Blount County Tennessee Chancery Court Records 1850 – 1900s

The government of Blount County, Tennessee has created an index for their Chancery Court records covering the years of 1850-1900s. These records are stored in twenty-nine boxes with an archives copy stored on microfilm. This index is reproduced below in a searchable format. Click here to see their pdf version of this index. Chancery court cases contain records of equity cases, some divorces, estate disputes and other private suits.

1860 Blount County Mortality Schedule Page 1

Blount County, Tennessee, 1860 Mortality Schedule

Mortality schedules list people who died during the previous 12 months. Mortality schedules were taken along with population schedules during the 1860 census. These schedules include persons who died between June 1st through May 31st in the year prior to the 1860 federal census. The 1860 mortality schedule lists the dead person’s name; age, sex, color (white, black, or mulatto), free or slave, married or widowed; place of birth; month of death; profession, occupation, or trade; cause of death; and number of days ill. Though part of the federal censuses, mortality schedules are separate from the population schedules. The following …

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Cemetery Pic

Campground United Methodist Church Cemetery, Townsend

Name Birth Date Death Date James Waran Putman Bird  21 Dec 1877 28 Mar 1946 Lousindey Ann McMahan Bird  26 Dec 1837 27 Jul 1915 Sarah C. Carroll  1875 1924 Launa Victoria Dunn  21 Jul 1858 03 Apr 1932 Charlie Effler  1843 1929 Samantha Effler  1897 1930 Andrew J. Emert  07 May 1892 05 Sep 1977 Belle Tipton Emert  30 Nov 1898 06 May 1998 Daniel H. Emert  29 Sep 1888 07 May 1966 Decie Emert  05 Dec 1918 01 Mar 1981 Drusilla Reagan Emert  1792 1870 Frederick S. Emert  17 Apr 1896 17 Apr 1896 Frederick S. Emert  23 …

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