WWI Monument in Knoxville Tennessee

Carter County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 796 individuals who served from Carter County during World War I. There were 715 soldiers in the Army, 18 of which were officers. There were 64 sailors in the Navy, 1 of which was an officer. There were 2 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 15 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

Goodspeed History of Tennessee, 1887

Moore County Tennessee Biographies

Biographical Sketch of T. G. Bailey Biographical Sketch of S.A. Billingsley Biographical Sketch of S.E.H. Dance, M.D. Biographical Sketch of Jack Daniel Biographical Sketch of Benjamin M. Edens Biographical Sketch of Rev. James S. Ervin Biographical Sketch of Alexander Forester Biography of Hon. W.W. Gordon Biographical Sketch of John E. Gore Biography of H.B. Morgan Biography of J.W. Motlow Biographical Sketch of Dr. A.H. Parkes Biographical Sketch of M.N. Parkes Biographical Sketch of Hon. R.A. Parks Biographical Sketch of Parks, Rufus B. Biographical Sketch of Thomas H. Parks Biography of E.Y. Salmon, M.D. Biographical Sketch of John N. Sullivan Biographical …

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Goodspeed History of Tennessee, 1887

Moore County, Tennessee Early Businesses and Industries

The first cotton gin was erected near the same place in about 1818. Thomas Roundtree built the cotton mill on the creek at Lynchburg, about the year 1820. At this time there was a cotton gin and cotton mill on East Mulberry Creek near the county line, owned by Levi Roberts. The grist mill and cotton gin at Lynchburg, was then operated by William P. Long. A large tannery was also in operation at Lynchburg about this time. A Mr. McJimsey is said to have opened the first store in Lynchburg some time prior to 1820, at which time William …

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