Masthead of The Maryville Times

History of the Maryville (Daily) Times

First published in 1884 by A.J. Neff & Sons, the Maryville [Tennessee]Times has been in continuous operation under a family ownership model for more than a century. Colonel Andrew Jackson Neff moved his family from his native home of Indiana to Maryville, Tennessee, in late 1883–a year that had seen the closure of several Maryville newspapers. With several years of publishing experience in Indiana, Neff saw a prime opportunity to start a new paper in Maryville. Neff was a Republican and had served in the Indiana legislature (1856-57) and state senate (1871-75), so, unsurprisingly, his newspaper reflected his political leanings. […]

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Masthead of The Maryville Times

Blount County Tennessee Newspapers

A newspaper has been published in Blount County as early as 1832 and continuously published since 1867 when the Maryville Republican was first put out by William B. Scott, a black man. Most issues of the early newspapers have been digitized under their various names from 1853-1960. The longest running newspaper is the Maryville Times under it’s various names. Digitized Blount County Tennessee Newspapers 1832 Religious & Literary Intelligencer FamilySearch 1835 Maryville Trumpeter FamilySearch 1837 Maryville Intelligencer FamilySearch 1853-1854 The Advocate FamilySearch East Tennessean FamilySearch 1867-1878 Maryville Republican 1867-1870, 1876 Chronicling America Newspapers 1876-1877 Chronicling America Newspapers $ FamilySearch

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Masthead of the Maryville Republican

History of the Maryville Republican

In 1847 William B. Scott, a free black, traveled to East Tennessee with his family from their home in North Carolina. After a brief stay in Knoxville, Scott moved to Blount County where he worked as a saddle and harness maker. At the start of the Civil War, Scott moved his family back to Knoxville, where they befriended Reverend Thomas Humes, former editor for the Knoxville Register. Humes arranged for Scott and his son, William B. Scott, Jr., to apprentice as printers at the paper. In 1865, the Scott family moved to Nashville where Scott, Sr. was one of the

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