Partial census of 1787 to 1791 of Tennessee as taken from the North Carolina land grants

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In the 1960s, Lucy Kate McGhee self published a three volume work in an attempt to replace the extant 1791 and 1795 territorial census of Tennessee. To do this she consulted early North Carolina land records and extracted the pertinent facts from those records to recreate a census of landowners.

Her listings provide the following information:

  • number of grant
  • to whom granted
  • number of acres
  • date granted
  • location of land

At the top right of each page you will see a heading for “County Situation” and beneath it the name of the county or district the land was in. There is an index at the end of each volume and the volumes are searchable.

Volume 1 – Davidson, Washington, Sullivan
Volume 2 – Greene, Hawkins
Volume 3 – Eastern District, Middle District, Western District. Davidson County pre-emptions.

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