Dixie Lee Junction Baptist Church Cemetery, Lenoir City, Tennessee

The Dixie Lee Junction Baptist Church Cemetery is also known by the name of Midway Cemetery. From the intersection of Highway 95 and Highway 70, travel east on Highway 70 for about 1.5 miles to Highway 11. Turn right onto Highway 11 and got the first hill. Turn right at the Dixie Lee Junction Baptist Church sign. Church and cemetery are on the right. Listed by Robert L. Bailey, 2 Apr 1988. ADCOX, A.W. 9 Jan 1889 19__ SS: Daisy Daisy 16 Jun 1884 19__ SS: A.W. ARMBRUST, Adam 17 Jun 1906 11 Jan 1962 Joe Anna 26 Nov 1892 …

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WWI Monument in Knoxville Tennessee

Campbell County, Tennessee, World War 1 Veterans

This index lists the 1,088 individuals who served from Campbell County during World War I. There were 1,003 soldiers in the Army, 30 of which were officers. There were 61 sailors in the Navy and none were officers. There were 7 Marines in the Marine Corps. There were 17 fraudulent enlistments, discharges, dishonorable discharges, or desertions.

1860 Blount County Mortality Schedule Page 1

Blount County, Tennessee, 1860 Mortality Schedule

Mortality schedules list people who died during the previous 12 months. Mortality schedules were taken along with population schedules during the 1860 census. These schedules include persons who died between June 1st through May 31st in the year prior to the 1860 federal census. The 1860 mortality schedule lists the dead person’s name; age, sex, color (white, black, or mulatto), free or slave, married or widowed; place of birth; month of death; profession, occupation, or trade; cause of death; and number of days ill. Though part of the federal censuses, mortality schedules are separate from the population schedules. The following …

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Grandview Cemetery, Maryville

Name Maiden Birth Date Death Date Notes Kenneth Kyle Abbott 30 Nov 1916 11 May 2005 Lucy Jane Davis Abbott Davis 16 Apr 1893 04 Oct 1962 William Peter Abbott 06 Jun 1888 06 Dec 1958 James Hubert Bradburn 27 Apr 1944 29 Aug 2008 Charles Robert Braden 05 May 2004 Conley Braden Venia Lou Braden 24 Jul 1995 Edward Brewer 05 Sep 2001 Johnnie Anderson Brewer 31 Dec 2005 Josephine Alloway Brewer Alloway 17 Jul 2003 Sheila Dean Powers Brewer Powers 03 Jan 2004 James Darrell Burkett 06 Apr 1919 08 Aug 1984 Marjorie Ruth Brickey Burkett Brickey 13 …

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Eusebia Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Maryville

Name Maiden Birth date Death Date Notes Andrew Bogle 30 Apr 1753 29 Nov 1813 Pfc. Cumberland Co. MilitiaRev. War Andrew Bogle 06 Nov 1781 13 Dec 1842 Sr. Elizabeth Campbell Bogle Campbell 04 Mar 1748 04 Sep 1845 Jane McIntyre Bogle McIntyre 14 Jun 1795 Wife of Joseph Joseph Bogle 1730 06 Apr 1790 Sr.; Pvt. S. Fulton’s Co.Rev. War Andrew Creswell 07 Feb 1816 Ann Gamble Creswell Gamble 10 Feb 1821 03 Mar 1874 Claude Conley Everhart Conley 29 May 1918 26 Aug 1918 Son of George & Jane Alexander B. Gamble 18 Jul 1787 02 Apr 1867 …

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