Claiborne County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of Claiborne County, Tennessee, World War 1 Soldiers was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of Claiborne County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 589 Claiborne County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans. There were 534 soldiers in the Army, 12 of which were officers. There were 34 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 5 Marines in the Marine Corps. There was 1 nurse in the Army Nurses Corps. There were 15 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AlexanderHugh21Cumberland Gap, TN 1
AllenThomas O.29Marion Co., IL 1
AlstonJohn23Tazewell, TN 1
AndersWilliam J.26Campbell Co., TN 1
AusmusFloyd E.22Claiborne, TN 1
AylesFrank22Claiborne Co., TN 1
BaileyJames24Claiborne Co., TN 57
BaileyWilliam S.23Union Co., TNWounded57
BakerFoster26Flat Lake, KY 1
BakerFrank19 Sailor72
BakerThomas19Knoxville, TN 1
BaldwinAlfred Walker21 Sailor72
BaldwinJohn C.25Tazewell, TN 2
BaldwinWalter E.29Wells Springs, TN 2
BarkerClarence Edgar21 Sailor72
BarnesRobert23Claiborne Co., TN 2
BastinArbra O.23Middleburg, KY 2
BatesLemuel26Scottsboro, AL 2
BaylessMilburn R.21Speedwell, TN 2
BeanDaniel19Speedwell, TN 2
BeaneWilliam18Middlesboro, KY 2
BeelerJames19Claiborne Co., TN 2
BerrySamuel18Tazewell, TN 3
BillingsleyHarrison1888Arthur, TNOfficer US Army68
BlevinsWilliam D.29Lone Mountain, TN 3
BolingerBenjamin26Goin, TN 3
BoltonEstle V.26Hancock Co., TN 3
BoltonJohn Edward23Claiborne Co., TN 3
BosticHobart21 Sailor72
BosticHoward R.21Clairfield, TNWounded57
BowmanGeneral M.24Clairborne Co., TN[sic] 3
BradenWilliam E.25Speedwell, TN 3
BreedingFred Carnes23 Sailor72
BreedingWalter L.23Claiborne Co., TN 3
BrewerLeonard T.22Lexington, KYDead64
BriteP.E.1895Ozark, MO 4
BrooksCharlie26Cumberland Gap, TN 4
BrooksCogar M.1899Claiborne Co., TN 4
BrooksEdward   4
BrooksHarlie Calvin22Tazewell, TN 4
BrooksJames M.23Tazewell, TN 4
BrooksMaynard O.20Claiborne Co., TN 4
BrooksMilvin N.28Claiborne Co., TN 4
BrooksSylvester19Claiborne Co., TN 4
BrownCharlie1897Harrogate, TN 5
BrownCharlie1899New Tazewell, TN 5
BrownJeff21Claiborne Co., TN 5
BrownMillard F.25Lone Mountain, TN 5
BrownSherman1897Glen Mary, TN 5
BrownWesley18Glen Mary, TN 5
BruceCharley P.21Compensation, TN 6
BruceJames A.1890Cumberland Gap, TN 6
BruceSidney J.19Claiborne Co., TN 6
BruceSilles18Claiborne Co., TN 6
BryanRoy21Claiborne Co., TN 6
BryantJohn22Shawanee, TN 6
BuchananClyde1897Tazewell, TN 6
BuchananGeorge G.23Claiborne Co., TN 6
BuchananJames M.1896Tazewell, TN 6
BuchananWilliam1894Tazewell, TN 7
BuellJames M.19Granger Co., TN 7
BuisJames1899New Tazewell, TN 7
BuisJohn21Tazewell, TN 7
BuisPet1884Tazewell, TN 7
BunchWilliam1898Claiborne Co., TN 7
BundrenWilliam Albert1896Lone Mountain, TN 7
BurchettArchie L.22  7
BurchettCharles Edgar1896Glenmary, TNOfficer US Army68
BurchettGeorge M.25Glen Mary, TN 8
BurchfieldClaud22New Tazewell, TN 8
BurchfieldJerry M.24Claiborne Co., TN 8
BurkWilliam R.25Claiborne Co., TN 8
BurkeCharles C.1896Shawanee, TN 8
BurkeWilliam Thomas1888Tazewell, TN 8
BurkesJohn D.25Lovingston, VA 8
BussellPorter1897Tazewell, TN 8
ByrdRoy1897Bloomingdale, TN 9
CampbellArthur1893Tazewell, TN 9
CampbellCharles R.22Limestone, TN 9
CampbellEdward J.22Claiborne Co., TN 9
CampbellEdward T.25Tazewell, TN 9
CampbellEthern1897Tazewell, TN 9
CampbellHugh1894Tazewell, TN 9
CareyDavid M.21Claiborne Co., TN 9
CareyHarvey J.23Tazewell, TN 10
CarmackThomas B.24Rogersville, TN 10
CarpenterRobert B.21Granger Co., TNDead64
CarpenterTom23Tazewell, TNWounded57
CarrJames Caloway1887Tazewell, TNOfficer US Army68
CarrJames W.27Claiborne Co., TN 10
CarrRalph E.20Arthur, TN 10
CarrollLilbern C.20Hubbart Springs, VA 10
CarterEdward19Bell Co., KY 10
CassellFrank25Lexington, KYWounded57
CattrellKeith G.1893Arthur, TN 10
ChadwellAndy J.23Claiborne Co., TN 10
ChambersOlen E.21Black Water, TN 11
ChanceHugh C.  Officer US Army68
ChumleyCharles Lawrence1889Tazewell, TN 11
ClaiborneWilliam H.1896LaFollette, TN 11
ClarkLewis23Claiborne Co., TN 11
ClaxtonClyde T.18Tazewell, TN 11
ClineJohn Albert23Claiborne Co., TNWounded57
CloudCurtis F.29Clouds, TN 12
CloudTip1897Tazewell, TN 12
ColeFranklin J.23New Tazewell, TN 12
ColeHerman22Tazewell, TN 12
ColeJohn D.27Claiborne Co., TN 12
ColeJohua M.22Claiborne Co., TNWounded58
ColeMilton Lida1890New Tazewell, TNMarine71
CollierCarl18Lee Co., VAWounded58
CookJames C.24Tazewell, TNWounded58
CormanyGeorge21Sewanee, TN 12
CorneliusAncil24Whitley Co., KY 12
CosbyIra21Claiborne Co., TNWounded58
CottrellGray28Arthur, TN 12
CottrellRodrick24Arthur, TN 13
CoxCharles H.21Claiborne Co., TN 13
CoxSterling1897Claiborne, Co., TN 13
CrockettRobert S.29Claiborne Co., TN 13
CrutchfieldAlbert J.20Newton, TN 13
CrutchfieldHenry P.22Tazewell, TN 13
CrutchfieldJames T.24Lone Mountain, TN 13
CrutchfieldMarshal N.26Claiborne Co., TN 13
CunninghamBenjamin24Tazewell, TNWounded58
CunninghamGarrett H.1897Tazewell, TN 14
CunninghamHarvey24Claiborn Co., TN[sic] 14
CuppOscar21Claiborne Co., TNDead64
DaughertyAntham H.22Scott Co., TN 14
DavidsonLon L.18Claiborne Co., TN 14
DavidsonWilliam O.22Pulaski Co., KY 14
DavisBill23Dishman Co., KY 14
DavisEdgar Francis22 Sailor73
DavisElbert L.22Speedwell, TN 14
DavisElbert S.25Claiborne Co., TN 14
DavisJohn P.1898Tazewell, TN 14
DavisMarion Roscoe25Whitley Co., KYWounded58
DavisRichard Baxter18 Sailor73
DavisTilmon Louis21 Sailor73
DavisVernon20Speedwell, TN 15
DavisWilliam R.21Brewton, TN 15
DavisWilliam Robinson22Hartraust, TN 15
DayHarvey B.26Claiborne Co., TN 15
DayJames1899Lone Mountain, TN 15
DayLafayette21NewTazewell, TNDead64
DebuskHorace Tipton1896Tazewell, TN 15
DefreesEdgar L.19Laurel Co., KY 15
DiceShelby   15
DilbeckArthur17Fannin Co., GaWounded59
DittyOscar C.20Claiborne Co., TN 15
DobbsHorace R.23Claiborne Co., TN 16
DossettJoseph W.23Tazewell, TN 16
DouglasCleveland19Campbell Co., TN 16
DouglasHubert S.25Jellico, TN 16
DuncanAndrew J.32Cumberland Gap, TN 16
DuncanSamuel H.28Claiborne Co., TNDead64
DuncanSamuel W.25Claiborne Co., TNDeserter79
DuncanWilliam F.30Claiborne Co., TN 16
DunnCharley Lawrence1896Speedwell, TN 16
DunnLoney E.21Speedwell, TN 17
DunnWilliam J.29Speedwell, TN 17
DykesWilliam F.19Middleboro, KY 17
EarlHenry21Hancock Co., TN 17
EarlJefferson D.20Mooresburg, TN 17
EasternWilliam20Taswell, TN 17
EddsJesse Hobart21 Sailor73
EdmonsonFloyd23Tazewell, TN 17
EdmonsonOscar25New Tazewell, TN 17
EdwardsJesse L.27Claiborne Co., TN 18
EdwardsOscar V.21Speedwell, TN 18
EllisonBenjamin F.34Tazewell, TN 18
EllisonIra1897Flat Lick, KY 18
EllisonJames G.27Middlesboro, KY 18
EllisonJerry28CumberlandGap, TN 18
EllisonMajor G.1895Lafollette, TNDead65
EllisonParis22Claiborne Co., TN 18
EllisonWilliam M.27Claiborne Co., TN 18
EnglandEli22Claiborne Co., TN 18
EnglandMilliard M.1896Tazewell, TN 19
EnglandTrolen22Claiborne Co., TN 19
EssaryClifford Emory21 Sailor73
EssaryDudley E.28Tazewell, TN 19
EssaryFrederick Lee1896Tazewell, TN 19
EstepCarl L.22Ewing, VA 19
EstesWilliam S.18Tazewell, TN 19
EstridgeJohn B.23Claiborne Co., TN 19
EvansEli28Tazewell, TN 19
EvansFloyd18Goin, TN 19
EvansHobert19Goin, TN 19
FarmerClay C.18Tazewell, TNFraudulent79
FarmerJoe C.22Clinton, TN 20
FarmerRoy F.24Coal Creek, TN 20
FergusonErnest24Hancock Co., TNWounded59
FergusonGeorge W.1876Old Town, TNOfficer US Army68
FoleyAlonzo1897Sneedville, TN 20
FoleyDewey Sidney1899Tazewell, TN 20
FordAlbert23Lost Creek, TN 20
FordLawrence1898Vandalia, MO 20
FortnerEwin19Claiborne Co., TN 20
FortnerGlenn Silvester29 Sailor73
FortnerLuney E.22Goin, TN 20
FranciscoAlonzo Jacob Jr.24 Sailor74
FranciscoJames I. Jr.28Goin, TNDead65
FryThomas18Hancock Co., TN 20
FugateCharley T.1893Hoop, TN 21
FurryClaude C.1897Gibson Sta., VA 21
GarlandPorter F.20Tazewell, TN 21
GilbertCarlos26Shawanee, TN 21
GillanDamon22Pound, VA 21
GillenwatersHobart1896Hoop, TN 21
GoinWilliam T.29Claiborne Co., TN 21
GoinsJesse L.22Campbell Co., TN 21
GoinsJoshua19Claiborne Co., TN 21
GoldHenry23Larkinsville, AL 22
GoldenEdward29  22
GordonVince24Rock Castle, KY 22
GoseWillie Gibson1900Castlewood, VA 22
GrabeelClaud R.1899Hagar, VA 22
GrayBurley Andrew30 Sailor74
GrayHarry S.1889Goin, TN 22
GrayMoses1882Erwing, VAOfficer US Army69
GrayWilliam H.22Tazewell, TN 22
GrayWilliam T.1887Georgetown, KY 22
GraysonElmer24Clairfield, TNDeserter79
GraysonRobert J.21Clairfield, TNDeserter79
GreenGeorge H.20Hancock Co., TN 23
GreerJames H.25Clouds, TN 23
GreerJesse F.31Shawnee, TN 23
GrubbsJoshua20Manring, TN 23
GuyArthur L.22Oswego, TN 23
GuyFred L.21Tazewell, TNWounded59
HaleBanness L.27Andersonville, TN 23
HallHugh V.26Speedwell, TN 23
HallJames A.27Tracey City, TN 23
HallJames Charles21 Sailor74
HallJohn Lewis23Tracey City, TN 23
HallLloyd1898Speedwell, TN 23
HammEmma Lee28 Sailor74
HansardCharles24Tazewell, TN 24
HarmonAlonzo Byron1893Tazewell, TN 24
HarmonWalter E.24Speedwell, TN 24
HarrellWilliam A.21Claiborne Co., TN 24
HarrisJames23Jonesville, VA 24
HarrisWilliam S.28Harlan, KY 24
HarrisonAndy N.22Claiborne Co., TN 24
HatfieldMarshal24Manring, TNWounded59
HeckDavid Johnson1896Goin, TN 24
HeckJesse James1896Goin, TN 25
HeltonJohn T.24Hancock Co., TN 25
HendersonTwig19 Sailor75
HensleyGeorge W.24Claiborne Co., TN 25
HerrellCornelious1897Tazewell, TN 25
HillCharlie26New Tazewell, TN 25
HillClarence R.18Claiborne Co., TNWounded59
HipsherVirch22Tazewell, TN 25
HipshireClyde Henderson1894Claiborne Co., TN 25
HodgesArchie26Lone Mountian, TN 25
HoltClarence T.21Claiborne Co., TN 25
HootenCharles1896Gainsboro, TN 26
HopkinsClint22Tazewell, TNDeserter79
HoustonTillman1895Tazewell, TN 26
HubbardArthur23Middlesboro, KY 26
HuffmanSpearel1888Russell Co., VAMarine71
HughesHarrison29Gravity, KY 26
HughesIsham Harvey1896New Tazewell, TN 26
HughesLabe1896Speedwell, TN 26
HundleyRobert H.22Maynardsville, TN 26
HurstAlexander1894Lone Mountain, TN 26
HurstGraydon Lee1897Tazewell, TN 26
HurstHarrison27Claiborne Co., TN 26
HurstHerman19Claiborne Co., TN 27
HurstLouis N.1896Lone Mountian, TN 27
HurstPleasant W.22Lone Mountain, TN 27
HutsonJames L. Jellico, TN 27
IrwinNathaniel Otto1895New Tazewell, TN 27
JarvisGeorge1896Granger Co., TN 27
JarvisJames23Rutledge, TN 27
JenningsArchey1896Tazewell, TN 27
JenningsJames M. Claiborne Co., TN 27
JenningsJohn F.24Tazewell, TNWounded59
JenningsWilliam Oscar1896Claiborne Co., TN 27
JohnsonHenry T.1893Van, VA 28
JohnsonSterling E.23New Tazewell, TN 28
JohnsonWilliam E.21Claiborne Co., TN 28
JonesBarton L.25Tazewell, TN 28
JonesClaude J.18Claiborne Co., TN 28
JonesFrank L.21Bryson, TN 28
JonesFred1896New Market, TN 28
JonesHosey G.21Clay Co., TNWounded60
KeckCarben A.23Claiborne Co., TNDead65
KeckEsco A.23Claiborne Co., TNWounded60
KelleyWilliam Thomas22Tazewell, TN 28
KetronHubert William18 Sailor75
KibertArthur V.18Claiborne Co., TNDead65
KillionCharles S.24New Tazewell, TN 29
KincaidRobert L.24Harrogate, TN 29
KingArthur1898Tazewell, TN 29
KingBernie F.24Tazewell, TN 29
KirbyCecil A.22Calloway, KY 29
KyleHobort1896Tazewell, TN 29
LambertArthur20 Sailor75
LambertBarton20 Sailor75
LambertFrank22Claiborne Co., TN 29
LambertGeorge Claiborne Co., TN 29
LambertJohn K.30Marysville, TN 29
LambertWalter P.23Claiborne Co., TN 30
LanhamJohn Edward1883Bacchus, TNOfficer US Army69
LansdenAlonzo19Claiborne Co., TNFraudulent79
LansdenHugh H.24Sparta, TN 30
LargeIra22Claiborne Co., TN 30
LasleyWilliam18Claiborne Co., TNDead65
LasleyWilliam C.22Claiborne Co., TN 30
LawsonFrank1892Claiborne Co., TN 30
LawsonJesse22Speedwell, TN 30
LawsonJohn20Sneedville, TN 30
LayEdgar20Jellico, TN 30
LeachJames Verlin Well Springs, TN 30
LeachTilford26Speedwell, TN 31
LeachWalter A.24Clairfield, TN 31
LeachWilliam Hobart21Claiborne Co., TNDead65
LemarrFrank1895Sneedville, TN 31
LemarrVerlin Mary24 Sailor76
LeonardWilliam D.22Harrogate, TN 31
LesterFloyd18Tazewell, TN 31
LesterFred Leonard1896Tazewell, TN 31
LesterLon18Claiborne Co., TN 31
LetnerHarvey J.22Campbell Co., TN 31
LikeAlexander S.23Claiborne Co., TN 32
LinchBallard Columbus1892Goin, TNDead66
LongJohn Henry24Hamblin Co., TN 32
LongJohn L.19Tazewell, TN 32
LoopeEstell William1896Claiborne Co., TNDead66
LoweryGeorge30Dayton, TN 32
LynchCondia25Newton, TNWounded60
LynchGeorge24Claiborne Co., TN 32
MalcolmEdwin1899Loudon, TN 33
ManingGeorge F.21Hancock Co., TN 33
MaplesNoah22Cumberland Gap, TN 33
MarlowFrench23Clairfield, TNWounded60
MarlowZackey24Claiborne Co., TN 33
MartinCarlie P.26Harrogate, TN 34
MartinLonnie24Cumberland Gap, TN 34
MasingilHarvey H.27Claiborne Co., TN 34
MassengillJohn23Claiborne Co., TN 34
MassengillWilliam1896Tazewell, TN 34
MassinguillJessie21Claiborne Co., TN 34
MayesBazz24New Tazewell, TNDeserter79
MayesMart23Claiborne Co., TN 34
MayesOrlander26Claiborne Co., TN 34
MayesOscar C.22Goin, TNWounded60
McArthurJohn19 Sailor76
McBeeGeorge23Claiborne Co., TN 32
McBeeHenry Esco1894Union Co., TN 32
McCarrollGeorge W.21Rockwood, TN 32
McCulloghGrover Samuel21 Sailor76
McHenryLaudie1899Speedwell, TN 32
McKinneyMannie22Jellico, TN 33
McNealAndrew J.23Claiborne, TN 33
McNewLloyd1896Cumberland Gap, 33
McNewWesley26Sneedsville, TN 33
MedleyCharles Elmer1894Speedwell, TN 34
MeyersCharles23Claiborne, TN 35
MeyersWilliam H.28Claiborne Co., TN 35
MillerBernard C.1889New Tazewell, TN 35
MillerHarold C.1898Rock Island, TN 35
MillerJohn H.1889Duff, TN 35
MillerWilliam T.29Tazewell, TN 35
MinkWalter P.18 Sailor76
MintonJames24Claiborne Co., TN 35
MintonJohn24Claiborne Co., TNWounded61
MintonManis21Claiborne Co., TN 35
MiracleHarvey28Pineville, KYDead66
MiracleJames E.24N. Tazewell, TN 36
MiracleJames M.24Bell Co., KY 36
MiracleJohn L.1895Cabbage, KY 36
MiracleWilliam23Middlesboro, KY 36
MonceyHarvey R.27Lone Mountain, TNWounded60
MondayCharlie22Claiborne Co., TN 36
MondayOscar1894Hoop, TN 36
MondayParis20 Sailor76
MooreAndrew Johnson25Goin, TN 36
MooreHagan22Hancock Co., TNDead66
MooreRaymond Curtis20 Sailor76
MooreThurman1894Speedwell, TN 36
MooreWilliam F.1897Peytonsburg, KYDead66
MorganJohn1899Ervina, VA 37
MorisonJames Henderson1885Ewing, VAOfficer US Army69
MorrisRobert Beverly30 Sailor77
MorrisonJohn19Claiborne Co., TN 37
MoyersBen Lafayette1887Goin, TNOfficer US Army69
MoyersCharlie1888Claiborne Co., TN 37
MoyersLeander E.22Speedwell, TN 37
MoyersOscar C.21Goin, TNWounded61
NewbyElmer18Tazewell, TN 37
NewbyFrank J.22Tazewell, TN 37
NewmanCondy R.23Tazewell, TN 37
NortonRobert1897Speedwell, TN 37
NortonRoscoe29Andrews, KY 37
O’NealGrover26Bridgeport, AL 38
OakesRobert L.29Lone Mountain, TN 38
OakwoodFred24Middlesboro, KYDead64
OverholserJohn F.29Lone Mountain, TN 38
OvertonHubert22Lee Co., VA 38
OwensKyle21Tazewell, TN 38
OwensRobert30Old Tazewell, TNDeserter80
ParkerJohn22Eastern, TN 38
ParkeyElmer O.20Sedalia, TN 38
ParkeyWilliam25Rutledge, TNDead66
ParrottJames22Clairfield, TN 38
PartonHobert20HotSprings, NC 38
PartonOscar Livingston22Walnut, NCWounded61
PateFrederick Louis25 Sailor77
PattersonJames F.30Harrogate, TN 39
PattyWillard Sterling1897Tazewell, TNMarine71
PearsonAlonzo J.23Lone Mountain, TN 39
PearsonLewis F.26Tazewell, TNDead67
PebleyCharlie25Speedville, TN 39
PeevelyWilliam28Well Spring, TN 39
PerkinsJames M.21Campbell Co., TNWounded61
PhelpsGeorge M.18Tazewell, TN 39
PierceDaniel Franklin1896Speedwell, TN 39
PierceJohn F.28Speedwill, TN 39
PierceJohn P.30Claiborne Co., TN 39
PierceMarshall T.25Speedwell, TN 40
PierceWilliam M.22Speedwell, TN 40
PooreChester W.23Tazewell, TN 40
PooreGeorge Dewey18Tazewell, TNWounded61
PortnerHarley Osborne21 Sailor74
PowersSillis Ross24Clairfield, TNDeserter80
PrattCharles D.25New Tazewell, TN 41
PrattWilliam A.28Clairfield, TN 41
ProffittCharles L.1896Speedville, TN 41
ProffittJake26Claiborne Co., TN 41
PruettLyde24Hancock Co., TN 41
QuintrellFred22Cold Creek, TN 41
RamseyRalph C.18Hoop, TN 41
RamseySherman18Harrogate, TN 41
ReedArthur N.27Sneedville, TNWounded61
RemseyAlfred C.26Hoop, TN 42
RiceHorace M.18Cumberland Gap, TNFraudulent79
RichardsonHenry E.21Claiborne Co., TN 42
RoarkArthur Auston1896Claiborne Co., TN 42
RoarkWilliam26  42
RobinsonEd26Tazewell, TN 42
RobinsonFrank1897Tazewell, TN 42
RobinsonLonzo1890Claiborne Co., TN 42
RobinsonWilliam1892Shawanee, TNWounded62
RobisonJohn33Union Co., TN 42
RockwellJesse Tyler18 Sailor77
RogersJames C.23Sharps Chapel, TN 42
RogersJohn A.22Speedwell, TN 43
RogersJohn Henderson1896Speedwell, TNMarine71
RogersRoy E.21Speedwell, TN 43
RoseJames27Lone Mountain, TN 43
RoseWilliam1898Tazewell, TN 43
RouseHenry J.24Union Co., TNDeserter80
RoweClyde B.18Tazewell, TN 43
RoweHarrison28Hancock Co., TNWounded62
RussellClyde1887Speedwell, TNOfficer US Army70
RussellHenry M.23Claiborne Co., TN 43
RussellJohn F.25Claiborne Co., TN 43
RussellLoren Willard1897Goin, TN 43
RussellWalter R.26LaFollette, TN 44
SandiferHobart22Claiborne Co., TN 44
SanfordCharles H.18Middlesboro, KY 44
SanfordOnie21Tazewell, TNDead67
SanfordWilliam1896Tazewell, TN 44
SavageEsaw1897Knoxville, TN 44
SavageParis21Knoxville, TN 44
SealThomas L.22Tazewell, TN 44
SealeGeorge22Hoop, TN 44
SettlesEmit1897Speedwell, TN 44
SharpAlbert G.24Cumberland Gap, TN 45
SharpCharlie   45
SharpDavid26Clairfield, TN 45
SharpFrank1897Clairfield, TN 45
SharpGeorge W.34Clairfield, TN 45
SharpGibson18Cold Creek, TN 45
SharpJohn Odus19CumberlandGap, TN 45
SharpLawrence A.28CumberlandGap, TN 45
ShumateClaude23Claiborne Co., TN 46
SimmonsHerbert1886Claiborne Co., TNOfficer US Army70
SimmonsWalter22Kinsey, KY 46
SingletonGeorge Washington28Claiborne Co., TNDead67
SlusherCleophas1899Pineville, KY 46
SmithCharlie22Speedwell, TN 46
SmithEnoch21Hopper, KY 46
SmithFrank21Tazewell, TN 46
SmithIra1898Brookhaven, MS 46
SmithParis E.21Tazewell, TN 46
SmithRobert1899Rose Hill, VA 46
SmithWill24Claiborne Co., TNWounded62
SmithWilliam Horny24Speedwell, TN 47
SmithWilliam Taylor Campbell Co., TN 47
SnavelyFrazier Brown20 Sailor77
SoardHenry Venson23New Tazewell, TNDead67
SoardWilliam20New Tazewell, TN 47
SouthernWilliam H.21Claiborne Co., TN 47
SowderWilliam M.1892Coin, TN 47
SpurgeonHarvey1899Spring Creek, NC 47
SpurlinHenry G.18Atlanta, GAWounded62
SpurlingWillard B.22Scott Co., TNWounded62
StandiferHerbert B. Lone Mountain, TNDeserter80
StanfieldEvert C.23Morristown, TNDeserter80
StapletonJames E.22Speedwell, TN 47
StealmanSam S.33Hancock Co., TN 47
SteelmonFred L.23Sparta, TNWounded62
StephensCharles Thomas27Silerville, KY 48
StinesNoah L.29Woolridge, TN 48
StoneEwin P.1891Lone Mountain, TN 48
StoneThomas Edward1899Tazewell, TNMarine71
SulfridgeOscar22Tazewell, TN 48
SuttleHagan O.21Ballard Co., WV 48
SuttlesFoster22Speedwell, TN 48
SuttonJohn28Tazewell, TNWounded63
SuttonSefus1889Tazewell, TNOfficer US Army70
SuttonZaney27Tazewell, TN 48
SweatJames24Tazewell, TN 48
SweetRector23Goin, TN 48
TarwaterHomer T.29Servierville, TN 49
TaylorFloyd20 Sailor78
TeagueRoscoe H.21Claiborne Co., TN 49
TeagueWilliam H.27Eagan, TN 49
ThackerCharlie19Lebanon, AL 49
ThomasHenry Jr.19Ashby, AL 49
ThomasJoe1896Cumberland Gap, TN 49
ThomasJohn M.27Clairfield, TN 49
ThomasOscar L.29Sedalia, TN 49
ThomasSam1892Langnow, KY 50
ThomasWilliam1899Cumberland Gap, TN 50
ThomasWilliam I.22New Tazewell, TN 50
TidwellJohn B.22Hardin Co., TN 50
TinnelStephen23Goin, TN 50
TolbertWilliam Clarence1897Tazewell, TN 50
TrentGarret1898Eidson, TN 50
TroutmanSamuel Knoxville, TN 51
TuckerMilt31Claiborne Co., TN 51
TurnerRobert Greene1896Scott Co., VA. 51
VanBibberJames Karl1897Middlesboro, KY 51
VancelHarley19Claiborne Co., TN 51
VancelRobert E.28Claiborne Co., TN 51
VenableRobert Ennis1896Tazewell, TN 51
WallaceHomer1891Gate City, VA 52
WallaceThomas1894Bell Co., KY 52
WardCharlie Green21Claiborne Co., TN 52
WatsonJames O.21Bryson, TNWounded63
WeaverJohn R.20Union Co., TN 52
WeaverLonie23Union Co., TN 52
WebbWillie Tildon1897Glen FerrieWV 52
WelchDalard1896Clairborne Co., TN 52
WelchRobert T.31Union Co., TN 52
WestLuke27Claiborne Co., TN 53
WheelerJohn A.24Rose Hill, VA 53
WhitakerArthur W.1900Cumberland Gap, TN 53
WhitakerMillard H.21Tazewell, TNWounded63
WhitakerMorris V.1892New Tazewell, TN 53
WhitakerOwen1899Middlesboro, KY 53
WhitakerRobert H.1892Arthur, TN 53
WhiteEdwin1898Cumberland Gap, TN 53
WhiteakerClyde19 Sailor78
WhiteakerCurren Clyde22 Sailor78
WhiteakerGarrett H.23Tazewell, TN 54
WhiteakerHenley R.22Tazewell, TN 54
WhitfordMatthew C.25Fork Ridge, TNWounded63
WhitsonCharlie22Tazewell, TNDeserter80
WilliamsElisha19Clairfield, TN 54
WilliamsHayes R.24Speedwell, TN 54
WilliamsHonk26Goin, TN 54
WilliamsJohn H.1894Birmingham, AL 54
WilliamsLee1895Middlesboro, KY 54
WilliamsMarshall Hubert1888Tazewell, TN 54
WilliamsMyrtle La Rue, White1890Rockport, INUS Army70
Nurses Crp.
WilliamsReuben22Tazewell, TN 55
WilliamsRobert21Claiborne Co., TN 55
WilmothHerman Hughes22Lone Mountain, TN 55
WilsonHomer S.22Mineral Bluff, GA 55
WilsonSam V.1896Campbell Co., TN 55
WoodardMarshall22Claiborne Co., TN 55
WoodwardWilliam B.24Lee County, VADeserter80
WootenAlonzo C.23BlackCreek, NC 55
WorleySmith21Wheeler, VA 55
WrightClyde Albert19 Sailor78
WrightLura C.1893Waco, GA 55
WrightSylvester20Cumberland Gap, TN 56
WylieJerry B.22Tazewell, TN 56
YearyHomer Daniel26Midway, KY 56
YearyJacob C.23Tazewell, TNWounded63
YoakumClifford19Goin, TN 56
YoungHobert19Speedwell, TN 56


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of Claiborne County State of Tennessee. Unpublished,
Tennessee State Library and Archives

Ancestry US

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