McNairy County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

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This list of McNair County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans was taken from Record Group 36 of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Record Group 36 is comprised of the compiled service records of soldiers and sailors who served in the First World War from Tennessee. Information on individual servicemen and women came from the files of Major Rutledge Smith, Chairman of the National Council of Defense for Tennessee, World War I; from the office of the Adjutant General of Tennessee, 1933-1937; and from the report of the Provost Marshal General to the Secretary of War, 1917-1918.

The fields show–in order from left to right–the serviceman’s name, age or year of birth, birthplace, notes, and page number in the original volume. The data is arranged by the first letter of the soldier’s last name. It should be noted that additional information regarding the soldier’s rank, training, dates of service, discharge, etc. can be obtained from the microfilmed records in Record Group 36, linked below.

Errors in the military records are not uncommon; it may be the case of a simple spelling error or misheard information. The information in the WWI listings is given as it appears on the original record.

The index that follows is not a “complete” list of all Tennesseans who served in World War I. Individuals from Tennessee who enlisted in other states are not included. Only those soldiers whose names appear in the compiled service records (Record Group 36) are included on this list.

Once you figure out whether your ancestor is included and which page they are on you will want to consult the original file which can be found on our site in the following pdf.

Index of McNairy County, Tennessee World War 1 Veterans

This index reports that 656 individuals served from McNairy County during World War I. There were 592 soldiers in the Army and 2 were officers. There were 49 sailors in the Navy and 1 was an officers. There were 6 soldiers in the Marine Corps. There were 9 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
AbernathyDew Wisdom27Purdy, TN 1
AlexanderFredit E.1894Adamsville, TN 1
AmmonsJames F.22Crainsville, TN 1
ArcherJesse M.1889McNairy, TN 1
ArmourEstle Bradan22Bethel Springs, TN 1
ArmstrongCallie D.1893Coffey Co., TN [sic] 1
ArmstrongP.1889McNairy, TN 1
ArmstrongPhillip28Tennessee 2
AustinBunyan30McNairy Co., TN 2
AustinByron1892Chewalla, TN 2


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
BakerVictor H.1894Selmer, TN 2
BarhamKinnie H.1894Finger, TN 2
BarhamThomas A.1891Finger, TN 2
BarkerWilliam D.1894Lexington, TN 3
BarlowMarshall1893Selmer, TN 3
BarnesCarlos1896Bethel Springs, TN 3
BarnesDaniel Homer21 Sailor85
BarnesJames C.1896Chester Co., TN 3
BarnesRufus McNairy Co., TN 3
BarnesTroy Edmund20 Sailor85
BarnesWilliam W.1892Stantonville, TN 3
BarnettHarrison1892Adamsville, TN 4
BarnhillLeander1889Wenosogo, MS 4
BarnhillSidney1897Selmer, TNDead78
BarrClarence M.27Sugar Tree, TN 4
BarrThomas R.1897Camden, TN 4
BarrettJudge Huston21Tennessee 4
BaucumDossie R.23Leepwood, TN 4
BeatyJohn Q.1894McNairy Co., TN 4
BeckerRobert L.1888Grundy Center, IAOfficer, USA82
BelewSamuel Henry19 Sailor85
BellHorace Dewey18 Sailor85
BellWilliam Ervin21Bethel Springs, TN 5
BinghamRufe21Burr, MO 5
BishopOliver W.1896Hardin Co., TN 5
BlackshereReuben L.1895Guys, TN 5
BlankenshipThomas Luther1896Chewalla, TN 5
BlantonJames Emet1896Bath Springs, TN 5
BlasingameAlbert E.22Taylor, MS 5
BoatmanRobert Earl1896Ramer, TN 5
BoldingJulius Young1897Michie, TN 6
BoleynBrodie T.1896White Co., AR 6
BoltonJohn P.1889Adamsville, TN 6
BoltonRufus E. Alcorn Co., MS 6
BowersAndrew1895Chewalla, TN 6
BowersLemuel A.24Tennessee 6
BoydWilliam A.23McNairy Co., TNWounded70
BrewerCharles Hobert20 Sailor86
BrewerWalter Carl22 Sailor86
BrightWilliam A.22Corinth, MS 6
BrintHalland M.1890Middleton, TN 6
BroadwayClarence22Hardin Co., TNDishon.
BrooksMarvin L.29Selmer, TN 7
BrowderHorry Spergeon29Stantonville, TN 7
BrowderThomas T.1892Falcon, TN 7
BrownCharles Andrew27Stantonville, TNDead78
BrownDalton22Alcorn Co., MS 7
BrownEarl1897Selmer, TN 7
BrownElbert C.1896Crockett Co., TN 7
BrownHenry H.1888McNairy, TN 7
BrownSamuel K.25Adamsville, TNWounded70
BullmanGeorge21Finger, TN 8
BurkeensHarrison1896McNairy Co., TN 8
BurkettWillie B.23Selmer, TN 8
BurksElcie22Michie, TNWounded70
BurksElsie L.18Selmer, TN 8
BurksElzie Ozy20 Sailor86
BurksEtherl E.21Adamsville, TNDead78
BurksFelix1895Falcon, TN 8
BurksSydney E.21Stantonville, TN 8
BurrowWilliam I.1890McNairy Co., TN 8


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
CampbellErvin H.1890McNairy Co., TNDishon.
CampbellJames A.24Dyersburg, TN 8
CampbellJohn H.1886McNairy Co., TNDishon.
CampbellPreston1895Wenasego, MS 9
CapootHenry C.1895Ramer, TN 9
CarmanLillion Walstine21 Sailor86
CarothersHenry S.1895Adamsville, TN 9
CarrollEdgar H.22Adamsville, TN 9
CarrollJames M.1894Michie, TN 9
CarrollLoyd L.21McNairy Co., TNWounded70
CarrollSamuel Egburt27 Sailor87
CarterEthridge L.21Chewalla, TN 9
CarterFrank1893Adamsville, TN 10
CarterGeorge E.22Alcorn Co., MS 10
CarterGeorge F.1894McNairy Co., TN 10
CarterJames Russell18 Sailor87
CaruthersWilliam J.1887Adamsville, TN 9
CauseyJames M.1893Bethel Spgs., TN 10
ChaffinHarrison1894Bethel Springs, TN 10
ChambersCharles Daniel29Michie, TN 10
ChambersOlan1890Ramer, TN 10
ChambersSamuel Rupert21 Sailor87
ChandlerBlain L.1895Bells, TN 11
CheshierFinin R. B.20 Sailor87
CheshierJohn W.1890Bethel Spgs., TN 11
ClaytonAlbert H.23Finger, TN 11
ClaytonHugh L.1891Finger, TN 11
ClaytonRobert M.1895McNairy, TN 11
ClemonsWalter G.1892McNairy Co., TN 11
ClemonsWill1897Adamsville, TN 11
ColemanEnloe25Selmer, TN 11
ColstonSol1895Center Point, TN 12
CombsAlphi M.22Clifton, TNWounded71
ComerAlexander1895Adamsville, TN 12
ComerAndrew L.1897Adamsville, TN 12
ComerJohn R.21Adamsville, TNWounded71
CookAzier1897McNairy Co., TN 12
CookHal21Tallo Co., MS 12
CookseyCorbet22McNairy Co., TN 12
CooperErnest1888Purdy, TN 13
CopelandThomas E.1893Adamsville, TN 13
CoxHubert T. W.1893Bethel Springs, TNWounded71
CoxJames R.29Bethel Springs, TN 13
CoxJohn G.25Middleton, TN 13
CoxRobert Grady1896Bethel Springs, TN 13
CrabbChristopher Columbus1895Little Rock, AR 13
CrabbWalter J.26Danville, AR 13
CrabtreeJames M.1894Stantonville, TN 13
CrawfordRobert C.1894Bolivar, TN 14
CroskeryJohn T.1887Bethel Springs, TN 14
CroskeryRobert H. Bethel Springs, TN 14
CroskeryWilliam R.1891Bethel Springs, TN 14
CrowRobert N.1895McNairy Co., TN 14
CrowderWillis Heart1894Milledgeville, TNMarine83
CudeHarry28 Sailor88
CurtisRobert L.1892Selmer, TNDead78


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
DamronAndrew Jackson1891Guys, TN 14
DamronArthur G.24Guys, TN 14
DamronTalmage Dewitt1894Selmer, TN 14
DancerArtie B.1890Stantonville, TN 15
DancerJames D.1895Stantonville, TN 15
DancerLoffie1897Ramer, TN 15
DavisConan E.22Masseyville, TN 15
DavisCromley Army1898Lake City, AR 15
DavisElmer22Chewalla, TN 15
DavisHenry Prior1894Center Star, AL 15
DavisRobert C.24Colbert Co., TN 15
DawsonJoseph H.1893Vandiver, AL 16
DeatherageAllen McK1897Michie, TN 16
DerryberryPaul W.26Cherwalla, TN 16
DerryberryPrentice Lafayette29 Sailor88
DerryberryVirgil May1889Selmer, TN 16
DillonGrover C.25Bethel Springs, TN 16
DillonJim T.1895Bethel Springs, TN 16
DillonMontigue1895Nixon, TN 16
DolesLogan23McNairy Co., TNDead78
DollarEnes1893Adamsville, TN 16
DonahoeFrank C.25Bethel Springs, TN 17
DuncanOtis Evan30Pittsburg Ldg., TN 17
DuncanThomas J.18Hardin Co., TN 17
DuncanWalter H.28Adamsville, TNWounded71


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
EakerThomas E.1889Gift, MS 17
EasleyJoshia Elton25Ft. Worth, TX 17
EasonDossy M.1894Sweetlips, TN 17
EasonTrossy L.1894Sweetlips, TN 17
ElamKenneth21Stantonville, TN 17
EllisCharles E.28Monroe, MS 18
EnglishDorron D.1891Adamsville, TN 18
EnglishGeorge H.21Adamsville, TN 18
EnglishJames A.28Adamsville, TN 18
EnglishWilliam McKinley23 Sailor88
ErinDallas19Adamsville, TN 18
EstesBrodie1892Selmer, TN 18
EtheridgeJames R.1898Bethel Springs, TN 18
EtheridgeTroy Allen28 Sailor88
EvansCordia1893Adamsville, TN 18
EvansDonnie G.1894Adamsville, TN 19
EvansEd19Adamsville, TNDead78


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
FalknerGeorge1889Wenasoga, TN 19
FarissHugh D.1900Adamsville, TN 19
FarrisAlvis C.1894McNairy Co., TN 19
FarrisHubert1892Adamsville, TN 19
FaustDaniel E.24Burnsville, MS 19
FergusonDuke1887Ramer, TN 19
FindleyThomas A.23Alvord, TX 19
FlattHarrison A.28Sardis, TN 20
ForsytheWilliam A.27McNairy Co., TNDead79
FosterFrattie D.21Adamsville, TN 20
FosterJames Henry1896Bethel Springs, TN 20
FowlerHillard1899Selmer, TN 20
FreshourGeorge1896Lauderdale Co., AL 20
FryeGeorge M.1889Henderson, TN 20
FryeHobart McKinley1897Chester Co., TN 20


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
GageOscar McK1894Bethel Springs, TN 20
GageWilliam A.30Bethel Spgs., TN 21
GannHugh A.25Stantonville, TN 21
GardnerGeorge P.21Pittsburg, TNWounded72
GarnerJoseph F.1896Bethel Spgs., TN 21
GarrisonJames L.1889Stantonville, TN 21
GaryGeorge A.1889Enville, TN 21
GaryJames E.28Enville, TN 21
GastonGrady Paul22 Sailor89
GeansGeorge Onie22Bethel Springs, TN 21
GibsonHard Printice24Tennessee 21
GilchristJames L.1888Adamsville, TN 22
GlidewellGrady R.20Hardin Co., TNWounded72
GloverDorsey D.1896Adamsville, TN 22
GoochRobert Bryan1898McNairy Co., TN 22
GranthamH. K.22Bethel Springs, TN 22
GrayHomer B.24Adamsville, TN 22
GreenRobert M.24Riverton, AL 22
GurleyArthur1888Chewalla, TN 22


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
HaddockDolphie1897Gibson Co., TNDead79
HairLuther G.30McNairy Co., TNDead79
HamiltonDoss A.25Milledgeville, TN 22
HamiltonJames R.19Selmer, TN 23
HamiltonMarvin O.18Adamsville, TNFraudulent
HamiltonTully1888Adamsville, TN 23
HamiltonWatie F.21Adamsville, TN 23
HamiltonWilliam A.22Adamsville, TnDead79
HammHallie21Ramer, TN 23
HardinHerman R.22Leapwood, TN 23
HarrisBenjamin M.1889Bethel Springs, TN 23
HarrisErvin W.1895McNairy Co., TN 24
HarrisOtho C.1892Leapwood, TN 24
HarrisRobert A.27Adamsville, TN 24
HarrisRobert V.1896Hardeman Co., TN 24
HarrisWilliam R.1895McNairy Co., TN 24
HarrisonCarl Eber21Bethel Springs, TN 24
HarrisonCharles W.25Hurley, TN 24
HarrisonErnest U.1890Chesterfield, TN 25
HatchBassil M.23Chester Co., TN 25
HatchJames Tilman1896Bethel Springs, TN 25
HawkinsHarrison1893Selmer, TN 25
HawkinsJames C.1896Bethel Springs, TN 25
HawkinsWilliam O.27Covington, TN 25
HaynesClaud22 Sailor89
HaynesJames27Chewalla, TN 25
HendrixCarlis1896Bethel Springs, TN 26
HendrixCharles A.1900Bethel Springs, TN 26
HendrixEarl S.1893Bethel Springs, TN 26
HenryRobert McKinley1897McNairy, TNMarine83
HerbertDavid O.1892Savannah, GA 23
HesterJohn H.21Bethel Spgs., TN 26
HewittAsa Jones Gravel Hill, TN 26
HewittDavid Lee1892Gravel Hill, TN 26
HicksBruce E.25Selmer, TN 26
HicksJames D.1895McNairy Co., TN 26
HicksWilliam R.1894Selmer, TN 27
HigginbottomCharlie1896McNairy, TN 27
HigginsAlva Marvin1893Adamsville, TN 27
HillFred   27
HillLemuel T.1893Walker Co., TX 27
HippsEarl Alexander1890Purdy, TN 27
HippsOscar L.24Bethel Springs, TN 27
HolderJesse E.21Finger, TN 28
HolderOscar S.24Chewalla, TNWounded72
HollandArthur1896McNairy Co., TN 28
HollandErnest1893Bethel Springs, TN 28
HolmesBobbie1892Bethel Springs, TN 28
HooverCecil R.1896Hamburg, TN 28
HornbuckleDink1894Selmer, TN 28
HornbuckleLacy E.1894Selmer, TN 28
HornerJohn T.1891Selmer, TN 28
HornerOry T.22McNairy Co., TN 29
HortonDarling Claud1897Cypress Inn, TN 29
HortonJohn William1892Right, TN 29
HoustonHoward C.25Guys, TN 29
HoustonMurray20Guys, TN 29
HowardBen L.26TennesseeDead79
HowardWilliam K.1890Adamsville, TN 29
HowellAlvie L.1894Cypress, TN 29
HowellJames C.1894Cypress, TN 30
HowellJohn T.1895Selmer, TN 30
HowellWalter Lee21 Sailor89
HugginsJames C.1896Gravel Hill, TN 30
HughesPink1894McNairy, TN 30
HumphreyGeorge Bee21 Sailor89
HumphreyJohn Henry1896Henderson, TN 30
HumphreyeJim H.1896Macon, MS 30
HurleyClifford Turney23 Sailor90
HurleyGiles R.18Chewalla, TN 31
HurleyLeonard F.20 Sailor90
HurleyWillie Ralph1897Chewalla, TN 31
HurstOliver1896Bethel Springs, TNDead79
HurstOscar29 Dead80


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
IngleDolphus B.26Bolivar, TN 31
IngleJames W.1886Savannah, TNDead80
IngleJohn L.1893Bethel Springs, TN 31
InglePonnie26Corinth, MS 31
IngleWilliam H. Savannah, TNWounded72
InmanCuba1897Adamsville, TN 31
IsbellAndrew24Bethel Springs, TNWounded73
IsbellEdgar1893Bethel Springs, TN 31
IsbellMansel1891Bethel Springs, TN 32
IsbellNathan Ervin1897Bethel Springs, TN 32
IsbellOce22Prairie Co., AR 32


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
JamesAlva B.25McNairy Co., TNWounded73
JerniganUllysws A.21Hardeman Co., TNWounded73
JohnsonAllen P.1896Ramer, TN 32
JohnsonAsa B.1890Selmer, TN 32
JohnsonEdd1896Masseyville, TN 32
JohnsonJohn H.1890Bethel Springs, TN 32
JohnsonRichard Columbus1892Hardin Co., TN 33
JohnsonRobert M.22McNairy Co., TNWounded73
JohnsonTurner Alexander1897Hardanian, TN 33
JohnsonWilliam C.1894Bethel Springs, TN 33
JoinerWalter O.1895Hennison, TN 33
JonesEarl F.1896Ramer, TN 33
JonesIra D.1891Selmer, TN 33
JonesMarvin L.1894Selmer, TN 33
JonesRobert L.24McNairy Co., TNWounded73
JoplingLawrence H.1890Selmer, TNDead80
JordonCharlie C.1895McNairy Co., TN 34
JordonLuther Marvin21Corinth, MSWounded73
JordonMack1897McNairy Co., TN 34


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
KeenDossie24Tennessee 34
KellerFrank1895Wilson, TN 34
KempCharles M.  Officer, USA82
KempErnest H.22Adamsville, TN 34
KendrickRobert M.17White Sulphur Springs, TN 34
KennedyPete1891Ramer, TNDeserter99
KiddCharlie I.1885Hamer, TN 34
KiesterIla Stephen1897Middleton, TN 34
KingCarl Harrison24Bethel Springs, TN 35
KingClarence D.1891Selmer, TN 35
KingDeward R.1896Chewalla, TN 35
KingGrover1888Chewalla, TN 35
KingHomer27 Sailor90
KirbyKennie1893Bethel Springs, TN 35
KirbyThomas Judson1894Savannah, TN 35
KirkElbert1893Ramer, TN 35
KirkJoseph Richard1896Pocahontas, TN 35
KirkLinsey1895Pocahontas, TN 36
KirkNealie1893Pocahontas, TN 36
KirkpatrickCharles H.1893McNairy, TN 36
KirkpatrickElic Hardy1897McNairy, TN 36
KizerNewton T.1895Selmer, TN 36


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
LagroneIsiah1887McNairy Co., TN 36
LainClaud30Bethel Springs, TN 36
LainLawrence C.30Bethel Springs, TN 36
LattaEarl1895Gravel Hill, TN 37
LattaJohn Henry1897Gravel Hill, TN 37
LaughlinClarence M.31Portia, ARDischarged98
LawrenceLevi U.1892Bethel Springs, TN 37
LawsonJohn Arch22 Sailor90
LawsonJohn Tillman1892Ramer, TN 37
LawsonWilliam D.20 Sailor91
LedbetterJames E.25Enville, TN 37
LedbetterNubern P.22Chewalla, TN 37
LeeBishop M.23Pellsburg, TNDead80
LeeOtis A.1892Adamsville, TN 37
LeonardJames M.1896Selmer, TN 38
LeonardLoel Lee1890Selmer, TN 38
LigonWilliam F.21Gibson, TN 38
LittlefieldHenry E.1894Adamsville, TN 38
LittlefieldJames M.24Adamsville, TN 38
LottRobert B.1892Finger, TNWounded74
LowderWilliam Amos22 Sailor91
LutesJohn1898Hardin Co., TN 38
LuttrellCorbett23McNairy Co., TN 38
LylesJohnie H.21Gravel Hill, TN 38


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
MajorsCarl F.25Adamsville, TN 41
MajorsCordie Lee27Stantonville, TN 41
ManeesJames Pink1895Finger, TN 41
ManeesRiley E.22Chester Co., TN 41
ManessGeorge R.31Finger, TNWounded74
MarlerGuy21Selmer, TN 42
MartinFrank Ducket24Adamsville, TN 42
MartindaleLuther L.1887Chewalla, TN 42
MassengillDavid Homer24 Sailor91
MassengillWilliam E.1895Adamsville, TN 42
MaxedonDwight L.24Bethel Springs, TN 42
MaxedonFinley B.1896Bethel Springs, TN 42
MaxedonHenry J.1895Selmer, TN 42
MayfieldJohn F.21Carroll Co., TN 43
McBrideEarly J.1892Right, TN 39
McCashillDaniel1892McNairy, TN 39
McCaskillBenjamin S.25McNairy, TN 39
McCaskillRichard M.21McNairy Co., TN 39
McClintockRobert21Bethel Springs, TN 39
McClureHerbert1896Selmer, TN 39
McCormackWilliam R.24McNairy Co., TN 39
McCullarAlbert L. McNairy Co., TN 39
McCullarAllie G.1897Selmer, TN 40
McCullarArchie26Selmer, TN 40
McCullarArthur1892Selmer, TN 40
McCullarElmer D.22Selmer, TN 40
McCullerDewey30McNairy Co., TN 40
McDanielDee Merschell1895Adamsville, TNMarine83
McDanielEverett C.1893Stantonville, TN 40
McDanielGeorge E.1895Crump, TN 40
McDanielJackson Tenn.35Tuscumbai, AL 40
McDanielRobert Lee23 Sailor91
McGeeGrover C.24Florence, AL 41
McIntyreUlus Hubert1897McNairy Co., TN 41
McKenzieEverett R.1896Stantonville, TN 41
McKinzieCules A.20Stantonville, TN 41
MeekCharles22Adamsville, TN 43
MeekJames24Wright, TN 43
MeekJoel G.1893Stantonville, TN 43
MeeksJames E.29Guys, TN 43
MeeksThomas Benton1896Cypress, TN 43
MeredithErnest27Corinth, TN (MS?) 43
MesserEdmond D.29Enville, TN 43
MichaelHenry W.1894Waterloo, ALDead80
MilfordCarl A.1892Bethel Springs, TN 44
MilfordWilliam F.1892Right, TN 44
MillerWilliam McKinley1896Adamsville, TN 44
MillsapsArchie1887Chewalla, TN 44
MillsapsMurry E.28Cypress, TN 44
MilsteadJeff1891McNairy Co., TN 44
MitchellArlie L.1896Selmer, TN 44
MitchellArlie1893Chester Co., TN 44
MitchellAsa B.1895Chester Co., TN 44
MitchellErnest D.1887Selmer, TN 45
MitchellGordon1892Bethel Springs, TN 45
MitchellPorter Harris1896Wayne Co., TN 45
MoffetWilliam Homer21 Sailor92
MonroeMiles M.27Ramer, TN 45
MoonHoward30Stuart, IA 45
MooreFred1896Adamsville, TNWounded74
MooreGeorge Benjamin1894Selmer, TN 45
MooreJ. D.1894Bethel Springs, TNWounded74
MooreJesse1893Honey Grove, TN(?) 45
MooreJohn Cornish22 Sailor92
MooreLon1894Adamsville, TN 45
MooreWesley E.1890McNairy, TN 46
MooreWilliam A.1892Guys, TN 46
MooreWilliam H.24Bethel Springs, TN 46
MorganWilliam20Henderson, TN 46
MorrisErvin B.22Chester Co., TN 46
MotleyHarry Eugene27 Sailor92
MotleyJohn S.24Bethel Springs, TN 46
MullinsGilbert A.1891Rodgers Springs, TN 46


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
NaylorFerry Everett23Finger, TN 46
NaylorHubert H.25Finger, TN 47
NewellHartle1895Right, TN 47
NewellJohn R.1892Alcorn Co., TN [sic] 47
NewellLater1896Hardin Co., TN 47
NewellPercy Anderson22 Sailor92
NewlandWillie J.23Pocahontas, TNWounded75
NorwoodJohn G.1895Poolville, TXWounded75


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
O’NealGordon1895Adamsville, TN 47
O’NealHomer J.1893Enville,TNDead80
OvertonDavid Milner19 Sailor92
OwensWilliam H.23Finger, TN 47
OzmentJoe O.1896Enville, TN 47


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
PageDorsey1896Adamsville, TN 47
ParkerJames C.1893Morris Chapel, TN 47
ParmelyEdgar23Ozark, IL 48
ParmleyEzra G.30New Burnside, IL 48
PatrickSam A.1895Pittsburg Landing, TN 48
PattersonDanuel A.21Bells Station, TN 48
PattersonMonte Morris1887Hardin Co., TN 48
PaulkGuy W.21Martins Mills, TN 48
PerkinsErwin Clyde1892Selmer, TN 48
PetreeLo20Ramer, TN 48
PettJams A.1890Henderson, TN 49
PettigrewDavid A.28Adamsville, TN 49
PettigrewEurace1896McNairy Co., TN 49
PettigrewEzra Dean21 Sailor93
PettigrewUral Gillus1894Stantonville, TN 49
PhillipsJoe K.1894Hardin Co., TN 49
PhillipsReuben P.27Hardin Co., TN 49
PhillipsWilliam O.1895Ramer, TN 49
PhillipsWilliam T. W.1896Adamsville, TN 49
PickensMarvin O.1896Adamsville, TN 50
PipkinsArvie23Selmer, TN 50
PittmanJames T.30Cypress, TN 50
PittmanWalter Henry1893Cypress, TN 50
PittsAlger M.1891Milledgeville, TN 50
PittsGranville Eber (MCR)1895Milledgeville, TNMarine83
PittsHerschel Hinkle23Milledgeville, TN 50
PlunkAlbert C.32Bethel Springs, TN 50
PlunkAsie A.1894Adamsville, TN 50
PlunkCharles D.1889McNairy Co., TN 51
PlunkDaniel J.1891Finger, TN 51
PlunkDavid E.1885Okolone, MS 51
PlunkEber N.26Adamsville, TNWounded75
PlunkErnest L.27McNairy Co., TN 51
PlunkJohn F.21Okolona, MS 51
PlunkOscar L.1895Center Hill, TN 51
PlunkOtis1891Bethel Springs, TN 51
PlunkWilbert L.21Bethel Springs, TN 51
PoundsCharlie B.1894Selmer, TN 52
PoundsClyde1897Stantonville, TN 52
PratherEslie1890Selmer, TN 52
PratherLoyd P.18Ramer, TN 52
PratherRoy R.22New Albany, MS 52
PrattEulie D.1895McNairy Co., TN 52
PrestonWilliam Harrison23Harrisburg, AR 52
PriceHenry S.1894Bethel Springs, TN 52
PriceJohn Thomas25McNairy Co., TN 53
PriceLuther J.1896McNairy Co., TN 53
PrinceGeorge Stovall24 Sailor93
PutmanMartin E.30McNairy, TN 53


No Listings.


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
RamerAnsel C.21 Sailor93
RamerNelson25Ramer, TN 53
RayArlie Bethel Springs, TN 53
RayNubern1896Bethel Springs, TN 53
ReederGene1897Bethel Springs, TN 53
ReederTom “V”1898Ramer, TNMarine83
RhodesDan1895White Sulphur, TN 53
RhodesJohn P.1896Bethel Springs, TN 54
RinksWilliam C.1896Hardin Co., TN 54
RobertsonClyde25Selmer, TN 54
RobertsonCarl1896Selmer, TN 54
RobertsonJames Robert24 Sailor93
RobertsonLee A.29Ramer, TN 54
RobertsonThelo20Corinth, MSWounded75
RobinsonJames Tilden1882McNairy Co., TN 54
RobinsonJohn S.1890Bethel Springs, TNDead81
RobinsonThomas F.1893Chester Co., TN 54
RobinsonWilber23 Sailor94
RobinsonWilliam Due1894Bethel Springs, TN 54
RobinsonWilliam Frank22 Sailor94
RogersAndrew22Guys, TN 54
RushingThomas B.27Selmer, TNWounded76
RussonAndre M.1894Bethel Springs, TN 55
RussonMajor M.1896McNairy Co., TN 55
RussonRichard D.1896Bethel Springs, TN 55
RussonWilliam R.1896Bethel Springs, TNDeserter99


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
SandefurAsa M.24Honey Grove, TN 55
SandersFred1893Prairie Co., AR 55
SandersLillian1891Humbolt(sic), TN 55
SandersTony1895Fordice, AR 55
SaulterQuiller1895Columbus, MSDead81
SchrivnerMonroe D.22Milledgeville, TN 55
ScottLeo M.22Humbolt(sic), TN 56
ScottLeonard Earl17 Sailor94
SeatonElmer1892Savannah, TN 56
ShannonHubert B.30Corinth, MS 56
SharpAndrew F.1889Adamsville, TN 56
SharpDavid R.1891Guys, TN 56
SharpJohn N.21Adamsville, TN 56
SharpLanie Gray1899Guys, TNMarine83
SharpWalter1889Adamsville, TN 56
SheffieldLeonard22McNairy, TN 56
SheffieldMatthew G.1890McNairy Co., TN 57
SimpsonEdward W.37Selmer, TN 57
SipesHenry McKinley1897Selmer, TN 57
SmithArthur Lee1893Falcon, TN 57
SmithHenry Beecher1892Adamsville, TN 57
SmithJames F.1894Adamsville, TN 57
SmithJames M.1895Stantonville, TN 57
SmithMontie E.23Selmer, TN 57
SmithOsbin G.23Hardin Co., TN 58
SmithWilliam H.21Stantonville, TN 58
SmithWilliam McKinley1896McNairy Co., TN 58
SouthWilliam E.1891Grave Hill, TN 58
SparksEarl1897Bethel Springs, TNMarine84
SparksIradee1895McNairy Co., TN 58
SpringerClaud E.24Gravel Hill, TN 58
SpringerVester1890Guys, TN 58
SteadmanRobert Lee27Falcon, TN 58
StephensSterlin1888Henderson, TN 58
StovallAlbert Hendrix23 Sailor94
StovallJames A.1897Henderson Co., TN 59
StrattonThomas Evert30Hardin Co., TN 59
StrawnEarl C.21Adamsville, TNWounded76
StreetArch J.20Ramer, TN 59
StreetJay D.18Ramer, TN 59
SummersJohn W.27Selmer, TN 59
SummersRobert G.23Hardin Co., TN 59
SurattEdgar Cecil1888Stantonville, TNSailor97
SurattJohn Petty1897McNairy Co., TN 59
SurrattChester L.1892Adamsville, TX 59
SurrattClyde E.1897Selmer, TN 60
SurrattHubert1894McNairy Co., TN 60
SurrattWillie1888Purdy, TN 60
SweatArlie L.1895Cranesville, TNWounded76
SweatJohn E.1895Michie, TN 60
SweatRobert1894Selmer, TN 60


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
TallyW. M.1895Bethel Springs, TN 60
TannerWilliam T.23Hardin Co., TN 60
TateJames A.21Selmer, TN 60
TaylorJames1886Hightown, MS 60
TaysHenry William1898McNairy Co., TN 61
TaysJames H.18Guys, TN 61
TaysVirgil C.22Guys, TN 61
TeagueGeorge O. L.1895Bethel, TN 61
TeagueTroy Andrew Bryan1897McNairy Co., TN 61
TedfordFrank D.1893Bethel Springs, TN 61
TedfordTroy Thomas22 Sailor95
TedfordVaudie L.26Finger, TN 61
TerryEzra1889Hardin Co., TN 61
TeutonEdgar M.1893Right, TN 62
ThigpenJames21 Sailor95
ThomasWillie W.22Michie, TN 62
TidwellGeorge C.26McNairy Co., TNWounded76
TidwellHorace O.1895Morris Chapel, TN 62
TidwellHubert F.23Adamsville, TN 62
TidwellJaby L.22Adamsville, TN 62
TidwellMarcus Mavy23Wright, TN 62
TilimanMarshall Monroe22 Sailor95
TillmanUlysses Simpson20 Sailor95
TownsendCharles R.28Harpers Ferry, IA 62
TreeceHarrison Adamsville, TN 62
TurnerBruce E.1894Hardman, TN 63
TurnerJames J.25Chewalla, TN 63
TurnerMarcus Chester1894Chewalla, TN 63
TurnerPaul Lee1897Chewalla, TN 63
TylerDennie E.1896Hardin Co., TN 63


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
VirusHarrison27Finger, TN 63
VoylesTaylor C.28Michie, TN 63


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
WalkerGilbert H.23Bethel Springs, TN 63
WalkerJoe Perkins22 Sailor96
WalkerManson R.1888Purdy, TN 63
WalkerRobert Avon24 Sailor96
WalkerWilliam Edgar1897Finger, TN 64
WardFrank L.1892Adamsville, TN 64
WardGranville C.1894Adamsville, TN 64
WardlowLacy D.1895Selmer, TN 64
WashburnRobert E.19Pittsburg, TN 64
WeatherfordDaniel Wilburn27Hamburg, TN 64
WeatherlyAndrew L.1891Selmer, TN 64
WeaverDave28Henderson, TN 64
WeaverIsaac Clarence22Chester Co., TN 65
WeaverJessie Frank22Finger, TNWounded77
WeaverLeonard M.24Finger, TN 65
WeeksCordie H.23Leapwood, TNWounded77
WeeksDavid C.1892Leapwood, TN 65
WelmethMack S.1891Cypress, TN 65
WestbrooksAlex1893Corinth, MS 65
WhitakerLacy Joe26 Sailor96
WhiteJesse M.21Spring, TXDischarged99
WhitleyJohn Lafayette1893Selmer, TNDead81
WhitneyJesse23Selmer, TN 65
WickerArc Valentine1896Hardin Co., TN 65
WickerIra W.1894Hardin Co., TN 66
WickerRobert L.25Harden Co., TN [sic]Wounded77
WilbanksRobert Lee22Adamsville, TN 66
WilkersonRichard M.1887Bethel Springs, TN 66
WilkesFrank24McNairy Co., TN 66
WilkinsWilliam McKinley1896Hardin Co., TN 66
WilksEarnest E.1896Selmer, TN 66
WilliamClifford1897Collierville, TN 66
WilliamsEarnest Scott22Bethel Springs, TN 66
WilliamsJohn B.18Bethel Springs, TN 67
WilliamsPaul J.24Adamsville, TN 67
WilliamsReeder M.1895Bethel Springs, TN 67
WilliamsWillis Milledgeville, TN 67
WilmethJoseph R.23Ramer, TNWounded77
WilsonAlexander1896McNairy Co., TN 67
WilsonJesse23Selmer, TNWounded77
WilsonJohn P.1895McNairy Co., TN 67
WilsonRobert C.1893Adamsville, TN 67
WilsonTigranes1897McNairy Co., TN 68
WilsonWalter G.25Lee, TNDischarged98
WilsonWilliam O.22Bethel Springs, TN 68
WinninghamRoy Franklin25Michie, TN 68
WolvertonSidney H.1890Adamsville, TN 68
WoodGeorge Patrick24Hardin Co., TN 68
WoodHerbert W.22Michie, TN 68
WoodZebert A.27Michie, TNDead81
WoodleyDavid F.25Burnsville, MS 68
WrenArchie B.1896McNairy Co., TN 68
WrenRobert E.22Rinzi, MS 69


    No Listings


Last NameFirst NameAge or DOBBirth PlaceNotesPage
YatesEstel26McNairy Co., TN 69
YorkCalvin1893Chewalla, TN 69
YorkDee1897Chewalla, TN 69
YoungTandy V. B.25Chester Co., TN 69
YoungerWilliam E.1896McNairy Co., TN 69


    No Listings


Smith, Mrs. Rutledge. World War Record of Ex-Soldiers of McNairy County State of Tennessee.
Unpublished, original can be found at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Ancestry US

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