Tennessee the Volunteer State volume 2 table of contents

Biography of General John Adams

General John Adams was born in Giles county, Tennessee, in 1825 and died on the battlefield of Franklin, November 30, 1864. He was graduated from West Point and served in the Mexican War. He enlisted immediately upon the outbreak of the War between the States. It is a remarkable tribute to General Adams that he was the only general of the Confederacy whose body and horse were both found on the breastworks of the enemy, both shot to death in the very presence of the Union forces. The Federal officer who observed his fall said: General Adams rode up to

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Goodspeed History of Tennessee, 1887

Moore County, Tennessee Early Businesses and Industries

The first cotton gin was erected near the same place in about 1818. Thomas Roundtree built the cotton mill on the creek at Lynchburg, about the year 1820. At this time there was a cotton gin and cotton mill on East Mulberry Creek near the county line, owned by Levi Roberts. The grist mill and cotton gin at Lynchburg, was then operated by William P. Long. A large tannery was also in operation at Lynchburg about this time. A Mr. McJimsey is said to have opened the first store in Lynchburg some time prior to 1820, at which time William

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Blount County Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1850 – 1900s

The government of Blount County, Tennessee has created an index for their Chancery Court records covering the years of 1850-1900s. These records are stored in twenty-nine boxes with an archives copy stored on microfilm. This index is reproduced below in a searchable format. Click here to see their pdf version of this index. Chancery court cases contain records of equity cases, some divorces, estate disputes and other private suits.

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Blount county, Tennessee Marriage Records, 1820-1924

The marriage records below were user submitted by previous visitors to this website. These records are unsourced and as such should only be utilized as a lead for your family tree. Their appearance here should not be considered a fact that the individuals mentioned were married in Blount County, Tennessee on these dates. Marriages Sorted by Groom Groom Marriage Date Bride Absalom Abraham Abbott 12 Dec 1871 Elizabeth Brickey Benjamin Franklin Abbott 15 Apr 1861 Mary Jane Brickey John Abbott 07 Nov 1884 Rhoda Elizabeth Lawson John Andrew Abbott 03 Feb 1848 Winifred Brewer Giles Parmon Adams 16 Mar 1888

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Cemetery Pic

Forest Hill Cemetery, Maryville

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes Noah Jackson Abbott 01 Mar 1866 04 Jan 1954 Ruth Evelyn Braden Adams Braden 24 Aug 1927 16 Mar 1971 Martha Pauline Teffeteller Birchfield Teffeteller 29 Sep 1947 05 Mar 2001 Dorothy Lee Braden Lee 15 Jan 1926 29 Jan 1926 Ernest Avery Braden 28 Dec 1898 01 Jan 1974 Helen L. Braden 20 Jan 1994 Hubert Braden Pauline Teffeteller Braden Teffeteller 23 Dec 1908 20 Aug 1970 Sarah Jane Coulter Braden Coulter 18 Aug 1876 31 Oct 1966 William Robert Braden 08 Jun 1874 22 Mar 1960 Amy Alzada Brewer Alzada 26 Jan

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Cemetery Pic

Burns Cemetery, Townsend

Name Birth Date Death Date Notes Annis Rebecca Abbott Adams 04 Dec 1866 23 Feb 1932 w/o Giles P. Giles Parmon Adams 05 Jan 1870 13 Nov 1953 ~ Catherine Brewer 11 Dec 1895 29 Nov 1933 w/o Walter Harriet Brewer 08 Sep 1872 13 Mar 1942 ~ Iva M. Brewer 25 Mar 1902 18 Dec 1965 w/o John E. John E. Brewer 02 Oct 1888 13 Aug 1950 ~ Lillie B. Adams Brewer 01 Jun 1897 17 Feb 1967 w/o Steward O. Steward O. Brewer 09 Sep 1894 18 Feb 1962 ~ Walter William Brewer 20 Nov 1887 04

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