Breazeale Cemetery, Loudon County, Tennessee

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From the intersection of Highway 70 and Hines Valley Road at Eaton’s Crossroads, travel on Hines Valley Road for about 4.0 miles and turn left onto Breazeale Road. Travel on Breazeale Road for about 0.1 miles and turn right. From here the cemetery is about 0.2 miles from the road. Cemetery is fenced and well kept.

Listed by Robert L. Bailey & Paul W. Lemasters, 18 July 1987.

SurnameFirst NameBirthDeathRemarks
BABBThomas F.28 May 187922 Oct 1879 
BLACKBURNA.J.26 Jun 186028 Feb 1888 
BLACKBURNSarah W.9 Mar 185728 Jun 1901 
BRAZEALEarl2 Apr 189922 Jun 1899c/o J.I. & M.B.; SS: Lexie
BRAZEALLexie5 Sep 190031 Oct 1908c/o J.I. & M.B.; SS: Earl
BRAZEALMary16 Jul 18775 May 1913w/o J.I.
BREAZEALEA.J.15 Oct 187310 May 1946 
BREAZEALEGeorge W.26 Nov 18661 Jan 1930 
BREAZEALEHannah PRICE20 Jun 190128 Jan 1982 
BREAZEALEInfant16 Feb 1921(only date)d/o J.J. & Hannah
BREAZEALEJames6 Oct 17781 Sep 1854 
BREAZEALEJeff I.2 Aug 187516 Oct 1960 
BREAZEALEJohn C. 04 Apr 1906Age 74y; SS: Mary B.
BREAZEALEJohn W.11 Jul 187714 Nov 1930 
BREAZEALELena15 Apr 18869 May 1947 
BREAZEALELeota S.04 Sep 19025 Sep 1973 
BREAZEALELois M.18 Feb 189824 Feb 1941d/o J.I. & Mary Belle HILL BREAZEALE
BREAZEALEMargaret MILLER17881852w/o James
BREAZEALEMary BLACKBURN04 Dec 184304 Jul 1912SS: John C.
BREAZEALES.J.08 Sep 190209 Sep 1977 
PRICEEarl H.08 Nov 189514 Apr 1925Co. M, Fifth Repl. Batn. A.E.F.; SS: Lora
PRICEJames I.25 Dec 186713 Nov 1943SS: Mattie E.
PRICELaura MALONE24 Sep 190030 Aug 1983SS: Earl H.
PRICEMattie E.21 Oct 187126 Mar 1955SS: James L.
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