas Lee24Mifflin, TN 6
CasonObie1889Chester Co., TN 6
CawthonFloyd J.1898Luray, TN 6
CherryClaude22Enville, TN 6
CherryJames L.22Henderson, TN 6
CherryWilliam Alfred1897Enville, TN 7
ChristopherHoward1891Henderson, TN 6
ClausellHarrison22Henderson, TN 7
CliffordThomas1897Luray, TN 7
ColeCharlie F.1896Savannah, TN 7
ComingsLee1892Pinson, TN 7
ConderOscar Elvis1896Henderson, TN 7
ConnarJames H.1894Henderson, TN 7
CookFrancis M.24Mcnairy, TN 7
CooperCarl T.1894Mifflin, TN 8
CooperFloyd18Henderson, TN 8
CooperJoseph M.22Henderson, TN 8
CormackOscar1890Caret, MS 8
CotneyJohn24Henderson, TN 8
CoulterBoone T.22Sheron, TN 8
CrowderAuthor Burl1897Enville, TN 8
CupplesArlis R.18Bolivar, TNWounded33
CupplesCurry C.1895Marmaduke, ARDead35
CupplesPink22Henderson, TN 8
CupplesWilliam E. Green Co., AR 9
DavidsonAugustus E.1890Henderson, TN 9
DavidsonRobert C.27Henderson, TN 9
DavisCharlie1892Hardeman Co., TNDead35
DavisJohn1894Hardomon, TN 9
DavisJohnie B.1896Montezuma, TN 9
DavisWilliam E.24Henderson, TN 9
DeBerryJoe C.25Church Co., TN 9
DeloneyEddie18Henderson, TN 9
DemingBedford F.1892Deanburg, TN 10
DemingHardeman D.22Bethel Springs, TNDead35
DoddRufus C.18Nanvoo, AL 10
DoggettClyde C.24Carter Co., OK 10
DoggettJesse Furman21 Sailor40
DossMitchell1893Chickasaw, MS 10
EasleyJames W.1896Montezuma, TN 10
EasonRobert H.1896Sweetlips, TN 10
EllisLeonard29Millageville, TN 10
ElmerHubert  See Underwood, Hubert10
ErvinGeorge V.22Henderson Co., TNDead11
FarrowGeorge S.1896Jacks Creek, TNDead11
FieldsDennis Edmond30Enville, TN 35
FindleyJoel L.1896Morris Chape, TN 36
FittsAustin E.26Bolivar, TN 11
FrankRobert Luther1896Pinson, TN 11
FringerHouston, R.28Chester Co., TN 11
FryCharlie21Henderson, TNWounded11
FryJessie J.28Henderson, TNDead11
FryWilliam A.24Henderson, TN 33
GaddyJames R.27Middlefork, TN 36
GarlandJohn W.22Henderson, TN 11
GatesHarry27Buena Vista, MS 12
GeeEdgar P.1889Bolivar, TN 12
GilmoreAlbert Eatus27Montezuma, TN 12
GoffHezikah1888Raby, TN 12
GoffHouston K.21Penson, TN 12
GranthamAlbert C.21Chester Co., TN 12
GreeneAndrew23Henderson, TN 12
GreeneClaud N.24Enville, TN 12
GuinnClarence D.21Enville, TN 13
HaislipHomer Worth1898Hardin Co., TN 13
HaleWilbern L.23Gibson Co., TN 13
HaltomConrad W.22Medon, TNDead13
HaltomHorace M.23Gale, TN 13
HaltonAmos B.1896Chester Co., TN 36
HankinsEgbert D.26Montezuma, TN 13
HankinsJohn Clarence1896Montezuma, TN 13
HarbertJames B.26MorrisChapple, TN 13
HarrisJesse W.28Chester Co., TN 14
HaynesJohn D.21Ellijay, GA 14
HearnJoseph O.1887Huron, TN 14
HearnSteve E.1891Chester Co., TN 14
HenrySam30McNairy Co., TN 14
HillMelvin21Enville, TN 14
HinkleDelzo E.1896Sharp Co., AR 14
HinkleWilliam24Sharpe Co., AR 14
HollingsworthBert L.35Henderson, TN 15
HollingsworthJordan P.25Henderson, TN 15
HollowayClaude L.27Montezuma, TN 15
HollowayJames V.1896Henderson, TN 15
HolmesJesse T.23Scotts Hill, TN 15
HornJohn W.28Henderson, TN 15
HudsonJames L.26Henderson, TN 15
HughesFreeling M.1891Sanannah, TN 15
HumphreysLuke1892Louisville, MS 15
HurstEarnest1893Henderson, TN 16
HurstElmer S.18Chester Co., TN 16
HurstTheodore1806Montezuma, TN 16
IngleRobert C.23Chester Co., TN 16
IngrahamRome1895Henderson, TN 16
IngrahamWillie H.21Henderson, TN 16
JacksonErnest Ervin1894McNairy Co., TN 16
JenkinsOscar25Bethlehem, MS 16
JohnsonDessie1894Henderson, TN 17
JohnsonGeorge1897Motezuma, TNWounded17
JohnsonGeorge O.1896Henderson, TN 17
JohnsonJoe H.28Henderson, TN 34
JohnsonWilliam Marvin1897McNairy Co., TN 17
JohnsonWilliam Vaude1894Enville, TN 17
JonesAndrew E.1895Lexington, TN 17
JonesHugh N.28Henderson, TN 17
JordanRobert R.1895Henderson, TN 17
KingJames C.25Henderson, TN 18
KingLee Anderson1897Montezuma, TN 18
KingRobert1896Henderson, TN 18
LandonLeroy T.1897Henderson, TN 18
LasterFred A.29Lexington, TN 18
LasterWaymon P.27Henderson, TN 18
LedbetterArvy G.1896Henderson, TN 18
LedbetterEber H.21Henderson, TN 18
MaloneDaniel L.24Chester Co., TNDead20
ManessHarrison27Bethel Springs, TN 20
MassengillIsaac M.1892Henderson, TN 36
MassengillWilliam G.18Henderson, TN 20
MassengillWilliam K.24Henderson, TN 20
MasseyRomus W.25Masseyville, TN 21
McAdooRobert L.19Pierson, TN 19
McCallumMurray B.22Jacks Creek, TN 19
McCallumWillard M.30Jacks Creek, TN 19
McCarterJohn R.1893Corinth, MS 19
McCoyJames W.30Enville, TN 19
McDonaldJohn Jr.1892Roby, TN 19
McGrigerElmus34Nashville, TN 19
McKelveyMurray E.26Milar, TN 19
McKinnonDarsey L.1894Henderson, TNWounded20
McKinnonWilliam J.28Chester Co., TN 20
McMurtyWilliam Laten27Henderson, TN 34
McNightHenry33Henderson, TN 20
McPhersonLudie O.23Montezuma, TNSailor20
MeltonAlmus30Chester Co., TNOfficer21
MeltonIke Willis22 Wounded41
MitchellDavid Edgar1889Chester Co., TN 37
MitchellShady R.23Chester Co., TN 34
MooreThomas Elvin1896Enville, TN 21
MorrisJames Thomas26Near Henderson, TN 21
MorrisRobert H.24Chester Co., TN 21
MortonCode22Masseyville, TNSailor21
MossJoe1893Henderson, TN 21
MossWilliam Ray20  41
MountOscar Freeman1897Jacks Creek, TN 21
MurdaughJohn A.28Henderson, TN 22
MurleyDenford1897  22
MurrellOscar21Oakland, TN 22
MuseEugene18Henderson, TNDeserter22
MuseHarver1894Henderson, TN 22
NewsomIsaac T.24Chester Co., TN 46
NewsonEllis22Roby, TN 22
OliverOscar F.23Greenwood, AR 22
OwenLeonard J.1889Enville, TNDeserter22
PalmerElbert B.1893Gibson, TN 23
PalmerFred P.18Henderson, TN 46
ParkerJoseph C.1894Henderson, TN 23
PerkinsEdward Purdy1897Henderson, TN 23
PhillipsLilburn L.22Sardis, TN 23
PlunkJames H.1894McNairy Co., TNWounded23
PriestlyPaul Reeves1888Greenfield, TN 23
RankinsRobert L.22Montezuma, TN 34
RecordWalter S.29Henderson, TN 23
ReidAlfred Ewing1898Henderson, TNOfficer23
ReidJohn V.22Henderson, TN 24
ReidMax Bray1895Henderson, TN 37
RhodesEverett1896Henderson, TN 24
RiceSpencer22Henderson, TN 24
RileyThomas Franklin1897Chester Co., TN 24
RobbinsErnest B.1884Penson, TNMarine24
RobbinsHermon H. Henderson, TN 24
RobertsonEber1893Henderson, TN 39
RobertsonHenry B.19Henderson, TN 24
RobertsonHorry O.22Chesters Co., TN 24
RobinsonJoe E.31Henderson, TN 25
RobisonClaude C.1897Henderson, TN 25
RobyRobert1890Henderson, TN 25
RodgersGaylon W.22Gibson, TN 25
RodgersJames1897Montezuma, TNSailor25
RodgersJoseph R.1890Henderson, TN 25
RodgersOscar Leath22  42
RolandArb H.1889Montezuma, TN 25
RolandJoseph T.18Montezuma, TN 26
RossCulley W.1889Henderson, TN 26
RossTurner William1897Henderson, TNDead26
RouseWilliam C.1896Chester Co., TN 26
RowlandFred Howard28Chester Co., TNWounded36
RussellJames E.1894Pinson, TN 26
RussellSamuel L.26Whiting, Mo 34
SavellsWilliam K.1896Saltillo, TN 26
SeatonErnest W.26Middlefork, TN 26
SeatonGrover C.26Pinson, TN 26
SeatonRobert M.1894JacksCreek, TN 27
SeeleyJesse Freeman1894Henderson, TN 27
SharpWilliam23Jacksonboro, TN 27
SheltonAlbert23Stantonville, TN 27
SheltonGeorge R.25Henderson, TN 27
SheltonWilliam A.22McNairy Co., TN 27
ShortGilbert D.25Hardin Co., TN 27
SilerHenry M.31Pine Top, TN 28
SilerMurd B.20Toone, TN 28
SimmonsCharlie M.1895Chester Co., TN 28
SimmonsTony T.22Chester Co., TN 28
SimsHenry20Henderson, TNOfficer28
SmithBunyan E.1893Caba, TN 28
SmithCecil Corbett1893Enville, TN 37
SmithClarence25Enville, TN 28
SmithGuy Layfate1896JacksCreek, TNSailor28
SmithJohn Gordon22Enville, TN 29
SmithJohn Gordon22  42
SmithWillie L.22Reagan, TN 29
SpencerJoseph H.23Chester Co., TN 29
SpencerOrba Lee23Mcnairy, TN 29
SpencerWill26Montezuma, TN 29
StewardClay21Gainsboro, TN 29
TalleyJames M.1895Chester Co., TNFraudulent29
TalleyOscar W.1897Henderson, TNEnlister29
TapleyGeorge39Lebanon, TN 45
TarpleyWilliam S.25Henderson, TN 30
TatumBonnie B.25Bonneha, MS 30
TatumTroy Clemonth1896MSSailor30
TerryHubert A.24Bethel, TN 30
TerryJames Hardy29  43
ThompsonWiley M.1898Henderson, TN 30
TinsleyRobert1893Henderson, TN 30
TriceLuther1895Jacks Creek, TN 30
TriceSam1894Chester Co., TN 30
TriceThomas1895Henderson, TNWounded31
UnderwoodHubert E.20Roby, TN 31
UnwinFloyd F.22West Brooklyn, IL 34
WagonerJoe1894Selmer, TN 31
WallerAlfred Forest22Henderson, TN 31
WaltonFrank W.1891Henderson, TN 31
WeaverWalter L.1890Montezuma, TN 31
WheatleyCarl1894Henderson, TN 31
WheatleyLuther1896Henderson, TN 31
WhiteCharley24Henderson, TN 32
WilkinsCarman A.1898Enville, TN 32
WilkinsonThomas W.21Chester Co., TN 32
WilliamsCharlie C.1892Chester Co., TN 32
WoodruffObed E.24Mississippi32
YoungBenjamin G.20Enville, TN32


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Chester County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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