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Blount County has had a number of churches in its jurisdiction, but few records are available to assist the genealogist in their quest. Since birth and death records in Blount County were not publicly kept until 1881, the church record may be the only source of research. If you are aware of the church your ancestor attended then you should find out first whether that church still exists. If the church still exists then they may still have copies, or know of the location for their records.

Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church
This church is still actively serving the community. Its records are stored at the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in 1981 the Genealogical Society of Utah filmed this and included it as Film #1310919 at FamilySearch. Unfortunately this film is only available at a FHC and cannot be accessed via your home computer due to usage constraints. The following information is available on the microfilm:

  • minutes
  • collections and expenses 1887-1901, 1911-1912
  • members
  • retired members
  • adult baptisms 1879-1894
  • infant baptisms 1874-1890, 1895, 1901, 1911

List of Blount County Tennessee Churches

In the front of v. 1 of the Blount County Deed Index book is a list of Blount County churches and an index to the land record for that church in the land books. This serves as a great list of churches that have had a physical presence in Blount County. Typed at the top is the note that these were taken from Index Book 1. The spellings of the church name are as they are in the attached documents. Please reference the Blount County Tennessee Land Records page to access the Books and pages mentioned for the church.

Tr. Church of ChristSix Mile CreekX490
Trs. Eusebia Church13th DistrictU1
Trs. Meth Episcopal Ch371
Trs. New Providence Presby3136
Trs. Mt. Moriah Meth ChurchU98
Trs. Cumberland Presby Church10th DistY544
Trs. Methodist Church SouthY39
Trs. Church of Christ (Liberty)Nine Mile CrkY197
Trs. New Hope Bapt Ch6th DistS356
Trs. Meth Episcopal Ch7th DistS102
Trs. Mt. Gilead Meth ChS351
Trs. Colored Presby Ch9th DistBB247
Trs. St John Luthern ChCrooked CreekS26
Trs. Presby Church9th DistBB330
Trs. Missionary Bapt ChLaurel BankBB294
Trs. Meth. Episcopal Ch7thS48
Trs. Meth. Episcopal Ch 112th Dist ? 2BB798
Trs. Meth. Episcopal Ch South10th DistX556
Trs. Clover Hill Presby ChX491
Trs. Bethel Church11th DistBB102
Trs. African Meth Episcopal Ch10th DistBB458
Trs. Colored Presby Chtown lotBB351
Trs. Pleasant Grove ChurchV253
Trs. Baptist ChurchPistol CreekN71
Trs. Bakers Creek Church
Trs. Meth. Episcopal Ch2303
Trs. Mt Gilead Church (Methodist)9th DistAA626
Trs. Presby Ch. (Cloyds Creek)District of UnitaQ106
Trs. Shady Grove Church Camp Ground5th DistQ89
Trs. Pine Grove C P ChurchQ371
Trs. Ellijoy Bapt Ch (school & graveyard)2nd D.M417
Trs. Cedar Grove Bapt ChM343
Trs. Mt. Vernon Presby ChM316
Trs. New Providence Ch9th DistW20
Trs. Meth Episcopal Ch9th DistZ361
Trs. Forest Hill8th DistZ303
Trs. Methodist Episcopal ChN Bank of Little RiverT55
Trs. Methodist Episcopal ChBakers CreekO176
Trs. New Providence Cong. ChGrant #2332NN181
Trs. African Meth. Episcopal Zion Ch9th DistNN221
Trs. Baptist Church13th DistNN247
Trs. for Public GraveyardKeeble FarmBB454
Trs. Methodist ChurchTuckaleechee Cove4269
Trs. Methodist ChurchEllijoy CreekX180
Society of Friends Newberry Monthly Meeting4th DistN200
Trs. Meth. Episcopal Church 3(handwritten 12th Dist)2288
Trs. Baptist ChurchWaters Six Mile Creek1557
Trs. Methodist Episcopal Ch.Old Bethlehem Church4310


  1. handwritten beside church name is Bethelhem[]
  2. handwritten above 12 is 13.[]
  3. handwritte Logans C??del[]
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