Blount County Tennessee Tax Lists

Tennessee tax lists typically list the names of white males over age 21 and will sometimes provide information about that person’s land, slaves, and other property. They may also include valuations. They can be useful both for locating an ancestor and providing an idea about his circumstances.

Online Blount County Tennessee Tax Records, in partnership with the Tennessee State Library and Archives, has added an index to and scanned images of Tennessee tax records for the years 1783 – 1895. The indexes to these records at’s Tennessee State Library and Archives web page can be viewed by all. Residents of Tennessee who are not members of can view the scanned copies of the records by first going to the Tennessee Electronic Library, clicking on the Genealogy tab, and then clicking on Tennessee Records; the scans of the tax records can then be viewed after a free log-in on the Ancestry site. The indexes and images are free to Tennessee residents. Individuals who subscribe to can also view the scanned records.

Tennessee Taxation Guide

Tax records tend to be one of the least used resources available to genealogists and historical researchers. Read the official guide on how to use these records in your Tennessee genealogy research.

Pre 1900 Tax Years on Microfilm

1800-1900, excluding 1802.

Published Indexes

  • East Tennessee Historical Society’s Publication, No. 24, pp. 125-154. 1

Reels Available for interlibrary Loan

The following are the known tax reels available through interlibrary loan from the Tennessee State Library & Archives. Please see their web site for instructions on obtaining a loan to your local library.

  • Reel 1 (Blount County 1800, 1801, 1803, 1837-1839)
  • Reel 11 (Blount County 1801)


  1. The articles ends “To be continued with Part II”. The second part of the index was not published.[]

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