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Moore County lies in the south central portion of Tennessee, and is bounded on the north by Bedford, east by Coffee, south by Franklin, and west by Lincoln. It contains about 170 square miles, and its surface is greatly diversified. About one-half the county lies on the Highland Rim, and the remainder of the county lies in the Central Basin. The eastern portion has a high, flat, slightly-rolling surf ace, known as the “barrens,” which breaks off to the south and west into ridges and ravines, some of the latter having a depth of 300 to 400 feet. These ridges are spurs which shoot out into the valley of the Elk and Mulberry tributaries, the valleys constituting a part of the broken southern division Central Basin which is partially cut off by Elk Ridge. These ridges are very fertile. They are composed mainly of the Nashville limestone, upon which rests the black shale or Devonian, and upon this shale rests as a protecting rock, the siliceous layers of the barren group, which is characteristic of the barren portion of the Highland Rim. Marble of a fair quality is found in the county.

  • Early Moore County History
    Location of the county, description of first settlements and first residents.
  • Early Moore County Businesses
    Grist and Cotton gins were among the first business to begin in Moore County.  Davie Crockett resided east of Mulberry for a short time.
  • Organization of Moore County
    The county of Moore was organized in accordance with an act of the General Assembly of the state of Tennessee, entitled “An act to establish a new county out of portions of the territory of Lincoln, Franklin, Coffee and Bedford Counties, to be called the county of Moore.
  • Moore County Court System
    The sessions of the courts were first held in Tolley & Eaton’s Hall; first election, which was in 1872.
  • Moore County, County, Circuit, Chancery Courts
    The first term of the circuit court was held in the room used for court purposes in Lynchburg, beginning on the third Monday of June 1872, the time fixed by act of the General Assembly of the State.
  • Moore County Biographies
    A listing of the prominent people of the county
  • Moore County Military History
    Moore County men served in six different Confederate Military Units during the Civil War and various other wars.
  • History of City of Lynchburg, Tennessee
    Many bits of information on Churches, Schools, Business and the organization of the town of Lynchburg
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