Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Lenoir City, Tennessee

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The Pleasant Grove Cemetery is also known by the name of Crandall Cemetery.

From the intersection of Interstate 75 and Highway 95, travel east on Highway 95 for about 0.4 miles and turn left onto Town Creek Road. Travel on Town Creek Road for about 0.4 miles and turn left onto Shaw Ferry Road. Travel on Shaw Ferry Road for about 0.1 miles. The cemetery is on the right. There are many unmarked graves.

Listed by Robert L. Bailey, 2 Apr 1988.

SurnameFirst NameBirthDeathRemarks
ALEXANDERAndrew H.25 Oct 182421 Aug 1826s/o L. & J.B.; Aged 1y 9m 26d
ALEXANDERAndrew H.25 Oct 182421 Aug 1826s/o L. & J.B.; Aged 1y 9m 26d
ALEXANDERAnn E.21 May 185207 Apr 1887
ALEXANDERAnnis D.18 Feb 185406 Jul 1857
ALEXANDEREmily C.16 Jul 1862
ALEXANDERFrances M.20 Aug 190908 Oct 1913d/o J.P. & Jennie
ALEXANDERJames(no dates)(no dates)(on a fieldstone behind this marker is the following: DC May 35, 183_, AG 75.)
ALEXANDERJames F.10 Aug 182620 May 1828s/o L. & J.B.; Aged 1y 9m 10d
ALEXANDERJane17 Jun 18296 Jan 1910w/o W.L.
ALEXANDERJane30 Aug 183213 Jan 1900
ALEXANDERJane B.23 Feb 1876Aged 80y 1m ??d; (Stone had been repaired and part covered; w/o Lawson)
ALEXANDERLawson18 Jan 179115 Dec 1837
ALEXANDERMargaret L.23 Apr 183529 Jan 1836d/o L. & J.B.; Aged 9m 6d
ALEXANDERMaryno datesno dates(carved on fieldstone behind his marker: DC 4 Sep 1826.)
ALEXANDERMary C.L.29 Dec 183005 Aug 1831d/o L. & J.B.; Aged 7m 6d
ALEXANDERSamantha21 May 185603 Jul 1857
ALEXANDERW.L.10 Sep 182819 Jan 1877
ALFORDJennie FOUTE18591916
ALFORDL.A.22 Feb 185809 Jun 1884
BAIRDJack S., Jr.25 Aug 1968(only date)Infant
BLACKSue19 Mar 185927 Sep 1881
BRAYBeatrice12 May 190912 May 1909d/o C.L. & M.A.
BRAYCharles Dexter05 Sep 191003 May 1913
BRAYGladys Irene18 Jul 19089 Aug 1908d/o C.L. & M.A.
BRAYMinnie Belle25 Dec 188422 Mar 1887d/o J.A. & F.S.
BRAYMinnie Florence21 Apr 189609 Jul 1897d/o G.S. & Lou
BYERLEYG.R.26 Dec 192304 Mar 1924
COSTONLevi15 Feb 179625 Dec 1869Aged 73y 9m 10d
COXAddie07 Jun 186406 Jul 1890
CRANDALLInfant25 Dec 1853(no date)s/o A.H. & Mariah
CRANDALLMariah01 Oct 181204 Mar 1853Aged 51y
CROWDERInfant24 Dec 190324 Dec 1903d/o J.A. & Bettie
DAVISJohn H.06 Jan 190014 Dec 1901
DAVISMargaret Louise05 Dec 1922(no date)md 4 Apr 1938; SS: Robert
DAVISMary Jane24 Jan 188927 Feb 1889
DAVISRobert E.14 Nov 191724 Oct 1984SS: Margaret Louise
DUFFHamelton23 Dec 181122 Sep 1874md 10 Mar 1835; SS: Susan
DUFFJohn H.06 Jun 182619 Jul 1874Broken Stone
DUFFSusan26 Dec 181213 Aug 1904SS: Hamelton
EBLENInfant27 Jun 188627 Jun 1886s/o J.L. & S.C.
FISHERInfant09 May 1888(no date)s/o M.P. & Dorcas
FISHERLucinda V.16 May 186928 Jul 1870d/o W.T. & Sarah M.; Aged1y 2m 12d
FISHERSarah M.18 Aug 184421 Aug 1869w/o W.T.; Aged 25y 3d
FOUTEA.J.06 Sep 185529 May 1902SS: S.J.
FOUTECatharine14 Feb 177830 May 1846
FOUTEInfant12 Jul 189614 Jul 1896Babe of A.J. & S.J.
FOUTEJ.A.J.16 Jan 181521 Jan 1892SS: Margaret Watt
FOUTEJacob29 Nov 176901 Oct 1831
FOUTEJacob W.11 Jan 185020 Oct 1850
FOUTEJames D.01 Jul 18516 Jan 1854Aged 2y 6m 5d
FOUTEJohn Sherman29 Jan 186619 May 1874SS: Samuel Burnside
FOUTEMargaret Watt19 Jul 182707 Feb 1917SS: J.A.J.
FOUTEPeter M.05 May 186305 May 1863
FOUTES.J.12 Mar 186402 Aug 1897w/o A.J.; SS: A.J.
FOUTESamuel Burnside29 Jan 186619 Nov 1932SS: John Sherman
FRANKLINS. Henry19111949Tallent FHM
FRENCHC.D.10 Oct 186225 Jan 1900s/o J.P. & S.N.
FRENCHJoseph H.20 Aug 182602 Dec 1874Co. O, 3rd TN Inf.
FRENCHSarah A.16 Sep 182214 Jan 1914w/o Joseph
GENTRYBeulah M.26 Jul 1910SS: Floyd
GENTRYFloyd16 Mar 190330 Aug 1968SS: Beulah M.
GOINSL.J.25 Oct 188527 Jul 1915
GRUZE (CRUZE?)James W.10 Oct 188002 Feb 1890
HARRISONFred C.11 Aug 188517 Sep 1964
HARRISONLouisa REED22 Aug 188416 Sep 1960
HARRISONSarah10 Aug 190616 Sep 1906
HAYESLucy Belvadra28 May 185307 Aug 1854d/o W.P. & S.T.
HILLMary CARTER20 Nov 184516 Apr 1913md 7 No 1867; SS: O.P.
HILLO.P.15 Jul 184023 Mar 1911SS: Mary Carter
HODGSONAbia12 May 183002 Jul 1893SS: Susanna Wilson
HODGSONSusanna WILSON6 Apr 18345 Nov 1895SS: Abia
HOWARDA.J.18 Dec 186818 Aug 1902
HOWARDInfant10 Jun 189310 Jun 1893d/o A.J. & L.
JONESEmily M. ALEXANDER08 May 183708 May 1908w/o John T.
JONESOliver H.24 Aug 18867 Apr 1897s/o C.T. & L.
KEYFred12 Oct 190024 Apr 1912s/o G.P. & Mary
LACKEYA.J.22 May 183318 Jan 1919
LACKEYElizabeth10 Apr 184205 Nov 1871w/o A.J.
LAKCEYHannah05 Sep 1848
LACKEYHester Ann25 Feb 185107 Jul 1857
LACKEYJames__ Jan 178618 Dec 1875War of 1812
LACKEYJames Madison25 May 18432 Jun 1924
LACKEYJane4 Oct 180611 Oct 1890
LACKEYJohn, Senior02 Oct 1837
LACKEYMary Jane27 Apr 18273 Oct 1840
LACKEYS.M.12 Feb 182931 Mar 1889
LACKEYWilliam W.22 Mar 183119 Sep 1863(s/o James & Jane; Capt. Co. E 19 Reg. TN Vol. C.S.A.; Killed in Battle of Chickamauga)
LANEEugene13 May 192124 Aug 1981MOM3 US Navy WW II; SS: Janie Silcox
LANEJane SILCOX5 Mar 1921SS: Eugene
LENNEXCarolyn WELCH18 May 19093 Mar 1979
LETSINGERRuth E.2 May 183818 Jan 1900
LOVINGGeorge W.18561946SS: Julia Ann
LOVINGJulia Ann18651935SS: George W.
LOVINGRossie Hickman19 Oct 191022 Dec 1913s/o G.W. & Julia
McGINNISBirtha R.30 Jan 188621 Sep 1965SS: Mack H.
McGINNISEdeth10 Aug 190726 Nov 1907
McGINNISMack H.1 Oct 188525 May 1970SS: Birtha R.
MADDOXEmma NICHOLS03 Nov 187906 Feb 1948
MADDUXJohn7 Oct 1827Aged ca 34y; Native of Brunswick Co., VA; Broken stone
MADDUXJohn06 Oct 1864CSA of Brunswick Co., VA
MALONEEGertie(no dates)(no dates)
MALONEEJeannie(no dates)(no dates)
MALONEEJohn(no dates)(no dates)
MALONEEMary(no dates)(no dates)
MALONEEWillie(no dates)(no dates)
MATLOCKJason16 Jul 176929 Oct 1849War of 1812
MATLOCKMary30 Sep 178322 Aug 1851w/o Jason
MOURFIELDJ.C.13 Jul 18316 Oct 1911
MOURFIELDLaura TURNER19 Feb 185718 May 1890SS: William R.
MOURFIELDSarah J.9 Jan 18368 Apr 1874
MOURFIELDWilliam R.3 Oct 18539 Jan 1922SS: Laura Turner
NELSONJames T.25 Jun 188914 Jul 1889s/o W.A. & M.A.
NICHOLSCharlie E.18511916
NICHOLSCora FOUTE14 Sep 189210 Sep 1962
NICHOLSG. Jack26 Jul 191721 Feb 1944(1st Lt.; Lost in Flight over Coral Sea WW II; s/o Cora & Geo. A.)
NICHOLSJohn F.16 Feb 191216 Dec 1912s/o G.A. & Cora M.
PONDERViolet A.(no dates)(no dates)w/o Volentine; Aged 51y
REEDCharlie A.4 Apr 188919 Oct 1893s/o J.M. & J.B.
REEDJames M.18621939SS: Julia B.
REEDJulia B.20 Dec 186123 Jun 1903SS: James M.
REEDRobert R.02 Dec 189929 May 1904
ROBINSONJ.W.08 Sep 183628 Jan 1888
SILCOXElmer9 Mar 189811 Feb 1960SS: Maggie
SILCOXMaggie6 Jan 1881SS: Elmer
STAPLESGladys LOVING19041939
TALLANTW.J.14 Jul 186720 Feb 1880
TALLENTMary A.25 Oct 184409 Feb 1908w/o Jonathan
WATTSBenton16 Feb 192713 May 1971Erected by Dean & Betty
WEBERDaughter30 Jul 188823 May 1889d/o R.M. & Malinda E.
WELCHEdna4 Mar 19353 Jan 1937SS: Willie SILCOX
WELCHWillie SILCOX7 Jul 19043 Apr 1938SS: Edna
WESTJackson1 Nov 182726 Apr 1889
WESTJane1 Sep 18174 Jul 1895
WESTJohn B.17 Sep 178018 Oct 1864War of 1812
WESTJohn J.30 Nov 181028 Feb 1883
WESTSusannah22 Dec 17886 Apr 1857
WESTWilliam J.23 Oct 182520 Apr 1860
WILLIAMSONA.L.3 Jan 185520 Oct 1903
WILSONDolly SILCOX7 May 191921 Nov 1973
WILSONLeslie2 Feb 191012 Nov 1983SS: Dolly Silcox
WILSONSamuel Houston22 Oct 193810 Jun 1976SP4 US Army
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