Shady Grove Cemetery, Knox County, Tennessee

This cemetery is located in West Knox County on the Knox/Loudon (formerly Roane) County line. There are several Roane County families buried in this cemetery. Listed by Robert L. Bailey BOWMAN, Aileen 11 Feb 1925 — md 11 Sep 1947; SS: Alvin Alvin 12 Feb 1919 8 Apr 1989 SS: Aileen Cathrine L. 10 Feb 1955 12 Feb 1955 BREWER, Bert 1892 1980 md 30 Apr 1917; SS: Ella Ella E. 1896 1970 SS: Bert James 6 Dec 1923 1 Oct 1990 PFC US Army WW II Leah 3 Jun 1811 5 Dec 1869 Odis 4 Apr 1921 18 Nov

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Goodspeed History of Tennessee, 1887

Moore County Tennessee Biographies

Biographical Sketch of T. G. Bailey Biographical Sketch of S.A. Billingsley Biographical Sketch of S.E.H. Dance, M.D. Biographical Sketch of Jack Daniel Biographical Sketch of Benjamin M. Edens Biographical Sketch of Rev. James S. Ervin Biographical Sketch of Alexander Forester Biography of Hon. W.W. Gordon Biographical Sketch of John E. Gore Biography of H.B. Morgan Biography of J.W. Motlow Biographical Sketch of Dr. A.H. Parkes Biographical Sketch of M.N. Parkes Biographical Sketch of Hon. R.A. Parks Biographical Sketch of Parks, Rufus B. Biographical Sketch of Thomas H. Parks Biography of E.Y. Salmon, M.D. Biographical Sketch of John N. Sullivan Biographical

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Goodspeed History of Tennessee, 1887

Moore County, Tennessee Early History

Moore County lies in the south central portion of Tennessee, and is bounded on the north by Bedford, east by Coffee, south by Franklin, and west by Lincoln. It contains about 170 square miles, and its surface is greatly diversified. About one-half the county lies on the Highland Rim, and the remainder of the county lies in the Central Basin. The eastern portion has a high, flat, slightly-rolling surf ace, known as the “barrens,” which breaks off to the south and west into ridges and ravines, some of the latter having a depth of 300 to 400 feet. These ridges

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